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Best 4 Beginners Computer Training, Toronto:
Based in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Best 4 Beginners Computer Training is a Computer Training business specializing in providing task-focused, patient, respectful computer training to seniors and all absolute beginners. At Best 4 Beginners, we specialize in people who want to learn how to use a computer but for one reason or another haven't been able to thus far. Although your results can and will may vary, if this reflects what you'd like to learn, we have found most people get the best results by trying as much as possible to stick to a lesson plan. We will ALWAYS be aware of how you are feeling and recognize that we will need to slow down or speed up along the way. We know that different people learn different ways. Some are more verbal. Some are more visual. Some prefer text. Some enjoy and need some theory and points of interest. Some just want to cut to the chase and learn the steps to accomplish a finite list of tasks on their computer.

Why take a Computer Training Course:

Photo of Computer Training Courses in TorontoThere are so many reasons to take Computer Training course. if you call us and take a course you could soon be....
# Staying in touch with grandkids via e-mail
# Enjoying sending and receiving family movies and photos
# Getting shopping done without leaving home
# Tracking investments as often as you wish and securely doing banking online
# Saving money and time researching and easily booking your own travel online
# Researching your family tree going back hundreds of years
# Sitting in a park writing that long-promised novel or memoir
# Buying one-of-a-kind gifts and unbelievable, long-forgotten memorabilia from all around the world to be delivered right to your door
# Reading free up-to-the-moment newspapers every morning in every language from virtually every country in the world
# Connecting globally or locally with others having similar interests or hobbies no matter how specialized or unusual - all without leaving your favourite chair
# "Digitalizing", editing, and cleaning up those old family movies, slides, and photos for sharing online with family and friends
# Restoring those old, crackly vinyl LPs you never thought you'd hear again and "burning" them onto CDs to play in your car
# Publishing a newsletter or posters for your community group event or pet cause
# Answering almost every question you've ever wondered about with virtually the entire repository of current human knowledge literally at your fingertips

Why Best 4 Beginners?

Image of Computer Training Courses in Toronto* Patient, respectful, reliable, results-oriented tutoring right in your own home on your own computer!
* We SPECIALIZE in Seniors and other Absolute Beginners! Adults may be slower to pick up new things than kids with young minds built to pick up languages like sponges, but we find that's because as they go, adults are taking time along the way to compare what they're learning into what they already know to see if and how it fits. As a result, older adults don't learn things slower, they learn them deeper. And that's how we teach. By focusing on understanding, not memorizing.
* We're so confident you'll learn with us, on request our first one-hour introductory lesson is always at a substantial discount so everyone can afford to try us out. Just ask. Unfortunately though, we can't combine more than one of our value offers.
* We offer package pricing for blocks of lessons as well as our single-hour rate for those who need just a one-hour refresher or Q & A lesson.
* Current and past clients get "owner-only" personal service unless you say otherwise. We have instructors to meet every need.
* We not only allow but encourage note-taking during your lesson so you only need to be shown each thing you'd like to do once, saving you money and allowing you always reference later what you've learned.


We pride ourselves in delivering to each and every client, whatever they need, as unique individuals, in order to get results. At Best 4 Beginners, we're good enough to teach anyone of any level. We just like beginners best.

We specialize in providing task-focused, patient, respectful computer training to seniors and all absolute beginners. We offer One-to-one Training; Group Lessons for Seniors; Training for using computers for the first time. We also provide Technical Services for Computer Setup and Configuration; Installation/re-installation of Windows Operating System, Microsoft Office Suite, Security Software; Upgrade of RAM (Random Access Memory) and Backup of Primary Hard Drive.


I… had very basic skills when I decided to upgrade my computer knowledge. I called Peter Shears to be my teacher in this area. I learned a lot. Peter teaches well but also is open to all kinds of questions understanding the needs of the senior student. I am a senior but also a student."
~~ Cecile M., Toronto

"It has been a pleasure to work on the Toronto Jazz Orchestra website with Peter Shears…. Peter puts his customers first, making sure he clearly understands what they are asking and producing high-quality product. He works hard to complete projects in an efficient… manner."
~~ Josh Grossman, Artistic Director

"I have no hesitation in recommending WagonTrain [Best 4 Beginners] for your I. T. needs."
~~ Derek Greenside


Why do I want to learn how to use a computer at my age?

* To reconnect with kids and grandkids and long-lost school friends.
* The entire repository of global human knowledge is waiting for you without having to leave your favourite chair.
* Save money shopping online and booking your own travel and hotel accommodations.
* Write your memoirs or that novel.
* Digitalize, immortalize, fix and share your old photos.
* Remaster and regain all your old lost music from those crackly old vinyl LP's.

* Connect with others with similar interests all over the world instantly.
* Find online "pen pals" all over the world.
* Read dozens of free online newspapers from all around the world in every language FOR FREE.
Photos of Best 4 Beginners Computer Training, Toronto * Get the news you don't hear about from mainstream sources.
* Join discussion groups and knowledge-sharing for every imaginable topic and interest.
* Research your family tree online.
* Buy gifts that are so unusual and unique no one even knew they existed.
* Shop globally and find that you've always wanted but could never find.

What does it mean? We Specialize in Seniors"
Despite how the impressive skills of those younger might make you feel, seniors are definitely not dumb or slow. Quite the opposite. But they do learn things differently because they are learning it deeper than those younger who just soak it up quickly like sponges without questioning along the way and fitting in each new concept with knowledge already learned at each step. By linking each step we'll teach you about computers with some stuff you already know and experiences you already have just from living in the world, we can help with understanding new concepts easily and make it actually fun, interesting and enjoyable to learn computers.

Who gives the lessons and how do I know I'm getting good value?
Your lessons will be delivered by the Owner, Peter Shears who:

o has a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from The University of Western Ontario
o is certified as a Computer Support Specialist from a two-year program at Fanshawe College of Applied Arts and Technology
o has 10+ years industry and tutoring experience serving the broadest spectrum of clients imaginable
o passed "Enhanced Reliability" security clearance via RCMP while previously working for the Canadian government
o passionately believes in accessibility of education and life-long learning and the cause of bringing basic computer skills to absolute beginners with QUALITY instruction and the VERY BEST in TASK-FOCUSED training geared to the way ADULTS learn
o can translate all that computer-ese into language you will easily understand and link each step to things you already know just from living life on the planet
o cares about seeing your success as much as you do as your success in achieving your goals is exactly aligned with ours

How long does it take to learn the basic things most people like to do?
This clearly will vary from person to person based on a wide number of factors. Although it's not even required that you know how to use a mouse or even that you've sat at a computer before, if you've done so, certainly will speed things up. For most people with some computer skills (no matter how meagre), the 6-hour plan is recommended and we find it suits most people's needs. If you're not yet comfortable with using a mouse or keyboard, then the 8-hour plan is strongly recommended for you to have enough time to complete every skill you're likely to want. That being said, we are about YOUR need and are ALWAYS flexible.

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