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Canadian Business College, Toronto:
Canadian Business College is dedicated to providing high quality instruction in many careers; accounting, business, law, computer programs, graphics, childcare, dental, and health care. We offer full-time and part-time courses, with options for certification and diplomas.

Accounting Assistant Diploma (BAA)
The Accounting Assistant provides students with an understanding of both manual and computer accounting systems and the ability to apply this knowledge to business situations. Students are also introduced to other computer applications.

This program prepares the student to step quickly and competently into a paraprofessiPhoto of IT Training Courses in Toronto, Ontarioonal accounting role. Canadian Business College graduates can seek work in the accounting field as Computerized Accountants, Bookkeepers, Accounting Assistants, Financial Assistants, or Accounting Clerks. CBC’s accounting courses are based on in-demand applications. The accounting training begins with the Accounting Overview and Bookkeeping, then moves into AccPac for Windows (corporate edition), as well as an integrated accounting system that incorporates Canadian payroll. Also included in the program are accounting related software programs such as spreadsheets and databases.

It is recommended that students have some basic accounting knowledge and good mathematical skills before beginning this program.

Database Administrator Diploma (DBA)
This Oracle approved diploma program was developed for those who are looking for a career as a Database Administrator (DBA). The curriculum was designed in consultation with the Oracle Corporation.

A database administrator (DBA) directs or performs all activities related to maintaining a successful database environment. Responsibilities include designing, implementing, and maintaining the database system; establishing policies and procedures pertaining to the management, security, maintenance, and use of the database management system; and training employees in database management and use. A DBA is expected to stay abreast of emerging technologies and new design approaches. A DBA is usually expected to have experience with one or more of the major database management products, such as Structured Query Language, and Oracle-based database management software.

To earn certification, DBAs must demonstrate that they have the skills to maximize the potential of Oracle’s products according to the company’s own rigorous standards. Strong aptitude in math and problem solving is desired for students considering this course.

Marketing with Digital Media Diploma (MM)
The Marketing and Digital Media diploma develops technical, creative and business capability leading to a possible career in graphic arts, digital Image of IT Training Courses in Toronto, Ontariomedia publishing, Internet and web site development, electronic commerce, advertising, sales, public relations, marketing, or freelance media production. The course covers a variety of popular software tools used in the Communications Industry by digital content creators and graphic designers.

The program includes Management and Leadership courses via Harvard Business School publishing case studies. Marketing and Advertising certification content is supported by Google. (Google will provide monitory advertising incentives to graduates who start their own business.) Qualified Graduates of the program can apply for the Degree programs. We prepare candidates for the University of London external programme examinations.

E-Business Administration Diploma (E-BA)

The E-BA program is a 2 term program designed for students serious about their career success. The program covers a variety business, managerial, and technical skills relevant in today’s competitive market. The program includes Management and Leadership courses via Harvard Business School publishing case studies. Marketing and Advertising certification content is supported by Google. (Google will provide monitory advertising incentives to graduates who start their own business.) Also delivered within this course is Business Administration with official Microsoft Business Skills content. Qualified Graduates of the program can apply for the MBA Degree program. We prepare candidates for the University of London external programme examinations; Also included in this comprehensive program are courses in Law, Accounting, and Digital Art.

Canadian Business College students are put through the process of developing a E-Business company. They are given challenging tasks to help them develop critical analytical skills. Canadian Business College curriculum offers elective courses in 8 areas of concentration to deepen knowledge of a specialized area. Applicants can select electives courses from a number of them to gain a broad business knowledge. Canadian Business School offers many options to tailor a course of study that closely supports the student's interests and goals.

Network Engineering Diploma (NE)
CBC students pursuing networking and security will be able to install, design, manage, operate, plan, troubleshoot and secure an information technology infrastructure providing reliable, scalable, consistent, responsive and secure enterprise network services. The scope of topics will range from local area networks to wide area networks and Photos of Canadian Business College, Torontosecurity technology.

As a CBC Network Security major, you learn to guard vital information systems vigilantly as you fight cyber crime. With that training, you can deter and prevent cyber crime that plagues corporations and government agencies; identity and data theft, hacking and invasion of privacy. With Network Security training, you can handle web and network security exploits, intrusion prevention, network traffic analysis, cryptography and encryption. Networking talents that are in heavy demand by industries who fear cyber attacks on their most treasured assets; their data and network systems.

This Canadian Business College course covers popular Networking programs such as Microsoft MCSE, as well as Cisco, Comptia A+, & Linux. Network Communications is everywhere, you too can become a part of this exciting Industry and learn the skills to become a LAN Professional, Network Specialist, Network Systems Engineer, Network Administrator or Support Specialist, or get a entry level consulting position. This is an excellent program for those students looking to enter the exciting Information Technology field. Technical aptitude is desired for a student considering this program.

Software Engineering Diploma (SE)
Computer Software Engineers are involved in the design and development of software for operating systems, network distribution, and compilers. Software engineers must possess strong programming skills. They often work as part of a team. The U.S. Department of Labour projects computer software engineers to be one of the fastest growing occupation.

This program is designed for students who are seeking a career as computer professionals, as Software Engineers, Web Developers, Computer Programmers, Internet Support Specialist, Technical Support Specialist, or entry level consulting positions. Software development together with business development is a core component of E-Technology. This course covers popular certification programs from Microsoft preparing business for Internet, wireless and mobile commerce.

Digital Media - Web Designer Diploma (DM-WD)
This program is designed for students interested in using, creating and managing quality media resources to satisfy business and personal communication needs. The primary focus is on the prPicture of IT Training Courses in Toronto, Ontariooduction and utilization of World Wide Web digital technologies and digital graphics and animation for onscreen delivery. Includes business administration, basic DTP, graphics and internet production techniques, and digital animation, design and development of sites for the World Wide Web. The CBC diploma program offers students from various fields Web Media production and computer skills.

This program is ideal for those wishing to work as Web Designer or Computer Graphic Artist. It is also suitable for those in the industry who need to keep pace with new technology. Artistic aptitude is helpful but not essential for a student considering this program.

Payroll Administrator (CPA)
The Payroll Administrator program provides students with an understanding of manual & computerized accounting payroll systems and the ability to apply this knowledge to business situations. Professional Payroll administration is mission-critical because of the magnitude of the remuneration by employers and the breadth of the legislative compliance requirements. One and a half million Canadian employers count on payroll professionals to annually pay 730 billion dollars in wages, 230 million in statutory remittances, and over 80 billion in health and retirement benefits, while complying with more than 185 federal and provincial legislative requirements.

This program prepares the student to step quickly and competently into a payroll administration role. Students will deal with ever changing legislation and regulations, apply the right withholdings, issue pay and report back to the government according to regulated schedule. Students will also learn to consider the needs of employees for a timely and accurate payroll. Students of this program will also benefit from becoming an official member of the Canadian Payroll Association.

Also Includes;
- Canadian Payroll Legislation
- Payroll Fundamentals I
- Payroll Fundamentals II

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Address: 22nd Floor 2 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Ontario, M4W 3E2, Canada
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- Novell SuSE Linux Enterprise courses
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We enable people to unlock their potential to deliver outstanding results through skill development. Our curriculum includes the latest training in Technology, Business Process Improvement and Leadership and Business Skills.

IB Learning can design and build Custom Learning Programs with content and duration tailor-made to fit your business needs. We have on-going professional relationships with many large corporations and government organizations.
We offer training in the fields of:

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- Software Testing
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- Data Warehousing
- Mainframe Tools
- DB2 Database
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- Windows / MS Office
- Help Desk
CDI College, Vancouver campus
Courses / Programs
Located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, BC, CDI College is a private career training institution offering certificate and diploma programs in the fields of business, health care and technology. Our technology training and certification courses including computer programming, computer business applications and network systems engineering. Our computer training programs are ideal for students who wish to upgrade their existing IT skills or pursue a completely new career path.

CDI College also has campuses throughout Canada in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, Manitoba. Additional college locations in BC include Surrey, Abbotsford, Richmond and Burnaby.

Note: CDI College only accepts inquiries here from persons living in Canada at present.
Certificate & Diploma Courses:
- Computer Support Technician / Help Desk Analyst
- Computer Business Applications Specialist
- Computer Business Applications Specialist with Accounting
- Accounting and Payroll Administrator
- Payroll and Income Tax Practitioner
- Network Systems Administrator
- Network and Database Administrator
- Network Systems Engineer
- Supply Chain Management
- Business and Digital Marketing Management
WINGenius Trainings, Greater Toronto Area
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WINGenius, located in Brampton, Southern Ontario, Canada, is group of experienced Computer Consultants offering Computer Training Certification Programs (including Microsoft and Cisco training) and Boot Camps. Our training programs and boot camps are tailored from real life experience and revolve/focus on lessons learned. We enable our students to to upgrade and scale their technical skills from short term sessions.

Our IT solutions address the complete infrastructure life cycle, from engagement and business design through delivery and operation. Drawing upon expertise in multiple domains, technologies, tools, and platforms, we employ both industry-standard and innovative proprietary methodologies and best practices to develop, implement, and deliver solutions designed to meet our customers' unique business needs.
- Upgrade Courses
- Microsoft Exchange all versions
- Windows Server all versions
- Active Directory
- Sharepoint
- Office Communication Server

- Exchange 2003
- Exchange 2007
- Exchange 2003 Disaster Recovery
- Exchange 2007 Disaster Recovery
- Messaging Migration
- AD migration
- Windows 2008
Stepin2IT, Greater Toronto Area (GTA)
Courses / Programs
Headquartered in Toronto, Stepin2IT is one of the fastest growing IT training organizations in North America. With three centers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), we provide a wide range of comprehensive IT courses such as general Software Training, Microsoft Training, Mobile Application Development, Software Business Analysis, and more.

We are a growth-oriented, customer-focused, integrated training organization focused on delivering “hands-on IT training” which believes in transforming IT education into real-life job skills. With a strong team of dedicated professionals who we see as the best team in training industry, we are committed to deliver on our promise of the best IT training all over North America.

As of 2012, Stepin2IT has successfully trained thousands of IT professionals in a number of IT technologies and helped individuals find gainful employment with a minimum 25% raise in their salaries.
Information Technology (IT) Skills Training Courses:

Categories include:
- Software Testing Training
- Microsoft Programming Languages
- Project Management
- Service Management
- Mobile Application Development
- Software Business Analysis – BA Training
- Database Development
- Web Design & Development
- PHP & MySQL Development

We offer programs on weekdays, weekends and evenings to accommodate your busy lifestyle & schedules
Best 4 Beginners Computer Training, Toronto
Courses / Programs
Based in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Best 4 Beginners Computer Training is a Computer Training business specializing in providing task-focused, patient, respectful computer training to seniors and all absolute beginners. At Best 4 Beginners, we specialize in people who want to learn how to use a computer but for one reason or another haven't been able to thus far. Although your results can and will vary, if this reflects what you'd like to learn, we have found most people get the best results by trying as much as possible to stick to a lesson plan.

We will ALWAYS be aware of how you are feeling and recognize that we will need to slow down or speed up along the way. We know that different people learn different ways. Some are more verbal. Some are more visual. Some prefer text. Some enjoy and need some theory and points of interest. Some just want to cut to the chase and learn the steps to accomplish a finite list of tasks on their computer. We pride ourselves in delivering to each and every client, whatever they need, as unique individuals, in order to get results.
We specialize in providing task-focused, patient, respectful computer training to seniors and all absolute beginners. We offer One-to-one Training; Group Lessons for Seniors; Training for using computers for the first time. We also provide Technical Services for Computer Setup and Configuration; Installation/re-installation of Windows Operating System, Microsoft Office Suite, Security Software; Upgrade of RAM (Random Access Memory) and Backup of Primary Hard Drive.