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Among Them Bubble Shooter

Among Them Bubble Shooter is a fun puzzle game based on some of the classic arcades!

Your crewmates are trapped in bubbles! Can you save them? The answer is yes! Shoot the same color bubbles at groups on the board to free them and make them fall, freeing any crewmates inside. Remember that you can swap a bubble with your next available one if it’s not usable at the moment. With twenty-four levels, this game is hours of fun!

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My Dolphin Show 7

Take a trip to the aquarium and help the local trainer and her dolphins perform tricks and wow crowds in My Dolphin Show 7. Take control of the performing dolphin as you swim across the tank, jumping through rings and diving under hoops. Completing tricks as quickly and efficiently as possible will earn you more rewards and attract bigger crowds. Use the points you earn at the end of every mission to purchase to save up for and unlock cool costumes and skins. My Dolphin Show 7 provides a little of something for both younger and older players, with exciting gameplay and visuals that will make you want to keep playing!

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Poppy Huggie Escape

Poppy Huggie Escape is a scary thrilling game where you are a scared child running from the monster. Are you brave enough? Escape from the house evading many objects, running, jumping and sliding.

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Crazy Jetpack

Prepare for a thrilling, high-flying adventure with Crazy Jetpack. This exhilarating game will have you soaring through the skies, dodging obstacles, and collecting bonuses, all while strapped to a jetpack prototype. With your business suit flapping in the wind, you'll navigate a perilous runway, avoiding deadly missiles, rotating lasers, and giant spike boulders. The question is, how far can you fly?

Playing Crazy Jetpack is not just about the thrill of the ride, it's also a fantastic way to enhance your cognitive and motor skills. The game's fast-paced nature and unpredictable obstacles will keep your reflexes sharp and your decision-making abilities on point. As you progress, you'll find your hand-eye coordination improving, along with your strategic thinking skills. Whether you're a casual gamer or a hardcore enthusiast, Crazy Jetpack offers a fun and engaging way to boost your mental agility.

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Play a classic, straight-forward version of Tetris - the iconic block building puzzle! Tetris is a refreshingly-simple variant of the original, classic block construction-based brain teaser game for kids, teens and adults where you must maneuver descending blocks into solid horizontal rows that are eliminated from the game screen. There are no fancy power-ups or tricks here - just good old Tetris play at its best!

Reasons to play this awesome 2D puzzler: First released in 1984, Tetris-based games still provide players with a very unique challenge that combines focus, hand-eye coordination, reaction skills, analytical thinking, problem-solving, creative engineering, and pressure!

Strategy to win: Always remember the core principle of the game – to eliminate full horizontal rows of blocks. Players often get bogged down with ‘waiting’ for an advantageous block to appear – avoid this situation! Use the time it takes for blocks to descend to your advantage, and carefully pick out the best possible place for each block to go in order to advance your score. Remember, you can also view the NEXT up block, so keep that in mind too!

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Drift Race 3D

See if you are worthy of the title The King of Drifting, in Drift Race 3D, a fast-paced and birds view racer that will see you race along bendy and sharp cornered racetracks. Race against opponents as you both vie to reach the finish line first, just be warned, make one mistake and it’s over. Use the prize money you earn from competing in races to randomly unlock over a dozen different racing cars to try out. Drift Race 3D is an unorthodox entry into the racing genre, but one that will hopefully provide some entertainment for you.

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Endless Runner 3D

In Endless Runner 3D, you play as a mischievous but loveable street runner as you run and skate through various different train tracks all avoid getting grabbed by one very annoyed cop. Collect gems along the way to unlock other characters, hoverboards and jetpacks. Endless Runner 3D is a truly gripping game as it demands the best from your when it comes to reflexes and split-second decision making as you dodge trains, barricades and explosives, all the while running at what feels like a faster and faster pace. See how you do in this adrenaline-pumping and engaging game!

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Treasure Hunter

Embark on an exciting expedition in Treasure Hunter, where you'll use a gold detector to uncover hidden riches across the map. Take control of your skilled miner and outwit your opponents in the race to find all the treasures first. Dig deep into the ground and claim your valuable rewards as quickly as you can!

Game Controls: Hold and drag to maneuver your character, carefully avoiding bombs that could spell disaster for your treasure hunting quest. Keep a keen eye on your surroundings and rely on your trusty gold detector to lead the way to the hidden treasures.

Do you have what it takes to be the ultimate Treasure Hunter? Dive into this thrilling adventure and uncover the riches that await you!

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Going Up

Take to the skies and flag as high as you can in Going Up, a challenging and grueling arcade still game that is unbelievably addictive. In Going Up, you will help a quizzical little bird fly through a series of vertical mazes as it tries to reach the birds’ nest outside. Sound too easy? Don’t worry, the levels will get much harder! Oh, and watch out for traps!

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Falling Blocks The Tetris Game

Falling Blocks The Tetris Game is a classic game with a few added effects and features!

Who doesn’t love this game? This is a classic puzzle and organization game made fun with cool graphics and even a swap feature! If you don’t want to use the block you currently have, swap it and you can store it for later. Alternatively, you can save a valuable piece so that you can use it when you want to. Take out as many rows as you can while you stack them on top of each other, but be careful! Once you get to the top of the screen, it’s game over! See how high your score can go with this game that can entertain for hours!

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Happy Racing Online

Happy Racing Online is a hair-raising biker game that provides a true test of your riding skills. Whether you fancy yourself as an expert at flipping through the air, making fast times with flawless riding, or at general bike control, this arcade-style game has all the ingredients required to sort the amateurs from the pros!

The aim of this game is to reach the end of each mission, before the timer runs out. Do not tip yourself over either as this will most likely result in you having to restart! This adrenaline-pumping motorcycle daredevil activity requires a steady hand, a cool head, and expert it is in fact very easy to tip your bike over. Keeping your two-stroke bike balanced is the key to success. Ok Dude, strap on your helmet – let’s show this crowd what they more than their ticket's worth of awesome action! Safe ride!

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Gold Digger Jack

Gold Digger Jack is a fun game where you dig for valuables!

Get the gold and precious stones in this prospecting game that anyone can play! Jack has a special hook that goes underground and digs up wherever it catches! You can only use it for a limited time though, so every shot counts! Grab as much of the valuables as you can before the timer runs down to zero! Every level has a minimum of money that you have to get, so spend it wisely only on the power-ups that you need! You have to spend money to make money in this game!

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River Adventure

River Adventure is a simple yet thrilling and fast-paced game with an aquatic theme. You are a sailor of a small but agile boat which is sailing down an obstacle infested river. Get as far as possible down the river by avoiding various obstacles like rocks and logs to progress through the game and unlock 9 different characters and 30 missions. Test your reaction times and agility with this game today.

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For those out there who are just bored with playing easy games, for those who want a real challenge, look no further for Twist is the game for you. Twist is an addictive if not punishing game that is all about timing and precision as you steer a rolling ball through an endless and fragmented spiral course, jumping between platforms with blistering speed to prevent falling to your death. Twist is without a doubt one of the hardest games you are likely to play, but don’t let that deter you! See how long and how far you can go!

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Pacman Adventure

Pacman Adventure is an arcade-style game for little kids. Relive the classic game of Pacman and navigate your way around the twists and the turns of the arena, picking up the objects for various amounts of points. You will have 3 lives in order to try and take control of the entire board without being caught by the other characters. Lets see if you have what it takes!

The aim of this game is to go round and pick up all the little dots from the course without being caught! Each time you are caught you lose a life and must start from the centre again! This game will develop your fast hands on the keyboard as you use the arrows to change direction. React quick to an oncoming character to swerve out of the way to ensure you dont get caught! You must be on the top of your game to be successful here!

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Hop Ball

Hop Ball Listen to the magic beat, follow the rhythm and use your musical reflexes to guide the ball from tiles to tiles. Touch, Hold and Drag the ball to make it jump on the Tiles. If the tile moves left - hold the mouse key pressed (or keep finger on the screen and drag it left) and drag the mouse to the left to make the ball move to the left where the tile is. Don't Miss the Tiles! Enjoy the awesome music and addictive challenges designed for each song. And do not forget - Listen to the Rhythm!

Use mouse to play. This online, HTML5-based, jumping and timing skill game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Alertness, sharp reactions, timing, anticipation skills, and good hand-eye coordination are all vitally important here as you attempt to keep the little green ball in play, rolling forwards toward the Exit Portal. You must keep your focus and concentration throughout as each level begins almost immediately after the previous one ends, and there are always multiple obstacles and hindrances in your path from the off! 

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Cannon Sufer

Cannon Surfer is a classic mix between a shooting and running game. As you run towards the end of the level, you’ll need to blast all obstacles from your path to keep your lives intact. Free up cars that carry diamonds by shooting red blocks at the side of the path. Collect coins to upgrade your weapons, and diamonds to upgrade your character, with superhero skins and a variety of cool dances to unlock!

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Cat Chef & Broccoli

Cat Chef and Brocolli is an exhilirating fast-paced running game, where you get to be a live brocolli running for your life from a very hungry cat chef. Jump over obstacles and run over the counters, ensuring the cat chef doesn't catch you as you flee for your life towards a fridge, where you can finally be safe. Each level gets more and more difficult, so do you have what it takes to save your cute, happy, green life?

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Bomb It 8

Get ready for an explosive adventure with Bomb It 8, the latest installment in the popular Bomb It series. This free action-adventure game takes you on a thrilling journey filled with new characters, challenges, and unlockable bonuses. With its captivating gameplay and vibrant graphics, Bomb It 8 promises an unforgettable gaming experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Playing Bomb It 8 is not just about having fun, it's also a great way to enhance your strategic thinking and motor skills. The game encourages players to think on their feet, plan their moves carefully, and react quickly to changing situations. As you navigate through the game's intricate mazes and face off against opponents, you'll find your problem-solving abilities, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness improving. It's a game that's as beneficial for your cognitive development as it is entertaining.

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Run Santa!

Don’t let his big belly fool you good ol’ Santa’s still got some spring in his step. Run Santa puts you in the shoes of our jolly good friend Santa Claus. Santa is in a bit of a pinch, Christmas is right around the corner and he’s out of candy canes, lucky for him there are candy canes scattered all around the north pole getting to them won’t be easy though.

Guide Santa Claus through the unforgiving snowy terrain as he races to retrieve as many candy canes as he can so that little Timmy may have a Christmas full of cheer and not one of disappointment. Take enormous leaps as you jump from platform to platform avoiding sharp ice spikes and obstacles that may stand in your way.

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Gold Miner

Gold Miner - Use your claw and reel to mine gold and other treasures out of the earth in this fun, challenging mining rpg game for kids. You must extract as much gold from the gold mine as possible. Pick and choose which material you want to dig up but but careful, some is worth more than others and some takes longer to pick up! Have fun!

Advance to the next level by earning a set amount of money (or more) in the time limit. Good timing is the key to your success! If you throw your claw just a moment too early or too late, you may either miss the object you were aiming at and this will be a wasted attempt at the cost of your precious time or you may grab a heavy piece of almost worthless rock or ore instead of a nice piece of gold. When you hit an object with the claw, there is no way of releasing it and whether you like it or not – you must start reeling it up towards you. Heavy objects such as ore or huge chunks of gold are slower to reel in and use up a lot of time.

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Ice Hockey Challenge

Strap on your pads, guards, and helmets, it’s Ice Hockey time! Hockey Challenge 3D is a fast-paced 1-player ice hockey simulation game where you take control of your very own hockey player and shoot for goal! Perfect for all the family, this game will have you playing for hours!

The aim of this game is to score as many goals as possible with your hockey puck! Ice Hockey is a high-octane, goal-scoring sport where strength, agility, speed, and lots of skill are key to success. Utilize your quick reactions and nifty fingers to get a hold of that puck and shoot for goal. Leave nothing out on the ice – there’s no room for quitters here! Are there any new Hockey Superstars out there, ready to push their team to the next level? We’re about to find out. Good luck!

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Space Imposter

In Space Imposter, you are in command of a colorful little imposter looking to survive. Jump over obstacles, avoid enemies and always keep moving forward.

This game looks a lot like one of the most popular games in the world and that only makes it more enticing. Aside from its style, the controls are quick and responsive and the game is colorful and bright and fun to look at.

The game is fast-paced and can be a bit intense and some of the obstacles can be quite challenging and hard to overcome. You will attempt levels multiple times before you find success!

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Super Sushi Cat

Super Sushi Cat a Pult might just be one of the most addictive and visually appealing browser games ever made due to its combination of exciting gameplay and adorable graphics and characters. Your objective is to help a rather rotund blue cat eat as much sushi as he can while firing him from a catapult to see just how far he can go and hopefully reach the finish line of each level. As you see, if the blue ball of fur does not travel a certain distance, he and you will need to restart the level again. Make use of bouncy mushrooms and birds to keep him bouncing and in the air; if that fails, buy and upgrade your powerups for some wacky and entertaining surprises.

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Worms Zone A Slithery Snake

Embark on a thrilling journey of survival and growth in the vibrant world of Worms Zone A Slithery Snake. This captivating game invites you to take control of a tiny worm with big ambitions. Your mission? To navigate a dynamic environment filled with delicious treats and potential threats, growing your worm into a formidable anaconda. But beware, danger lurks around every corner as other players strive to outgrow and outmaneuver you in this exciting game of strategy and survival.

Playing Worms Zone A Slithery Snake is not just about fun and entertainment, it's also a great way to enhance your cognitive and motor skills. The game encourages strategic thinking as you must constantly adapt to your growing size and changing environment. It also tests your reflexes and hand-eye coordination as you navigate your worm through the game's colorful world. With each session, you'll find yourself becoming more adept at quick decision-making and precise movements, skills that are valuable both in and out of the game.

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Dune Surfer

Take to the skies with Dune Surfer, a thrilling 2D game that thrusts you into the skies at high speeds and as quickly as you went up will you be required to come crashing down perfectly into the waves to gather speed and momentum for the next jump. Take in the beautiful night sky as you ride the waves gathering coins to unlock cool new items

Soar into the air and time your drops perfectly so as to not crash into a dune and kill your momentum, time your drops accurately and make the most of each dune. Precise drops reap greater rewards as you will soar higher and gather more coins not to mention you get a cool multiplier with every successful launch.

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Right Shot

See if you have what it takes to become a trick shot master in Right Shot. Your objective is simple, destroy all the target stands by flinging a balling ball at them from a slingshot. Figure out the best way of destroying all the targets by bypassing obstacles and not running out of balling ball shots. Run out and it's game over. Right Shoot is an enjoyable and well-made obstacle and physics shooter that will keep you playing and entertained for a good few hours. If you find it too easy, then maybe try out hard made to really test yourself.

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Space Geo Jump

Play a highly-challenging, vertical jumping-based platform game where you must guide your bouncing neon ball up an ascending shaft of single neon platforms to get as high as possible! Space Geo Jump is a high-intensity, survival-based action game playable on most mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, laptop and desktop PC browsers. 

Skills required: This tricky timing and movement-based skill game requires good concentration and observation skills, sharp reflexes, and smart decision making. Speed of thought and action is the key to higher point scoring!

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Ninja Rabbit

Misfortune has struck the village of rabbits and mice with a mysterious and nefarious villain abducting and capturing whoever he can get his hands on. Don the honorable suit of the ninja as you take on the role of the noble rabbit defender in Ninja Rabbit, as he sets forth to rescue the missing villagers. Roll and fly through various obstacle-filled levels, using the ninja’s trusty grappling throwing knife to propel yourself upwards through passages and over gaps. Rescue all the villages and uncover who is behind this heinous act!

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Super RunCraft

Take part in Super RunCraft, an exhilarating 3D runner that takes you through the beautiful pixelated Minecraft land. Enjoy the mesmerizing art style and landscape but don’t get to carried away and forget to dodge the obstacles in your way. Run and collect coins to purchase upgrades and prizes in this addictive new running game

Shift from lane to lane as you avoid large trees and barriers that block your path, obstacles may require you to slide under them to get past so making quick decisions will help you get further. Collect coins along the way to unlock cool items ranging from new skins to a hoverboard!

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Happysharks is a multiplayer game where you compete with other players to see who can be the biggest and strongest shark in the ocean. Eat everything that's lying around to grow, and begin hunting smaller sharks. Don't touch the end of the map or bigger sharks or you will die.

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Interstellar Run

Face the ultimate challenge in Interstellar Run, an endless runner and survival game that will have you control and assist a lone astronaut as he jumps between platforms, over gaps and laser traps. Put your reflexes to the test as you walk on walls and jump over and dodge all the traps!

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Stickman Rusher

Stickman Rusher is a side scrolling running game, in which you need to jump over or fight your way through dangers while also collecting stars. This fast paced rushing game will push your reflexes and decision making, as it combines the usual jumping element of rushing games with an extra fighting element!
Collecting stars in game will allow you to buy new weapons for your stickman. Collecting good enough weapons will eventually make you powerful enough to fight and win against the final boss of the game!

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Draw Rider

Draw Rider is quite an innovative and creative addition to the obstacle racing genre. The premise is simple, be the first to reach the finish line at the end of the extremely wacky obstacle course. What makes the game interesting is that you need to design the wheels of your four-wheeler depending on the terrain type. Draw the design in the box provided to create rounded tires for flat terrain and flat paddles for water sections. Pick the design that is the most efficient for each section. Draw Rider will entertain the veterans while also being very beneficial for kids who are learning about shapes and physics, offering them a visual and interactive space to understand concepts such as traction and resistance.

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Endless Runner

Put your reputation as a speed runner and obstacle dodger on the line as you take on the challenge that is Endless Runner. In Endless Runner, your goal is to set as high a score as you can while avoiding obstacles and jumping across a near-endless number of platforms. To help keep the game interesting, each time you start or restart a game, the map and layout will be randomised, meaning you won’t be able to memorise the layouts as easily. Test your reflexes, set as high a score as you can and then challenge your friends to beat it!

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Galaxy Warriors

Ready to take on a bunch of enemies in an interstellar battle? Strap in for Galaxy Warriors! This game will put you in the driver's seat of a space ship that is floating through space and avoiding missiles and firing a few of its own too.

This game is bright and loud and somewhat chaotic, just like a good shooting game should be!

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Sling Drift

If you think you're the drift king Sling Drift might just be the challenge you've been waiting for.

Playing as a car on an empty highway your goal is to drift the car around the corners of the curvy road and not crash into the sides while doing so. The little car will squeal and screech around the corners and you better make sure your timing is perfect, because sometimes even when you let go okay, your immediate trajectory will still careen you into the wall! As you go up in levels you gain gems that you can use to buy some seriously awesome little cars to use on the course!

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