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Tiny Explorer

Tiny Explorer is an exciting retro platforming game that takes you on a thrilling adventure to explore an ancient temple in search of an epic treasure! Embark on a journey through 27 challenging levels and put your skills to the test in the thrilling speedrun mode.

As you navigate through the treacherous temple, you will encounter various obstacles and creatures. Use your agility and wit to overcome them and reach the end of each level. 

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Planet Invasion

Planet Invasion is a fun, fast paced space shooter game for kids and teens that will test your hand-eye coordination and reaction skills. Can you help defeat the alien invaders in their spaceships? Luckily, we have our very own spaceship to combat them, and YOU are in charge here! Get your gear, they are coming and we need to go...NOW!

The aim of this game is to blast the aliens out of the sky and stay alive by avoiding their attacks! Earn points for every alien destroyed! This game requires expert precision with the arrow keys and you must pay particular attention to the enemy spacecraft. These guys are out to get you so ensure you use your reaction skills to dodge their fast approaching, and deadly, bullets!

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ZZZ Snake

Snake: It isn’t easy being a snake. ZZZ Snake proves that again and again with its fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat action that puts you in the skin of a slithering hero who is just looking to stay out of trouble.

Your snake will slide up the screen, passing by buckets of different colored fruit. Most of the fruit isn’t good for you and should be avoided. But if you see a package that matches the color of your snake, slide right into it for some points. However, that will cause your color to change and now you need to find more baskets matching the new color you’ve become.

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Mini Blocks

Mini Blocks is a super cool throwback arcade game that will have you hooked for hours - testing your patience and your skill! You find yourself as a strange little blue blob looking to get into some sort of door at the other end of the screen. The aim is to get from point A to B, whilst only being able to jump and move blocks.

It sounds simple, but this game will have you tearing your hair out. Your timing has to be impeccable, and almost nothing you do will work the first time. Despite all this, it is so much fun! Try your best to time your jumps just right to get over obstacles, but beware, one wrong move can have you right back to where you started. The arcade-y graphics make for a real cool 90's style which makes the difficulty of the game all the more enthralling.

How to Play: Simply click with a mouse or use your top arrow key to jump when playing on a computer. Move the blocks by pressing the spacebar. On mobile devices, use the buttons provided to move your character.

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Johnny Megatone

Are you nostalgic for classic arcade-style games? Eagerly searching for a simple online challenge with retro graphics and a cool 1980’s motif? Well, look no further than Johnny Megatone - a straight-forward yet addicting  skill game with a twist! Play as Johnny Megatone and stop Mr Z and his evil plans!

The aim of this game is to reach Mr Z and to stop him in his tracks with his evil plans! This fun and original 1-player arcade activity for all ages requires good concentration skills and quick reactions as you try to keep cool under the added pressure of the enemies attacking you! It should prove a hit with any fans of good-old block moving activities online such as the original ‘Pong’ and ‘Breakout’ games. Can you make it and stop Mr Z?

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Adventure Island

Hold onto your banana hats, Adventure Island turns Donkey Kong into a speed run!

This game is a sideways scroller in which you need to avoid dangers, grab gold coins and do so as efficiently as possible so that you can buy bananas at the shop. Simple enough. You'll come across a wide range of dangers. From baboons to gorillas to even some Venus Flytraps, who are a lot nastier than they sound!

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Dirt Bike Trials

Feeling bored or in need of a challenge? Well, if so, Dirt Bike Trials might just be what you are looking for. Play as a stunt BMX rider as you ride through 18 tracks of increasing difficultly designed to challenge you more and more in Tour mode. Ride up sheer cliffs, over massive hills lined with jagged sides, and crash through crates lying along the track as you push on towards the finish line. Dirk Bike Trials also allows you to pick and replay a particular level in Levels mode; relive and replay one of your favourite levels whenever you want. Dirk Bike Trials is a great game to play with friends as you take turns and compete against each other to see who can clear a tricky level in the shortest amount of time.

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PingBol is here to offer you a bizarre, yet original, take on the game of Ping-Pong. PingBol is a non-competitive version of Ping-Pong where the only person you will be competing against is yourself. In PingBol, your goal is to earn as many points as you can by firing new ping-pong balls into existing ones. The catch though is that you only earn points after getting rid of the ball’s 5 lives, and each time you fire a new ping-pong ball, it will also become a target with 5 lives of its own to get rid of. Just make sure not to let a ball hit or cross through the red line at the bottom of the screen. Allowing this to happen will cost you a life and eventually the game.

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Atari Pong

Atari Pong is a fun game where you control a platform and have to hit a ball to try and score points against your opponent. Earn coins points towards the end of the level to track how well you did in a run.

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Pirate Run

Play a tricky and addicting pirate-themed skill game for mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop or desktop PC! Pirate Run is a fun and challenging, timing-based arcade game for kids, teens and fun-loving adults where you must tactfully leap onto different platforms to collect gems and survive for as long as possible as you will get an increasing number of guards trying to capture you! Collect as many gems as you can and challenge your friends to beat your high score!

Skills required: This fast-paced, action game requires a combination of fast reactions, good hand-eye coordination skills. Bold decision-making skills come into play as you decide whether to distract the guards and move them away from the gems or to try and jump to quickly get them when the guards are right next to them.

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Zoo Pinball

Zoo Pinball is a fun animal themed pinball simulator. Take control of the table and launch the pinball around at speed, completing challenges such as collecting all the zoo tickets on the board or lighting up all of a set of lights. You also have animal themed wormholes such as a hippo’s mouth and tiger to aim for!
Keep your ball in play while ticking off objectives to keep scoring points and rack up an impressive high score! If the ball is lost, your progress will be reset towards completing objectives — but you will keep your points score until you have used all three of your available balls. Try to make the most of each one!

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Slime Rider

Test your logic and puzzle-solving skills as you brave the treacherous and trap-filled dungeons of Slime Rider. Aid the mysterious slime rider as he makes his way through 15 levels, each with its own devious mix of puzzles to solve. Slime Rider with its quirky premise and classic retro design offers you a nice casual game to relax with as you try to complete all 15 levels. Suitable for all ages.

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Anti Virus Game

Anti-Virus is an action packed space-invaders style arcade game in which you take on levels of foes which are viruses hurtling towards you! Avoid the viruses and destroy them with your guns to complete each level. Collect coins from destroying viruses and use them to level up your spaceship, level up the coins, or to purchase new spaceships with more guns!

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Santa City Run

Oh no! Santa dropped his gifts and now they’re scattered all through the city in Santa City Run. This 3D endless runner puts you in the shoes of everyone’s favorite gift giving grandpa. Run through the city collecting as many gifts as possible not leaving a single one behind because that would mean one less child gets a present on Christmas.

Dash through the city avoiding all the obstacles in your way from large barricades and buses that may cut your journey short. Time your dodges accurately, obstacles may appear close to each other so quick reflexes and accuracy will help you out of this sticky situation.

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Jumper Starman

While investigating a space satellite, a little alien pilot got knock off the platform he landed his spaceship on and has fallen down to Earth. Help him get off the planet and jump his way up back to his spaceship in Jumper Starman. Jumper Starman mirrors many of those classic arcade games with its gameplay design and pixel art aesthetic. Jump higher and higher as you clear 10 levels in order to reach the alien's spaceship and get back home. All the while, avoiding falling missiles and bouncing explosives, as well as monitoring your health and air supply, making sure not to let either drop to zero. Jumper Starman is a great arcade platform jumper that will slowly take up more and more of your time with its thrilling gameplay.

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Alien Town

Aliens have launched a large-scale invasion against the denizens of Earth and it’s up to Special Agent Briggs to beat them back. Join Briggs in Alien Town as he blasts his way through dozens and hordes of aliens as he keeps the city safe and alien free. Kill aliens to collect special coins that you can use later to upgrade and purchase guns and ammo. Alien Town is a block-isometric alien shooter that is sure to keep you playing for many hours!

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Black Star Pinball

Enjoy a simple, one-level, online pinball game playable on mobile phone, tablet, laptop, notebook and desktop! Black Star Pinball is a fun and addicting, zoo animal-themed, reactions-based skill game where your goal is to prolong the pinball action for as long as possible by keeping a metal ball in play using the two controllable flippers at the bottom of the play area. Score as many points as you can by shooting the speedy pinball off of the many points-scoring obstacles and wacky installations in the center of the pinball machine, just try to avoid letting the ball fall through the bottom of the play area! You have three pinballs to work with; see if you can improve your score with each attempt!

This HTML5-based, pinball / arcade game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Sharp reflexes, good concentration and anticipation skills are the key to success as the pinball often ricochets at high speed around the cluttered play area. Simple patience and a willingness for trial and error also come into play – The ball may spend a good few seconds pinging around the top of the machine before coming down toward your flippers.

Control Features: For laptop / desktop players, use the Left and Right Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to control your flippers – as using your mouse / touchpad is quite tricky (but is an option for harder play). Mobile / tablet players should simply tap / touch on the corresponding left or right half of the screen to operate the flippers. Enjoy the action!

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Wild West Sheriff

Charge bravely into a perilous town in Wild West Sheriff! You play as a cowboy running while shooting monsters and collecting coins. It's your job to survive as long as possible, both by jumping over some obstacles (such as prickly cacti) and by shooting enemies (such as goblins). You have three lives, which you lose when you hit obstacles. Keep running for as long as possible!

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SnakeZ io

SnakeZ io is a game that has straightforward and easy-to-comprehend gameplay. But it is also a game that is deceptively simple and one that poses quite a few challenges too.

How do you play? Well, that’s the easy part. You control an interstellar snake creature that is floating through space among others. Try your best to expand your body, grow larger and avoid crashing into any objects or competitors. Just one collision will mean the end of the round.

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Carnival Ducks

Take a trip to the virtual carnival and try your luck at the classic game of duck shooting to see how good of a shot you are. Accuracy is not the only thing that matters when playing Carnival Ducks; a keen and observant eye is equally as important. The rules of the game are to shoot as many bad ducks and annoying fish as you can before the timer runs out. Just make sure not to shoot any of the peaceful ducks! Carnival Ducks is a quick game to hoop into and unwind with.

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Cosmic Aviator

Cosmic Aviator is an exhilarating arcade-style game that propels you into the heart of the cosmos. Pilot a sleek spacecraft through a twisting, neon-lit tunnel filled with treacherous obstacles and dazzling power-ups. Your mission? Navigate the labyrinthine passageways and achieve the highest score possible!

Sharpen your reflexes and enhance your cognitive skills as you weave through the cosmic tunnel. This game demands quick decision-making, precise hand-eye coordination, and strategic planning. Each session hones your ability to anticipate and react to rapidly changing environments, making it a perfect blend of fun and mental exercise.

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Sports Car Hexagon

Put your reflexes to the test in this nerve-wracking and thrilling survival game. Sport Car Hexagon is an exciting car base game in which you will face off against a dozen other drivers to see who can stay alive the longest without falling through the crumbling hexagon squares. Sport Cat Hexagon is both a challenging and enjoyable game!

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Santa Run

Embark on a frosty sprint through a winter wonderland in Santa Run, where the joy of the holiday season meets the rush of an endless chase. As the jolly old elf himself, you'll dash through a snowy village, leaping and swerving to reclaim your stolen gold from a cunning raccoon bandit. With every stride, Santa's determination grows—join him in a race against time to ensure the magic of Christmas prevails!

Sharpen your reflexes and enhance your decision-making speed as you navigate through this merry escapade. Each swipe and click not only propels Santa forward but also trains your hand-eye coordination and cognitive agility. As you collect candy sticks and dodge festive obstacles, you'll find yourself immersed in an experience that hones your skills in a playful, holiday-themed environment.

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Ball Drop

Embark on a thrilling journey with Ball Drop, where your objective is to guide the bouncing ball safely through a series of perilous obstacles while avoiding deadly spikes. With its captivating minimalist design, responsive gameplay, immersive music, and 32 challenging levels, this game promises an addictive experience that will keep you hooked for hours.

Sharpen your reflexes and enhance your problem-solving skills as you navigate through the intricate mazes of Ball Drop. Each level is a puzzle waiting to be solved, requiring precision, patience, and a keen eye for the laws of physics. As you progress, you'll find your coordination and timing improving, along with your ability to anticipate and react to fast-changing scenarios. This game is not just a test of dexterity but a brain workout that keeps your cognitive gears constantly engaged.

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Red Ball

Red Ball is a whimsical adventure that rolls you right into the holiday spirit! Embark on a festive journey with our cheerful spherical hero, as you bounce and navigate through a series of enchanting levels, each brimming with challenges and joy. It's a world where every hop is a step towards saving Christmas, and your skills are the gift that keeps on giving.

Embark on a journey that not only fills your heart with the warmth of the holidays but also sharpens your mind like the star atop the Christmas tree. As you guide the jovial Red Ball through its merry quest, you'll enhance your problem-solving prowess, refine your reaction time, and polish your precision. Each leap and roll will test your coordination and strategic thinking, making you a brighter, more agile thinker with every festive challenge conquered.

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Air Hockey Cup

Air Hockey Cup is the ultimate virtual showdown on ice, where the thrill of the rink meets the strategy of the arcade. Prepare to immerse yourself in a world where the slick sound of the puck gliding across the icy surface sets the stage for an electrifying contest of reflexes and precision.

Sharpen your mental agility and enhance your hand-eye coordination as you navigate through intense matches. Each swift movement and strategic strike serves as a cerebral workout, improving your anticipatory skills and reaction time. As you progress, you'll find your strategic thinking put to the test, with each game becoming a dance of deft maneuvers and tactical prowess.

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Nail Challenge

Step into the urban jungle and prepare for a test of precision and timing in Nail Challenge. This vibrant 3D casual game pits you against the wits of both AI and friend-controlled opponents in a nail-hammering showdown. With a hammer in hand and a nail at the ready, it's a race to see who can secure their victory by driving their point home first. Embrace the clatter of hammer on nail and the thrill of competition in this engaging digital duel.

Sharpen your focus and enhance your hand-eye coordination as you delve into the rhythmic world of Nail Challenge. Each strike is a dance of precision, requiring you to anticipate the perfect moment for impact. As you progress, you'll find your reflexes quickening, your strategic thinking deepening, and your ability to handle pressure improving. This game isn't just a battle against opponents; it's a forge for the skills that matter both on and off the screen.

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Cosmic Tetriz Puzzles

Embark on an interstellar journey with Cosmic Tetriz Puzzles, where the timeless allure of Tetris blends with the enchantment of pixel art, all set against the vast, starry expanse of outer space. This game invites you to manipulate colorful Tetrimino pieces, fitting them together on a grid to forge intricate shapes and patterns. With 45 levels that span from the straightforward to the mind-bendingly complex, each challenge is a unique puzzle waiting to be solved before time runs out.

Sharpen your mind and refine your strategy under the cosmic sky. As you navigate through the levels, you'll not only enhance your spatial awareness and problem-solving skills but also improve your quick thinking and adaptability. The game's progressively challenging puzzles serve as a gymnasium for your brain, where each level ups the ante, pushing you to think faster and more efficiently. It's a cosmic dance of cognitive enhancement, where every move and placement counts.

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Rabbids Volcano Panic

If you're in search of a fresh, distinctive gaming experience, then look no further! Introducing Rabbids Volcano Panic, a thrilling adventure that's anything but ordinary. In this volcanic game of survival, you'll compete against dozens of rivals as you leap across floating, unstable islands leading to an erupting volcano. In this high-stakes obstacle race, the goal is to outlast everyone else. Can you handle the heat?

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Fish Eat Grow Big

Siempre hay un pez más grande y eso sigue siendo así en Fish Eat Grow Big. Juega a este magnífico juego en 2D ambientado en las profundidades del océano en el que tomas el control de un pequeño pececillo en una parte del océano llena de hambrientos depredadores en busca de su próxima comida. Niégales la oportunidad comiéndote a los peces más pequeños y creciendo lo suficiente como para amenazar incluso al mayor de los depredadores marinos.

La cadena alimenticia nunca puede modificarse, pero eso no significa que no puedas subir de nivel y reducir tus posibilidades de ser carnada de todos y cada uno de los depredadores marinos. Maniobra para alejarte de los grandes depredadores y aliméntate de los peces más pequeños para hacer crecer tu pez poco a poco. Evita el gran rastrillo que de vez en cuando se adentra en el agua para capturar peces desafortunados. Los depredadores serán el menor de tus problemas. Este juego tiene modo multijugador y pueden jugar hasta 3 personas, ¡así que reta a tus amigos!

Cómo jugar: Haz clic en Jugar para iniciar el juego y elige el diseño de fondo marino que prefieras. Evita a los peces más grandes que tú mientras te alimentas de los más pequeños. Mueve tu pez por el océano usando W, A, S, D en dirección a los peces más pequeños para comértelos y crecer.

El juego es compatible con ordenadores portátiles y Pc de sobremesa.

Para disfrutar de la mejor experiencia, utilice los navegadores Chrome, Safari o Firefox más recientes.

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Hungry Corgi - Cute Music Game

Embark on a whimsical journey with Hungry Corgi - Cute Music Game, where rhythm and cuteness collide to create an unforgettable adventure. This game invites you to feed a charming corgi to the beat of delightful tunes, specially crafted to enhance your gaming experience. It's not just a game; it's a doorway to a world where music, pets, and fun intertwine, offering a relaxing yet challenging escapade into the realm of rhythm.

Dive into a symphony of cognitive enhancement and dexterity refinement as you navigate through the musical world of our furry friend. Each note struck and cheese collected not only progresses you through this enchanting universe but also sharpens your reaction times and rhythm recognition. It's a harmonious blend of entertainment and skill development, where every beat aims to improve your musical intuition and hand-eye coordination, making every moment spent in this game a step towards mastering the art of rhythm.

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Crazy Bubble Breaker

Embark on a whimsical journey of strategy and skill with Crazy Bubble Breaker, where a colorful cascade of bubbles awaits your masterful touch. Dive into a world where precision meets puzzle, and each level is a canvas for your problem-solving prowess.

Sharpen your mind and refine your dexterity as you navigate through the vibrant realms of Crazy Bubble Breaker. With each bubble burst, you're not just playing—you're engaging in a cerebral dance of pattern recognition, strategic planning, and swift reflexes. The game's dynamic challenges encourage the development of hand-eye coordination and foster an environment where quick thinking is rewarded.

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Rainbow Balls 2048

Embark on a vibrant journey of colors and numbers with Rainbow Balls 2048, a captivating puzzle that merges the thrill of arcade dynamics with the satisfaction of a well-executed strategy. Prepare to be mesmerized by the kaleidoscope of hues as you navigate through this addictive numerical adventure.

Sharpen your mind and finesse your fingertips as you delve into the world of Rainbow Balls 2048. Each level is a playground for enhancing your strategic thinking, promoting mental agility, and refining your precision. As you progress, you'll find your problem-solving skills expanding, your reaction times quickening, and your ability to anticipate the cascading effects of each move growing ever more acute.

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Brick Breaker

Brick Breaker es un juego de arkanoid espacial / romper ladrillos para niños y adolescentes. El objetivo del juego es completar todos los niveles y conseguir la mayor puntuación posible. Tu objetivo es destruir todos los ladrillos golpeándolos con una bola o disparándoles. Cuando hayas destruido todos los ladrillos del nivel actual, pasarás inmediatamente al siguiente. No dejes que la bola caiga fuera del área de juego, ya que perderás una vida. Para facilitarte la tarea, puedes recoger varios potenciadores de poder.

Ten cuidado, ya que no todos estos potenciadores tienen un buen efecto. Algunos añaden obstáculos extra y otros tienen efectos positivos y negativos. Tus vidas restantes y tu puntuación se muestran en la parte superior de la pantalla.

Cómo jugar: Para los usuarios de PC, utiliza las teclas de flecha para mover la plataforma hacia la izquierda o hacia la derecha. Para usuarios de móvil, utiliza las flechas de la pantalla para moverte. Elimina todos los ladrillos para pasar al siguiente nivel. ¡Feliz caza de ladrillos espaciales!

Este juego HTML5 funciona en dispositivos móviles y navegadores de PC/Mac.

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Dumb Pacman

Juega a Dumb Pacman, un juego para toda la familia. ¡Revive este clásico juego de pacman de antaño! Seras un pequeño personaje hambriento en busca de comida y evitando a los pequeños monstruos que te perseguirán. Completa el laberinto en el menor tiempo posible sin perder tus tres vidas. Perderás una vida cuando te coma uno de los monstruos, así que evítalos a toda costa. Buena suerte, ¡prepárate para horas de diversión!

El objetivo del juego es recorrer el laberinto recogiendo todos los pequeños objetos en el menor tiempo posible. Cuando hayas recogido todos los objetos, habrás terminado el juego. Este juego desarrollará tus habilidades para resolver puzles, ya que cuanto más rápido puedas recorrer el laberinto, mejor, y por desgracia, ¡no es un simple laberinto con 4 filas! Hay muchos giros y vueltas y debes navegar alrededor de todos ellos. Usa tu rapidez de reacción para esquivar a los monstruos.

Cómo jugar: Usa las flechas del teclado de tu ordenador para mover a Pacman por el laberinto. ¡Disfruta de la acción!

Este juego basado en HTML5 funciona en navegadores de PC/Mac.

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Gold Miner

Gold Miner - Usa tu garra y tu carrete para extraer oro y otros tesoros de la tierra en este divertido y desafiante juego de rol de minería para niños. Debes extraer tanto oro de la mina como sea posible. Escoge el material que quieras extraer, pero ten cuidado, ¡algunos valen más que otros y algunos tardan más en recogerse! ¡Diviértete!

Avanza al siguiente nivel ganando una cantidad determinada de dinero (o más) en el tiempo límite. Una buena sincronización es la clave del éxito. Si lanzas la garra demasiado pronto o demasiado tarde, puede que pierdas el objeto al que estabas apuntando, lo que supondrá un intento en vano a costa de tu valioso tiempo, o puede que cojas un pesado trozo de roca o mineral casi sin valor en lugar de una bonita pieza de oro. Cuando golpeas un objeto con la garra, no hay forma de soltarlo, te guste o no, debes empezar a enrollarlo hacia ti. Los objetos pesados, como minerales o enormes trozos de oro, son más lentos de recoger y consumen mucho tiempo.

Cómo jugar: Recoge diversos objetos, pero evita las rocas, los trozos de mineral, los huesos, los barriles explosivos que se interpongan en tu camino ya que salen baratos. Oro y diamantes son los que buscas. Apunta y lanza la garra, mientras se balancea hacia adelante y hacia atrás para coger un trozo de roca o metales preciosos, pulsando el botón izquierdo del ratón.

Este juego basado en HTML5 funciona en dispositivos móviles y navegadores de PC/Mac.

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Viking Dragon

Viking Dragon es un divertido y colorido juego de aventuras para niños pequeños que controlas con el teclado. Tu misión es llegar al final del complicado camino. Vas volando en un dragón y te atacan constantemente enemigos de estilo vikingo. Algunos de estos enemigos son mucho más grandes y resistentes al daño que otros. Usa tu arsenal de armas con cuidado y de forma selectiva para maximizar tus posibilidades. Buena suerte.

Tu objetivo es llegar al final de cada misión de una pieza. Irás contrarreloj y también contra montones de enemigos. Puedes intentar esquivarlos, pero es una mala táctica. Lo ideal es eliminarlos, ya que no sólo te libras de ellos, sino que también ganas XP y monedas. Este juego desarrollará tus habilidades con el teclado, ya que deberás pulsar varios botones a la vez para tener éxito. Debes mover el dragón, seleccionar tu arma y disparar simultáneamente. ¿Tienes lo que se necesita?

Cómo jugar:  Utiliza las teclas de flecha o WASD para mover el dragón. Arriba/W mueve el dragón hacia arriba, Izquierda/A mueve el dragón hacia la izquierda, Derecha/D mueve el dragón hacia la derecha y Abajo/S mueve el dragón hacia abajo. No vueles demasiado bajo hacia el agua, ya que tu salud se reducirá enormemente y, por lo tanto, si permaneces demasiado tiempo en el agua, se acabará el juego. Pulsa la BARRA ESPACIADORA para disparar y haz clic en el botón de la pantalla para cambiar de arma.

Este juego basado en HTML5 funciona en dispositivos móviles y navegadores de PC/Mac.

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Pac Rat

Pac Rat es un juego divertido que lleva el nombre del conocido juego Pacman. Navega por el laberinto recogiendo los puntos lo más rápido posible. ¡Cuidado! Tendrás pequeños monstruos persiguiéndote y si entras en contacto con uno de ellos, sin usar la mejora especial, ¡te quitarán la vida! ¡Tienes 3 vidas, así que úsalas sabiamente! ¡Disfrútalo!

El objetivo del juego es dar la vuelta al laberinto y recoger todos los pequeños puntos para ganar. ¡Cuánto más rápido puedas hacer esto, mayor será tu puntuación! Este juego pondrá a prueba tus habilidades de reacción. Reacciona con eficacia y rapidez para esquivar a los monstruos que se aproximan. ¡Un golpe de ellos podría ser costoso! Además, tus habilidades de navegación con los dedos en las flechas. ¡Usa la velocidad y la agilidad para dejar atrás a los monstruos y recoger todos los puntos!

Cómo jugar: Use las teclas de flecha del teclado de su computadora para mover la rata que no es tan fácil de controlar. Deberá ser muy preciso al girar en una dirección de cambio. Hay bonos adicionales aparecen en la pantalla del juego de vez en cuando. Recójelos para cambiar el rumbo de los otros animales y luego, si entra en contacto con ellos, te los comerás y tendrán que volver al centro. Recoge todos los puntos para ganar.

Este juego basado en HTML5 funciona en dispositivos móviles y navegadores de PC/Mac.

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Rabbids Wild Race

Embark on a whimsical adventure with Rabbids Wild Race, where chaos meets cuteness in an exhilarating dash to the finish line. Don your jetpack and soar through a vibrant world, dodging obstacles and outmaneuvering fellow rascally Rabbids. It's a non-stop thrill ride that combines humor with heart-pounding action, perfect for those who love a dash of mischief in their gaming escapades.

Sharpen your reflexes and enhance your strategic thinking as you navigate through this zany race. Each decision, from when to soar sky-high to when to dash on foot, could mean the difference between victory and delightful defeat. As you collect coins and utilize power-ups, you'll develop hand-eye coordination and quick decision-making skills, all while engaging in the light-hearted rivalry with players from around the globe.

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Snake Fruit

Snake Fruit: En este juego de reacción rápida, la serpiente tiene mucha hambre y debes alimentarla. La serpiente necesita engullir fruta para poder crecer. ¡Feliz recolecta!

Recoge y come tanta fruta como puedas para ver cómo tu serpiente crece más y más. A medida que la serpiente crece, será más difícil moverse y reaccionará más lentamente. la clave es no comerte a ti mismo. Suena tonto pero es fácil de hacer, cómete a ti mismo tres veces y se acabó el juego. Este juego requiere un enfoque inteligente para que puedas maximizar la cantidad de fruta que comes, pero hazlo de tal manera que no empieces a girar demasiado rápido y a comerte a ti mismo!

Cómo jugar: Usa el mouse de su computadora para hacer clic con el botón izquierdo en el “INICIO” que se muestra en la pantalla del juego para comenzar el juego. Utilice las teclas de flecha/WASD del teclado de su computadora para controlar y mover la serpiente. A/Flecha izquierda: gira a la izquierda y D/Flecha derecha: gira a la derecha. En dispositivos móviles, use los botones de flecha que se presentan en la pantalla para girar la serpiente. Este juego aumentará en dificultad a medida que tu serpiente crezca, ¡así que maniobre con habilidad y cuidado!

Este juego está basado en HTML5, funciona en móviles, tabletas y navegadores de PC/Mac.

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