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High Shoes

If you find normality a bit boring, then High Shoes might be the bizarre game for you. In High Shoes, you will play as one of 9 hindleg walking animals, with your goal being to circumvent obstacles such as wooden fences, lava pools and spinning wheels. You will achieve this by collecting bamboo shoots and strapping them to your feet to get taller and taller, allowing you to safely walk over and through these obstacles. High Shoes simply gameplay makes it an ideal game to keep the kids busy when you just need a moment of quiet.

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Neon Invaders

Revive the nostalgia of those classic Arcade space shooters. Pilot one of three spaceships as you shoot down a fleet of alien invaders in Neon Invaders! Take cover and dodge alien blaster bolts as you take them down one by one, taking care not to get hit, but if you do you still have two more lives to try again. A great game reimagined in a pleasing neon design while still remaining faithful to the iconic platform shooter style of its ancestor, what more can be said about it.

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Doodle Drop

Doodle Drop is a captivating and whimsical game that takes you on a delightful journey with a doodle kitten. This game is not about high-speed chases or shooting, but about mastering the art of timing and precision. Your mission is to guide the adorable doodle kitten down through a series of descending platforms, avoiding dangerous obstacles like laser lines and spikes. Along the way, you can use power-ups to freeze and slow down platforms, making your descent a bit easier. Keep your doodle kitten happy and safe as you navigate through this charming and visually appealing game.

Playing Doodle Drop can help enhance a variety of skills. It sharpens your cognitive abilities as you strategize the best ways to descend the platforms and use power-ups effectively. The game also improves your motor skills as you need to time your drops perfectly to avoid obstacles. Additionally, it fosters patience and perseverance as you navigate through the increasingly challenging levels. Doodle Drop is not just a game, but a fun and engaging way to develop and enhance important life skills.

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Gonna Fly

Keep a flapping penguin out of harm's way in this highly-addicting, endless jumping, sliding and flying arcade game playable on mobile phone, tablet, laptop, notebook and desktop PC! Gonna Fly is a very challenging, reactions speed-based, survival skill game where you must guide a constantly moving, penguin character along various obstacles, confined game environment. Your task is to keep the action going for as long as you can by avoiding hitting any object in front of you

Guide a Penguin, an Ostrich, a Kiwi, a Fish and the Angry Chicken (from 'Angry Chicken: Egg Madness!') cross roads and fly towards their dream to become the next big champion! Their wings may be weaker than usual birds, but you can help them out.

This online, HTML5-based, infinite flying / survival action game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac (This game currently does not work on IE11 but should work for you on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge).

Here you must either "click or tap to flap" and stay safe in flight for as long as possible. Skills required include sharp reflexes and hand-eye coordination, good judgment and timing, and alert anticipation skills - as the contours and hindrances within the game environment change every few seconds. Tap on the screen to make the character fly with quick brief taps and avoid the obstacles. You can press and drag down to make the character slide under the obstacle, in case there is an obstacle that blocks from flying.

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King Bowling Defence

King Bowling Defence is a fun and exciting game where you have to defend your castle from the zombies trying to invade you. Shoot at them and push them into the water to eliminate them, make sure you don’t let too many zombies get through, as you have limited lives. Be careful of the bosses.

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Frosty Foxy

Frosty Foxy is a rather sweet game where you play as a fox in the freezing arctic, avoiding snowballs and icicles to collect gems to eventually buy pretty outfits.

The game has quite a lovely atmosphere, beautiful backgrounds and design, and a very sweet fox. It's a basic 2D game with a stationary screen where you move left and right to avoid the dangers and grab gems when they fall. You can also jump to avoid the incoming snowballs. What is nice about the game is it warns a little ahead of time from where the icicle or snowball will be coming from, making it particularly appealing for kids! But it can get more and more difficult the more gems you collect, so although it's easy at first, the pace does pick and soon you'll be dodging snowballs like mad!

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Neon Ball

Some could argue that modern games can be too easy at times, that they don't offer enough of a challenge. If you agree with that sentiment then why don't you try Neon Ball a fast-paced puzzle game with a 360-degree angle, yes, a literal 360-degree angle! Your goal? Get the little neon ball into the white hole using and manipulating physics as you do so without letting the ball fall into space. Rotate all the platforms as far as you need in order to navigate your way through barriers and traps in your search for the white hole. Neon Ball provides a surprising amount of challenge and is sure to keep even the most veteran of players entertained and impressed for many an hour.

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Bomber IO

Bomber IO is an online multiplayer version of the classic arcade game bomberman. Whereas the original is just two players, here you’ll take on as many as ten in the same map, causing hectic mayhem as you all try to make each other explode! You can choose to play online (on several different servers for different continents), or play in offline mode if you prefer. You also have a range of customization options for your avatar before they enter the arena! Explode the walls and collect the range of powers hidden within (from extra lives to extra bombs) to give yourself the best chance of reaching the highest scores and becoming the best on your server.

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Light In The Dark

Permanent darkness has engulfed the land after the evil sorcerer Notruw captured the Spirit of Light. Help the brave hero, Qualfy in Light in The Dark, as he sets out to battle the minions of Notruw and rescue the Spirit of Light. Battle dangerous creatures, jump over raging rivers and over gaps, dodging rolling boulders, spike pits, and other dangers! Light in The Dark is a 2D platformer that will push you to the limit, and you will love every moment of it.

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Adventure Hero

Adventure Hero is a fun and challenging adventure game where you have to collect fruit whilst trying to stay alive! Perfect for the adventurer among you, or someone who fancies a fun and addictive challenge! Enjoy!

The aim of this game is to collect all the fruit and then progress onto the next mission. The missions do get progressively more complex and more difficult but this is where the fun really begins! This wonderfully engaging survival game requires quick reactions and sharp observation skills as you have to jump over steep boxes, scale walls and avoid obstacles..all at high speed. Timing your jumps is all important – one tiny mistake, and those obstacles will catch you out! However, don’t let the pressure get to you – try and keep an ice cool head at all times!

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Cube The Runners

Race along and jump across the exciting cubic world of Cube The Runners, a welcome addition to the obstacle racer genre. In Cube The Runner, you must jump over gaps, slalom and zigzag along sharp and abrupt corners, and dodge falling trees and other barriers as you see how far you can go! Cube The Runner offers you over 10 different costumes to choose from as well as 4 different maps to play through, with each map harder than the last. If you get bored playing single player, get a friend over and try out two-player mode, see which of you is the better!

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Cat Chef & Broccoli

Cat Chef and Brocolli is an exhilirating fast-paced running game, where you get to be a live brocolli running for your life from a very hungry cat chef. Jump over obstacles and run over the counters, ensuring the cat chef doesn't catch you as you flee for your life towards a fridge, where you can finally be safe. Each level gets more and more difficult, so do you have what it takes to save your cute, happy, green life?

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Bubble Struggle

In Bubble Struggle 1 you need to watch out for bouncing balls. Ready, aim, fire away!

The game has you as the cool-head little devil who is armed with a rapid fire gun that can destroy any bouncing balls. And you better destroy them all because one hit from them and your round is over. But be careful because even once you destroy them, they can still cause damage once they are broken into smaller balls. The fun never stops.

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Brick Block

Brick Block – a simple tetris-style game. Complete as many full rows as possible to win at this game and claim a high score! You have control of the blocks that fall from the top of the board, as they come down control their position and their direction so they can fit into your pattern perfectly. Have fun! 

The aim of the game is to complete as many full rows as possible. Once you have completed a full row, that row will disappear leaving room for you to make another. The game ends when you run out of room at the top. So if there is no more room for blocks to fall, it will be game over! The trick to this game is analysing the shape that you need to complete a row. More than likely you will have to twist the shape or flip it, just so it fits into your current line of blocks. Use your excellent observation skills to see what you need, and change the shape of your block accordingly.

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Pacman Revenge

Pac Man will finally defend himself in Pacman Revenge. This fun and colorful twist on the classic arcade game has your lead hero shooting his way to victory, protecting himself like he always should have. Pac Man isn’t just eating his way out of trouble!

Play this Game is an exciting, fast paced real time catapult based game. Choose your name, and customize your catapult by choosing different avatars, from recent presidential look-alikes to funky aliens! Your catapult will spawn on a grid with three other players. The aim of the game is to be the first to make it to kill twenty enemy catapults. However, while you’re aiming at others, they’re aiming back at you! If they hit you, you’ll die and respawn in a new random location on the grid.

To be successful in this game, you’ll need to have fast thinking skills, as well as the dexterity and accuracy to make sure your shots are not just aimed at the right opponent, but hitting home every time.

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Touch Down

Touch Down is an American Football themed running game, in which you avoid oncoming obstacles (from walls to teams of enemy players) and collect stars, all while trying to avoid losing lives. Swerve left and right to gain fun power-ups that will help you avoid danger, such as an extra player who will run in front of you and crash through obstacles, or a bunch of balloons that lets you fly straight over the dangers in your path! At the end of each level you have a chance to increase your score as your player throws a ball at a series of targets. Use your timing skills to get this throw perfect and multiply your score.

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Bitcoin Tap Tap Mine

Farm cryptocurrency with Bitcoin Tap Tap Mine!

Play this never-ending tap game to get rich with pretend Bitcoins! Upgrade your taps to give you more coins every time you farm! This is a great time-waster for when you just want to pretend to make money! This game also has daily rewards for playing at least once a day, random bonuses in-game, and even checklists for more bonus cryptocurrency! How many Bitcoins can you farm? Will you be a millionaire or even a billionaire perhaps?

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Escape Kid

Escape Kid is a challenging 2D platformer that adds puzzle elements to up the difficultly. Help the little acrobatic ghost kid escape from the dark dungeons and avoid the slime monsters by jumping over platforms and flinging fireballs to active gates. Just be warned, once you activate a gate, you will only have a couple of seconds to reach the exit before the walls close in on you! Escape Kid is an enjoyable puzzle game that will really test your deduction skills.

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Space Rush

Space Rush is an exciting side scrolling action game from the makers of Among Us, where you need to collect coins and rescue your friends as you rush across the screen. Get stuck behind obstacles, fall between gaps or get blown up by bombs, and you’ll lose. Rescue your friends from cages, and you’ll have more characters in your entourage, which in turn will allow you to pass through certain obstacles in your way. Save up coins to buy cool upgrades such as higher jumping abilities!

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Cube Wave

Steer your spaceship clear of obstacles and glowing cubes in Cube Wave, a fun bright 3D arcade game that drops you in the center of what seems like a meteor shower but in the form of glowing cubes that obstruct your way and stand to damage and or destroy your spaceship.

Maneuver your way through the sea of cubes avoiding collisions with any one of them to maintain your streak, also beware of spikes that can obliterate you with just one hit. Gain points through near misses and collecting of green shards.

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Crazy Drift

Climb into the driver’s seat and learn how to properly drift in the ultimate drifting game! Crazy Drift is a 2D racing game that is geared towards having you master the finer points of drifting from a bird’s eye view. Drift your way through and in between obstacles and buildings as you try to reach the grey crystals within each level to clear it. Show off your drifting skills and complete all 24 levels!

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Outer Space Arkanoid

Outer Space Arkanoid is a fun addictive game in which you must get rid of all the floating bricks in space by bouncing balls off them! You have control of the bounce by moving your board along the bottom of the screen. Use your knowledge of angles to bounce the ball in the direction that you want. Collect power ups from the bricks you destroy and these will help you dispose of the bricks quicker. The faster you get rid of all the bricks the higher your score. Progress onto the next mission once all the bricks are gone! Get your spacesuit ready, we are ready! Are you?

Dispose off all the floating bricks by bouncing the ball off your board and getting the ball to hit the bricks. Each brick requires one hit for it to disappear. This game tests your knowledge of angles of incidence and reflection as this is the method you will need to have any sort of aim in your bounces. Also you must have a fast hand with the mouse to keep up with the balls and the power ups falling down! Good luck!

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Awesome Breakout

Awesome Breakout is a classic arcade style game in which you need to destroy all the bricks floating in the centre of the screen. You are given a bouncy board as your tool for this task! Bounce the ball off your board and up onto the bricks to get them to break! Complete the task in as less time as possible to gain the best score! Good luck!

The aim of this game is to wipe out all the floating bricks with your ball and the bouncy board. This game requires good tactics so you can come up with a plan to quickly dispatch of all the bricks! Remember the faster the better for your score! Also a good understanding of angles will help so you can use the bounce off your board to aim. This coupled with fast mouse skills to react to a falling ball will no doubt lead you to success!

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Blockz is a fun, fast-paced tetris-like game that requires quick thinking strategy and reaction skills. You have to click on a unit of 2 or more same-colored tiles (blocks) connected to each other vertically or horizontally. However, this game has some tricks up its sleeve. This game doesnt add more blocks, there is a board full of randomly placed and coloured blocks and it is up to you to find the matches. Once you find a match, they will disappear. This game features special blocks that if spotted and pressed, they will eliminate a whole row/column or just a large number of the blocks, for example all red blocks.

The aim of the game is to reach your goal of matches! If you match 5 blocks, that will mean 5 points. Reach the minium amount of points to progress onto the next mission! This game will develop your observational skills as you must analyse hard to decide where the best matches are. It is much more effective to mathc items that will get rid of more than 2 blocks. Keep persevering and do not give up! Enjoy!

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Pac Game

Pac Game is a tough maze game, where your help the game hero to eat all the dots. Play this game with your friends and family, taking it turns to post the top score that you can manage, encouraging healthy competitiveness. Good luck and enjoy!

The aim of this game is to go round the maze and eat all the dots. You can eat the ghoolies once and then after that, they get angry and then they will change colour and come after you! If they manage to catch you they will take a life off you! You only have three lives so be very careful! This game will encourage you to be persistant and make you concentrate hard! One slip of concentration and you could end up losing lives very quickly. Also your reaction times will be tested as the ghoolies move very fast once you have eaten them and made them angry! Stay clear from them and react fast to avoid them! Have fun!

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Gems Blocks Collapse

Gems Block Collapse is a fun and innovative, color matching game with exciting animations! This game will get your heart racing as you race against time to cause as much damage as possible within the blocks! Aim to destroy multiple blocks at once by selecting blocks that are part of a big group of the same colour! This will earn you much more xp and points. Have fun and enjoy!

The aim of the game is to gain the highest high score as possible by destroying the blocks! Use the bombs in your inventory to do this! There is a new row of blocks being assembled constantly and once ready it will force its way into the bottom of the screen, pushing everything else upwards. Do not let the top of the board hit the top of the screen otherwise it will be game over! Once all your bombs are used up as well this will also be game over! This game will develop your analysis skills as you must use your bombs wisely. Pick and choose where would be best to use these, to cause the maximum amount of damage!

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Pac Rat

Pac Rat is a fun game named after the well-known game - Pacman. Navigate your way around the maze picking up the dots as fast as possible. Watch out though! You will have little monsters chasing you and if you come into contact with one of those, without wielding the special upgrade, they will take a life off you! You have 3 lives so use them wisely! Enjoy!

The aim of the game is to go round the maze and collect all the little dots to win. The faster you can do this the higher your score will be! This game will test your reaction skills most of all. React effectively and quickly to dodge out of the way of oncoming monsters. One hit from them could be costly! Also, your navigation skills with your fingers on the arrows. Use speed and agility to outrun the monsters and collect all the dots!

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Pac Game

Pac Game: Help the pac swallow up all of the dots and avoid getting eaten. You have three lives so do not waste them, three strikes and you are out! Race round in a super fast time to show everyone how skillful you are. Spend hours playing this fun, interactive game with your friends and family!

The aim of this game is to go around and collect all the little dots in the fastest time possible. This will require you to effectively navigate around the maze and not make unnecerssary stops and turns if you want to be the champion! Think logically about which is the fastest route around the maze, all whilst avoiding the ghosts! Best of luck!

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Pocket Pac

Pocket Pac is an addicting fast-paced game for kids where you have to help Pac escape and avoid the angry monsters. This is very similar to the original Pacman game so this is perfect for people of all ages to come and try. Compete within your family and within your friendship circle to see who can eat the dots the fastest!

The aim of the game is to collect all the little circles without getting eaten by the monsters. You have three lives so use them wisely. This will test your reaction skills to avoid the monsters, they will come at you thick and fast and you must stay away from them! Good luck! You'll need it!

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Beavus is a truly fun, unique and artistic game that has you playing as the lovable Beavus, a beaver who is just looking for some wood to chomp on. Can you blame him?

Each level will consist of a green, lush landscape, some floating pieces of wood and the titular hero. Tap the screen to make Beavus jump up and swallow the wood and then find the exit to move onto the next screen.

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Jump And Collect Coins

Jump and Collect Coins is a fun physics-based skill game for kids where you have to propel a small family-friendly character. This tricky test of your jumping abilities and precision aiming skills will put you on the spot (or maybe not!) depending on how good you are. Your job is to aim straight and sensibly - but most importantly, have fun! Enjoy!

Okay, you have to collect as many coins as possible by jumping between the steps. You must judge the jump as best as you can, as one little bit too far or not far enough...and it is game over! This game requires good judgement as a result, also good timing skills to maximise the distance. Do not jump until the very last minute if you have a long distance to jump! 

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Space Shooter

Space Shooter Alien is an arcade game created in a fun, sci-fi retro style. You are tasked with shooting down an endless wave of oncoming spaceships that are looking to destroy you. Collect jewels, ammo and fuel.

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Pizza Ninja 3

Pizza Ninja 3 is a funny arcade-style game to enjoy online, where you play the role of a chef wielding an extremely sharp knife and you have lots of ingredients to chop off and prepare, so you better get to work! Let off some steam, make a mess and just go potty!

The aim of this game is to experience life as a pizza chopper-upper! Wield that knife with character, commitment and skill. Chop up the ingredients as fast as you can to give yourself a good name in the cooking business! This game requires good hand eye coordination so you can slice the pieces up accurately and at impressive speed!

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Mummy Candies

With Mummy Candies, you get a colorful and inventive puzzle game that has gorgeous graphics and wonderful music. Oh, and it's super fun too.

The goal of the game is to collect as many candies as you can during each round. Some candies gain you more points than others and some (like the dreaded explosive pumpkin) can destroy your score. Move quickly as the time ticks down and do your best to score as many treats as possible.

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Jingle Jetpack

Travel back in time to the day the jet pack was invented – and embark on a perilous flight across a misty city. This has a Christmas theme to it, however, to bring joy over the holiday season! Jingle Jetpack is a fun and frantic jet pack flying game for kids where you have to soar across a dangerous city filled with dangers while collecting as many gold coins as possible. Survive for as long as you can on your rocket-powered jet pack.

Your goal is to collect as many coins as you can while flying through the air on your powerful jet pack! Dodge and weave your way through the night sky, using your quick reactions to zoom out of harm’s way. Your observation skills are vitally important as you try to anticipate the wild attacks from the depths, including fireballs and lasers. How much gold can you collect in this old school flying adventure? Strap on your jet pack, Rocket Man, and get ready to blast off!

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Flappy Rocket

In Flappy Rocket you control a cheeky little rocket that is trying to pick up gold coins floating around in space - and hoping to rake up that delicious high score.

As a one-button game, at first glance, it might seem like a very easy game to pick up for a few minutes. But don’t let appearances fool you - this game is much harder than you think.

You can only click one button, up, and that is the only thing keeping your little rocket ship from hitting the bottom and exploding into pieces. Are there explosions in space? This rocket seems to think so! If you hit the top, you’re out too. But top and bottom aren’t your only problems, as you’re flying large planets will swoop on by, making the levels even more hazardous, and the coins more difficult to grab.

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Dungeon Fury

Far more intense than it has a right to be, Dungeon Fury takes platforming a whole new level (ha!).

You control a tiny adventurer who is collecting gold coins in the depths of a dark dungeon. However, he can't seem to keep his feet still and will start moving the second you touch the screen. At least he can jump! There are pits of spikes, spikey walls, and spikey roofs all over the place, and gold is filtered in between these impaling hazards. So watch out!

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Sliding Santa

We wonder if you've virtually ever played anything quite as fun as Sliding Santa! In this high-octane online game, you play the role of a thrill-seeking speedy Santa through a stunning trail, who needs to collect all the presents without crashing. You have no brakes, only the ability to turn right. Use this to navigate your way down the trail whilst collecting the presents and avoiding the obstacles.

The aim of this game is to get as far down the trail as possible without crashing, either into the walls or the obstacles laid throughout the trail. This extravagant snowy activity requires sharp observation and reactions skills, and fast fingers on the mouse as you have to stay in complete control of your sleigh at a very high speed. Good concentration and pinpoint timing are key; if one of your turns is just a fraction off – you could be heading for an early finish! Good luck!

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Two Aliens Adventure

Follow the explorations of two inquisitive alien travelers as they make their way through a series of platform puzzles as they explore this new world! In Two Aliens Adventure, you will help and control both of the aliens as they jump over obstacles and collect shiny gems to create keys that they will need to unlock the next level. Only the catch is that you will have to control them simultaneously! Two Aliens Adventure is an addictive puzzle platform game that will leave you equally enthralled and disorientated.

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