OggyMoshi Game for little kids is a fun reality game with famous animation characters of Oggy and the Cockroaches! Children will love to take care of Oggy and will pleasantly spent their leisure time while playing this game!
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Free Online Role Playing Game – OggyMoshi

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Oggy Moshi¬†is a fun and addicting role-playing game with Oggy and the Cockroaches. Help out Oggy in the different aspects of his daily life. Make sure that Oggy eats, sleeps well, showers and does whatever else is on his daily routine. A list of actions appear each time Oggy is inactive. Pick one of the icons to make him do something because otherwise he will decide on his own, and it is not very clever to let him do that. Note that two actions at the same time or two same actions in a row are not allowed. Don’t forget the cockroaches! As always they are bothering Oggy and trying to make things worse. Enjoy your adventures with Oggy. Have fun!

How to Play: Left click on various items and icons in the action panel using your computer mouse. The icon in the left upper corner of the game screen describes Oggy’s health, fatigue and moral status. Be sure to keep an eye on all three because if one reaches zero, the game will be over.¬†There are also secret bonuses to uncover. If you keep Oggy alive and happy for half an hour, you will be able to enter your name to the high score board. Therefore, make sure your score is as close to 300 as possible, or else someone else will beat you and get the first place position.

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