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Fun Online Worm Game for Kids & Family

Rating: 7/10 - 251 votes

Oil Worm is a bright and bubbly kids' game where you have to guide your oil worm through the forest while collecting stars and avoiding obstacles, to get to the next level. This wiggly worm travels at high speeds and has fantastic jumping capabilities! In order to pass each level, you need to avoid the bad and dangerous barriers by springing up into the air at the perfect moment, and trying to land elegantly on safe ground! This fast-paced, fun-filled, worm-jumping adventure is hours of addicting entertaining! Have a go; see if you can control this crazy little creature! Good luck Worm Master!

OK, you have to guide this slick and slimy character over the hills and through the scary forest. Most of the time the oil worm crawls (like all worms). This is automatic. Here’s where you come in! You can make him jump – blast off up into the air! You need to try and collect as many stars as possible and avoid all the dangers. Earn 2 points for collecting silver stars. Earn 5 points for collecting gold stars. Dangerous obstacles to avoid are: falling into an orange abyss, running into fire and running into a ghost. Jump up and over to avoid obstacles! To avoid ghosts, you can either jump over them, or since they float, you can sometimes go under them. You only encounter ghosts when you get to levels 6 and 7. Every time you fail to avoid an obstacle, you lose oil from your oilcan. You add oil to your oilcan when your worm runs into one of the small oilcans scattered throughout the game. Every time you pass a level - oil is automatically added to your can. Keep a sharp eye on your oilcan level - because once this runs dry, it’s game over for the funny little worm! OK ready for some super slick and slimy work capers? Enjoy!

How To Play: There are seven fun levels to play and you earn bonus points for completing a level quickly. Try and earn enough points to reach the next level before you run out of oil! To Jump, you can either use the left button on your computer mouse (and click anywhere in the game screen) or press the (UP) arrow key on your computer keyboard. You can see your Oil Can Level, Score and Time Bonus at the top of the game screen. To pause the game, click on the “Pause” icon located in the top right corner of the screen.
Tips: Try to land on bubbles! When you land on a bubble, the worm bounces from bubble to bubble and does not fall into the abyss. This is important when there is a very wide abyss. The only thing you need to do is land on that first bubble. The rest of the bounces will happen automatically. Happy crawling and bouncing Little Critter!

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