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DAVINCI school of art, was founded in 1974, is located in the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona. Davinci school of art has a national and international cultural projection in the city of Barcelona, where the potential of emerging artists has always been well represented. Davinci art school is open all year long.

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Photo of Fine Art Courses in BarcelonaDrawing

In the drawing course we begin by learning to observe reality as a visual phenomenon.

We work on understanding that the line is the constructive element and that this is superimposed in order to create tracing lines, gradations, tones, volume and shape.

We similarly conceive the distribution, proportions and the composition in order to help the student gain mastery over the different techniques, mediums and materials.

The learning process continues towards the interpretation of reality which will allow the student to later be able to create their own work.


The course begins by learning to observe visual reImage of Fine Art Courses in Barcelonaality, light, color and composition. The understanding of color theory (cold and warm colors, primary, secondary and complimentary colors, etc.) and practice working with a palette give the student knowledge of different techniques, mediums and materials, from how to prepare amounted canvas to secrets to painting and its effects.

The learning process continues towards the interpretation of reality which will allow the student to later be able to create their own work.


Level 1- Analysis of visual reality
Level 2- Interpretation of visual reality
Level 3- Free expression

The course begins with understanding drawing, color and composition. This course is divided into two parts: first, there are intensive workshops on technique such as digital and traditional techniques, and following that there are project workshops that present the students to the different areas in which illustrationis used (reports, press, magazines, advertising, personal projects, etc.)

The illustrator is given technical resources such as how to use color, composition and shapes, as well as resources to find a mode of “expression” through which to tell a story.

These are classes in which students will be given the opportunity to work on the full creative process of a project, from the intial idea, research and experimentation, to the creation of the images before being printed.


Photos of DAVINCI ESCOLA D'ARTLevel 1- Analysis of visual reality
Level 2- Interpretation of visual reality
Level 3- Free expression

The sculpture course begins with understanding concepts of space and its visual expression, appreciating three dimentional shape, creating from negative and positive space, from adding to substracting, discovering the textures of different materials, etc.

The different sculpting techniques that are practiced give the student knowledge of diverse materials that, depending on their characteristics, can be modeled, cut, welded, etc.

The learning process is developed with projects and scale models made before the creation of the sculpture, studying the human body through expression as well as surroundings, creating volume and defining space.

The learning process continues towards the interpretation of reality which will allow the student to later be able to create their own work.

Drawing course for tattoo artists

Picture of Fine Art Courses in BarcelonaThe drawing and design course for tattoo artists is aimed at students and professionals of tattoo art. The class is ideal for individuals seeking to create their own designs, improve their drawing skills and develop their own style.

We will begin our introduction to drawing from the point of synthesis and the differences in styles. In particular, we will study different cultures and ethnicities for artistic influence, such as Japanese and Polynesian designs, motifs, bordering and patterns.
We will practice with brush strokes, names, letters, etc.

We will also delve into the study of the human body, portrait, animals and flowers. An academic and realistic approach to these themes will allow us to go deeper into the study of proportions, composition, shading, color, texture, and the most appropriate techniques for creating tattoos.

Exam preparation and private classes

Images of DAVINCI ESCOLA D'ART- Preparation for admission to the Department of Fine Arts.
- Preparation for the admission exams to the high level Ciclos Formativos of fine arts and design.
- Support courses for students that are in accredited programs.
- Preparation of portfolios for admission to European art schools.
- Private classes: support for students that are in accredited programs, that that want to be in them. Days and schedules to be agreed on.

Summer intensive courses

The intensive courses in summer are structured in packets of hours, the student selecting the amount of hours and the time commitment possible.

The hours that each student chooses can be divided up by hours per week, or hours per month, allowing the student to begin the course immediately.

The intensive courses are offered in all of the school's specialties. The courses are personalized, offering the student the possibility of entering at the level that best corresponds to their needs and after consulting with the instructor.

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Address: Ciutat Vella, Barcelona, Spain
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Study Abroad Flamenco Dance or Guitar + Spanish Language Summer Program:

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Estudio Nómada, Barcelona
Courses / Programs
Estudio Nómada is an independent art school / artistic studio work-space in the heart of the vibrant Gothic area in Barcelona on the north-eastern Mediterranean coast of Spain. Our year-round international art program is designed for:

- Future art students who want to prepare for art academy or for applying to an art academy
- Art students that want to do an internship abroad in Barcelona
- Professional artists who want to enhance their working process and/or their entrepreneurial skills

The International Art Program is comprised of workshops and personalized art tuition. All classes are one-on-one or in small groups. Students stay for a minimum of 2 months but preferably for 6 months or more. Classes are in English or Dutch, and we can also arrange Spanish language classes for you. We also offer an Art / Spanish Language Immersion course, as well as summer masterclasses.

You will be personally guided by experienced artists and will work on personal assignments that we feel fit your needs as an artist. You focus on finding your own professional workflow and become part of a lively and very international artistic community in Barcelona. You will work in a downtown studio complex, and at the end of your stay you can exhibit your work in our gallery.

"This is a life-transforming experience I will never forget – a milestone for my whole being. No matter where I am in the future, the unique Nómada community will always have a piece of my heart." 
- Winston Lau
- international Art Program: Individual art workshops & classes for professional artists & future artists/art students (language of instruction: English or Dutch)

- Art with Spanish Language Workshop: Develop your artistic skills, submerge yourself in the art scene of Barcelona, & achieve a Spanish language certificate.

- Optional Spanish classes year-round

Summer Masterclasses:
- Burn-in: A week of critical thinking on a wine estate near Barcelona

- Summer art intensive: For 9 days, you will be submerged in the artistic scene of Barcelona
ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering
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Founded in 1961, ELISAVA was the first design school to open in Spain and the first to offer a design specific curriculum. Through a successful blend of academic rigour along with open-mindedness and innovation, ELISAVA has long been an open forum for all those who have something new, intelligent and thoughtful to say regarding the creative industries.

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A wide educational offer in Design, Engineering, Communication, Strategy, Management and Architecture thought covering Official Degrees, Master’s degrees and Postgraduate diplomas and Summer Courses. Degrees and Master's and Postgraduate programmes, transcripts and ECTS credits are awarded by the prestigious Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona who is an affiliate of ELISAVA.
Masters Degree programs taught in English:

- Advanced Design and Digital Architecture
- Retail Design
- Photography and Design
- Advanced Design Management
- Research and Innovation of Design
- Design for Transport and Mobility

Summer Programmes in English:
- Retail Design Course
- Graphic Design and City Typography
- Furniture Design
- Visual Merchandising
- Interior Design for Retail
Metàfora, Barcelona
Courses / Programs
Founded in 1999, Metàfora is an international fine arts school in Barcelona, on the northeast Mediterranean coast of Spain.

Our contemporary art education consists of a full-time studio arts course, taught in English, called “The International Workshop". We also provide academic year Art Therapy courses taught in Spanish, as well as summer art courses in English.

Artists and art students come to Metàfora from all over the world, giving our school its distinctive international atmosphere. You can study from 6 weeks to 4 years, depending on your personal goals & ambitions.

The International Workshop comprises 4 levels, each designed for different student groups: Foundation Program in Studio Arts, Certificate in Studio Arts, Diploma in Studio Arts, and Advanced Diploma in Studio Arts. Each level can be undertaken independently. 

We also offer short-term art courses, in which students can participate in all scheduled classes & activities on the International Workshop. In addition, we provide an intensive summer course in art therapy, taught in English.

Students get studio space in an old industrial warehouse and are offered total immersion in art and culture in Barcelona though studio visits and taking part in gallery exhibitions.

Student Testimonial:
"My stay at Metàfora has changed my life. I came here with knowledge of my painting-skills, but here I became an artist. I feel that I found my artistic language and know what kind of artist I want to be."
- Lena
"The International Workshop"
- Full-time studio arts course (taught in English)

Comprises 4 levels / entry points:

• Foundation Program in Studio Arts (6-7 week blocks, for beginners)

• Certificate in Studio Arts (Training Program year 1)

• Diploma in Studio Arts (Training Program year 2)

• Advanced Diploma in Studio Arts (Training Program year 3)

Art Therapy Courses:
• Masters & Postgraduate Diploma in Art Therapy (taught in Spanish)
• Initial Diploma in Art Therapy (Spanish)

We also offer short art courses & intensive summer courses in art therapy