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Kings and Queens Solitaire Tripeaks is a fun solitaire game, with many levels to keep you puzzling through this timeless classic card game! Your aim is to remove cards from play by adding them to your pile. You may only add a card that is one higher or lower than the current top card of your pile. If you cannot pick up a card, you can take a new card from the deck to be a new top card — but you only have a limited amount of opportunities to do this! Remove all cards from play to win the level.

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Fairy Tale Dragons Memory is a flashy and fun memory game that will see just how much you can remember. Will you flip the rights cards and match the icons together? Let's see what you have got.

The game is a traditional game of the popular memory card game but with an added twist of medieval and fairy tale themes. It makes the game even more vibrant and memorable, which is appropriate since it is a game of memory.

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You know the game Memory, one of the most popular pastime activities when you were a kid. Well now you can play Memory with fun, colorful food cards thanks to Foody Memory. Match yummy treats like tacos, pineapples, juices and more. Test your memory and test your skills with this fun twist on an old game.

The best thing about the game is that truly anyone can play, it needs no introduction or explanation. Just throw yourself into the first round and see if you still have what it takes to be a Memory master.

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Here is a creepy and fun way to play the classic game Memory. Happy Halloween Memory is exactly that: a version of the age-old game that looks different and new but feels remarkably the same.

This version of Memory needs little explanation or introduction. You have played it a million times. All you need to do is start your first round and begin flipping cards looking for the right one. Simple as can be right? Don't forget that as the levels go on, things will get a lot harder. More cards means more challenges and each level adds quite a few more cards.

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Magical Memory is exactly that: a magical twist on the classic game Memory. Now you can play the game with cards decorated by wizards, dragons, warriors and so much more. You can feel like you are caught up in an epic fairytale as you play this epic and classic game.

The game needs no instructions. Everyone knows how to play, just pick two cards that match. But don't forget how hard Memory can get. It starts easy but get progressively trickier. Do not let your guard down as you push through the levels.

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