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Euro Train Driver is a fun, train game for kids and teens, where you have to skillfully control a large train full of passengers! This can be quite a stressful job, as it can get very hectic indeed! These trains can go at some serious speed, requiring spilt-second decision-making! There’s a lot at stake here.

The aim of this game is to be a successful train driver, delivering passengers to their destination quickly but safely! Experience life as a proper train driver being responsible to the track and the passengers. This will test your perception of distances as these trains are heavy, they do not stop as fast as a car so you need to bare this in mind when beginning to slow, allow for the smooth gradual deceleration otherwise your passengers will be disgruntled.

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Airplane Fly 3D Flight Plane will make you feel like the pilot of a plane like you always imagined you could be. You will control the entire flight from liftoff to touchdown and everything in between. Are you ready for a smooth flight or will you hit some turbulence?

The game has stellar graphics and easy controls that you can learn quickly. The learning curve isn't as steep as you would imagine and you will soon be flying like an absolute expert.

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Let’s go and have fun in the supermarket with My Supermarket Story!

We’ve got a lot to do today, so it’s best to get started as soon as possible (but we’ll have fun doing it)! First, we have to buy ingredients (we’ll make something yummy later), then we’ll have to pay put away all the toys we played with, and then we have to help clean out the Supermarket. We’ll also help pick out some muffins and cakes for mum, so be sure to help her pick the right ones. Once all that is done, we can then head home to make something delicious to eat!

We’ll also play a quick game of slice the fruit because we have to right? Just don’t hit the bombs! Or else you’ll lose points! Just slice the fruit up into nice little chunks.

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