Free jigsaw puzzles site for kids to play: Fun jigsaw puzzles for young children (girls/ boys), elementary school students to play now online at home, no download.
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Online Jigsaw / Sliding Puzzle Games for Kids

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Free online jigsaw puzzles and brain-teasing sliding tile games for young children (supervised online) to play now on this site. From classic jigsaw puzzle styles to the newest game ideas. Some of these puzzles may suit supervised preschool / kindergarten and elementary school age kids.
Your child's analytical thinking skills, logical thinking and spatial reasoning is developed playing these games.

A lot of the games below can be played on mobile, Android, iOS, tablet, notebook, laptop or desktop PC without downloading. Enjoy!

Cute Turtle Jigsaw Puzzle

Cute Turtle Jigsaw Puzzle is a puzzle solving game and as the name suggests...this is a jigsaw game! Select your difficulty level before starting which essentially decides how many pieces you have to fit together. The more difficult, the more pieces you need to put together. The best part? The images are all cute turtles so it will definitely bring a smile to your face whilst playing! Have fun!

The aim of the game is to complete the jigsaw puzzle. Link all the pieces together to recreate the image. This game will develop your problem solving skills. Work methodically to solve the puzzle! Top tip! Work by finding the edges first, so the pieces with a flat edge. This will make it a lot easier to solve in the end!

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The Frog Prince Jigsaw

The Frog Prince Jigsaw is a fun, simple yet addicting and challenging jigsaw puzzle game with a quirky little theme to keep you entertained. Complete the jigsaw and then revel in the feeling of success as you look at your masterpiece that you have created.

The aim of the game is to complete the jigsaw puzzle. This game will test your puzzle solving skills as you must figure out how best to tackle the jigsaw. A tip would be to start with the edges and work your way in from there. Your observational skills must be on form too as especially if on medium or hard mode, they can be really challenging to solve! 

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Build Your Robot

Build your Robot is a fun game where you have to build the robot that you are shown with the parts available. Build the robot and take a screenshot of it to save it on your device. Have fun building another type of robot if you want.

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Fire Trucks Puzzle

Have you been dreaming about becoming a firefighter truck driver when you grow up? Fire Trucks Puzzle is a fun and challenging truck puzzle game where with 12 different firefighter trucks. Try to put the puzzle pieces together. Not only do you have to carefully review the picture before you start - you must pay attention which pieces you are joining together too.

This cool firefighter puzzle game requires sharp concentration. Ok fire truck driver – please show us your cool-headed puzzle solving skills!

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Metal Robot Puzzle

Get ready for a mind-melting, head-scratching, time-traveling adventure that will get you thinking from back to front! Metal Robot Puzzle is a fun and unusual robot jigsaw puzzle game for older kids and teens where you have to solve the jigsaw! Build the image of the robot! Enjoy!

The aim of this game is to solve the jigsaw and create a masterpiece of art with your completed image. This futuristic brain-teaser is a true test of your problem solving skills, as you have to figure out a cyclical solution that will help you complete each challenging level. Good strategy planning, time management and fast fingers are called into play, as you have to maneuver the pieces around. Thinking logically and methodically when under pressure is the key. Happy puzzle solving!

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Kids Animal Fun

Kids Animal Fun is just the fun and adorable family game your kids need! Solve up to 10 different animal puzzles where you can choose the level of difficulty. Start with the 6 pieces level for the really little ones, jumping it up to the 24-piece puzzles for the ones who want harder and bigger puzzles to play with. Kids Animal Fun with its combination of charming and creative designs and cute animals is a puzzle game that your kids will love to play over and over.

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