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Kids Games - Fun Driving Adventures

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School Bus Simulation

School Bus Simulation is the game where you’re the bus driver getting the kids around!

This is not just another driving game. It’s about driving the big school bus around so that the children arrive at their destination safely! Pick up the kids first and then get to the end of your route. Don’t forget to hit every checkpoint! Make sure you don’t crash into any cars or you will instantly be game over! How many levels can you clear? Get those kids to school!

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Road Crash

Do you have a need? A need for speed? If so, Road Crash is perfect for you. This high-speed racing game will have you whipping down the road in no time. It will also have you crashing into quite a few cars and will leave you breathless.

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Racecar Steeplechase Master

Hey, keep your eyes on the road! Racecar Steeplechase Master is a racing simulator that will have you burning rubber up the road and avoiding all sort of obstacles looking to get in your way.

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Babyrace Galaxy

Babyrace Galaxy will probably be your toddler’s favorite game. The surroundings are in beautiful pastel hues. The trees are cotton candy and all the drawings are in an adorable chibi style. Last but not the least, the music is designed for soothing a restless kid’s ears. Most importantly, the baby racers and even the star power-ups are so friendly and expressive! Treat your child with some Babyrace Galaxy every once in a while! Tip: This is best played on your computer.

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Kart Rush

Do you want to race and do you want to race fast? Well then, Kart Rush is the game for you. This racing game has you controlling a little go-kart that has big power and big speed. But big danger awaits too!

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Speed Demons Race

Rev your engines and get ready to unleash the beast within at Speed Demons Race, where young racers can build their dream Monster Truck and conquer the track! This game is a thrilling ride through rugged terrains, designed to captivate the hearts of children under 10 with its vibrant graphics and kid-friendly mechanics.

Embark on a journey of skillful precision and quick thinking as you navigate through the game's challenging courses. Aspiring young drivers will sharpen their hand-eye coordination, enhance their strategic planning abilities, and develop a keen sense of timing. Each race is an opportunity to learn and master the art of control, as players balance speed with the physics of their monstrous vehicles.

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Find Toys By Car

Find Toys By Car - Embark on a delightful journey through a whimsical world where toys are just waiting to be discovered. Take the wheel of your trusty toy car and navigate through a house brimming with adventure to rescue hidden treasures!

Sharpen your child's navigational prowess and enhance their problem-solving skills as they steer through mazes of household terrain. This game is a treasure trove for developing spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination, all while fostering a sense of accomplishment with each toy they save.

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