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Online Ball Games for Kids

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Red Ball Forever

Experience extreme excitement in the wacky and weird world of Red Ball Forever! Control the excitable and adventures Red Ball as he navigates levels by jumping over rivers, over mountains and through obstacles collecting stars along the way. Use these stars to purchase other colourful characters to play with. Go now and experience this family-friendly game for yourself but remember to avoid the enemy blocks and the nasty traps as you will only have three lives per level.

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Shaun The Sheep Baahmy Golf

Shaun The Sheep Baahmy Golf is an easy-to-play, simple and fun golf game. It is similar to crazy golf but the golfer is Shaun the Sheep. Sounds fun right? Let's see how good a golfer Shaun the Sheep is, can you help him get a hole in one?

The aim of this game is to get a maximum score after 5 shots. Get points by getting the ball in the hole and also by hitting everything in sight with your golf ball. This game requires excellent timing and reaction time skills, as these two traits depend on the power and angle of your shot, which ultimately decides how good your shot is! So make sure you are on the top of your game!

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Hoop Star

How many points can you score? How many times can you get the ball through the basket? That is the question that Hoop Star asks. It is a game all about lining up the basket with the ball and scoring again and again.

The game has accurate and quick controls that make it more fun and also more intense. You will be constantly attempting to beat your last high score and play again and again and again.

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Puppet Soccer Challenge

Puppet Soccer Challenge is a classic physics challenge game where you control a soccer star who needs to score as many goals as possible without missing any shots. Avoid obstacles and collect stars to make it through as many levels and gain as many points as you can! This game will have you addicted for hours trying to beat your high scores and trying to get through just one more level!

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Iron Ball

Test your knowledge of physics, aim, and mostly luck in Iron Ball, physics and object destruction puzzle game that is sure to keep you glued to your seat for hours! Fire and ricochet bouncy balls off of clusters of blue and red balls, making sure to hit all of the red balls without running out bouncy balls to win the level. See if you have the know-how and luck to beat this incredibly enjoyable game!

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Bubble Shooter Pro

Bubble Shooter Pro is an awesome color matching game, in which you shoot bubbles to make lines of three and remove the bubbles from the game. Remove all the bubbles without running out of shots to complete the level! Activate fun power ups such as a bomb, firework, or aiming lines, and join groups of players online to make bubble busting a global experience!

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The Linear Basketball

Can you get every basketball in the hoop? Play Linear Basketball to draw up your high score! But watch out for the bombs!

In this game, you have to draw lines to make sure that the basketballs go into the hoop. You have to take advantage of gravity and use it to your advantage! You can only miss three balls and you only have three lines you can draw, so use them wisely! The balls will shoot up from the bottom of the screen and it’s your job to score when you can. As the level gets higher, more balls and hoops will appear giving you a chance to score even more! But beware that this also means that it’s easier to miss balls and lose the game. Bombs will also appear at higher levels after the basketballs, so make sure you don’t let them in!

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Sand Balls 2

Get all of the balls into the back of the waiting truck by digging a path through the sand in Sand Balls 2. Sand Balls 2 is a vertical tap/clicker game with the simple objective being to create a line in the sand allowing physics to do its job and pull the colored balls down towards the truck. Create a clear path and get most of the balls into the truck to win and move on to the next level.

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Ball Shooter

Take aim and kick balls of all types in Ball Shooter, a colorful fun experience that has you kicking balls from most sports that involve balls of any kind; Tennis, Football, Basketball even pool with the goal being matching the balls to those in the pile. Match the balls to create chains that blow up reducing the size of the pile and earning you lots of points.

Use the environment to get the ball into tricky corners to create even longer chains, bounce the ball off the walls or take a direct shot taking out as many balls as you can. Keep the pile from growing larger and larger by taking accurate shots and racking up the points.

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Ball io

Ball io Game is an amusing and challenging game, where your objective is to help the ball reach the end of the level. You control a suction hole that can clear the path for your ball and achieve the win. Don’t let anything touch the ball, be fast and calculated, clear the path ahead.

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Roll This Ball

Roll This Ball: In this fun, children’s puzzle game, move the pipes to create a path for the ball to flow through. Your ball will start at one end and will only move when a clear path is built to its destination. Your pipes will have lots of different directions and may need moving around more than once before they can fit in to their correct position! Have you got the skills to beat the puzzle?

Place the pipes by moving one at a time into the correct position to create a smooth path for the ball to flow through. This thought provoking game requires patience, skill and an eye for detail as you search out the required path. You may not get it first time and you may have to move around blocks more than once so have you got the determination and persistence to beat the puzzle?

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Golf Blast

Why not play a round of golf in Golf Blast, an enjoyable, if unconventional, obstacle golf game. Just like in regular golf, your goal is to sink the golf ball into the hole in as few shots as possible. Unlike regular golf, Golf Blast uses wonky and bizarrely shaped golf courses that only add to the challenge, creating numerous obstacles you have to watch out for. If that was not hard enough, you will only be able to make a certain number of shots throughout your whole run, run out of shots and you will have to start over from the beginning. But don't worry, you can earn more shots by collecting stars and landing hole-in-ones. Golf Blast is definitely more challenging than other golf browsers games.

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Marble Balls 3D

Marble Balls 3D is a fun puzzle game with a unique goal!

All you need to do is put all of the marbles in the holes of the board. Sounds simple, right? Well, there are a few things you should know first. You only have control of one marble. Similar to the cue ball in pool, it’s the only ball you can touch. You have to knock into other marbles strategically, making sure that you create a path for this ball to go into the final hole on the board. You also cannot slow down or stop the marbles at all. Once you move it, it’s going until it’s stopped by another ball, the end of a path, or until it goes into a hole. Can you find the solutions to all of the levels?

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Sand Ball

Sand Ball is a satisfying puzzle game, where you have to collect balls and help them reach the truck for delivery. Unlock skins for your balls and truck by collecting gems after completing every level. Reach the goal of balls for every level, otherwise, it will be a repeat.

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Roll This Ball

Roll This Ball: En este divertido juego de rompecabezas para niños, tienes que mover las tuberías para crear un camino por el que fluya la bola. Tu bola empezará en un extremo y sólo se moverá cuando haya un camino despejado hasta su destino. Tus tuberías tendrán muchas direcciones diferentes y puede que tengas que moverlas más de una vez antes de que encajen en la posición correcta. ¿Tienes la habilidad necesaria para superar el puzzle?

Coloca las tuberías moviéndolas de una en una en la posición correcta para crear un camino suave por el que fluya la bola. Este juego requiere paciencia, habilidad y atención al detalle para encontrar el camino correcto. Puede que no lo consigas a la primera y que tengas que moverte alrededor de los bloques más de una vez, así que ¿tienes la determinación y la persistencia necesarias para superar el puzzle?

Cómo jugar: Haz clic y arrastra los bloques para moverlos. Alinéelos con la dirección de la tubería a su alrededor para lograr un camino en el que pueda pasar la bola.

Este juego está basado en HTML5 el cual, funciona en móviles, tabletas y navegadores de PC/Mac.

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Ball Drop

Embark on a thrilling journey with Ball Drop, where your objective is to guide the bouncing ball safely through a series of perilous obstacles while avoiding deadly spikes. With its captivating minimalist design, responsive gameplay, immersive music, and 32 challenging levels, this game promises an addictive experience that will keep you hooked for hours.

Sharpen your reflexes and enhance your problem-solving skills as you navigate through the intricate mazes of Ball Drop. Each level is a puzzle waiting to be solved, requiring precision, patience, and a keen eye for the laws of physics. As you progress, you'll find your coordination and timing improving, along with your ability to anticipate and react to fast-changing scenarios. This game is not just a test of dexterity but a brain workout that keeps your cognitive gears constantly engaged.

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