Construction games for younger boys & girls to play for free online. Fun learning/ thinking games for children in preschool/ kindergarten to promote creative thinking.
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Young Kids Building Games

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Play young kids' construction/ building games online. Simple building games for younger children to play on iPad, tablet, PC, Mac, mobile phone, no download required

Tower Builder

Tower Builder - Get ready to become completely immersed in this addicting physics-based game, a pressure environment that is all about balance. This game will test your ideas of balance and devleop your timing skills whilst giving you a lot of fun along the way! Come and have a go!

The aim of this game is to create a tower that is as high as possible. Although it initially looks like a simple figure puzzle game created for  kids – it isn’t that simple. This is a game for all ages, and requires a basic understanding of science – gravity, mass, geometry and how balance work. Perfect balance is considered when no object is wobbling or sliding. When an object is unstable – you can see some stardust glowing on the unstable object. Although unstable objects may stand still – they may have fractional motion and this is considered as “almost perfect balance”. Use this and your timing skills to achieve perfect balance and get a high score!

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Draw and Save Stickman

Draw and Save Stickman is an excellent game for children as it promotes critical thinking and creativity. The game requires players to think ahead and come up with innovative solutions to protect Stickman from the various dangers and traps that come his way. By engaging in this kind of strategic thinking, children are able to exercise their problem-solving skills and develop their mental agility.

Additionally, the game's drawing mechanic provides an excellent opportunity for children to improve their artistic abilities. Drawing the protection shield requires players to use the mouse to create a variety of shapes and designs. As they progress through the levels, children can experiment with different colors and styles to make their drawings even more creative. This kind of artistic expression not only helps to develop children's motor skills, but it can also be a lot of fun for them. Draw and Save Stickman is a fantastic game that provides children with an enjoyable way to develop their cognitive and artistic abilities.

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Over the Bridge

Over the Bridge is a multilevel construction game and hard, physics-based, online puzzle for elementary school, middle and high school age players where you must display creative engineering skills and problem solving determination to construct sturdy bridges that support a car's journey over it. Featuring an increasingly-challenging levels, you must carefully and methodically drop the construction materials into the focus area, and hope that the awaiting car can safely travel across your structure without toppling in.

Reasons to play this tricky, logic brain teaser game: Solve physics-based problems in a fun, interactive way. Test and exercise your analytical thinking skills, creative mindset, and basic appreciation of physics as you attempt to build sufficiently strong bridges in each level.

Strategy to win: Good old trial and error plays a very important part toward your success here. If you fail with an initial attempt, try to figure out where you went wrong, and adjust your bridge structure accordingly. Think about and use gravity to your advantage in the construction process. Be observant of the car's progress across your creation – This can give you clues about where your bridge might need fine-tuning.

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Wood Shop

Wood Shop is a carpentry simulator, in which you’ll use your craftsmanship at the lathe to create a variety of objects. Starting with a simple block of wood, you’re given a target item to carve. Select the right tool from three (wide, narrow and rounded tools) to carve out the perfect shape. You’ll then have the opportunity to sand down edges to make them smoother and more precise, before finally painting your object in whatever colors you choose! You will be graded according to how closely your item matches its specifications and, if you score highly enough, awarded coins and allowed to move on to the next level!

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Bridge Builder Puzzle

Bridge Builder Puzzle Game is an engaging and innovative puzzle game where your goal is to connect blocks using bridges. Each block displays a number indicating the exact number of bridges it can be connected with. To draw a bridge, you simply swipe from one block to another, turning the blocks green upon successful connection. If you need to cancel a connection, a simple tap will do the trick.

This game sharpens your problem-solving and logical thinking skills. With each level presenting a unique challenge, you need to strategize the optimal way to connect all blocks using the given number of bridges.

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Building New House

In Building New House, you will be in charge of a construction project from beginning to end. Knock down an old building, create a new one in its place, and see how great of an architect you really are.

This game is very inventive and detailed and does a good job of showing the entire process of building a skyscraper. It is not only fun, it actually teaches you a thing or two.

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Crazy Design: Rebuild Your Home

Step into a world of creativity and fun with Crazy Design: Rebuild Your Home. This game is a delightful blend of puzzle merging and home decoration, where you can unleash your inner designer. Whether you're starting from scratch or transforming an existing space, you have complete control over the decorating and renovating process. With a plethora of design options at your fingertips, you can create captivating homes that reflect your unique style and taste.

As you navigate through the game, you'll find that it's not just about having fun, but also about honing your skills. Crazy Design: Rebuild Your Home is a fantastic platform to enhance your cognitive abilities as you strategize and plan your designs. It also helps improve your motor skills as you merge and match items to create your dream home. Moreover, the game fosters creativity and imagination, encouraging you to think outside the box and experiment with different design styles.

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