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Pet Healer - Vet Hospital

Pet Healer - Vet Hospital: In this casual game, you take on the role of a pet doctor, helping to treat animals and become the best pet healer in town.

Collect coins as you go, using them to hire staff, purchase new equipment, unlock new medicines, and learn how to cure different diseases in your new pet clinic.

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My Pet Clinic

Does your child love animals and dream about one day become a vet or pet cleaner? Well, if they do, My Pet Clinic is a fantastic game for the little ones to play! In My Pet Clinic, they will play as the vet and attend to 5 different adorable but sick and bug-infested animals. Complete the game by cleaning, treating, and helping each of the animals until they are all better. My Pet Clinic is geared towards the really little ones and is sure to keep them entertained and captivated!

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Airport Manager

Airport Manager is a fun RPG game for kids where you get to learn all about real-life management strategies and tips, through managing an airport. This insightful learning game requires astute foresight, a determined attitude and a mind open to new ideas. If you do well, you will be rewarded with an overwhelming sense of achievement and purpose.

The aim of the game is to successfully manage all aspects of a busy airport! Remember, nothing sucks like bad management! You need to look at the bigger picture, make decisions, ask yourself what’s best for the business, try and keep people happy - and at the same time, let your entrepreneurial skills and personality shine! This will improve your skills in the areas of multitasking, and keeping calm when the pressure begins to add up. OK Big Shot, think you can handle the grueling demands and finer details of managing an airport?

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Railroad Crossing Mania

Railroad Crossing Mania is a fun train track game for kids and teens. This challenging online simulation activity simulates solving problems and working under pressure, and keeps you at the edge of your seat as the train keeps getting faster and faster. Do you have the quick-thinking, puzzle-solving skills to save the day? Enjoy!

Your mission as barrier controller is the keep the vehicles, trains and people safe by properly controlling the barriers. When you see a train coming, shut that barrier asap! When its gone, lift the barrier to let the traffic pass! This game requires patience, good timing skills and immaculate concentration skills. One lapse in concentration can lead you opening/shutting at the wrong time and leading to mission failure!

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Penguin Cafe

Penguin Cafe is a funny little restaurant simulation game where you play the role of a Penguin, and have to use your expert table waiting, customer service and business management skills to quickly serve some hungry and demanding penguins (your diner's customers). You need to seat the customers, take their orders, serve their snacks on time, and collect the payments & tips in order to make sure you earn the required daily amount of money to keep your business in profit.

The aim of the this game is to successfully run your own Penguin cafe! You decide to start your own high quality cafe restaurant with expert customer service and lightening-fast table waiting tactics! Make them happy – keep them paying – and keep them coming back for more! This will test your ability to work under pressure and live up to high standards, do not let them slip! Earn as much as you can.  OK, ready for some super-cool service, penguin style? Enjoy running your own business!

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Fire Bridge

Fire Brigade is a fun and simple game where you work as a firefighter and have to help people by clearing the fire. Earn coins while completing levels and unlock upgrades for your hose and team size. Continue helping the town, and improve your brigade as much as possible.

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Panda Manager

Ever wanted to work at a Supermarket? How about working for a panda family? In Panda Manager Family Supermarket, you can do both!

In this game, you have to help the panda family run their store. This includes cleaning the isles, there is a lot to clean up! Cleaning up the produce section and adding some new yummy fruits and veggies to the shelves! And replacing the products which sold yesterday. After that, you have to help the customer find what they’re looking for! They have a list, but they’re just not sure where to find it, so help them out as best you can! Then you have to weigh all the fruits and veggies to price them, before heading over to the cash register with your clients to let them purchase their yummy food! After all the hard work is done, you can play dress-up with momma Panda!

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Doctor Kids 2

Doctor Kids 2 is a kid’s friendly game where you play as a doctor and help children with their problems. Cure a sore throat, or kidney problems, as well as lice. Perform the actions and complete all the levels to help the children.

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Ladybug Super Recovery

Ladybug Super Recovery will have you helping out Ladybug, who got herself a little banged up while taking down the bad guy. Now she needs some good medical care and the task is up to you!

This game is fun and colorful, a replayable game that won't grow old. It's fun lead character, steep learning curve and colorful look make it something you will want to enjoy again and again.

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Rescue The Zookeeper

Oh no, The poor zookeeper got all tied up by that mischievous snake again. Help free her and get her looking all fresh again as you play Rescue The Zookeeper. It is a fun game for the little ones as they help clean and patch up the zookeeper, taking care of her of your bites and finding her some fresh clothes. This game will keep them entertained for a while as they pick different coloured and patterned outfits to mix and match, with the added challenge of seeing if they can complete all 10 of the game’s achievements.

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Monster Truck Repairing

If you love repairing and restoring cars, then Monster Truck Repairing is the game for you. Help clean and repair the monster trucks that arrive in the repair shop. Paint and style them as you’d like to create crazy looking trucks.

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Hospital Doctor

Play Hospital Doctor and enjoy the hours of addicting fun that this game will offer. You are a doctor at the hospital and it is your job to fix all the patients, get them back to 100% and then send them on their way with a spring in their step! Deal with all kinds of issues such as cuts, grazes and burns! Good luck doctor!

The aim of the game is simple. You must heal the patient and then send them on their way! You will be roughly guided when you click on the tool, as to where and how it needs to be applied! This game will develop your observational skills as you must spot what the issue is. This may be a cut or an infection so you must be alert to spot the danger, and then use the tools to fix the problem!

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Baby Taylor Learns Swimming

Baby Taylor Learns Swimming is a cute family friendly game where you need to teach baby Taylor how to swim! The summer has arrived and the family wants to go swimming but wait, there is a problem...Baby Taylor can't swim! No worries, you can help her to learn! Good luck!

The aim of this game is to help the girl swim, by making her do certain things that her Dad is helping her with! This game takes patience as no one can learn to swim in two seconds! Give the girl time and she will be able to learn easier and quicker. This game makes you practice the art of teaching someone step by step, a very valuable skill in the real world!

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Crazy Dentist

Crazy Dentist is a dentist office simulation. Use a wide variety of dental tools to get your clients’ pearly whites in tip top shape before they leave your surgery! In this game you have a huge selection of methods to choose from, from simple tooth brushing to X-rays and dental fillings. Apply as many treatments as your patients need to get them fixed up with healthy mouths ready to flash their shiny smiles! 

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Hand Doctor

If you want to help people by fixing their hands from injuries and problems Hand Doctor is the game for you. You can help fix people’s hands by curing blisters, cuts, burns, and other injuries. Treat injuries and leave their hands like new with some manicure.

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Help The Hero

Help The Hero is a captivating and heartwarming game that takes you on a journey of courage and kindness. As a brave young boy, you will embark on a quest to help various people and animals you encounter, saving the world from villains and troubles. This game is not about space or action, but about empathy, bravery, and the spirit of adventure.

Playing 'Help The Hero' is not just about fun, it also helps to develop and enhance various skills. It encourages cognitive development as players need to solve problems and make decisions to help those in need. It also enhances motor skills as players navigate through different environments. Moreover, the game fosters emotional intelligence by encouraging players to empathize with the characters they are helping. It's a game that combines entertainment with learning, making it a perfect choice for the kids to play.

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My Pocket Blacksmith

Step into the enchanting world of medieval fantasy with My Pocket Blacksmith! This rhythm-based blacksmithing game for mobile devices and web platforms combines the captivating atmosphere of classic RPG games, the engaging mechanics of Deemo II and Friday Night Funkin', and the quirky humor of Discworld. Forge legendary items to the beat of the melody, customize your hero and workshop, and watch your progress unfold in short, satisfying game sessions.

My Pocket Blacksmith is not just a game, it's a journey of skill enhancement. As you tap and swipe to the rhythm, you'll be honing your motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The game's strategic elements, such as deciding what items to forge and how to decorate your workshop, will challenge your decision-making abilities and problem-solving skills. And with the game's abstract humor, you'll be exercising your cognitive flexibility as you switch between serious blacksmithing and lighthearted fun.

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