Math Games for Kids online: Free interactive learning games for the classroom/ home-schooling - grade 3, 4th graders. Easy to play basic math games, adding & subtracting, multiplication...
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Online Math Games for Younger Kids - Interactive Learning Activities

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Play fun online math games for free - addition and subtraction games, multiplication and division games on your computer. Interactive math activities for preschool, elementary school, as well as kindergarten age kids involving basic math problems, exercises. From simple fun games to more challenging and difficult ones. Happy math solving on! 

Unlimited Maths Questions

Unlimited Math Questions is a wonderful way to test your math skills and improve your abilities. A great game and tool for young students looking to study, this game is easy to play and helps you learn.

The best part is that it is so easy to use. All you need is a finger or mouse and you will be strengthening your math skills in no time. It couldn't be easier - or more fun - to become a math master.

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Multiplication Simulator

Multiplication Simulator is a simple online math game where you have to figure out the correct answer from the multiplication question. This game will help to improve your multiplication skills, and pretty soon you'll be the Multiplication King or Queen!

The aim of this game is to improve your mathematical ability, specifically your multiplication skills and knowledge. This is a key skill in life to know your times tables so this is a perfect game to help with that! Playing this will develop your mathematical skills and knowledge, and allow you to be more confident when working with timesing numbers together.

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Maths Challenge

Maths Challenge will put your math skills to the test. Do you have what it takes to be crowned the math master? How strong are your abilities? Are you ready to make you math teacher proud?

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Math Farm

In Math Farm, you have to crunch through various math problems so you can blitz through your enemies. Answering math problems has never been this explosive! The music and sound effects are absolutely pulse-pounding. If you need to motivate your child, or even yourself, to revise or revisit some basic arithmetic, Math Farm is the most exciting way to do that!

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1+1 is the perfect game for the little ones learning addition and subtraction, providing a fun and visually appealing way to learn mathematics. Boring numbers are instead replaced with fun and colorful objects like ice cream cones, apples and guitars, all the while helping your child get used to maths and to enjoy it!

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Monkey Teacher

Monkey Teacher is a kid’s friendly game where you learn about shapes and geometry. Draw and practice all the available shapes to clear the game. Learn from the monkey and have fun.

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Math Boxing Comparison

Math Boxing Comparison is an educational math game for teaching the equals, greater than, and less than signs in a fun way! You need to punch a bag, which you can make happen by filling in the correct sign between two numbers. While filling in the signs correctly lands punches, making mistakes will lose lives. Punches also add on time to your time limit, letting you see how far you can make it before making enough mistakes to lose the level!

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Num Cannons

Whether you are looking for a way to make math learning fun for the kids or yourself, Num Cannons is the answer for you. Num Cannons provides 5 game modes geared towards helping develop basic mathematic skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and rounding. Within each mode Num Cannons provides you with three difficultly levels to pick from, ranging from basic, advanced and expert, offering something for every age group.

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Math Bug

Math Bug is a kids game where you have to answer simple addition and subtraction problems. Look at the missing value and choose one of four options given with every problem. Practice your math skills and solve all the problems.

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Math vs Bat

How fast can you type numbers on your computer keyboard or touchscreen? Let’s put your keyboard skills to the test with Math vs Bat, a fun and fast-paced educational mathematical typing game for kids where you get the chance to exercise and improve your reaction speed as well as your quick typing abilities. This is perfect for the whole family so get playing and get comparing high scores!

The aim of the game is to answer as many of the maths questions correctly as possible, and as fast as possible! Take too long and you will need to restart! This is perfect for people who want to improve their general maths ability, along with the speed at which these sums can be worked out! The added pressure of multiple sums coming at once will require good reaction time, fast fingers on the keyboard and of course, solid mathematical understanding.

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MathPup Golf Addition

In MathUp Golf Addition you solve basic math problems, while at the same time trying to hit a birdie.

The game combines easy-to-solve math with little-harder-to-figure-out golf, and it comes together to make a rather sweetly satisfying game. You first have to answer a very basic math question. Once you've picked the correct answer, you'll be given the chance to play some golf, a puzzle where you have to aim the swing correctly to get that hole-in-one. With every level, the game gets a little harder, and if you hit the water, it's an instant game over. But don't worry, the levels are never impossible to complete! Although they keep jumping up in complexity, you'll never feel it's impossible, and with some careful planning, you'll easily get a hole-in-one most of the time!

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Sack Race

Sack Race is a mathematics test made fun with a sack race!

Are you smarter and a quicker thinker than your opponent? Test yourself in this fun addition game! For each jump you want to make in this sack race, you have to bring up an equation and answer if it’s true or false. If you get the answer wrong, your character trips and stays in place! Make sure you answer quick enough to make enough jumps and get to the goal before your opponent! Can you do it? Find out by playing today! Try the harder difficulty if it’s too easy! Your opponent will answer their questions much faster, so you’ll have to be good! How fast can you reach the goal? Try to beat your best time to move up on the leaderboard!

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Elementary Arithmetic Math

Play a fun, interactive quick-fire math game (mainly for 1st, 2nd, 3rd grade elementary school students) on your android mobile phone, iPhone, iPad, tablet, laptop, notebook, or desktop PC! Elementary Arithmetic Math is a fast-paced math problem game where you have just few seconds to click or tap on the correct answer to a simple addition, subtraction, or multiplication problem. 

There are potential answers at the bottom of the play area, and you must quickly tap on the correct answer before the clock runs out! The mini math problems keep coming thick and fast, and your goal is to score as many correct answers in a row as possible before you make a mistake, or fall victim to the unforgiving 3-second clock!

This online, HTML5, quick-thinking-based, math puzzle game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. Skills required include very quick thinking, good hand-eye coordination skills, fast reaction speed, and basic knowledge of lower elementary school-level math problems (Most of the early rounds are simple addition and subtraction equations, but it gets trickier as you progress).

Expert Tip: Watch out for ‘repeat’ questions. Sometimes the game will throw up the same sum twice in a row, but jumble up the answers at the bottom of the screen! Try not to get out-numbered by this!

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