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Free Online Flying & Flight Simulation Games

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For children & Big Kids – Play fun flying games online - airplane, helicopter, flight simulation games on your computer for free on From easy-to-play to more challenging games.

Paper Flight

Paper Flight is a straight-forward, easy to play, fun paper aeroplane flight control game with plenty of upgrades and achievements to enjoy. The aim of this game is to throw a paper plane as far as you can, eventually being able to say you have travelled 1000 meters (or yards) while collecting as many achievements as possible, and upgrading your paper plane at the same time. You will throw your plane across various landscapes – flying over different cities, countries and continents. Ready to travel the world by paper plane? Good, just make sure you dont 'fold' under the pressure!.

This game will develop your speed and control with the mouse. Essentially the more speed you fling the paper plane, and with more control, this will definitely have a positive impact on your overall distance! Spend time playing to earn cash and then upgrade your paper plane! Have fun and good luck!

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Paper Flight 2

In Paper Flight 2, see how far you can launch your paper aeroplane. In flight, collect stars and bonuses (such as extra speed and fuel) to keep your plane in the air as long as possible. Collecting stars and dollars means you can save up for upgrades to both your plane and the environment, keeping your plane in the air even longer! Making it far enough unlocks new arenas for your plane, where you can see how far you can fly from one throw!

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Boeing Flight Simulator 3D

Have you got the skills to become an elite commercial pilot? If so - Attention! We have an urgent need for a skilled plane operator to fly a number of challenging virtual missions in Boeing Flight Simulator 3D. You are our newest trainee pilot – and we need your enthusiasm and assistance! This is a very challenging online pilot sim game where you must fly and land a large commercial jet during a series of difficult flying tasks in a real world 3D simulation environment! As pilot and Captain, you must carefully maneuver your airplane through dangerous windy conditions, landing safely at faraway airports during the day, at night, in very challenging environments.

This really tricky 3D flying activity requires a lot of patience, a very cool head and a great deal of keyboard skill. You must balance out your angles of approach and takeoff, all whilst keeping an eye on the fuel level! Some of your flights may last more than a few minutes, but every second is important as you attempt to complete your designated mission. Strap yourself in Captain – your new piloting career is about to take off!

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Airplane Fly 3D

Airplane Fly 3D Flight Plane will make you feel like the pilot of a plane like you always imagined you could be. You will control the entire flight from liftoff to touchdown and everything in between. Are you ready for a smooth flight or will you hit some turbulence?

The game has stellar graphics and easy controls that you can learn quickly. The learning curve isn't as steep as you would imagine and you will soon be flying like an absolute expert.

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Plane Evo

Start your very own airline and flight course in Plane Evo! Purchase planes and send them to race along the flight course, earning you money in the process each time they pass the finish line. Use this new wealth to purchase higher tier planes that are faster and can earn you more money. Or purchase any two planes of the same type and merge them to get and unlock the next tier of planes. EG Plane Evo strikes a nice balance between an idle and evolution game, giving you a relaxing and addictive experience.

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Paper Flight

Paper Flight es un juego de control de vuelo de avión de papel sencillo y divertido, fácil de jugar con muchas mejoras y logros para disfrutar. El objetivo de este juego es lanzar un avión de papel lo más lejos que puedas, y eventualmente poder decir que has viajado 1000 metros (o yardas) mientras recolectas tantos logros como sea posible y mejoras tu avión de papel al mismo tiempo. Lanzarás tu avión a través de varios paisajes, volando sobre diferentes ciudades, países y continentes. ¿Listo para viajar por el mundo en avión de papel? ¡Bien, solo asegúrate de no 'doblar' bajo la presión!

Este juego desarrollará tu velocidad y control con el ratón. Esencialmente, cuanto más rápido lances el avión de papel, ¡tendrás sin duda un impacto positivo en tu distancia total! Dedica tiempo a jugar para ganar dinero y mejorar tu avión de papel. ¡Diviértete y buena suerte!

Cómo jugar: Levante el avión con el clic izquierdo del mouse y mantenga presionado el botón izquierdo del mouse. Luego tírelo hacia el lado derecho de la pantalla manteniendo presionado el botón del mouse y arrastrándolo, y luego suéltelo. Deberá tener un buen control sobre el mouse y la muñeca para lanzar el avión a una buena distancia. ¡Se necesita práctica!

Cuando el avión ya está volando - haga clic y mantenga presionado el botón izquierdo del mouse para ajustar el ángulo de vuelo (ángulo de ataque). Si el ángulo es demasiado empinado, el avión se detendrá y comenzará a caer muy rápido, ya que perderá velocidad rápidamente.

Este juego basado en HTML5 funciona en dispositivos móviles y navegadores de PC/Mac.

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War Plane

War Plane is a high-flying adventure game that has you commanding an aircraft straight out of World War II over the skies. Shoot down your enemies and do whatever you must to complete your mission.

Like an old-school arcade game, you are tasked with simply flying forward and firing non-stop at waves of enemies who do not stop and will do anything in their power to take you down. The controls are quick and responsive and will have you flying all over and doing damage easily and constantly.

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