Free Online Maze Games For Young Kids

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Hide N Seek!

Hide N Seek is a new twist on an old childhood favorite. Are you ready to hide and avoid your captors.

Collect diamonds along the way and do whatever you can to stay free as long as possible. You play as both the hider and the captor and both sides of the game are just as fun as the other. Hide and Seek has never been so fun.

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Maze Monster

Maze Monster is a straightforward and fun maze game that has you traveling all over the place as a colorful and cute little monster who just wants to eat some treats. Move him through the maze and let him eat all the candy he wants. Yummy!

This game is a simple and cute idea that is created wonderfully with brilliant controls and colors.

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Africa Maze

Africa Maze is a highly innovative and addicting platform puzzle game for older kids and teens where you have to guide a little character around the huge continent of Africa. In your tour of each country, complete a cool maze going around that country's landmarks! Enjoy and good luck!

The aim of the game is to complete each maze as you move through each country, eventually completing a full tour of all Africa has to give! This clever and original maze game requires an inquisitive mind, good analytical thinking skills, and a love of problem-solving as you try to plot a pathway for your character through the different maze panels. This cool game should prove a good fit for those who enjoy maze-based platform puzzles with a twist, or anyone interested in trying new ground-breaking, interactive brain teasers. Be prepared for a real test of your spatial awareness, vision and determination.

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Maze Rotator

A basic USB or Bluetooth keyboard is needed to play Maze Rotator as all you need is A and D buttons or Left/Right arrows on your keyboard in order to rotate maze left or right. It is a fun yet very tricky, interactive problem-solving puzzle game.

The small balls in the maze must be moved out and dropped into a bucket below in order to advance to the next level. Each level get tougher and tougher. It may seem simple in the beginning but as you advance you will be presented with very tricky mazes where you may not be able to solve it as quickly as it seemed initially. The game is time limited and you have to plan your moves and an incorrect one will cost you time.

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Christmas Maze

Are you ready for some holiday cheer with a complicated and challenging puzzle? Then you are ready for Christmas Maze.

The task is simple: get Santa's gift from the beginning of the maze to the end of it. But it is a lot harder than it looks because there are confusing twists and turns along the way that will get you awfully confused. Like all good mazes, this is more difficult than it looks.

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Maze Tower

Prepare to be enthralled by Maze Tower, an adrenaline-pumping journey as two brave adventurers uncover a legendary treasure map! This mysterious parchment unveils the hidden location of a treasure trove guarded by lethal traps and monstrous creatures. It's up to you to guide our fearless heroes through 16 treacherous labyrinths as they collect precious stones locked away in monster-infested towers.

Choose from the pulse-racing solo campaign or team up with a fellow adventurer in thrilling two-player mode. And for those who crave the ultimate challenge, test your mettle in the two-player racing mode where you'll compete against each other to conquer the deadly mazes!

Unleash your inner explorer and embark on this epic quest to uncover the secrets of the Maze Tower!

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Astronaut in Maze

Astronaut in Maze is a rather difficult puzzle game that has you steering a rocket ship through the deep reaches of space. But even with all the technology a space ship has, navigating it through danger is harder than you think.

This game is bright and fun and most especially challenging. The challenge will make it only more addictive, though, and will want you to try again and again and again.

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Let Us Pop

Get ready for a hyper casual gaming experience with Let Us Pop! In this addictive game, you control a ball and must pop all the pops along its path within a given time limit. But don't be fooled - this game is anything but easy!

To succeed, you'll need to use your problem-solving skills to figure out the quickest path to cover all the pops before time runs out. With every level, the challenge increases, with more pops to pop and less time to do it in.

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Balls Out 3D

Balls Out 3D is a puzzle game that will have you rotating your way to success. Guide a series of balls to the finish line of the course but don't get dizzy from all the twisting and turning you will do.

This is a game that you are familiar with since it is similar to many puzzles you enjoyed as a child. Jumping into it again is an exciting return to a nostalgic classic.

The game is easy to control. All you need to do is turn the puzzle to rotate the balls and get them moving. Try to keep them all together and don't rotate the puzzle too much or else you will get off course. Remember that the puzzle gets a bit complicated, there are many sharp curves and turns ahead and it is easy to get overwhelmed or confused. Take your time and don't rush yourself.

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Meet The Lady Bomb

Time is of the essence in Meet the Lady Bomb. The game's objective is in the title, you simply have to have your male bomb meet his lovely lady bomb companion. But you have to move quickly or else time will run out and...boom.

The game lays it all out for you when each level begins. You can see where you are going to meet the Lady Bomb and you know exactly where you have to go. So you better get moving. Use the controls to navigate your bomb, bringing him forward and back and left to right. But make sure you keep your eyes on the timer because the time starts going down and it moves quickly.

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Christmas Maze Mania

Christmas Maze Mania invites you to a whimsical world of festive puzzles! Embark on a heartwarming adventure through snow-dusted labyrinths, guiding Santa to spread holiday cheer. With each twist and turn, unwrap the magic of the season in this enchanting labyrinthine quest.

As you navigate the merry mazes of Christmas Maze Mania, you're not just indulging in yuletide fun; you're sharpening your mind! Weave your way through intricate pathways and watch as your problem-solving prowess grows like a poinsettia in full bloom. Your reflexes will twinkle brighter than the star atop the Christmas tree as you hone your hand-eye coordination, ensuring every gift is delivered with precision and grace.

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