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Free Online Matching Games For Young Kids

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Play picture matching games, match tiles games, and color matching activities on your computer for free on We believe that we have put some of the best online matching games for kids in one area. From simple games to more challenging ones. Happy playing!

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Candy Crusher

Candy Crusher in an online matching game phenomenon that has taken the web by storm. Find out what all the fuss is about by playing the original browser version of this simple ‘match three’ game where you have to swap colorful candies around a large grid to make a match of three or more of the tempting sweets in a row. Earn as many points as you can before you use up all your moves (matches must be horizontal or vertical), and score huge bonuses for hitting combos.

Your ultimate goal is to score as many ‘Candy Points’ as you can within the moves limit; you have a certain amount of 'moves' to swap around the candy to try make 3 in a row! This fun and addicting matching game has proven to be a huge hit with little & Big kids around the world, especially fans of classic ‘Match 3’ games such as ‘Bejeweled’, or anyone who enjoys a good-old visual puzzle. Test your concentration, observation and decision-making skills as you scope out the match that will yield the highest points return. Your reactions and reflexes need to be quick! Are you sweet to start?

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Sugar Heroes

Join a band of sugary sweet sweety heroes as they try to investigate the mysterious cause behind what has happened to their town and if it is linked to the fallen meteor in Sugar Heroes. Sugar Heroes is a tile-matching, or in this case sweet and fruit matching, puzzle game where your objective is to solve a series of puzzle matching games to progress the story. Sugar Heroes is a game that the whole family would enjoy playing, and its engaging gameplay and delightful visuals are guaranteed to keep you playing for hours.

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Path Finding Cakes Match

Path Finding Cakes Match - Connect chains of 3 of matching cakes by creating a clear path between them, and clear all the cakes before time runs out - complete quickly to get bonus points. Work quickly to spot the matching desserts and gobble them up. Have fun!

This is a challenging puzzle game where you need to concentrate hard to find and connect pairs of matching cakes in order to make them disappear from the picture grid. It will also test your eyesight! Initially, you should try to find some pairs side-by-side to help free up much-needed space, and to create a direct path between other pairs of items, ensuring that the path is not blocked by any other tiles. Happy clean up!

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Hamster Pop

Hamster Pop is a matching puzzle game, where you match the cute colourful hamsters together to score points. With jolly music and interesting backgrounds, the boxy hamsters look right at home as you match them up with their friends! Play with your friends and see who can get to the highest level.

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Arkadium Bubble Shooter

Arkadium Bubble Shooter is a fun and bright match-three game that will have you aiming, firing and then dying for more. This is a game you can get sucked into and play again and again.

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Wood Shop

Wood Shop is a carpentry simulator, in which you’ll use your craftsmanship at the lathe to create a variety of objects. Starting with a simple block of wood, you’re given a target item to carve. Select the right tool from three (wide, narrow and rounded tools) to carve out the perfect shape. You’ll then have the opportunity to sand down edges to make them smoother and more precise, before finally painting your object in whatever colors you choose! You will be graded according to how closely your item matches its specifications and, if you score highly enough, awarded coins and allowed to move on to the next level!

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Lumeno is a relaxing and fun game where you have to match orbs to destroy them. The more orbs you destroy in a single move, the more points you earn, and the least moves you use of course. Connect the special orbs to destroy a full line of orbs, or destroy an area. The more you match the bigger your multiplier grows.

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Falling Flowers

Falling Flowers is a colorful and gorgeous puzzle game that has you matching flowers as quickly as possible in order to succeed. It gives a whole new meaning to the term gardener.

The game is similar to other match-three puzzle games. You need to line three of the same images up in order to score. But the difference here is how beautiful the pieces are. These are gems or diamonds you are lining up, they are lovely flowers.

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Candy Pop

Candy Pop is a match-three game inspired by the classic games from the past!

Someone needs to match up these blocks! It’s up to you to do it! Swap blocks and match three or more to make them disappear! Try to get as many as you can to complete the main levels. There are almost three hundred levels in the main campaign alone, along with the Action mode that puts you right into a great level! With so many unique blocks and special effects going on, this game is easy to love! With explosions going off, whole rows and columns being destroyed, and new pieces appearing, you can get so many points and always improve your high score!

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Sweet Fruit Candy

Sweet Fruit Candy is an addicting, interactive ‘match 3 or more’ game and visual puzzle with really good graphics - playable on Android mobile phone, tablet device, notebook, laptop, and desktop PC. Faced with a grid of different fruits, you must swap their positions in order to create adjacent matching groups of three or more of the same fruits. Your goal is to reach a specific target in each level, but beware that the clock is ticking!

This fun, easy-to-play matching puzzle for kids and teens requires good concentration and observation skills as well as fast reactions. Color coordination and strategy skills are also essential as you figure out the fastest and most efficient way to reach your target before the clock runs down. This is a great "time filler" game when you perhaps have to wait around somewhere. It's like eating popcorn at the movies - You cannot stop! So, happy fruit matching!

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Blomster Match 3

Blomster Match is a unique matching game that anyone can play!

Swap blocks to match three or more identical flowers before the timer runs out. Sounds simple, right? Well, there’s a catch to this game… You have to make sure that you make a match in all of the blocks on the board! This turns the backgrounds blue and allows you to move on to the next level! Remember, you can only make matches when it’s three or more blocks with the same flower, so keep that in mind! You can always ask for hints and use any items you’re acquired to help you along the way. There are twenty-four levels in this fun puzzle game. Can you complete them all?

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Bubble Shooter Pro

Bubble Shooter Pro is an awesome color matching game, in which you shoot bubbles to make lines of three and remove the bubbles from the game. Remove all the bubbles without running out of shots to complete the level! Activate fun power ups such as a bomb, firework, or aiming lines, and join groups of players online to make bubble busting a global experience!

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Guess The Color

Guess The Color is a reaction game based on your ability to differentiate colors and their names. It's the perfect way to train your or your children's reaction time - and also a great tool for learning colors and their names!

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Christmas Memory

Christmas Memory is a card-based memory game, in which you need to find and remember pairs of christmasy-themed matching cards. Two cards of the pack are uncovered at once. If they match, they’ll be removed from the table, and you’ll get a score and time bonus. If you can successfully remove all of the cards before running out of time, you’ll complete the level and unlock the next one!

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Jelly Challenge

A fun, classic-style match 3 puzzle game available to play on desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile! Jelly Challenge is a straight-forward online matching game for kids and grown-ups where you score points by switching colorful jelly around a large grid, and arrange as many 3-in-a-row matches as you can. Similar in style to Candy Crush and Bejeweled, this addicting activity rewards good observation skills combined with fast reactions and mouse-clicking / screen tapping. Happy Jelly matching!

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Jungle Matching

Jungle Matching: This is a memory teaser game/activity that trains your memory and encourages learning, where you must find the matching images of animals to proceed. The game clock starts ticking as soon as you start the game. You see the full layout of the images and then you must memorise where the matching cards are, there are 6 in total. Good luck, lets find out how good your memory is!

Find all the matching pairs before the time runs out. This game requires good observational skills to spot which animal is where and then of course your memory skills are put under scrutiny. You must try hard to remember the location of the animals so you can match up the cards quickly!

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Donuts Crush Saga

Donuts Crush Saga has arrived and it is the game we have been waiting for! This game lets you mix and re order donuts in a table in order to find matching triplets of the same donut. Try not to get too hungry as you play your way through the ever increasingly difficult missions! Enjoy!

The aim of this game is to match as many donuts together as possible. The fun, puzzle solving game will have your stomach rumbling in no time! This game takes more than a hungry stomach though! It takes real brain power and analyzing skills to spot potential matches and then execute them. Have you got the observation, the nerve and the clinical ability to win at this game? 

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Bubble Shooter Pop

Help an adorable fox to create matching groups of 3 or more same the animals in this fun, match 3 bubble popping-style game! Bubble Shooter Pop is a fun, 1-level matching puzzle game for young kids (girls & boys) where you must launch colorful bubbles into a cluttered game grid, and try to create and eliminate matching groups of adjacent bubbles! Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC, try to create and eliminate as many matching colored groups as you can in order to clear the whole grid.

Skills required: This aiming and accuracy-based visual puzzle requires accurate finger tapping or mouse clicking skills in order to create key matching groups to keep your scoreboard ticking over. Good decision-making and strategy also comes into play; keep your eyes peeled for BIG matching opportunities that could blow the grid wide open!

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Emoji Game

The Emoji Game is a silly and wacky puzzle game that will nonetheless have your little ones glued to the screen with a glazed look over their faces for hours. The premise is simple, each round you will be given a set amount of emojis that you will need to match and join with an opposite emoji that most relates to it. For example, joining an emoji of a dog with a bone emoji. Emoji Game is a relaxing and simple game that may even help your kids to improve their understanding of objects and relations.

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Cute Kitty Match 3

Cute Kitty Match 3 is a fun and quirky, match 3 or more game for kids. This is an endless game where your goal is to match as many kitties that are of the same color as you can to reach a top score.  Playable on Android mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and PC, this visual matching puzzle requires good concentration levels and observation skills. You must be ‘in the zone’ to figure out the best matches on the grid at any one time. There is a time bar on the side which is constantly decreasing, the only way to get more time is to match more kitties. Enjoy the tabby cat matching action!

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Woodventure: Mahjong Connect is a fun and colorful introduction to Mahjong for kids of all ages! In this game, you progress on a path through a forest of mahjong levels. In each level, you’ll need to combine pairs of matching animal themed tiles — though to match, you’ll need to be able to make an unobstructed line of any length, but with no more than two changes of direction between the two tiles. Matching the tiles removes them from the board, freeing up gaps to make new connections between other tiles! Remove all the tiles to win the level.

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Kids Cards Match

Ready for another version of Memory that will test your skills? It's time for Kids Cards Match. This version incorporates a series of cute kid faces you have to memorize.

Flip a card over to see the face waiting for you. Then try to find its match as quickly as you can. Every match gains you more points. But keep in mind that the game gets harder and harder as each level goes on.

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Valentine's Bubble Shooter

Valentine's Bubble Shooter is a romantic twist on the classic bubble shooter genre. Match three or more bubbles of the same color to remove them from the game. The bubbles will advance towards your line, so prioritize bubbles closest to you to keep yourself safe! Free up all the bubbles to complete each level.

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Bubble Shooter Golden Football

Bubble Shooter Golden Football is a fun, sports-based 'Match 3' puzzle game; You have to race against the clock to match three sport balls. Test your observation and reaction skills by moving one ball at a time to produce 3 in a row. You need to concentrate hard and decide on which ball to move next. Good luck!

The aim of this game is to eliminate all the balls by matching 3 of the same type of balls, everytime you manage this they will vanish and points will be awarded. The different types include a football, a cricket ball and a tennis ball. To add to the pressure you will be up against the clock. This game therefore requires expert focus and attention, and the ability to remain calm under pressure which as we know is a vital skill to have in later life!

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Kids Cute Pairs

Kids Cute Pairs is a matching memory game that’s fun for all the family! Play one player to test yourself, or 2 player to challenge a friend. Your objective is to match pairs of colourful cards (themed with fun items from animals to musical instruments), which will then be removed from the table. However, you can only see two cards at one time, so you’ll need to remember which cards you’ve uncovered well! If you fail to make a pair, play will pass to your opponent, but if you make a pair then you’ll get another go. Keep matching to keep in the game and get the most points.

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Halloween Crazy Match

Halloween Crazy Match is a memory based card game, in which you match an increasing number of voodoo-themed cards in order to win money. Every card you turn over costs $10, but if you find a pair you win $100! See how much cash you can clock up by using your memory skills and racing against time.

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Ball Shooter

Take aim and kick balls of all types in Ball Shooter, a colorful fun experience that has you kicking balls from most sports that involve balls of any kind; Tennis, Football, Basketball even pool with the goal being matching the balls to those in the pile. Match the balls to create chains that blow up reducing the size of the pile and earning you lots of points.

Use the environment to get the ball into tricky corners to create even longer chains, bounce the ball off the walls or take a direct shot taking out as many balls as you can. Keep the pile from growing larger and larger by taking accurate shots and racking up the points.

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Dogi Bubble Shooter

Dogi Bubble Shooter is a bubble shooting game for teens where you have to wipe out as many bubbles as possible. It’s a super-slick adventure with endless hours of harmless fun! Come and have a go!

The aim of the game is to eliminate all the balls that are above the cannon! You do this by shooting at them with your cannon. If three of more of the same coloured balls touch, then they will all disappear! This frees up space again and this process repeats until you simply run out of room to fire from. This will test your problem solving skills as you must not waste any shots, since the colors of the ball being fired out change regularly. Keep on your guard as you take on this challenge! 

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Candy Blast

Candy Blast is a colourful matching game, where you need to make chains of matching coloured candies to score a points target before running out of time! Making long chains adds extra time, but if you match nothing for a while you’ll lose. Keep the timer going and make long chains to beat the levels.

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Tasty Jewel

Tasty Jewel is a fun matching game for kids and teens where you have to match the jewels in groups of three or more. They must be the same jewels and all in a straight vertical or horizontal line. Once the jewels line up as group of three or more, they disappear off the game screen. This very entertaining and friendly game requires patience and a sharp eye! 

The aim of this game is to match as many jewels as possible in order to gain enough points to progress onto the next mission! This game requires excellent hand eye coordination and observation. Use your eagle vision to spot potential matches then all you need to do is swap them around and bam, watch those jewels disappear! Enjoy!

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Connect The Insects

Connect the Insects is a fun introduction to the classic tile game Mahjong, in which you need to create pairs by connecting tiles with matching insects. Connecting a pair removes the tiles from play, and you win the level when they are all removed! Each connection must happen along an imaginary line with a maximum of two changes of directions. As this is a fun introduction, you will be shown the line after clicking on pairs!

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Heart Gems Connect

Heart Gems Connect is a colourful puzzle matching game in which you combine adjacent colourful hearts of the same colour in lines of three or more to remove them from a grid and score points. Making a match on a square also changes the background colour of the tile to let you know it has had a match on it. Hearts can be matched horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to create the longest chain you can. Making a match on every square of the grid within the given time limits will allow you to move on to the next level. Different levels become increasingly difficult, with trickier shaped grids and sharper time limits to deal with!

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Hyper Memory Food Party

Play a matching pairs game for young kids where you must select two of the same cards which can only be seen for a glance after being selected. Hyper Memory Food Party is an easy-to-play visual memory game. This simple and fun matching activity is playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC.

Reasons to play: Memory exercises are very important, even at a young age as the brain capabilities develop. The more you can store in your head, the more knowledge you can have. Knowledge is power!

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Magic Match

Magic Match is a fun tile matching game, where you need to create enough matches of specified coloured tiles to complete levels! Match 3 or more tiles of the same type, and they’ll be removed from play. Use fun bonus tiles such as fireworks and bombs to destroy tough-to-get tiles! Complete the objectives shown at the top of the screen before running out of moves to win levels and move down the magical path.

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Best Link

Best Link is a fun matching game for young kids where you have to match up pairs of items! These items vary from frogs to seashells! You will have a lot of fun playing this game so what are you waiting for? Come and have a go!

The aim of the game is to clear the board by matching items and connecting them together! This addicting matching puzzle should be ideal for young kids who enjoy colorful matching activities. Your observational skills are tested as you have to pick out items that are exactly the same. This can be tricky, as there are some sets of items that are quite similar in color – but not exactly alike. Are you ready to find matches? Good luck Match Master!

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