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Memory Training Games For Young Kids

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Memory training game for younger kids, play free online memory games on iPad, tablet, mobile, phone, PC, Mac, Chromebook, mobile phone, no download required.

Hats Memory

Hats Memory is a colorful memory card game for kids where you have to match two pairs of hats which are on the flip side of the cards, within a certain amount of time, to pass each level. It seems super-simple to play but actually requires sharp visual-memory skills. This fun and funky concentration game will keep you mentally on your toes, and the cute and quirky characters will keep you smiling!

OK, so your goal is to match two pairs to score points. Once you match a pair, the cards will stay turned over (face up). You need to get all the cards turned over in order to get to the next level. You have to be quick, quick, quick! If you don't match these odd characters before the timer runs out, it's game over! With every level, you have to match more and more card characters. When you start playing, getting a match is just pot luck, but once you start recognizing the character's positions, your razor sharp memory skills should kick into play and from then on getting a match will be super-duper simple! Have fun!

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Kids Memory With Birds

Kids Memory With Birds is a kid’s friendly game where you can learn about different birds, memorize their names, and how they look in a fun puzzle game. Practice first and learn the animals in the Learning section, or play the puzzle in different difficulties.

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School Memory Deluxe

School Memory Deluxe: This game uses your memory and observation skills. Your challenge is to find matching pictures. You play where you have to select two matching pictures in order to remove them from the board. 

It's a fun game for children, and helps your child to practice and train visual memory skills. They must remember which cards are in which location, and then match them up! This is a very fun and challenging game and an extremely useful one in terms of development of photographic memory and awareness skills.

To play, click with the left click on the mouse to unveil the photo behind the card, then using your memory try and remember where the matching card is on the board. On mobile devices, just tap the card on the screen to unveil the card.

This HTML5 based game works on Mobile, tablets and PC/Mac browsers.

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Happy Halloween Memory

Here is a creepy and fun way to play the classic game Memory. Happy Halloween Memory is exactly that: a version of the age-old game that looks different and new but feels remarkably the same.

This version of Memory needs little explanation or introduction. You have played it a million times. All you need to do is start your first round and begin flipping cards looking for the right one. Simple as can be right? Don't forget that as the levels go on, things will get a lot harder. More cards means more challenges and each level adds quite a few more cards.

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Foody Memory

You know the game Memory, one of the most popular pastime activities when you were a kid. Well now you can play Memory with fun, colorful food cards thanks to Foody Memory. Match yummy treats like tacos, pineapples, juices and more. Test your memory and test your skills with this fun twist on an old game.

The best thing about the game is that truly anyone can play, it needs no introduction or explanation. Just throw yourself into the first round and see if you still have what it takes to be a Memory master.

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Ice Cream Memory

Ice Cream Memory is an adorable game about making custom ice cream for customers!

Remember the order! This is a memory game with a lot of combinations from the cup and ice cream color down to the toppings and straw type! Can you remember it all? Make your selections and get a high score! Play this super cute and fun game today!

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Christmas Memory

Christmas Memory is a card-based memory game, in which you need to find and remember pairs of christmasy-themed matching cards. Two cards of the pack are uncovered at once. If they match, they’ll be removed from the table, and you’ll get a score and time bonus. If you can successfully remove all of the cards before running out of time, you’ll complete the level and unlock the next one!

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Christmas Memory Matching

Fast fingers at the ready – it’s time for a fun and frantic card matching extravaganza! Christmas Memory Matching is a challenging online brain teaser with a lovely Christmas theme and matching game for kids where you have to flip the cards and match the pairs up. Carefully and clinically match up the various cards against the clock!

The aim of this educational memory game is to match all the cards. Once you find all the pairs, you will move on to the next level. This colorful matching puzzle is a true test of your quick thinking, fingers work and memory skills as you try to clear the cards, pair-by-pair. Good observation and concentration skills are also vitally important. Ok Matching Master, show us what you can do! Happy playing!

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My Cars Memory

My Cars Memory is a fun and automotive-themed game that takes only a second to learn and will always remain fun, no matter how good you get at it.

You know how to play Memory. Choose a card, flip it over, then see if you can find its corresponding card somewhere in the set. If you don't get it right, try again until you finally make a match. Then go again and again before time runs out. How to Play: When the game starts, simply flip your first card at random. All of the cards will be decorated with certain cars which makes this game perfect for anyone who loves automobiles.

You can play this game on your mobile touchscreen and PC. Use your mouse when playing on computer and then use your finger to tap when playing on the touchscreen. Press the play button once the game loads and the first round will begin.

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Jungle Matching

Jungle Matching: This is a memory teaser game/activity that trains your memory and encourages learning, where you must find the matching images of animals to proceed. The game clock starts ticking as soon as you start the game. You see the full layout of the images and then you must memorise where the matching cards are, there are 6 in total. Good luck, lets find out how good your memory is!

Find all the matching pairs before the time runs out. This game requires good observational skills to spot which animal is where and then of course your memory skills are put under scrutiny. You must try hard to remember the location of the animals so you can match up the cards quickly!

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American Cars Memory

American Cars Memory is a straight-forward card-matching game for young children where you have to match-up pictures of colorful car pictures in a race against the clock. Test your memory and matching skills with this fun online matching pairs activity which features many of your favorite cars! 

The aim of this game is to find all the matching pairs of cards! Once you have found all pairs in each mission, you will progress onto the next. Each mission increases in difficulty. This easy-to-play, mouse-clicking game requires good observation and concentration skills and an extremely focused and sharp memory. Have you got the masterful memory of a true matching pairs Champ…Or have you just met your match? It’s time to find out!

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Crewmates & Impostors Memory

Crewmates and Impostors is a card matching game from the studios of the popular multiplayer game Among Us. Each level has a series of cards, face down, of which you can reveal just two at a time. Revealing a pair removes them from the level, and your aim is to completely clear the level in as few clicks as possible before time runs out! Every level adds one more pair than the last, so to beat all eighteen levels will be a real challenge to your recall skills!

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Lovely Couples Memory

Match up these cute and pretty cards in Lovely Couples Memory to the smooth jazz tune.

Using the basic premise of the match-card games you might have played as a kid, in this game you're trying to do the same, this time finding the animal-couple-counterparts. Although it sounds pretty simple, it really isn't. Some of the couples look so similar and it can get tricky to match them up. The elephants and koalas in particular prove difficult to match due to the same grey-skin tone. But this just ups the challenge! Just keep your head when opening up the cards and you should do fine.

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Kids Cute Pairs

Kids Cute Pairs is a matching memory game that’s fun for all the family! Play one player to test yourself, or 2 player to challenge a friend. Your objective is to match pairs of colourful cards (themed with fun items from animals to musical instruments), which will then be removed from the table. However, you can only see two cards at one time, so you’ll need to remember which cards you’ve uncovered well! If you fail to make a pair, play will pass to your opponent, but if you make a pair then you’ll get another go. Keep matching to keep in the game and get the most points.

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Halloween Crazy Match

Halloween Crazy Match is a memory based card game, in which you match an increasing number of voodoo-themed cards in order to win money. Every card you turn over costs $10, but if you find a pair you win $100! See how much cash you can clock up by using your memory skills and racing against time.

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Genius Memory

Put your memory and observational skills to the test with the puzzle card deck game, Genius Memory. The objective is simple, match all the cards of the same face before time runs out. Genius Memory is not only a great game for improving your memory and keeping your mind sharp, but it is also an ideal game for family game nights. Genius Memory has up to 120 levels, with each level more challenging than the last. See who in your family has the best, or worst, memory!

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Kids Cute Pairs

Test your visual and memory skills with a fun matching puzzle game for young kids - playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC: Kids Cute Pairs is an easy-to-play and interactive tile matching game for kids where your goal is to reveal all matching pairs of picture tiles.

You can choose the level of difficulty you like, the more tiles you choose the harder it will be. You can also play this fun game with a friend on the same screen and have a competition who can get the most matching tiles!

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Extreme Ninja Fight Memory

Put your memory to the ultimate test with this intense mind boggling puzzle game Extreme Ninja Fight Memory. For fans of martial arts or people that just enjoy a challenge, flip tiles and memorize the martial art stances then match similar looking tiles in the stack. All cards are flipped backwards and you can only peek at two.

Are you a visual learner? can your brain retain information for long periods of time? Well this is the game for you. It’s not all fun and games though cause each of the 4 exhilarating levels have timers on the top left corner so you’ll have to think quick and manage your time to beat this challenging puzzle and improve your overall information retention.

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Memory Booster Animals

Memory Booster Animals is a mental puzzle that will let you improve your memory recall skills while having fun! In this game, you randomly select cards face down. These cards are revealed, after which you will have a set amount of time to memorize them and the order that you chose them in. After this, you will be asked to choose them in the same order, from a lineup of all the possible cards. Remember the cards and their order correctly to win the level. The more levels you get through, the more cards you’ll have to remember and the greater the challenge!

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Fairy Tale Dragond Memory

Fairy Tale Dragons Memory is a flashy and fun memory game that will see just how much you can remember. Will you flip the rights cards and match the icons together? Let's see what you have got.

The game is a traditional game of the popular memory card game but with an added twist of medieval and fairy tale themes. It makes the game even more vibrant and memorable, which is appropriate since it is a game of memory.

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Magical Memory

Magical Memory is exactly that: a magical twist on the classic game Memory. Now you can play the game with cards decorated by wizards, dragons, warriors and so much more. You can feel like you are caught up in an epic fairytale as you play this epic and classic game.

The game needs no instructions. Everyone knows how to play, just pick two cards that match. But don't forget how hard Memory can get. It starts easy but get progressively trickier. Do not let your guard down as you push through the levels.

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Scary Memory Halloween

Step into the eerie world of Scary Memory Halloween, a spine-chilling twist on the classic memory board game. As the moonlight filters through the gnarled branches of ancient trees, you'll uncover pairs of Halloween-themed cards, each adorned with spooky symbols and creatures. The game's creepy ambiance and thrilling suspense make it a ghoulishly delightful challenge for those brave enough to test their memory amidst the haunting Halloween backdrop.

As you navigate through the spectral shadows of Scary Memory Halloween, you'll find yourself honing more than just your memory. The game is a labyrinth of cognitive challenges, designed to enhance your attention to detail, pattern recognition, and problem-solving skills. Each card turned over is a step towards improving your visual memory, while the eerie atmosphere keeps your adrenaline pumping, sharpening your decision-making skills under pressure. It's not just about remembering where the vampire's coffin or the witch's broom is; it's about doing it while the clock ticks and the suspense builds.

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