Fun cooking games to play online for younger boys & girls, learning how to cook with interactive cooking games for young children. Simple food prep and cooking games for kindergarten...
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Food Prep & Cooking Games For Young Children

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Homemade Ice Cream Making

Help your child realise their yet unknown passion for confectionary cooking with Homemade Ice Cream Cooking, a sugary sweet game that will let them create their very own ice-creams and wafers! Homemade Ice Cream Cooking is a simple and enjoyable game that will keep your kids entertained between errands.

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Banana Cake

What better way to satisfy a Sweet Tooth than by whipping up a delicious dessert treat! Banana Cake is a fun and interactive cooking game for young bakers where you have to follow yummy recipe instructions and bake a mouth-watering cake in your very own kitchen! Put your culinary skills to the test and create a scrumptious, fruit-based cheesecake from scratch! Mmmmm!

The aim of this game is to create the perfect Banana cake for your friend's birthday! You must work through each of the four levels to complete the game...Prepare the cake, bake the cake, prepare frosting and then decorating the cake! This easy-to-play point, click, and drag cooking simulation game teaches essential kitchen skills such as mixing, blending and baking a whole host of sweet, tasty ingredients. Follow the step-by-step cake recipe, and pretty soon, it’ll be time to serve the favorite course of the day – dessert! So put on your apron, and get your cooking utensils ready Master Baker - it’s time to whip up a delight!

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Dr Panda Restaurant

Help Dr Panda, yes that's right an actual Dr, run his new restaurant in Dr Panda Restaurant, a fun and animal-themed cooking game! Help Dr Panda seat customers, taker their orders, prepare the meals and clean up afterwards in this adorable cooking game that is suitable for all ages and just perfect for the kids!

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Sweet Donut Maker Bakery

Do you want to serve up a selection of tasty homemade donuts? Sweet Donut Maker Bakery is a fun donut baking game for young girls and boys, that is guaranteed to work up an appetite. This is a great safe game to play online, as you learn how to bake, but cannot harm yourself with the hot oven or other sharp baking tools! Good luck!

The aim of this game is to create and cook the donuts from scratch! Test your baking skills! This will test your creativity skills as you try to create the PERFECT donut. Try add some fancy decorations and maybe your donut will be featured on MasterChef!

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Biryani Recipes

Experience the culinary wonder and the tastes of Pakistan and India in this exciting and cultural game. Biryani Recipes and Super Chef Cooking Game lets you take charge of the kitchen while they show you how to prepare and cook 6 different and tasteful cultural dishes from the region. A great game to entertain the kids while also teaching and showing them the wonders of cooking and of other cultures foods.

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Yummy Waffle Ice Cream

Yummy Waffle Ice Cream is a fun cooking game where you have to prepare waffles. Go through the story and learn how to prepare the waffles to have the most delicious dessert. Clear all the levels and enjoy the result.

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Cheese Cupcakes

Cheese Cupcakes is a family-friendly game where you learn and prepare cupcakes for the little girl. Follow the instructions and prepare the best cupcakes that you can.

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Cooking Fast 3 Ribs And Pancakes

Cooking Fast 3: Ribs and Pancakes is a fast-paced and fun cooking simulator that will have you slinging BBQ and flapjacks in no time. The game has you serving as the chef as you cook, plate, and serve your meals to hungry customers.

Use three different stations - the order station, the grill station, and the build station - to make your meals. Watch the timers and make sure you assemble your plate completely before sending them out to you hungry guests.

Each customer has a specific order which you read as they approach. From there, the timer begins and you only have a certain amount of time to cook and prepare the ordered meals. More customers will arrive and all of their orders must be juggled and prepared in order. If you move quickly, your visitors will leave delighted and full. If the break-neck speed of the kitchen becomes too much, you will have a bunch of angry and hungry people.

Cooking Fast 3 is easy to learn and hard to master. Like many other games in this genre, the rules are simple to follow. But it gets harder the better you perform. The pace starts slow but becomes faster and faster as time goes on. The meals get more complicated too, giving you more options the further you get into the game. Keeping up with the constant slate of orders is easy to comprehend but challenging too.

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Lovely Virtual Dog

Lovely Virtual Dog is a cute pet care game and fun activity where you have to live life as a dog! We have always wondered what it is like living as a dog and now we can finally find out! Come and explore the life of our furry friends!

The aim of this game is to relax and enjoy life as a dog in the house! This family friendly game will help you learn valuable skills like looking after yourself, and give you a sense of independence...the only difference is, you are a dog and not a human! Enjoy!

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Carrot Cake

Let's help Hazel and her Mom make an awesome Carrot Cake!

In this little game, you're going to be making a carrot cake with some help from Hazel's Mom. The game follows a straight line, from getting the carrots to cleaning them, to making the frosting then the batter, mixing it all together, baking the cake, and then adding the delicious frosting onto the carrot cake with some yummy hazelnuts as well! Although simplistic, it's very cute and sweet (no pun and intended!) and shows you actual step-by-step guidance in how to make this wonderful cake!

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Cook Chinese Food Asian Cooking

Cook Chinese Food Asian Cooking is a casual simulation game where you prepare asian food by following a recipe and instructions. Select the food you want to cook and learn by following the instructions in every case.

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Bakery Fun

Bakery Fun is a fun and addicting game that tests your creativity and cooking skills. Collect all the ingredients you need for a lovely, delicious, irresistable home baked meal. You have a selection of ingredients to choose from. The question is...what are you going to make?

Pick and choose your ingredients and create a lovely dish. Once chosen, choose the temperature for the oven and away you go! If your chosen ingredients are correct, you have a lovely dish. If they are not correct however, back to cooking school for you! This game will test your knowledge of basic ingredients and give you a real taste of what life in the kitchen would be like. Get creative and create a real masterpiece!

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Cake House

Cake House is the perfect baking and pastry game to start your young ones down the culinary path. In Cake House, you are given charge of the kitchen as you are tasked to help prepare and bake a special delivery cake. So go throw on your apron, go learn what goes into a cake, and go start baking and have fun in this great family-friendly cooking game!

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Yummy Hotdog

In Yummy Hotdog, own your own hot dog stand, carrying out maintenance and preparing the recipes to get everything ready to start serving some delicious fast food! You’ll carry out a real variety of tasks, whether mincing the meat or repairing the food processor’s fuse. Complete tasks within the time limits to get a maximum rating of three stars per level!

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World's Best Cooking Recipes

Have you got a taste for adventure in the kitchen, and the culinary skills to create a delicious meal? Well, it’s time to put on your Chef’s Apron and find out! Worlds Best Cooking Recipes is a straightforward food cooking game for young kids where you have to whip up an excellent dish from around the world.

The aim of the game is to expand your cooking knowledge and learn how to cook some of the best recipes from around the world! This easy-to-play colorful game, set outdoors in a picturesque country environment, is a good fun activity for any budding little Chefs out there, and any girl or boy who likes to explore cool new recipes and exercise their cooking skills. Cooking utensils at the ready Masterchef – it's recipe time!

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BTS Santa Claus Coloring

Ho! Ho! Ho! Get ready for a brain-teasing drawing adventure where you have to skillfully color in Santa Claus in each level. BTS Santa Coloring is a challenging skill game for kids and families which will have you playing for hours. This is no time to be singing along to “Jingle Bells”, Santa needs your help!

The aim of this game is to create colorful, magical drawings of Santa. This fun, Christmas-themed puzzle should be ideal for kids who like to exercise their creative engineering abilities, as you have to create a masterpiece of art. There’s plenty of potential trial and error required before you find a suitable solution in each level, so keep trying! Your creative abilities are thoroughly tested as you attempt to engineer a piece of art! Good luck, and happy coloring!

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Fortune Cookies

Does your child enjoy or want to learn how to cook, but you cannot ever find a decent cocking game? Well, look no further, Fortune Cookies is just the fun and addictive game you have been looking for. You and your child will be guided there a simple and easy interactive step by step process where you make your very own fortune cookies from scratch. The perfect game for young budding chefs.

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The Smurfs Cooking

Help Chef Smurf prepare for the village festival in this Smurfs Cooking game. Bake cupcakes, pancakes, and donuts. Decorate your muffins, cakes and cookies with icing and jam, while also serving up tea, fruit punch and more. The aim of each level is to serve up the right snacks for each Smurf that visits your booth. Bake up the sweet treats, decorate them as quickly as you can, and choose the right drinks to go with each order.

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Pizza Maker

Pizza Maker is a new pizza making game for young kids and is guaranteed to work up an appetite! To play, you have to prepare and decorate the customer's order using a wide range of mouthwatering ingredients in different colorful settings. This cool food decoration game is deliciously good fun, Have a go Masterchef!

The aim of this game is to create the perfect pizza for your customer. Make sure you get their order to perfection otherwise they will not be happy. This game will test your creative thinking skills as you get involved with cooking pizza from the ground up. Are you able to put your own spin on things? Come and find out if you are cut out to be a pizza chef!

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Pumpkin Soup

Join Hazel and her mom in prepare some festive Halloween pumpkin soup in Pumpkin Soup! Follow along in their kitchen, helping the mom prepare and cook all the ingredients. Don't worry she will guide you through the whole process. Pumpkin Soup is a great cooking focused and family-friendly game; just perfect if you want to get your child into cooking. You never know this might start a new passion for them!

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Buffalo Chicken Dip

Young fans of cooking and interesting recipes are in for a treat here as you get the chance to prepare one of the tastiest dishes in the world! Buffalo Chicken Dip is a fun online cooking simulation game for kids where you follow simple, step-by-step instructions to create the classic Buffalo Chicken Dip dish that is not for the faint-hearted! Good luck!

The aim of the game is to concoct a lovely Buffalo Chicken meal, by the end you will have a delicious meal ready to eat! This interactive mouse-clicking cooking activity is a good exercise for young girls or boys who like to try out interesting new recipes while honing their culinary skills. Learn to work under timed pressure and still deliver high quality food... a vital skill for life in general! Put on your chef’s apron, follow the simple instructions, and pretty soon you’ll be serving up a dish of the highest quality! You could even try cooking this recipe for real in your kitchen at home with a parent or guardian. Getting hungry yet? It's getting close to dinner time. Let's cook up a firm favorite! Mmm Yum Yum!

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Cassoulet is an interactive cooking simulation game for young kids, where you have to whip up a delicious dish by following a set of step-by-step mouse-clicking instructions. This is perfect for anyone who enjoys cooking or someone who would like to learn the basics! Cook against the clock to pass the real test!

This easy to play, point-and-click activity teaches basic and essential cooking skills like seasoning, using fresh ingredients, trying out exotic new dishes, and more. You are up against the clock for each component of the meal so this will test your ability to perform under pressure...a skill that a chef really must master! It could be a good exercise for any culinary prodigies out there, and all young ‘foodies’ who like to enhance their cooking knowledge with fun and flavorsome new recipes. As a Japanese chef might say – ‘douzo meshiagare’ (enjoy your meal).

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Cake Shop Bakery

Though its title may be a little tricky and hard to swallow, Cake Shop Bakery game is a rather straight-forward and easy-to-grasp cooking game that will make you feel like the bakery chef you have always wanted to be.

The game has you front-and-center in your very own bakery truck. You will be tasked with making scrumptious orders for customers and will have to create your delicious treats in the right order and with the right ingredients. There are many steps to follow and, honestly, many ways to screw up, so you must be careful.

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