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Earth Science Books for High School Students

1. High School Earth Science Review (Princeton Review Series) by Michael Bentley, Paperback: 400 pages, Publisher: Princeton Review
If trudging through your textbook to study and complete homework assignments has become a frustrating grind, then get ready for a smooth ride to higher test scores and outstanding grades with The Princeton Review's High School Earth Science Review. The book's text tells it to you straight, thoroughly explaining the important topics you'll need to understand to prepare for quizzes and tests, complete homework assignments effectively and earn higher grades. The guide covers: The Exosphere; The Earth, Moon and Sun; The Atmosphere; The Hydrosphere; The Cryosphere; The Earth's Crust: Plate Tectonics; Rocks and Minerals; Weathering and Erosion; The Earth's History.  Also included are two practice exams that feature the types of questions and problems that appear on in-class tests.

2. High School Earth Science Tutor (High School Tutors) by M. Fogiel, Paperback: 360 pages, Research and Education Association
Starting with introductory earth science, this book includes topography, the lithosphere, the history of the Earth, geology, natural resources, meteorology, the hydrosphere, and astronomy. A perfect study aid for any earth science textbook.

3. Let's Review Earth Science, 2nd Ed. by Edward J., Jr. Denecke, Paperback: 700 pages, Publisher: Barron's Educational Series

Designed As A Review Text For The New York State Physical Setting/earth Science Course, This Book Covers All Earth Science Topics For High School. The book is organized into three main study units: astronomy; meteorology; and geology.

4. Ace's Exambusters Earth Science/Geology Study Cards (Exambusters), (Box set), by Elizabeth R. Burchard, Paperback: 384 pages, Publisher: Ace Academics Inc .
Prepare for standardized tests such as GED, NTE core, CLEP, ASVAB, N.Y. Regents. Appropriate for high school or introductory college courses. The cards emphasize the important concepts. Easy to work with.

5. Hands-On General Science Activities With Real-Life Applications: Ready-To-Use Labs, Projects, & Activities for Grades 5-12 by Pam Walker, Elaine Wood, Paperback: 346 pages, Publisher: Jossey-Bass
For all science teachers in grades 5-12, here is an exciting collection of ready-to-use lessons, project and lab activities to help student relate basic science concepts and skills to every-day life and answer the question, "Why do I need to know this?" This innovative series of lessons/worksheets applies basic science concepts to everyday life. It includes over 75 stimulating enhancement activities with background information covering Earth Science, Chemistry, Life Science, Physics, and Astronomy, ready to use as a stand-alone or supplement to a science text. Lessons on plate tectonics, rock and soil, weather and water include activities lime "Rockin' and Rollin' in the U.S.A" (earthquake epicenter lab) ... "As the Earth Moves" (plate tectonics vocabulary) ... and "Breaking Up Is Easy to Do" (lab on rock weathering).