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High School German Language Arts Books

1. 10,000 German Words by William Rowlinson, Paperback: 383 pages, Publisher: Oxford University Press
Invaluable for beginners, yet comprehensive enough for more advanced leaners, this handy new reference book is a practical and accessible compendium of the most useful German vocabulary. More than 10,000 words and phrases are clearly organized into 56 alphabetical sections covering a broad range of topics - including Food, Holidays, Shops and Shopping, Transport, and many more. Full grammatical information is given about each word, making this the most authoritative, up-to-date, and easy-to-use reference book of its kind.

2. The Oxford-Duden Pictorial German-English Dictionary by John Pheby, Hardcover Publisher: Oxford University Press
The Oxford-Duden Pictorial German and English Dictionary, Second Edition identifies over 29,000 objects by means of numbered illustrations and offers at a glance their German and English terms. This new edition has been completely updated and revised to include the most recent innovations in science and technology and to offer increased coverage of all major fields of reference.

3. Learn German the Fast and Fun Way (Barron's Fast and Fun Way Language Series) by Paul Graves, Paul G. Graves, Paperback: 252 pages, Barron's Educational Series
This new third editions of Learn German the Fast and Fun Way is suitable as language teaching book for adults as well as for older children. It instructs beginners in the basics of reading, writing, understanding, and speaking German. The book lightens language-learning routines with cartoon-style illustrations, language games, and puzzles. A set of vocabulary flashcards and a small staple-bound bilingual dictionary booklet are bound into the book's spine and can be easily removed for supplementary use.

4. Oxford German Cartoon-Strip Vocabulary Builder by Neil Morris, Roswitha Morris, Claire Bretecher, Paperback: 80 pages Publisher: Oxford University Press
This informative, colorful, and fun-to-use series of guides is perfect for anyone who wants to learn a second language quickly and easily. Each volume employs the amusing and always true-to-life cartoon strips of Claire Bretecher, an artist renowned in Europe for her witty and controversial cartoons, to not simply explain but illustrate the words and wording of a given foreign language in its common, everyday use. While there are other cartoon dictionaries on the market, most of them provide only single cartoons. This attractive series, on the other hand, provides whole strips which tell a story and effectively bring context and other memorable features to one's learning. And only this series offers cartoons done in full color, and written by a popular cartoonist. These vocabulary-builders are the perfect starting place for people who want to begin, or else strengthen, their acquisition of French, German, or Spanish.