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Math Books for High School Students

1. High School Math III Review (Princeton Review Series) by David Kahn, Paperback: 288 pages, Publisher: Princeton Review

If trudging through your textbook to study and complete homework assignments has become a frustrating grind, then get ready for a smooth ride to higher test scores and outstanding grades with The Princeton Review's High School Math III Review. The book's text tells it to you straight, thoroughly explaining the important topics you'll need to understand to prepare for quizzes and tests, complete homework assignments effectively, and earn higher grades. This guide covers: *Rational and Radical Expressions *Degrees and Radians *Trigonometry *Complex Numbers *Quadratic Equations *Transformations *Circle Rules *Probability *Statistics *Conic Sections *Logarithms. Since practicing your test-taking skills is just as important to getting good grades as knowing the material, we include two practice exams that feature the types of questions and problems that appear on in-class tests.

2. Lacret High School Math Self-Tutoring (Solving Word-Problems) by Fabian Lacret-Subirat, Paperback: 220 pages, Publisher: Lacet Publishing
This book is an easy way offered to high school students to learn mathematics by themselves. It will help and ensure them to avoid getting in risk of failing on any state math standardized test or math remedial test, and will help them to become well prepared persons to participate successfully in our increasingly complex technological society by solving everyday life situations. Topics include numerical operations, measurements and geometry, patterns and functions, probability and statistics, sets, inequalities, and fundamentals of Algebra, decimals, common fractions, motions, direct and inverse proportions, averages, divisibility, investments, percents and percentages, discounts and commissions, sales taxes, interests, mixtures, densities, longitudes in arc-time, rotations, reflections, translations of points and figures on the coordinate plane, coins, ages, levers, balances, and sets.. At the end of this book, the reader will find five training math tests and their solutions solved step-by-step.

3. 101 Great Ideas for Introducing Key Concepts in Mathematics : A Resource for Secondary School Teachers by Alfred S. Posamentier, Herbert A. Hauptman, Paperback: 240 pages, Publisher: Corwin Press
Unusual and effective ways to enhance your mathematics instruction! For both seasoned and new math teachers -- make your teaching even more enjoyable! This refreshing compendium of ideas will help you introduce concepts and topics common to all secondary mathematics curricula. Arranged by subject matter (algebra, geometry, trigonometry, probability, and so on), it gives you the tools to bring new life into your math classes. This book will help you meet many of NCTM's new standards in an easy-to-follow way. An added plus: the co-author is the first mathematician to win a Nobel Prize (for a mathematical application in chemistry, 1985).

4. High School Pre-Algebra Tutor (The High School Tutor Series) by Joseph Conklin, Paperback: 413 pages, Publisher: Research & Education Association
Builds problem-solving skills and a strong foundation for studying more advanced math topics. This book is also valuable for students who are already studying algebra but are having difficulty with the basic concepts. Hundreds of problems are fully worked-out and illustrated in the following topics: integers, fractions, decimals, ratios and proportions, percents, roots and exponents, algebraic equations, inequalities, word problems, plotting graphs, and geometry.

5. Barron's How to Prepare for the Cahsee Math: California High School Exit Exam (Barron's How to Prepare for the Cahsee-Math. California High School Exit Exam) by Jeff Hruby, Paperback: 320 pages, Publisher: Barron's Educational Series
This brand new test prep manual presents a detailed math review and offers intensive HSEE preparation to California high school students. An introductory chapter explains the exam's structure and presents a diagnostic test with answers. The math review chapters cover probability, statistics, number sense, geometry, evaluating and writing expressions with equations, graphs, solving equations, and logical reasoning. There are two full-length practice tests with solutions to all questions.