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High School Spanish Language Art

1. High School Spanish Review (Princeton Review Series) by Alex Idavoy, Paperback: 272 pages, Publisher: Princeton Review
Text: English, Spanish. Aside from a free trip to Barcelona, the one thing that every high school Spanish student wants most is an easy-to-use reference guide with verb conjugations, everyday vocabu-lary, and essential grammar rules all in one place. Getting ready for a midterm, final exam, or the SAT II Spanish becomes immeasurably easier with High School Spanish Review. Instead of searching through page after page of their textbooks, students can use this book to more quickly access the information they need and more efficiently review important material. And, since developing good test-taking skills is just as important to getting high grades as knowing the language, we include two practice exams that feature the types of questions that appear on in-class tests.

2. Spanish MiddleHigh School: 100 Reproducible Activities by Rose Thomas, Paperback, Publisher: Instructional Fair
Great for teaching Spanish! Help your student form a solid understanding of the Spanish language. Building on the basics, this book covers common phrases, functional vocabulary, conjugation of verbs, basic grammar, and sentence structure. Over 100 pages of reproducible activities get your students started on the path to speaking and writing Spanish. The activities provided offer fun and varied exercises to practice concepts and vocabulary. Students learn to tell time, formulate sentences, conjugate verbs, pose and answer questions, and make comparisons - all while learning about Spanish-speaking culture.

3. Manual de gram─»tica : Grammar Reference for Students of Spanish (High School Version) by Eleanor Dozier, Zulma Iguina, Paperback: 560 pages, Publisher: Heinle
A great reference grammar text for intermediate and advanced students of Spanish. It combines clear, easy reference charts with detailed grammar presentations in English, as well as conceptual distinctions between Spanish and English. It boasts of a chapter of practice exercises, extensive appendices, and Atajo correlated writing activities.

4. How to Prepare for the AP Spanish (Book & CDs ) by Alice G. Springer, Paperback: 531 pages Publisher: Barron's Educational Series
Preparation covers both written and listening comprehension sections of this test in Barron's test preparation manual with compact discs. The book has been updated to reflect the continuous evolution of the AP exam. It presents a full-length model Advanced Placement Test with answers and explanations, with the test's Listening Comprehension section on one of the CDs. The book's illustrations in the speaking skills exercises are similar to those shown on the actual tests. Other helpful features include a grammar review and a Spanish-English dictionary.