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Kindergarten ESL English Books

1. Scott Foresman ESL Sunshine Edition Kindergarten Level Big Books, by Jim Cummins, Anna Uhl Chamot. Paperback, Publisher: Pearson ESL
Featuring: Our School, My Friend and I, Family and Home, Foods we Eat, Our Neighborhood, Animal Homes & Families, Earth - Our Home Planet, Weather & Seasons, Big Books Pack (all 8 books). A very popular content-based, grade-level program that actually accelerates English language learning. Aimed at grades K-8, it teaches students the academic language and content they need to achieve success in the mainstream classroom. It combines a balance of a balance of reading, writing, listening, and speaking, and helps students develop their higher-order thinking, their ability and ultimately, their self-esteem. Includes continuous assessment and text-taking preparation, plus phonics-based language development at every level. An excellent choice.

2. Tiny Talk ( Student Book & Workbook) by Susan Rivers, Paperback: Publisher: Oxford University Press
A 3-part listening and speaking series for Beginner level children of 3 years and above. Provides a simple but steady development of new language through a carefully graded syllabus with built-in review, and features a group of lively and engaging characters that will appeal to all children of this age. Songs by Carolyn Graham, the well-known creator of Jazz Chants, feature in every lesson. The student book at each level features 10 units + 2 review units.

3. Magic Time by Kathleen Kampa and Charles Vilina, Paperback: 81 pages from OUP

A 2-level communicative course for kindergarten and early elementary students learning English for the first time. Develops the speaking, listening and pre-writing skills of young children through art, music and movement, and through a series of 4 main characters: Four main characters - Annie, Ted, Digger the dog, and Dot the magic fairy. Each 4-page unit focuses on a theme such as shapes, classroom items or pets that provide a context for the language. The short units build confidence and allow students to feel they are progressing rapidly. Magic Time is designed to be followed by the 6-level communicative series, English Time. The 2 series can be used separately or as one complete eight-level course.

4. Finding Out: Level 1 Class Book (Finding-Out Books) by David Paul,Paperback Publisher: Delta Systems
A six-level course for Beginner-level elementary school children of all ages. The course aims to build confidence and increase motivation with particular attention given to developing an achievable sequence of language. As pupils learn to ‘find out' more for themselves, so they will come to regard English as a fascinating adventure. The course's Homebook provides the main written grammar practice for each Student's Book lesson. The interleaved Teacher's Book contains photocopiable end-of-unit tests.

5. Basic English Skills: Kindergarten (Basic English Skills (Teacher's Guides)) by Ruth C. Elliott, Paperback: 160 pages, Publisher: Authorhouse
This basic skills book for the kindergarten level teaches children names and ages, how to complete sentences and share information.