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Kindergarten Language Learning Books

1. Happy Birthday! : Bon Anniversaire (I Can Read French) by Mary Risk, Lucy Keijser, Jacqueline Jansen, Hardcover: 28 pages, Publisher: Barron's Educational Series
Text: English, French. A bilingual birthday party features bubble blowing, balloons, presents, and good food. The storyline could easily hold up as a regular storybook and the illustrations are great.

2. Beth Manners' Magic French for Kids: ages 2-6 by Beth Manners, Audio CD, Publisher: Future Boomers Corp
Young children love to learn languages and "Magic French" sends them on a magical adventure in Paris with little Bobby, Marie and the mysterious Madame Magique. Find the magic flowers, play "The Game" and bargain with the French speaking bird, while learning French language and culture. This interactive audio provides an entertaining context for learning French, using a theme that little ones will remember. Catchy tunes, zany sound effects and a dose of silliness make children want to listen over and over - the best way to learn language. Includes over 100 French words and phrases.

3. My First French Picture Dictionary (First Picture Dictionaries) by Irene Yates, Nick Sharratt, Christine Mabileau, Hardcover: 48 pages, Publisher: Barron's E.S.
Vividly illustrated with bright, full-color illustrations by award-winning children's artists, books in the Children's First Picture Dictionaries series speak to kids at progressive age levels. Books combine artwork and/or photo illustrations with bold and easy-to-read word labels and definitions. Parents are encouraged to use these books as aids in teaching children the preliminaries of reading and writing at home. The books also make great teacher's helpers in classrooms, from Pre-K through early grades. With the cheerfully illustrated My First French Picture Dictionary and a little help from parents or teacher, toddlers learn to recognize words in 2 languages, English & French. They start with word and picture association, each word serving as a picture label and presented in both languages. Words are grouped by themes, such as clothes kids wear, toys they play with, animals, foods, and many others. Questions throughout the book encourage kids to look closely and talk about what they see in two languages! This book is useful in homes where either English or French is spoken as the family's 1st language.

4. First Thousand Words in Italian (First Picture Book) by Heather Amery, Hardcover: 64 pages, Publisher: Edc Pub
This is a great book, great pictures, great for object recognition. This book is a perfect way to visualize Italian nouns ( persons, places, or things) in the home (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom living room stairs, etc.) in the yard, in the workshop and garage, on the street, in the toy store, in the park, at the zoo, at the airport, in the country, on the farm, at the ocean, in school ( a scuola) in the hospital ( il gesso e le grucce ), at a party (la festa), in the grocery store ( il negozio ), food to put on the table, parts of the body, clothes, occupations, family members, action words, opposites, story characters, pet favorites, weather ( il tempo ), seasons (le stagioni), sports (il calcio), colors (verde e bianco), shapes and numbers, the circus, and an amusement park. This book also teaches the masculilne, feminine, plural, and singular form of nouns, aids pronunciation, and has a large list of other useful words. In addition, the picture words are indexed in the back of the book with a pronunciation guide for each book.

5. The Usborne First Thousand Words in German (First Picture Book) by Heather Amery,Hardcover: 64 pages, Publisher: E.D.C. Publishing
Text: English, German - Includes everyday words accompanied by illustrations and a pronunciation guide. With over 500 stickers illustrating simple German words, First Thousand Words in German Sticker Book is a superbly organized and presented activity book for young people. An easy-to-understand basic pronunciation guide enhances the charming full-color illustrations and the great many "peel-and-stick" stickers that help enhance memory and comprehension.