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Kindergarten Writing Books

1. LeapPad Plus Writing: Kindergarten Book - Reading/Writing by LeapFrog
Learn to write the letters A - Z with this LeapPad Plus Writing activity book! With an effective letter-writing approach, audio instructions, fun sound effects and games that keep you coming back again and again - you'll be ready to write in kindergarten! Learn to write capital and lowercase letters with "Kindergarten Reading & Writing". It also teaches short vowels, long vowels, consonant blends and digraphs, writing simple words, beginning sounds, middle sounds, rhyming and spelling.

2. Literacy for the 21st Century : Teaching Reading and Writing in Pre-Kindergarten Through Grade 4 by Gail E. Tompkins, Paperback: 448 pages, Publisher: Prentice Hall
Based on a parent book that is the best-selling literacy read on the market, this new volume addresses strategies for teaching reading and writing to children from Preschool to Grade 4. The author provides a solid foundation in the content of literacy instruction; phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension, liberally spiced with her trademark "minilessons" and replete with children's writing samples. Included are a wealth of age-appropriate assessment tools, authentic classroom activities, and illustrative examples of how effective teachers engage children in preschool through primary grades in the captivating act of reading and writing. For practicing elementary school teachers seeking to improve their techniques for providing individual attention, assessment, and evaluation of student reading skills.

3. Reading And Writing In Kindergarten: A Practical Guide by Rosalie Franzese, Paperback: 160 pages, Publisher: Scholastic
Lessons and Strategies That Help Young Learners Develop Literacy Skills Through Shared Reading, Guided Reading, Interactive Writing, Read-Alouds, and More Complete Kindergarten Literacy Program. This practical guide to teaching literacy in kindergarten is based on the premise that "students can manage higher and more specific goals than those of the traditional kindergarten program." A spirit of play is essential, and this program combines that philosophy with the nitty-gritty of successful instruction. Shared, guided, and independent reading, integrated with interactive, shared, and independent writing and a constant infusion of word-study skills provide a playful, confidence-building curriculum.

4. Reading & Writing: Kindergarten (Jumpstart) by Liane Onish, Duendes Del Sur, Paperback: 32 pages, Publisher: Scholastic
JumpStart Workbooks are designed to engage and motivate children while teaching the important skills needed to succeed in school and in life! Each one includes vibrant, full-color artwork, and an all-new curriculum based on the collaboration of JumpStart, the number one-selling software for children.
Introduce the effective power of the mini-lesson format into your classroom and discover the skills you need to teach your young writers. With fifty-nine mini-lessons organized by the function they serve in the kindergarten classroom, and calendars that outline skills expectations for your students' first year of writing instruction, this resource helps you customize the power of writers' workshop so you can meet the needs of your emergent writers.

5. Growing Up Writing: Mini-Lessons for Emergent and Beginning Writers by Connie Campbell Dierking, Sherra Ann Jones, Paperback: 144 pages, Publisher: Maupin House