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Preschool Math Books

1. Early Childhood Number Games: Teachers Reinvent Math Instruction, Pre-K through 3rd Grade; Paperback: 277 pages, Publisher: Allyn & Bacon
Without number logic most children are not able to understand more difficult and more complex number relationships. This book gives teaches a powerful tool to help develop math logic. Logic that is constructed by thinking, not by merely following someone else's directions to solve a problem. Early Childhood Math Games contains 25 original number games that a teacher can assemble and use immediately with students. The author shows how playing math games not only enables young children to make their own natural abilities to think, but encourages the interaction that is necessary for the development of logico-mathematical thinking. The math games provide teachers with a daily, invaluable observation instrument that can be used in the classroom to assess children's strengths and weaknesses. The games were all designed to be easily prepared and used with children and includes a variety of types of games along with different versions of the same game.

2. Much More Than Counting: More Math Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten by Sally Moomaw, Brenda Hieronymus
The book addresses those questions most asked by teachers, providers, and parents, as well as material about toddlers, children with disabilities, estimation, and patterning - topics that often are forgotten in an early math curriculum. Each of the activities is accompanied by a photograph and detailed explanation of how to set up the activity or construct materials. It describes in detail how they can design math materials to meet the needs of children with cognitive delays, visual impairments, hearing impairments, autism spectrum disorders, and physical impairments. Fifteen activities, each addressing a specific disability, are included in the chapter "Math Activities for the Inclusive Classroom."

3. Patterns (Action Math) by Ivan Bulloch; Hardcover: 32 pages, Publisher: Two-Can
Help your child have fun with math. Patterns is part of the "Action Math" series by Two-Can Publishing. It's a series that teaches basic math concepts such as sorting, ordering, matching, counting and more in a fun way. All of the activities use basic household items and contain clear instructions and detailed illustrations. Text boxes on each page also help explain which math skills are being used.

4. Big Math Activities for Young Children by James Overholt, Jackie White-Holtz, Sydney Dickson; Paperback: 272 pages, Publisher: Thomson Delmar Learning
For early childhood educators, teachers and parents alike, this reality based book provides a wide selection of activities and investigations for young children. Multi-level activities introduce increasingly advanced skills for preschool through third grade and have been designed to promote mathematical reasoning, communication, and problem solving skills that excite young learners.