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Preschool Social Studies Books

1. Social Studies for the Preschool/Primary Child (7th Edition) by Carol Seefeldt, Paperback: 352 pages, Publisher: Prentice Hall
This popular book provides a multitude of practical ideas, suggestions, and activities that prospective early childhood teachers can use to both interest young children in social studies and integrate social studies with other sciences, art, literature, mathematics, reading, and writing. Because play is the basic means of young children's learning, the book offers a full chapter on the topic and incorporates ideas for "playing" throughout the material. It also presents a separate chapter on diversity in the classroom, children's literature citations/references in every chapter, and a strong focus on child development throughout. There is a new emphasis on the use of such technology as e-mail, digital cameras, and the World Wide Web in this edition; and, current NAEYC standards for quality, curriculum, and professional preparation are thoroughly incorporated. For social studies teachers at the primary grade school level.

2. Social Studies for Children: A Guide to Basic Instruction (12th Edition) by Jesus Garcia, John U. Michaelis, Hardcover: 480 pages, Publisher: Allyn & Bacon
The book's continued multicultural emphasis provides future teachers with lessons, units, and guidelines that reflect the realities of elementary and middle school classrooms of the 21st century. The twelfth edition of Social Studies for Children has been thoroughly reorganized and revitalized, beginning with a definition of and purpose for social studies, a critical look at the social science disciplines, and an examination into the diversity found in America's public schools. The book's content and exercises offer a wealth of information about how to integrate various disciplines into social studies instruction. For elementary and middle school Social Studies teachers.