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Preschool Writing Books

1. Writing Letters a to Z: Preschool-Kindergarten (Star Wars Fun-To-Learn Books) by Car Pagliano-Martin, Reading level: Ages 4-8, Paperback: 16 pages, Publisher: Lucas Books for Young Readers
Featuring favorite Star Wars characters, aliens, droids, ships, and vehicles, the Star Wars Learning Fun Books will make learning basic concepts more fun than a barrel full of Wookiees! Sturdy UV-coated pages make Write & Wipe books reusable with almost any type of felt-tip marker or crayon. Children can practice writing letters, wipe off their work, and practice again and again. Encourages interactivity and repetition, which reinforce learning.

2. Writing Workbook Preschool (Little Critter Preschool Spectrum Workbooks) by Mercer Mayer, Paperback: 128 pages, Publisher: Learning Materials
The Little Critter preschool workbook series engages preschoolers in critical early practice of the skills necessary for success in school. With help from the wholesome Little Critter characters, the workbooks provide comprehensive coverage of basic concepts as well as phonics, reading, writing, and math readiness skills for young learners. Features: Kid-appealing characters; Colorful, dynamic artwork; Perforated pages for easy removal; Complete answer key; Teaching tips for parents.

3. Write More, Learn More: Writing Across the Curriculum : Preschool-Grade 6 by Teachers of the Monroe County Community School Corp, Ring-bound, Publisher: Phi Delta Kappa Intl
For teachers looking for assistance in teaching writing to their students, this is a wonderful resource. This curriculum guide was prepared with the main purpose of using writing in all subject areas, at all grade levels. It offers writing tasks appropriate for each grade level as well as specific assignments. These assignments provide objectives, materials needed, time involved, and directions. Understanding that a lot of teachers are concerned about evaluating their students' writing, this curriculum product offers useful evaluation tools for both the teachers and the students.

4. Writing Numbers (Preschool Practice Book), Paperback, Publisher: Fisher Price
A series of work sheets teaching the writing and concept of numbers as well as counting skills.

5. Writing In Preschool: Learning To Orchestrate Meaning And Marks by Judith A. Schickedanz, Renee M. Casbergue, Paperback: 79 pages, Publisher: International Reading Association
Great aid to preschool teachers and newly qualified teachers..