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Educational toysEducational toys can help increase your child's motor skills, senses, and intelligence quotient (IQ), thus increasing your child's development and making learning fun. You should buy educational toys that are not "too" advanced for the child, if your child displays normal development skills for his/her age. These toys should cater to skill levels that the child is ready for and can enjoy.

Classic educational toys like building blocks and Lego will always remain in fashion because they provide children with so many different playing options, and as a child's imagination grows, so do the possibilities with such toys.

As the child grows older and needs more challenging and perhaps modern games and toys, language learning toys can help provide and develop social, linguistic and intellectual skills that will stand him/her in great stead in school and throughout life.

We like the following language learning gadgets and parent's resource books listing educational toys and activities for children.

Books on Educational ToysBooks on Educational Toys:
Discover Educational Toys for Children by Hilary Werdel and Tracy Watkins, Paperback: 208 pages, Publisher: Scholar Books

Listed alphabetically are products, catalogs, periodicals, software, web sites, and museums and organizations specializing in educational materials. A wonderful resource for parents, grandparents, family and friends.

A Parent's Essential Guide to Smart Toy Choices, by Marianne M. Szymanski, Ellen Neuborne, Paperback 256 pages, Publisher: Jossey-Bass

Excellent Book for parents. Comprehensively evaluates the suitability  of a wide range of toys for infants through pre-teens. A precious educational tool when purchasing toys for your kids.

Making Toys That Teach: With Step-by-Step Instructions and Plans, by Les Neufeld, Paperback 144 pages, Publisher: Taunton

The difference between a good toy and a great one is the ability to entertain and instruct a child at the same time. Les Neufeld, a woodworker with a graduate degree in Curriculum and Instructional Materials, combines his skills to show parents which toys are most effective for early childhood education, and then he gives them all the information they need to build those toys themselves. Nine fun projects from Pattern Blocks and Dominos to a Puzzle Train, will get little ones learning,  without them even realizing it! Over 200 color photos and drawings are included.