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Learn to Draw & Paint with Watercolors - Kids Ages 5 - 10

Teach your Child to Draw & Paint Landscapes using Watercolors: You can now take it to the next level and introduce your child to watercolors. You can teach your child how to draw and paint landscapes with watercolor paints. Start off by teaching your child about perspective. A good time to do this is when you are outside. Show your child that objects in the distance appear smaller than when they are close up. It would be good if you could also show your child some paintings that display perspective, and allow them to see how artists demonstrate this. To start out, you will need heavy weight water color paper which you can get at any arts and craft store. You will also need a selection of brushes. Try to get at least one wide brush about 2 inches, this can be used for filling in large details, and one fine point brush for outlining shapes and filling in finer details. You can also use a sponge for filling in backgrounds

Step 1: When drawing and painting landscapes, tell your child to take a photograph of the landscape he/she wishes to create. This could be one of your existing photographs, or an image your chold found in a book. Either way ensure your child has their image in front of them while they are painting. Have your child start off by sketching in the horizon line where the sky meets the ground. Now  your child can loosely sketch in the details e.g. trees, animals, houses etc. Now wet a sponge and lightly cover the entire paper with water before applying the paint. If too much water is applied simply remove with tissue.

Step 2: Your child can now examine their paint and decide which colors they need for their painting. Allow them to experiment and mix colors to achieve a wider variety of shades. Water each color down slightly with some clean water. You can decide whether to use masking materials such as tape or ink to fill in the details your child has outlined, these can be peeled off at a later stage to leave these areas free from paint. Your child should have a shade of blue for the sky, don't be afraid to use plenty of paint as it will be diluted once it is applied to the paper. Now advise your child to apply the paint to the top of their paper/canvas using a sponge or large brush. They should apply the paint liberally all the way down to the horizon line. Repeat this for the ground working their way up to the horizon line. Now your child’s page/canvas should have color applied all over. Tell your child to leave their paper enough time to dry out and not to worry if it looks messy at this stage.

Step 3: Watercolors are built in layers so once the paper is dry your child can paint in the shapes he/she has previously outlined. Your child can now add another layer to the sky and the ground until they resemble the photograph/image. Be sure your child keeps looking at the image as they paint. Your child now has their very first watercolor. Celebrate with your child by displaying it in your home. You can even get it framed. Don’t allow your child to be discouraged if they are not happy with the final image. The only way for your child to improve is through practice. It is important to inspire children to continue and improve their creative skills rather than giving up. Give advice the next time, encouraging your child, while pointing out where they can improve. For example, point out that watercolors don’t allow for many intricate details, but more general strokes.

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Drawing Lessons for Kids aged 5 -10 years.