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Fun Match 3 Game for Preschoolers to Elementary Kids - Woobies

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It’s time for the fluffiest, cutest, Match 3 activity you could imagine! Woobies is a fun matching game for young kids where you have to match up groups of three or more colorful ball-shaped little creatures called Woobies. There is a whole grid of these fluffy little characters, and you have to shoot more of them into the grid to try and match them up and help them escape their confines (they fly away from the imminent danger of the big metal Crusher block that is lurking at the top of the grid, and preparing to crush the Woobies.)

This addicting match 3 adventure puzzle should be ideal for young kids who enjoy colorful matching activities. Your observational skills are tested as you have to pick out Woobies that are exactly the same color. This can be tricky, as there are some sets of Woobies that are quite similar in color – but not exactly alike. Accuracy is also important, as you have to fire Woobies into the grid to land in the correct spot to ensure a match is made. Are you ready to rescue our Woobies? Good luck Match Master!

How to Play: Select your preferred level of difficult: Easy, Normal or Expert. Your goal in each game and level is to match up all of the Woobies in the large grid. Do this by firing Woobies into the grid using the Woobie-Launcher at the bottom of the game screen. Aim using your computer mouse or touchpad, and Left Click to fire. There is a little white target marker that you can use for extra accuracy. You can clearly see the color of the Woobie that you are about to fire, sitting comfortably in the Woobie-Launcher. Try to match the color of that little guy, with the color of the Woobies already on the grid. Match 3 or more of them to allow them to fly away, and escape the grid.

There are 31 levels in total, and a level is completed once you get rid of all of the Woobies in the grid. Once a Woobie collides with any other on the grid, it sticks to that Woobie – no matter what the color. You can use the sides of the game grid to bounce Woobies into trickier positions. Each match you make scores points, and you can get bonus points for extra combo matches of more than 3 Woobies. If you make too many mistakes, and the Woobies reach the bottom of the game screen – the Crusher block comes crashing down, and it’s game over.

Tips: If you match 3 or more same-colored Woobies, and this creates a situation where there are one or more free-hanging Woobies of a different color positioned below that group - these free-hanging Woobies are also eliminated with the matching group. Also, watch out for the special powers of the black Woobies, and use them to your advantage!

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