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3 Foot Ninja Game Online

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Get ready for an all-action sword fighting adventure that proves that when it comes to the martial art of the Ninja warrior; your size doesn’t matter! 3 Foot Ninja – Chapter 1: The Lost Scrolls is a fun, 1-player Ninja game for kids where you play the role of a cute (but lethal) little Ninja called Akira, meaning "intelligent". On his quest to become a feared martial arts legend, Akira must find 5 lost scrolls on a dangerous journey of intense sword battles. Prove yourself against all kinds of slippery Ninja foes, and dispel the notion that little Ninjas never make the grade!

This side-scrolling action game has all the classic elements of ninja gameplay – extreme combat, acrobatic Ninja flips, sword fighting, and razor-sharp throwing stars. You need to exhibit slick martial arts moves to defeat a long line of fearless Ninja bad guys. Your quick reactions and nifty fingers will be tested to the max in this martial arts extravaganza. Are you ready to stand tall as the Greatest Little Ninja of them all? It’s time to flip into action!

How to Play: There are 3 difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, and Hard. For beginners, we recommend that you start on the Easy setting. Your ultimate goal is to collect the 5 Lost Scrolls that are hidden randomly throughout a side-scrolling series of ‘Battles’. In each Battle, you have to defeat a slick Ninja bad guy before you can continue on your way. Once you eliminate your opponent, a ‘Continue’ Arrow appears, and you can walk through the right hand side of the game screen to the next Battle. Sometimes (but not always), one of the Lost Scrolls with be floating in mid-air above you while you are fighting. You must collect the Scroll and defeat your opponent before you can progress.

Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to maneuver Akira. Left and Right Arrows = Move him to the left and right; Up Arrow = Jump; Down Arrow = Block attacks. A, S & D are your Attack Keys: A = Swing sword; D = Jab sword, and S = Launch a Throwing Star. Keep an eye on your Health Bar in the top left corner of the game screen. Your opponent’s Health Bar is in the top right corner. You start off with 3 lives as indicated above your Health Bar. Each time you lose a life, you luckily get to resume from the same point. However, if you lose all of your lives, you have to start all over again from your first battle. You can collect Power-ups such as Health, Extra Lives, and Throwing Stars as you go along. Good luck little Master!

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