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Fun Space Adventure Jumping Game - Spaceman Journey 4

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Spaceman Journey 4 is a classic-style, platform jumping game for kids where you have to guide a stranded astronaut through a series of challenging, alien-filled levels against the clock. It’s the 23rd century in a Galaxy far, far away – and legendary spaceman Buzz has crash-landed on an unknown planet filled with the wackiest alien creatures imaginable. Unfortunately for Buzz, his ship was damaged in the crash, and dozens of microchips were scattered around this colorful-yet-creepy alien wasteland. Help Buzz gather up this valuable equipment, and return to Earth before it’s too late!

This fun online space adventure game is reminiscent of iconic platform titles as you have to leap from ledge to ledge, carefully dodging and avoiding the horde of funny-looking but dangerous bad guys. It should prove a hit with fans of good old-fashioned jumping games where you have to simply control one main character without any frills or fancy stuff! Fast finger work and quick reaction skills are all important – Buzz only has 90 seconds to complete each increasingly challenging level. Ok Space Traveler – may the force be with you!

How to Play: In each of the 12 increasingly challenging levels, Buzz has to venture into the ledge-filled landscape, collect three missing Microchip cards, then return to his rocket-powered spacecraft. Use the Arrow Keys to control Buzz’s movements. Up Arrow = Jump; Left & Right Arrows = Move Left & Right. Collect the Microchips simply by coming into contact with them. Once all three have been found; the door to the spaceship opens. Return there to progress to the next level. You only have 90 seconds to complete each level, so don’t hang around admiring your new surroundings. Keep an eye on the clock at the top of the game screen.

Some alien bad guys can be defeated by jumping on top of their heads. Others should be avoided entirely (especially the yellow spiky guys). If Buzz comes into contact side-on with any alien, he loses a life, and has to restart the level. Once all lives are lost (indicated in the top left corner of the game screen), it's game over - and you have to begin again from Level 1. You can collect green Oxygen Tanks along the way to increase your points tally, but with the clock ticking - it’s best to just look for those Microchips!

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