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Play a very hard judgment-based game where you must time your jumps to perfection, and keep a jelly candy character moving upward by carefully gauging the required power for each new vertical jump onto the ledge directly above! Playable on Android & iOS mobile phone, tablet, laptop, notebook, or desktop PC, Jelly Jump is a fun repeat-play challenge and tricky, one-level, jumping-based skill game where you must ensure your jelly candy hero lands safely on the ledge above. There are dangerous spikes lined along the top and bottom of the play zone, so jumping too high (or not high enough) results in the dreaded ‘game over’ message! Try to defeat your top score with each climbing attempt! Earn points by collecting stars to unlock awesome new little jelly jumpers.

This HTML5-based, survival / jumping platform game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. Good judgment, timing, logic and great determination are vitally important in your quest to survive each jump. The ledge height changes slightly after each successful jump, so trial and error comes into play as you get used to how much power you need to add to each leap. Remember, only a really accurate jump will allow you to continue! 

Controls: Simply mouse-click (for PC players) or touch screen tap (for mobile players) anywhere on the game screen to charge your jump and release the click / your finger to execute the jump. The longer you hold down your mouse or finger, the greater the power of your launch, and the higher your jelly jumps! 

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Sheep Fight is a colorful tactical strategy game, in which you defend your farm against other online players’ farms by using your fighting sheep! You have the ability to spawn sheep into six different columns, where they will start moving towards the enemy farm. However, the opponent can also spawn sheep who will start moving towards yours. There are several different weights of sheep, each of whom will do different amounts of damage. Sometimes natural sheep also spawn — if you are able to push one of these into the opponent’s farm, they do a large amount of damage.

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Play a Christmas Holiday Season-themed bubble shooting game against the clock on your mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop, or desktop PC! Christmas Bubbles is a straight-forward, point and click / finger tapping matching game where you must fire colored Christmas baubles into a large grid, and try to create and eliminate matching groups of three-or-more same colored, adjacent baubles! 

There are 40 levels in total, and your task in each level is to reach a target number of points before the clock runs out! The bigger the matching group of ball decorations, the more points you score! However, you must not allow the grid of baubles to reach the red dotted line at the bottom of the grid!

This online, HTML5-based, bubble shooter / match 3 color puzzle game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Good focus, concentration and hand-eye coordination skills, and accurate mouse clicking / finger tapping are important here, as well as a cool head under the pressures of time and a target score! A sense of urgency, fast reactions and sharp visual / color problem-solving skills also come into play as you attempt to reach the target score before that clock reaches zero! 

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In Fruit Escape Draw Line, you have to get your apple to safety by any means necessary. The game is simple and fun and easy to follow but will quickly suck you in because of how addictive it is.

The easy concept is what will draw you in but the gradually more difficult levels and puzzles are what will keep you coming back for more and more.

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Match 3 or more delicious candies vertically or horizontally. Collect points by quickly and strategically removing matching groups of 3 or more candies by clicking and dragging one candy to the group of matching candies. Playable on iOS and Android mobile phone, tablet, laptop, notebook, or desktop PC, Candy Super Match 3 is a straight-forward, multi-level, candy removal challenge and matching-based puzzle game for kids of elementary school age and up. Playing against the clock, you must click and drag a candy to matching candies to eliminate groups of three or more adjacent, same looking candies from the play area. You have 30 seconds at the beginning of the game and for each matched candy you get an extra second. This extra time gives you a buffer needed when you need time to think and find matching pairs.

This HTML5-based, matching block puzzle game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. Skills required include good strategic planning skills where you tactically remove certain groups of candies in order to create new candy groups. Although you should have plenty of time to complete each level, sharp focus, a sense of urgency, and accurate mouse clicking / finger tapping skills are also important, especially in later levels when the block configurations are more complex.

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Play a matching pairs game for young kids where you must select two of the same cards which can only be seen for a glance after being selected. Hyper Memory Food Party is an easy-to-play visual memory game. This simple and fun matching activity is playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC.

Reasons to play: Memory exercises are very important, even at a young age as the brain capabilities develop. The more you can store in your head, the more knowledge you can have. Knowledge is power!

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Stick Freak is a really tricky skill-based game with a simple concept where you score points by walking the stick (like a rope). What is the shortest way between two spots in a straight line? You don't need to bother with descending one rock and climbing back another one. Just find the stick which will help you pass to the other side. Collect the diamonds and unlock new heroes.

Do not bump into rocks while collecting the diamonds and improve your skills at estimating the length of a stick and the walking time.

Controls: Click or tap and hold to extend the stick as much as it is needed to bridge the gap. Not too long and not too short. Release to drop the stick. Tap once while walking on the stick to flip over and walk under it.

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