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Jewellery Design & Management Courses in Singapore

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Jewellery Design & Management International School:
Jewellery Design & Management International School (JDMIS) is located in Sunshine Plaza, Rochor district, Singapore (South-East Asia). We aim at providing education and inspiration by means of specialized academic programs in jewellery design, history, marketing & management, as well as vocational training in new technologies and practical production of creative, designer jewellery. Our unique diploma programs produce an enterprising new breed of jewellery designers who will develop into entrepreneurs or will become qualified professionals primed for success in the corporate jewellery industry. For industry professionals, we provide shorter, yet comprehensive, 34 hour Certificate courses in a variety of practical and business related topics. We also offer many short 'modular' courses for students, who want to learn a specific skill and still have that learning contribute towards their longer certificate & diploma programs.

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Photo of Jewellery Design & Management Courses in SingaporeProfessional Certificate Courses:

• Jewellery Design Fundamentals (the course focuses on the transfer 3-dimensional ideas from your mind to a 2-dimensional medium such as paper. Students learn and practice basic drawing techniques including counter sketching, top, side and end view drawing and perspective drawing);

• Gemmology Fundamentals (the course is designed for sales professionals, trade members and individuals passionate about the jewellery they create or wear. Divided into three broad sections, it covers the essentials of coloured gems, diamonds and jewellery; each student will gain valuable information to set them apart from most jewellery designers and sales personnel in the region);

• History and Trends in Jewellery Design (the course covers the most significant periods in history that affected jewellery designs and the popularity of gemstones & precious metals. Following an understanding of historical trends, the faster paced fashion trends are explored with their surprisingly regular cycles of varying duration);

• Computer Aided Design (the course provides an overview of the tools available to jewellers and the different CAM methods to produce prototypes and casts. Students understand the designs and materials that lend themselves well to CAD/CAM as well as both conceptual and practical methods for achieving quality

• Silver Jewellery Fabrication using Metal Clay (the course covers a variety of skills to rapidly build proficiency in creating Silver Jewellery.Image of Jewellery Design & Management Courses in Singapore Here students learn the latest technology in high quality hand-fabrication of silver jewellery and create Pendants, Rings, Earrings, Brooches and more in 99.9% pure silver);

• Thread & Wire Designer Jewellery (the certification covers a variety of foundational skills needed to produce quality jewellery using stringing, wire work and weaving techniques. Here the students learn design conception for basic to intermediate thread and wire styles, perfect thread and wire techniques invented for quality jewellery and master the finer aspects of attaching clasps and incorporating embellishments);

• Metalsmithing I (this is an ideal complement to the finishing techniques learned throughout the Metal Clay fabrication courses, students understand processes and observe the proper applications of techniques ranging from rolling, sawing and forming metals to soldering and repousse);

• Metal Clay Silver & Gold Fabrication (advanced) (here students learn how to incorporate Gold clay into their designs, producing solid, 22karat gold, or combining fine silver and gold together. Sophisticated design and modelling techniques are taught including specialized finishing methods and additional stone setting styles such as bezel-setting and flush setting of multiple gemstones);

• Design using Thread & Wire (advanced) (designed to supplement the professional stringing techniques learned throughout the Certificate in Designer Jewellery using Thread & Wire course, this advanced program introduces more challenging multiple-strand thread designs and intricate wire creations which extend the creative potential of the professional thread & wire jewellery designer).

Diploma Courses:

• Jewellery Design and Marketing (here students will learn about important gemmological theory, understand common manufacturing processes for mass production and jewellery sales techniques that will simultaneously earn them an Accredited Jewellery Professional Diploma from the Gemological Institute of America. EssentPhotos of Jewellery Design & Management International Schoolial to this program is training in Merchandising, Marketing and Communication that will allow graduates to immediately market their products directly or perform well beyond the expectations of entry-level positions in the jewellery industry);

• Jewellery Design and Entrepreneurship (advanced) (for graduates wishing to carve out their own niche in the jewellery market, or those expecting to take over family-run jewellery establishments, this educational path delivers more in-depth design & fabrication skills while equipping the student with the necessary entrepreneurial skills to set up, operate and manage the growth of their own jewellery design business);

• Jewellery Design and Management (advanced) (geared towards the graduate whose interest is in a career in the corporate jewellery industry, this educational path expands their understanding of design and gemology concepts, refines their fabrication skills and introduces business skills necessary for rapid promotion within existing, reputable jewellery design firm. Culminating in an internship with one of Singapore's jewellery manufacturers or retailers, graduates exit with the experience and confidence to build a successful career in jewellery);

• Jewellery Design and Fabrication (specialist) (for graduates of other higher-education programmes, candidates with substantial business experience or members of the trade aiming to attain a further degree of specialization, this diploma program offers the skills-based elements of the JDMIS Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses).

Short Courses:

• Foundation Thread and Wire Certificate Modules (Professional Stringing with No Knotting, Professional Stringing with Knotting, ProfessPicture of Jewellery Design & Management Courses in Singaporeional Endless Style Stringing, Professional Wire work Earrings, Professional Wire work Incorporating Chain, Challenging Wire work Designs and Techniques, Versatile Wire Wrapping, Professional Flat Weaving, Professional 3D Weaving, Professional Fancy Weaving);

• Foundation Metal Clay Certificate Modules (Freeform Ring and professional Gemstone Setting, Natural Leaf Pendant, Syringed Leaf with bezel-set stone, Hollow Earrings, Gem Encrusted Brooch, Syringed Ring, Pearl-set Ring, Sulphurising and Patina Techniques, Silver Finishing Techniques);

• Advanced Thread and Wire Certificate Modules (Advanced Stringing: Multiple Straight Style, Advanced Stringing: Multiple Twist Style, Advanced Stringing: Multiple Tier Style, Advanced Stringing: One-to-Two Strand Style, Advanced Wire Component Creation, Advanced Wire Coiling, Wire Wrapping of Cabochons, Wire Sculpting, Wire Jig work for Jewellery, Chain Maille for Jewellery, Wire Crochet for Jewellery);

• Advanced Metal Clay Certificate Modules (Bezel Setting, Tapered Band & Carving, Glass Fusing, Setting Glass into Silver, Pendant with Gold Leaf, Moulds and Textures, Extra-fine Settings, The Look of Enamel, Working with Gold, Advanced Finishing Techniques).

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Address: Arts/Heritage District, Singapore, Singapore
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• Inspiration is also an Autodesk Authorized Training Centre that provides short-courses such as Photoshop, AutoCAD, 3ds Max and more to both Singapore & international students.

• Inspiration Design International School is registered with the Singapore Committee for Private Education (CPE).

- To attain world-class quality professional skills.
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Advanced Diploma in Interior Design
• Full-time / Part-time courses taught in English
• Requires a final 6 months to achieve.

Diploma in Interior Design
• Full-time / Part-time
• Requires an additional 6 months to achieve after foundation.

Certificate in Interior Design
• Full-time / Part-time (12 month foundation course)

SkillsFuture Credit / Short Courses
• Autodesk 3DS Max
• Autodesk AutoCAD
• Google SketchUp
• Adobe Photoshop
• Perspective Drawing
• Small Space Design
• Furniture Knowledge
• Light and Lighting Interiors
• Exhibition/Visual Merchandiser Design
• BIM Architecture Modelling (Autodesk Revit)
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We are also a registered Private Education Institute under the Council of Private Education (CPE).
Diploma in Fashion Technology Programs:
- Merchandising & Marketing
- Apparel Design & Product Development
- Footwear Design & Product Development

Advanced Certificate in Fashion Technology:
- Merchandising & Marketing
- Apparel Design & Product Development

Professional Short Courses:
- Garment Construction
- Basic Alteration Techniques
- Fashion Retail Buying...