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Fun Tower Defense Game - Cat Wizard Defense

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It's Halloween night, and that can only mean one thing – hordes of pesky kids trying to ruin your perfectly kept lawn! Oh no! Halloween Sugar Rush is a fun and fast-paced tower defense-style game where you play the role of an old man who has to keep sugar-hungry kids off his impeccable front lawn by firing candy at them. Hurl different types of candy to repel the little guys, and switch on your sprinklers to soak them! There are 20 waves of spookily-dressed kids looking to trample on your beautiful flowers, and you must defeat them before your whole garden is totally destroyed. Collect power-ups and charge up your sprinklers to earn combo hits and increase your score. This addicting online survival game will really exercise your quick reactions and decision making, as you have to quickly dash around your garden firing candy at the troublesome intruders. It will also test how well you work under pressure, as there are times when the amount of Lawn-Invaders can become overwhelming! Ready to dish out the candy and save your lawn from extinction? You’ve spent way too long perfecting your garden to let these kids ruin it, so it’s time to send them packing! Ok Candy Commando, show us your defending skills!

How to Play: There are 20 waves (levels) of spookily-dressed little kids to overcome. They charge into your garden at various speeds, and you have to throw candy at them to repel them. To fire your candy, use the computer mouse to run up and down the edge of your garden. There are six laneways that the kids approach from. Left Click to throw candy at any of the oncoming little guys. (Alternatively, you can use your Arrow Keys to run up and down and Spacebar to fire.) Some kids are eliminated after being hit by just one piece of candy, while others take two or more hits to eliminate. As the kids trample your lawn, you can see it becoming dirty and muddy. Your Lawn Health Status bar runs along the top of the game screen. Try and keep that as high as possible. If it goes all the way to the end, it’s game over and you have to start all over again. To replenish your Lawn Status bar, charge up the Sprinklers by throwing candy at the kids. Once the Sprinkler icon in the top left corner of the game area flashes ‘Ready’, Left Click on it and repair the piece of lawn that is most damaged. The more pesky kids you get rid of, the more Upgrades you receive. When the upgrade bar is charged all the way up, Left Click on it to receive cool power-ups like fancy pieces of candy. These power-up candy pieces do extra damage, like double hits and vertical wipe-outs. Go shooter!

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