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Play free, online HTML5 games & mobile games for Android phone, iPhone, iPad, tablet, PC, Mac desktop, laptop, notebook players. Fun action games, sports games, challenging brain teaser puzzles online for little children through high school teens to play now on Note that some games may not play on all iOS mobile phones, tablets or browsers due to the game software not being supported on those devices.

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Jump The Wall

Introducing Jump The Wall, a dynamic, reflex-testing jumping game with a thrilling twist. Take the challenge and jump over massive walls. If you hit an obstacle or fall, you'll lose consciousness for a bit. Are you ready to test your reflexes and share your scores with friends? Overcome opponents and strive to become the ultimate champion!

Just like Jetpack Jump, Jump The Wall presents a simple but exciting concept. Here, instead of a jetpack, your skill and precision are your assets to jump higher and surpass barriers. Timing is key, and each round demands strategic planning and quick reflexes. As you gather points, your ability to overcome more substantial walls improves, enabling you to beat your own records in no time.

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Up Hill Racing 2

Get ready for a heart-pounding, adrenaline-pumping ride with Up Hill Racing 2. This exhilarating physics-based driving game will take you on a thrilling journey through a variety of challenging terrains. With a fleet of different vehicles at your disposal, you'll need to navigate steep hills, treacherous valleys, and unpredictable landscapes in your quest for victory.

Playing Up Hill Racing 2 is not just about having fun, it's also about honing your skills. This game will test your cognitive abilities as you strategize the best ways to conquer the challenging terrains. Your motor skills will be put to the test as you control your vehicle's speed and balance to prevent it from flipping over. With each level you conquer, you'll find yourself becoming more adept at quick decision-making and problem-solving, making this game a perfect blend of entertainment and skill development.

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Bowmastery Zombies

Bowmastery Zombie combines some of the favorite game styles you love and remains fun no matter how many times you play. Don't you hate zombies and want to shoot them with arrows? Then this game is right for you!

The game is simple: you have a bow and arrow and zombies waiting to be shot. That is the entire premise. But it is harder than it seems. You will have to aim accurately and sometimes shoot around obstacles and use them to your advantage. Stay aware of your surroundings and get creative - it isn't always an arrow that can kill a zombie.

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Road Turn

Road Turn is an entertaining and simple game where you have to guide the cars to turn into the main road. Don’t let any cars crash or you will lose the level. There are several sections to each level so keep playing until you help all cars turn into the road.

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Fishing Frenzy

Catch fish in order to reach a challenging points target against the clock in this high-octane skill game! Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC, Fishing Frenzy is an online aiming and accuracy-based reactions game and fun virtual fishing simulation activity. Here, you must carefully and methodically click or tap to release a hook into the water in the hope of catching some exotic fish! Each fish you snag earns you points toward a specific target – which must be reached before your timer reaches zero!

Skills required: This tricky, interactive hand-eye coordination exercise and action game requires good observation skills, fast reactions, and tactful finger tapping or mouse clicking if you want to become an expert fish catcher. Patience is a key trait when fishing in real life, but in Fishing Frenzy, you're playing against the clock! So a real sense of urgency is needed, and you'd better get used to speed fishing, fast!

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Shortcut Run

The shorter route is not always the better route, but in this fast paced runner it very much is. Shortcut Run puts you dead last at the beginning of a race with the main goal being finding your way to the front through various shortcuts throughout its twisty race course.

Zoom past your opponents by picking up planks and stacking them to create your own shortcuts through the course, the opportunities are endless. Think quickly to identify shortcuts and manage your resources efficiently to reach the finish line on top.

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Brain Teaser

Brain Teaser: Welcome to this educational game where you must pick your brain and think outside the box to answer the questions. Take your time as these questions are not as straightforward as they seem, and they will catch you off guard if you are not careful. Good luck!

The aim of this game is to answer the question infront of you. The questions will be worded in a way, or presented in a way designed to confuse you and make you think twice about what the answer could be. You must use your creativity, analytical, reflex, logic and accuracy skills to excel at this game! Have you got what it takes to outsmart the computer? Come and find out!

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Bridge Builder Puzzle

Bridge Builder Puzzle Game is an engaging and innovative puzzle game where your goal is to connect blocks using bridges. Each block displays a number indicating the exact number of bridges it can be connected with. To draw a bridge, you simply swipe from one block to another, turning the blocks green upon successful connection. If you need to cancel a connection, a simple tap will do the trick.

This game sharpens your problem-solving and logical thinking skills. With each level presenting a unique challenge, you need to strategize the optimal way to connect all blocks using the given number of bridges.

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Road Crash

Do you have a need? A need for speed? If so, Road Crash is perfect for you. This high-speed racing game will have you whipping down the road in no time. It will also have you crashing into quite a few cars and will leave you breathless.

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Tap For Money Restaurant

Always wanted to own restaurants and earn billions? Tap for Money Restaurant is a game that will let you own a lot of different restaurants and earn a lot of money with just a few clicks.

The game is an idle money-making game, where you have restaurants in different cities that can be upgraded to make money per second. The goal is to unlock all the cities and have the restaurants upgraded to make as much money as possible. You can hire workers, which will boost your gains in each city, and advisors that can give you bonuses. Every time you upgrade a restaurant, the price will increase, but it will also produce money faster and in better quantities.

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Tic Tac Toe Mania

Tic Tac Toe Mania is an easy-to-play online version of the timeless classic 2-player pencil & paper game of the past, also known as Naughts and Crosses. Compete against the computer or a friend in a strategic race to get four O’s or X’s in a row. Set on a simple 5x5 grid with 20 spaces, your goal is to get 4 of your symbol in a row - either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

Use simple strategy and logic to try and get that often-elusive row of three X’s or O’s. Games of Tic Tac Toe often end up in a tie, so try to confuse your opponent with unorthodox moves and super-fast play. Have you got the tactical know-how to become the Tic Tac Toe champ in town? Sometimes, the simplest games can be the most fun!

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Spinning Block

Spinning Block is an easy-to-play tower building and thinking strategy game for kids that is very addicting and offers hours of fun for all! This is very easy to play and very satisfying too! Come and see if you are born to be building and designing towers!

The aim of this game is to build a tower as high as possible. The only trick is, the blocks will start off spinning so you must time your drop to perfection so it falls flat. This will test your patience, timing skills and your determination as you battle to create the largest tower ever seen! Wait until the perfect moment to strike to drop the block, if it is skewed theres a chance it could topple off! Enjoy!

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Realistic Air Hockey

Realistic Air Hockey: Welcome to the latest update to the classic game Air Hockey. This one is played over an illuminated glowed table. It looks fantastic as you battle it out to win, either against the computer, with varying difficulty levels, or against your friend! The first player to accumulate 5 points wins the game. Have fun!

Beat your opponent with your chosen score to win (this is found on the menu screen). You will need exceptional reaction skills to stop the puck from going in your net. It can move fast across the table so be on your guard and get ready to shift the paddle quickly! Also, good timing with the mouse is required as the better your timing the more power you can get on your shot!

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Go Bowling 2

Go Bowling 2: Come and put your ten pin bowling skills to the test in this realistic 3D game. Challenge yourself in a realistic environment and see how many strikes you can get! This is a single player game so perfect to master your skills! Have fun!

Knock down as many pins as possible with your bowl! This game requires good timing so you can get the perfect bowl. Get the timing right and your shot will be powerful and straight, resulting in a much greater chance of getting a strike! Take your time though do not rush, learn to judge when best to press the button to maximize your chances of getting a good bowl!

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Bike Rush

Bike Rush is a fun and wild bicycle game where you play the role of a cool little cyclist and you must cycle down the street for as long as possible! Sounds simple right? Well, throw in some ramps, speed enhancers and some flips and you have one of the most exciting BMX games on the internet right now!

The aim of this game is to reach as far as you can without falling off/crashing, and therefore getting a high score! This difficult BMX biking arcade game requires super-sharp reactions, expert balance, and an extremely steady hand to keep your bike from crashing. Score extra points by performing spectacular stunts as you fly through the air. Ok Bike Master, let’s see some of your epic BMX skills! Happy days!

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Bomb Balls

Bomb Balls 3D is a relaxing and simple casual game where your objective is to clear a platform of all piled up objects by shooting at them with a canon. Clear each platform of all objects and with cannonballs to spare to advance to the next level. Its quick and simple gameplay make Bomb Balls 3D a great choice for your kids to play while waiting for you as you run errands.

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Mahjong Master 2

Play a fun matching pairs game for kids, matching pairs of identical tiles, to remove them from field. Playable on your mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop, or desktop PC, Mahjong Master 2 is a multi-level matching game where you must clear a Mahjong solitaire-style grid by matching quirky picture tiles with their ‘matching image’. Complete increasingly-challenging levels by completely clearing the grid!

This online, HTML5-based, matching pairs / puzzle game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. Only free, uncovered tiles can be matched, use your common sense and logical problem-solving skills to make quick deductions. Some examples are pretty simple, while others require a bit more analytical reasoning. A free tile is considered the one which is not covered from above and at least from one of its sides - left or right. The game is time tracked on each level you complete.

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Parkour Climb

Assume the part of an urban parkour enthusiast in Parkour Climb. Parkour Climb is a simple obstacle avoidance and timing focused game, which while simple in design, is great for some casual gameplay and is perfect for sharping or practicing one’s reaction time. See how high you can climb along buildings of endless heights, all the while making sure not to knock yourself or jump into anything along the way.

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Gold Miner

Gold Miner - Use your claw and reel to mine gold and other treasures out of the earth in this fun, challenging mining rpg game for kids. You must extract as much gold from the gold mine as possible. Pick and choose which material you want to dig up but but careful, some is worth more than others and some takes longer to pick up! Have fun!

Advance to the next level by earning a set amount of money (or more) in the time limit. Good timing is the key to your success! If you throw your claw just a moment too early or too late, you may either miss the object you were aiming at and this will be a wasted attempt at the cost of your precious time or you may grab a heavy piece of almost worthless rock or ore instead of a nice piece of gold. When you hit an object with the claw, there is no way of releasing it and whether you like it or not – you must start reeling it up towards you. Heavy objects such as ore or huge chunks of gold are slower to reel in and use up a lot of time.

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Catch The Thief

The life of a security guard is not an easy one especially when you’re in charge of a place prone to robberies, this is the life of the security guard you control in Catch The Thief, A 3D action game with amazing graphics and tight gameplay that has you chasing after robbers in a large open map apprehending them and stopping them from getting away with valuables.

Chase after and grab robbers before they make their escape, once the timer runs out the robbers would have escaped with the loot and you would have lost your job. Catch robbers to earn coins and purchase upgrades to boost your skills.

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Cannon Sufer

Cannon Surfer is a classic mix between a shooting and running game. As you run towards the end of the level, you’ll need to blast all obstacles from your path to keep your lives intact. Free up cars that carry diamonds by shooting red blocks at the side of the path. Collect coins to upgrade your weapons, and diamonds to upgrade your character, with superhero skins and a variety of cool dances to unlock!

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Piano Tiles 3

Piano Tiles 3 is a fun but challenging game where you have to play the notes as they appear on the screen. While it sounds easy, it can be quite difficult once it picks up on speed. The game will challenge your speed, if you miss a single note or click where you don’t have to, you lose and have to start over.

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Super Brick Ball

Super Brick Ball is a physics based ball game, in which you need to destroy blocks by hitting enough balls against them. Each block has a number on it, which shows how many hits it can take from balls. Your balls will bounce back and forwards until they bounce back without touching a block, at which point they will stop bouncing from the player’s line. Every turn you take, the blocks will move closer to you in the style of space invaders, so choose your shots carefully to make sure that you destroy the blocks in time before they get to your line and lose you the game!

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Cookie Crush 3

Step into the delicious world of Cookie Crush 3, a delightful evolution of the beloved match-3 game series. With your charming host, Gingy the gingerbread man, you'll embark on a sweet journey through over 700 tantalizing levels. Each level is a new adventure, filled with mouth-watering cookies and candies waiting to be crushed!

As you navigate through the sugary landscapes of Cookie Crush 3, you'll find that it's not just a game of fun and frolic. It's a delightful way to sharpen your cognitive abilities and enhance your problem-solving skills. The game encourages strategic thinking as you plan your moves to create powerful combinations and clear the board. It also helps improve your motor skills as you swiftly swap and match cookies, racing against the clock to achieve your goals.

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Are you smarter than a new-born? Brainstorm puts that to the test in this interactive puzzle game that will have you questioning your education level constantly. Challenge yourself as you’re faced with tricky puzzles that will span an entire lifetime. Start off as a new-born with some basic questions that wouldn’t require much thought then level up to infant. Climb higher as the steps grow steeper, make your way up to adolescent level and adult level and prove your mental prowess.

Skills required: Puzzles require sharp analysis skills and critical thinking, push your brain to the limits. A determined mind set and high IQ will get you through some of the gruelling puzzles that would make Einstein twitch.

Flex your brainpower and work your way to the top in this thrilling puzzle game.

How to play: This single player puzzle game is compatible with Notebooks, Laptops and desktop PC as well as mobile devices (IOS/Android). Make your way through all the major stages of life; New born, infant, toddler, preschooler, school-aged, adolescent and adult. Each stage has a set of challenges of increasing difficulty to test your knowledge capacity. Answer correctly to advance to the next level. Good luck!

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Circus Fun

Circus Fun: You must help the tiger achieve the stardom is so desperately wants! The tiger is destined to jump into the stars soon, but first you must help it jump through rings of fire, and over little firepits! Can you handle the heat of this enthralling, addictive but simple game? Come and find out!

Carry on as long as you can, avoiding the firepits on the ground and jumping through the rings of fire! Collect points along the way! This game will test your reaction times, and your judgement too! You must time your jump so you dont jump too short or too late, either way you will hit the fire and die! Have you got what it takes to be a circus performer?

Press the spacebar to jump, or use the left click on the mouse! On mobile devices, touch the screen to jump!

This HMTL5 based game works on Mobile, tablets and Pc/Mac browsers.

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Cross that Road

Cross that Road: Tienes que ayudar al animalito a cruzar una calle concurrida, vías de tren y un ríos lleno de barcos. ¡El pobre animalito no puede llegar al otro lado sin tu ayuda y seguramente no deseas que lo lastime un automóvil o un tren!

¡Cruza la carretera sin sufrir daños! Salta sobre los pequeños objetos flotantes para cruzar el agua y ten cuidado con los trenes y coches que vienen de los lados. No caigas al agua o se acabará el juego.

Cómo jugar: Utiliza las flechas del teclado para avanzar, retroceder o desplazarte lateralmente. Evita colisionar con coches y trenes. Al cruzar el río, intenta saltar a los barcos que pasan y cruza el río. Para usuarios de móviles, ¡utiliza las flechas en pantalla para moverte! ¡Mucha suerte!

Este juego basado en HTML5 funciona en móviles, tabletas y navegadores de PC/Mac.

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Wobble Boss

Wobble Boss: Es un reto divertido, pero un juego de escape extremadamente complicado. Debes escabullirte de tu jefe y escapar de la oficina. Puedes ayudarte de objetos como mesas y sillas para esconderte. Mientras te mantengas fuera de su alcance, indicado por un cono de visión rojo, no te verán. ¿Tienes la astucia necesaria para escapar sin ser visto? ¡Ven y descúbrelo!

Escapa de la habitación sin que te atrapen para progresar. Sal por la puerta y usa objetos para ayudarte. ¡Cuidado con las luces y las cámaras que también te detectarán! La clave de este juego es la planificación. Tómese el tiempo que necesite para calcular y tener un mejor enfoque. Luego usa las prácticas habilidades del teclado para moverse con precisión por la oficina en silencio. Imagina que esto es real, ¿cómo abordarías mejor la tarea?

Cómo jugar: Utiliza las teclas WASD o las teclas de flecha para mover al personaje. W/flecha arriba para avanzar, S/flecha abajo para retroceder y A/D o la flecha izquierda o derecha para moverte a izquierda y derecha respectivamente. En el móvil, desliza el dedo por la pantalla hacia donde quieras que se mueva el personaje. Mantén pulsada la pantalla para seguir moviéndote y suéltala para detenerte. ¡Mucha suerte!

Este juego basado en HTML5 funciona en móviles, tabletas y navegadores de PC/Mac.

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Cool Run 3D

Cool Run 3D is a competitive and exciting game where you compete with others to reach the goal. Play against the computer to see who reaches the end goal first. Earn coins to unlock skins and accessories for your character. Be the fastest and win all levels against an increased amount of enemies every time.

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Ninja Dragon

Ninja Dragon is fun addicting game involving a highly skilled ninja and you must get as high score as possible by ascending the walls! This is an incredibly fun game, which is intense and fast paced and therefore your eyes will not be able to leave the screen! Best of luck to you!

The aim of the game is to climb as high as possible on the run. Run vertical up along the sides of the walls and dodge enemies and attacks along your way. You can either dodge the dragons or slay them for extra points! This game will test your reaction skills and your ability to time your jump to perfection. Timing your jump is key if you want to slay the dragon as you must meet it exactly as you are both in mid air! This will be very satisfying for you as you take down a monster of an animal!

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Kids Hidden Object

Keep your eyes wide open as you take on a fun and challenging, hidden object-based puzzle game! Kids Hidden Object is a straight-forward, online visual puzzle activity for kids where you must pick out specific hidden items dotted around a cluttered game environment. Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC, you must scour each scene, detective-style, to find the items listed at the side of the play area.

Skills required: This interactive brain teaser game requires really sharp observation skills, top concentration levels, great determination, lots of patience, and the keen eye to pick out minute details from a larger picture. Try to keep distractions to a minimum if you want to be a top sleuthing success!

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Route Digger 2

Dig tunnels for the balls to fall into the correct coloured tubes. This fun game starts off with just one ball but it gets very tricky very fast with the addition of extra balls. Route Digger 2 requires planning the routes for each ball in such a way that it doesn't ruin the path for another ball.

This HTML5-based game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. This game requires good forward-thinking and trajectory anticipation of the balls. Try to complete all 35 levels, Happy digging!

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Stick Clash

Lead a band of noble warriors as you strike down enemy invaders, save princesses, and slay demonic generals, all in Stick Clash Online, a turn-based action game that incorporates puzzles and mathematics into its combat system. In Stick Clash Online you can only beat enemy stacks that are smaller than your stack; defeat smaller stacks first to add their numbers to your own and then take on the larger enemy groups. As you progress further, the game will add more and more interesting surprises to keep you playing. Stick Clash Online is a fun and educational game that is suitable for children and adults.

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Cut It

Exercise your brain, logic and analytical thinking skills in Cut It, where you must carefully slice pieces into pieces which would slide or fall or rotate and hit the smiley faces. This is an interesting, slicing-based brain teaser game where kids can learn about geometry in a fun and interactive way, and is playable on iOS and Android mobile phone, tablet, laptop, notebook, or desktop PC. 

Cut It is a straight-forward, geometry-based puzzle game where you slice various shapes using your finger or computer mouse. Here, you have a limited number of swipes / slices to get them hitting smiley faces. You begin in Very Easy mode, and unlock further difficulty levels.

This online, multi-level, HTML5-based, math geometry activity and visual / logic puzzle game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. Good spatial awareness, sharp analytical thinking, creative engineering skills, and common sense visual judgment skills are really important as you attempt to cut pieces correctly. A certain knowledge of the basics of fractions and general geometry can come in handy! A willingness for trial and error also comes into play as you are given a success rating at the end of each level – whether you have passed or failed.

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Castle Defense

Castle Defense is an intense fighting to the death game where you must control your army and defend the castle. Take no prisoners as you must fight as hard as possible. In a more direct sense, you control the army's position in the battlefield. Create awesome lines and unique patterns for defense. Use cool power ups to help you in your battle for survival! Good luck, defend it with your life!

You must defend the castle from the oncoming attacks. This game requires good strategy as you must decide where best to place your army, decide the best way for them to line up. Also, fast reaction skills and good mouse skills are neccersary to quickly adapt to the changing situation! Never give up, ready yourself for battle!

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Stealth Hunter

Blend in with the shadows and take on the role of a master ninja in Stealth Hunter. Play as the master of stealth as you make your way through dozens of levels, assassinating any guard that is foolish enough to stand in your path. Stealth Hunter is a casual and addictive stealth game that is sure to be hit with any age, made suitable for most ages thanks to its playdough-like art style.

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Pingu & Friends

Pingu and Friends is a cute arcade game, in which you need to help a penguin and his friends reach new heights by jumping onto levels before they hit him! Blocks fly onto the screen, and you’ll need to time your jump to be not only on top of them but for the new blocks to balance on top of the old ones.
Getting higher will unlock new friends such as an owl, and collect coins and eggs which will help you get the best scores!

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MineSweeper is a challenging, intense and engaging, logic-based puzzle activity where you must ‘find and flag’ all of the dangerous mines on a grid. As Chief Minesweeper, you must ensure all ‘clear’ squares are removed by consulting helpful numeric clues about the number of neighboring mines in each area. There are no second chances here - if you make a mistake, and reveal a mine… BOOM!

This stimulating online version is very similar to the legendary PC game ‘Minesweeper’, and is a very good test of your logical problem solving skills and decision-making. Suitable for gamers young and older, you must carefully and methodically remove each square with precision. While you score more points for completing the grid quickly, a ‘gung-ho’ approach is not advised. A steady mouse-clicking hand is also important as you must click on the correct square at all times. One slip of the wrist - and it's curtains! Happy minesweeping!

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Stack Blocks 3D

Stack Blocks 3D is a unique puzzle game for people that want to challenge themselves in a simple but intelligent way!

This goal in this game is quite simple: click and drag each stack of blocks to take up the number of empty spaces on it. For example, if a stack has the number seven on it, there are seven more blocks that have to be moved from that stack in a line towards empty spaces. Sounds simple, right? Well, there’s a catch! Once you swipe to move a stack, it CANNOT be stopped unless something is blocking it or there are no more empty spaces in that direction. While the first few levels might be easy to complete, the harder levels require you to think about which stacks to move first and which spaces to take up. There are usually only a select few solutions to each puzzle, so take your time and figure it out! How many levels can you complete in this brain game?

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Dot Run

Dot Run is a fun and addictive reflex based game! In this game, a line of yellow and black dots approaches a yellow dot at the bottom of the screen. You control two black dots which, while initially in the way of the dots, can open up to let yellow dots through. Your task is to prevent black dots from reaching the yellow dot at the bottom, while also making sure that the yellow dots don’t come into contact with the black ones! Survive for as long as possible in this tricky clicking based game.

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