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Games site for good fun, interesting and challenging online games on your mobile phone, Android device, iPhone, iPad, notebook, laptop or PC / Mac desktop (Note that some games may not play on some iOS cell phones, tablets or browsers due to the game software not being supported on all devices). Games include good fun games and puzzles for supervised children through to more brain-teasing games for high school teens, 1 and 2-player games to play now online for free.

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Block 3D

Block 3D is a fun and colourful interactive puzzle game. The aim of the game is to fit the falling blocks with the blocks already on the platform. The better your rotating skills, the higher you will score! The beautiful colours of the blocks combined wit the simplicity of the screen makes this the perfect flow-state game to concentrate on. Challenge your speed and spatial thinking skills with Block 3D to improve those skills in real life.

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Rodeo Riders

Rodeo Riders is an exciting and action-packed game where you help a cowboy collect animals for his zoo. Ride the animals and tame them to unlock new areas and animals for visitors to look at. Every few minutes you can allow people to go into the zoo and pay to watch the animals you have caught. Upgrade and improve your animals to help you with catching others.

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Tower of Colors Island Edition

Tower of Colors - Island Edition is a colorful and satisfying game where you have to destroy the tower of blocks in every level by throwing balls of the respective colors. Rotate the position of the towers to look at better angles to throw balls.

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Pinball Football

Unwind a bit with Pinball Football, an exciting game that combines the joy of football with the addictive gameplay of classic pinball. In this game, you will play as part of a three-man team as you try to kick balls past the goalie and score goals, all the while making use of rebounds and angles! Score 4 goals to beat the level and progress onto the next. Test yourself and see if you have the skills to beat all 20 levels!

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Ultimate Chess

Play online chess on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop or desktop PC - against six different levels of computer opponent, or take on a friend or family member in this elegant and simple chess simulation game. Ultimate Chess is an easy-to-play, 1 or 2-player, virtual chess game where you can immerse yourself in the ‘game of kings’, test out your preferred openings and move combinations, and try to improve your general chess play with intense matches against computer rivals, or against real-life opponents playing on the same computer, phone, or tablet.

Reasons to play Chess Classic: There are no gimmicks or fancy distractions here – This is straight up, old school chess on a classic-style board with normal rules. Whether you are a basic beginner or a more experienced Chess player, you can pit your wits against suitable chess ‘engines’ in 1-player mode. Alternatively, the interactive 2-player mode allows you to take on your best friends and family members in fierce contests for bragging rights!

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Hyper Memory Food Party

Play a matching pairs game for young kids where you must select two of the same cards which can only be seen for a glance after being selected. Hyper Memory Food Party is an easy-to-play visual memory game. This simple and fun matching activity is playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC.

Reasons to play: Memory exercises are very important, even at a young age as the brain capabilities develop. The more you can store in your head, the more knowledge you can have. Knowledge is power!

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Monster Truck

Monster Truck: Control your high-wheeled Monster Mustang and trample over cars, rocks, steep hills and big trucks, without smashing your truck in this thrilling off-road experience. Come and experience the power and see if you can reach the end. Collect coins along your journey to get a high score!

If you have ever been off-roading before, that experience should help you a lot, especially the rock crawling experience. Don’t accelerate too hard in places where you need to drive slowly and carefully. Try to balance and climb the obstacle with accuracy to overcome it. On the flat areas, you can ‘Fly’ like crazy and test your Monster Truck’s power to its limit. This game will test your control skills, you must find the balance between speed power and agression, and cautious driving and patience! Good luck Monster Trucker!

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Tower Defense

Come and defend your village in Tower Defense! This is a fun, medieval style defense game where you must fight until the death by building towers and equipping them with the weapons they need to stop the oncoming wave of army soldiers. Either use arrows, cannonballs or your own soldiers, just to name a few! Earn cash and upgrade your defences to give yourself a fighting chance!

In essence, your mission is to stop the enemy walking through and into your town. Build defence towers to stop them and shoot them down! Tower Defense requires smart strategy, quick reactions and good mouse clicking skills. You need to choose a tactful moment to strike against the enemy, and be wise in terms of placing correct defences and not leaving yourself vulnerable! Spend your cash wisely and use your anticipation and timing skills to maximise your efficiency in defense.

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Pond Race

Pond Race is a funny online game for kids where you have to help the frog finish the course This simple and easy-to-play game provides hours of frog-filled fun and entertainment!  Think you can help our frog friend? Be careful, this feisty frog is very demanding. Good luck and enjoy!

The aim of the game is to reach the finish flag on the course, by hopping from lily pad to lily pad. Keep the frog safe! This game will test your aiming skills as you must land on the correct landing pads, your coordination skills as well as your ability to work when the pressure is really on! Do not buckle under the heat otherwise you and your frog will die and you will have to start again!

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Super Tornado

In Super, you control an unstoppable weather system with just one goal; to destroy all of the buildings in town! However, as a little tornado, you’ll need to start small with small animals, before working your way up through cars, small buildings and other players. Reaching higher levels of tornado lets you win the level, beating players from all around the world! Spend the coins that you earn by winning the level on tornado upgrades such as size and speed.

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Shoot  Bombs

Shoot Bombs is possibly one of the hardest timing games there is, likewise it goes without saying that those who can master it are nothing short of reflex masters. In Shoot Bombs, your goal is to aim and fire a bomb through spinning obstacles that will constantly circle you, making sure to not hit a single one of them. You will gain a point for each bomb you manage to get through, keep climbing to see how many points you can score while managing to keep up with the evolving obstacles around you.

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Bubble Shooter Planets

Accurately launch bubbles into a crowded game grid, creating and eliminating matching groups of three or more same-colored bubbles in the process! Bubble Shooter Planets is a multi-level, aiming and accuracy-based bubble-popping game and matching puzzle playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC! Here, you must fire individual bubbles upward into the play area with the intention of making matching groups of bubbles which are subsequently popped and eliminated from the grid.

Skills required: Like many matching-based skill games, accurate mouse clicking / finger tapping skills are vital to success as you attempt to clear multiple bubble groups from the play area. Sharp reflexes, shrewd observation skills, anticipation skills, focus and dogged determination also come into play. Later Planets (levels) take on more of a brain teaser theme, and require sharp analytical thinking and problem-solving skills, and strategic planning as you work to manipulate the grid to your advantage.

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Hidden Treasure

We’ve all fantasized about finding long lost treasure in our backyards at some point in our lives, Hidden Treasure helps you relive those good times by sending you to an island with guaranteed treasure and loot to find but there’s a catch, the game won’t tell you where exactly the loot is buried so it’s up to you to use the little hints given to you to find it.

Finding loot is not as easy as it looks in the movies, there are booby traps aplenty in these islands and you only get five tries a level to find the booty. Each wrong attempt leaves behind a hint that leads to the direction of the treasure. If you fail to find the booty in the five tries the game ends and you’ll be taken back to the first level, definitely not as easy as you’d thought right

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Love Pin 3D

Love Pin 3D features a whole bunch of fun mini-games that are all about love. Find the bridge, throw the cake, make it through the mazes. There are many different games here and they are all exciting, colorful and related to weddings. How fun!

The game has a lot up its sleeve with many choices and a lot of great character and colors. It is a very impressive looking game and will provide hours of entertainment because it feels like there is always something different to play.

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Foot Brain

Foot Brain is what happens when you mix American football with hordes of brain-eating zombies. Run through swarms of zombie football players, as you dodge and zigzag your way further and further as you try to stay alive. Make sure the zombies don’t catch you too often, run out of your three brains (lives) and you are zombie food. Foot Brain is a truly addictive and enjoyable game that will keep you playing for hours as you try to outdo your old records, or better yet, take turns playing with friends to see who is the best of the group of keeping their brain uneaten from zombies.

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City Block

How high up can you get in the tower construction world? Build a tower of blocks as high as possible in this challenging skill game! Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop, or desktop PC, City Block is a very tricky tower construction game for kids, teens & adults where you must tactfully drop boxes and other items on top of one another, and try to build the largest tower that you can before gravity topples your building to the ground. This is a straight-forward yet very tough, repeat-play challenge where your goal is to defeat your high score with each new tower building attempt.

This multi-level, HTML5-based, problem-solving / creative engineering puzzle game should work on Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. Expert timing is the key to your success here. You must very carefully judge when and where to drop each block in order to keep the tower steady and upright. Trial and error is very important as it may take you a few attempts to get comfortable with the timing. Try to drop each block as close to the center as possible for the best scrore!

Controls: A mechanical arm holding a block whizzes horizontally back and forth across the game screen. Simply click your mouse or tap your mobile screen to drop the box or item on your target placement. Your level / attempt is over when one or all of your tower blocks fall beyond the drop zone.

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E Switch

It's time to flex your cerebral muscles and tone your grey matter as you try to solve all of the logic puzzles in E Switch. Solve each of the 20 puzzles by moving around and rotating circuit lines to create a clear path between all the green power cells. There is no timer, no x number of lives, just patience and concentration if you want to clear all of the puzzles. E Switch will challenge and excite you all the way, so why not come and give it a go!

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2 Colors Box

2 Colors Box is a cool, fun and highly challenging timing and reaction speed game where you must react to the incoming boxes from the top. By the time the box get to the bottom, you must match the color of your box at the bottom to the color of the incoming box from the top.

The aim of this game is to get as high a score as possible by matching the color of the box at the bottom to the color of the incoming box from the top of the screen. This addicting online brain teaser is also an exhibition of controlled concentration and focus. This game could also be used as a good activity for your timing skills, observation skills, fast reactions, and patience. You only have a relatively short time to react to the incoming box's from the top, especially if you manage to survive for a while...since the speed of the incoming boxes increases the longer you last! 

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Cubic Wall

Gravity or physics focused games tend to be some of the most enjoyable and difficult games to play. Cubic Wall, is no exception, providing you with a challenging and near unpredictable game. Cubic Wall requires you to catch and collect falling coloured balls by sliding a tower of four different coloured blocks from side to side, ensuring that only blocks and balls of the same colour come into contact. Not doing so will cost you the game. See if you have the reflexes and timing needed to score in Cubic Wall!

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Jelly Shift

Keep your sliding jelly hero sliding through bridges in this crazy, non-stop, survival-based skill game! Playable on Android devices with touch/tap/drag, notebook, laptop and desktop PC, Jelly Shift is a fast-paced, endless action / obstacle avoidance game where you must constantly change the shape of your grounded jelly hero in order to avoid a non-stop avalanche of randomly appearing bridges and obstacles. Collect Stars to increase your score, and keep trying to surpass your top score with each new attempt!

Use slider in the middle of the game to change the shape of the Jelly from flat to tall. You must slide your finger up and down to change the shape of the object and match it to the shape of the bridge.

This online, HTML5-based, endless action-style skill game should work on Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Skills required include sharp reactions and anticipation skills, good hand-eye coordination and timing skills as you must carefully and tactfully judge when to mouse click or tap your finger in order change the shape of your jelly character. Your decision making skills are called into play as you decide whether to collect stars as much as possible, or focus on obstacle avoidance. Enjoy the hectic, danger dodging action!

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zBall 2

zBall 2: is a fun and addicting arcade game that will twitch your nerves, but will develop your stamina at the same time. Keep tapping on the screen to keep the ball from falling off the edge. The second it falls off the edge, game over! Along your path, try collect the items to help you along your way! Good luck, can you keep your calm?

Do not let the ball fall off the side. You can do this by following the path and changing the balls direction! This game will really test your nerve and concentration levels You cannot take your eye off the ball (literally) for a second because you will lose! Stay focused and keep your eye on the ball!

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Number Maze

Number Maze is a fun and exciting game. You must work your way around the maze joining up the spaces with lines. This line you create must go through the numbered spaces, with the numbers relating to which order they need to be passed through to be successful! Have you got your thoughtful head on? This game may sound easy but it is a lot more advanced as you progress through the levels. Good luck, you might just need it!

The aim of the game is to complete the maze by filling all the empty spaces. Do this by joining the spaces together with a line and this line must pass through the numbered spaces, in the order that the numbers specify. For example start at 0, then go through 1 first, then 2, then 3 and so on. This game will develop your puzzle solving skills as you battle to figure a way to complete the maze in the correct order - it may not be as simple as it first seems! Lets see if you have the skills required!

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Karate Chop Kick

Test your lightning fast skills with Karate Chop Kick, an incredibly fast and colorfully fun game that has you chopping down trees like a master ninja.

The game is quite easy when explained. All you have to do is chop. Chop, chop, chop at the tree in front of you, cutting it down with each hit. But as the tree descends closer to the ground, it will throw a few obstacles your way and can take you out in no time. So you have to chop as fast as you can and keep your eyes on what danger is ahead.

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Happy Alien Jump

Happy Alien Jump is a casual and fun jumping game where you control a character and try to reach as high as you can while avoiding enemies and obstacles in your way. The higher you go the more points you can collect and while you collect coins for some extra points.

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Cube Ninja

Keep a fast-moving ninja in play for as long as possible in this quick-fire, 1-level, online endless running challenge! Cube Ninja is a fun yet intense, side-scrolling action game featuring awesome gravity switching and fast-paced 3D running action! Playable on mobile phone, tablet, laptop and desktop PC, you must constantly alter gravity in order to keep a dashing ninja on a narrow ledge by avoiding obstacles, ravines, and other pesky hindrances! Keep your ninja hero on the straight and narrow (literally) for as long as possible, and keep trying to beat your best score with each subsequent attempt!

This intense, HTML5-based, endless runner action game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Use mouse-clicking or tapping actions to prolong the action and keep your ninja on solid ground. This requires a combination of sharp reactions, good hand-eye coordination skills, and the ability to anticipate upcoming obstacles and changes in the terrain.

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A soothing puzzle game with a sharp note, Cerkio is both soothing and cerebral.

In Cerkio you have to get a small glass bauble through a course and into a soft bubbly ball. You do this by firing the bauble onto spinning wheels, waiting for the wheel to align, and then shooting again until you can let it land in that soft bubble. What makes this game so soothing is the vibe. The sharp-edged background, colored in pastels is a reflection of the dual nature. On the one hand, it has this wonderful electronic beat that easily shifts you into a state of zen. But upon hitting a wall, that state shatters with a piercing note as the bauble breaks.

Although the game doesn't punish you for failing the level by making you go back to the beginning, that jarring note is more than motivation to get it right this time.

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Mini Putt Gem Garden

Play a challenging, point-and-click, mini-golf game on your mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop or desktop PC! Mini Putt Gem Garden is a tricky, judgment-based skill game where you must get the ball into the hole in as few shots as possible on two cool, 9-hole, putt-putt golf courses. Strategically maneuver the ball around the obstacle-filled holes, and try to limit wayward shots with cautious play. Collect as many gemstones as possible as you ricochet the ball around the course.

Skills required: This stimulating, physics-based, crazy-golf online activity requires good judgment of angles, power, and shot trajectory. Sharp focus, concentration, and anticipation skills are very important as you try to predict where your golf ball might end up.

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Hyper Neon Ball

Immerse yourself in the vibrant, pulsating world of Hyper Neon Ball. This captivating game is a thrilling blend of strategy, precision, and timing, set in a mesmerizing neon universe. With a multitude of levels and ball types to explore, your mission is to master the art of shooting the neon ball into the basket bin. Each level presents a new challenge, with varying basket bin placements and ball types, ensuring an exciting and unpredictable gaming experience.

Playing Hyper Neon Ball is not just about fun and entertainment, it also helps to enhance a variety of skills. The game encourages strategic thinking as you plan your shots and navigate through the different levels. It also improves hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as you aim and shoot the ball with precision. Additionally, the game fosters patience and perseverance, as you may need multiple attempts to successfully land the ball in the basket bin. With each level, you'll find your cognitive abilities and motor skills being challenged and honed.

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Panda Hero Fighter

Panda Hero Fighter is an intense scrolling shooter where you take down enemies and earn stars to acquire new weapons and power-ups!

This game will surely challenge you while providing hours of fun! Earn daily rewards just for playing! Upgrade your base weapons, armor, and health to take more of a beating while doing massive damage! Purchase Super Weapons like bombs, lasers, teslas, and blades to have an ace in the hole for when you need it most! Do you think you have what it takes to beat all of the twenty-five levels? It gets tough, but don’t worry, completing certain levels unlocks a checkpoint that allows you to start there for a fee. Keep upgrading your ship and get back at it! Every level ends with an epic boss battle, so be ready to take them all on!

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Sky Battle

Challenge your reaction skills in this exciting, thrilling flight game, Sky Battle. Dodge your way to victory and avoid the rockets for as long as possible! This will give you an experience of being in a dog fight back in the War. Your heart will be racing and you will need to focus intently to ensure your victory.

Last as long as possible by avoiding oncoming fire, by moving left and right! Pick up bonuses to aid your flight and chances of survival, for example a super shield which increases health! Sky Battle requires a really cool head for combat, good keyboard control (flying skills), and good timing skills. Smart decision making skills is also very important, do you gamble to try to pick up the bonuses whilst risk getting fired at? The choice is yours, lets see if you have what it takes to take to the skies!

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Gravity Climb

Gravity Climb is a thrilling test of your reflexes, in which you control a cube which is running up the walls. You will need to switch it from side to side to escape spikes that appear randomly on each wall. You don’t have much notice of the spikes, however, so this game will have you on edge using your fastest reflexes! See how high you can get up the wall, and challenge your friends to beat your score.

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Ruin is a fun addicting yet incredibly simple game which will improve your problem and puzzle solving skills. Come and have a go if you think you are smart enough to take this on! Show off to your friends by solving the puzzle in as few attempts as possible!

The aim of the game is to get the board empty. Make the items disappear by matching the colours together and aligning them in a straight line. More than 2 matching pieces horizontally or vertically will make them disappear and you need to make everything on the board disappear to move on. This will develop your problem solving skills as some of the levels are really thought provoking, and you only have a limited amount of moves. The fewer moves you take the better your score. Try and aim for 3 out of 3 stars on each level!

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The Bowling Club

The Bowling Club is a wonderful way to bowl. With intuitive controls and bright colors and an excellent design, this game is like being on an actual court and playing a real game. Can you make a strike?

The game is easy to use and has controls that are responsive and fun. And the sounds and design are just an icing on the cake of an already terrific game.

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Balls vs Boxes

Ball vs Boxes is the game you play when everything else is no longer a challenge for you. Or if you really don’t like yourself. Either way, Ball vs Boxes is truly one of the most challenging yet simple browser games you are likely to come into contact with. Your goal? Jump over blocks and dodge blocks as they come towards you. Sounds simple enough right? Well, yes, but the issue is that only those with the sharpest and quickest reflexes will be able to last more than just a couple of seconds without dying. Come and experience Ball vs Boxes for yourself.

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Perfect Turn

Perfect turn is a fun unique puzzle game where you control a sponge through a series of challenging yet exciting levels that will have you both frustrated and pleasantly amused by how simple yet complex it is at the same time. Perfect turn offers a simplistic style of gameplay that guarantees hours of fun without sacrificing a ton of time learning how to play it

The game places you as a bright colorful sponge in a dull colorless space of varying shape with the goal being to cover each and every inch of the space with color, sounds easy enough until you have that one box that you just can’t reach, which will happen a lot.

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Rotative Pipes Puzzle

Rotative Pipes Puzzle, as the name might hint to, is a logic-based and pattern-based puzzle game that is enjoyable for both adults and children. In this game, your goal is a simple one; all you need to do is connect all of the pipe pieces by rotating them until they are all connected and not one piece is excluded. The further you progress, the trickier the game will become. Puzzle games, unfortunately, get forgotten about, which is a shame considering how beneficial they are for both adult brains and those of developing children.

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Ski King

Ski King is a downhill skiing simulator, in which your aim is to complete the pistes in as little time as possible! However, it’s not as easy as just skiing down, as you’ll need to dodge obstacles and make sure that you pass on the right side of ski flags. Pass on the right of blue flags and left of red ones! Completing levels unlocks more pistes, and some levels also award upgrade points which can be spent to improve your speed, durability, and carving ability. Collect all the upgrade points to max out your skier, then why not go back to levels to see if you can get the minimum times!

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Put your mind to the test in Unfold, a great and welcome addition to the puzzle and brainteaser genre! In Unfold, you objective is to fill in all of the grey spaces within the grid map by flipping over the right coloured tiles in the right order to win each level. When you flip a tile, you will create an exact copy of it regardless of if it's one tile or two tiles. It is best to remember that every time you flip a tile you are in essence multiplying it, and its next form, by 2. So, keep focused and plan your moves wisely! Unfold is guaranteed to keep your mind distracted for a few hours while waiting or when relaxing.

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Hungry Line Physics

Hungry Line Physics is a physics based puzzle game, in which you draw lines to help connect a hungry face and a donut! Your lines will need to power the ball, but also protect it from obstacles and dangers, as well as the peril of falling off the edges! Sometimes you’ll even need to separate additional balls from falling, making sure its only the face that reaches the donut.
Each level has multiple objectives. When you’ve completed them all, you’ll be ready to move onto the next one!

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Fast Fingers

Fast Fingers is a fast-paced reflex based game, that will have you focused for hours trying to beat your high scores! In this game, three blocks fall from the sky at regular intervals, which speed up as time goes on. However, you also have to control a block, and as there is only space for four blocks on the screen, you’ll need to quickly identify the gap and fit your brick into it accurately!

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