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Play fun, interesting and quite challenging games online for free on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop or Mac / PC at home or during supervised breaks at school. Cool free HTML5-based games for kids & fun-loving grownups to play now online; good 1 and 2-player games for Android, iPhone or iPad (Note that some games on our site may not play on all iOS mobile phones, tablets or browsers due to the game software not being supported on some devices).

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Get 10

Get 10 is an addictive maths based puzzle game that will have you struggling for hours trying to get a 10! Match 2 or more boxes with the same number to raise their number by 1. The empty spaces this makes are filled by boxes with numbers randomized from 1 to whatever number is highest on the board. As you get further through the game, you’ll need to be increasingly efficient with space, and plan ahead to be able to get your boxes all the way up to number 10!

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Jewel Dash

Explore the shiny deeps as you accompany a lone dwarf miner as he traverses gem-filled caves and mines in Jewel Dash. Jewel Dash plays similarly to other tile/gem-matching puzzle games where your objective to math 3 or more gem blocks to clear space and earn points. Collect the required number of points to unlock the next level and go deeper into the mineshaft, collecting interesting powerups along the way. Jew Dash is a great casual game that is perfect to unwind with, especially for fans of the genre.

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Morphit is not only one of the most entertaining and wacky games ever, but it is also great for the kids. In Morphit, you will take control of a shapeshifting block that is traveling along an endless road. A road filled with geometrically shaped obstacles. You need to make the shapeshifting block change into the right shape in order to pass through the obstacles safely. Not only will Morphit help kids when it comes to learning their patterns and shapes, but it is also great for training one’s quick reflexes.

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Wheel Duel

Wheel Duel is a super fun racing game where you can change your wheel size mid-race!

This is not just any racing duel game! These vehicles are super special and have something no one else has. The ability to change wheel size on the fly! Get super fast with small wheels to get you going quicker or change them to monster truck size to get huge jumps and get over any obstacle! Nothing can stand in your way! Earn coins for wins and big finishing jumps to upgrade your car and even buy new styles later on! This is a game that can entertain anyone for hours and hours! Get yourself on the race track and start winning races today!

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Push Block

Push Block is a fun and simple game where you have to collect blocks at every level to reach a goal and drop them in the hole at the end of the level. You collect the white blocks by touching them and guide them through the level while avoiding obstacles that will detach your block from each other.

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Roll This Ball

Roll This Ball: In this fun, children’s puzzle game, move the pipes to create a path for the ball to flow through. Your ball will start at one end and will only move when a clear path is built to its destination. Your pipes will have lots of different directions and may need moving around more than once before they can fit in to their correct position! Have you got the skills to beat the puzzle?

Place the pipes by moving one at a time into the correct position to create a smooth path for the ball to flow through. This thought provoking game requires patience, skill and an eye for detail as you search out the required path. You may not get it first time and you may have to move around blocks more than once so have you got the determination and persistence to beat the puzzle?

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Soldier Legend

Help your hero to combat the attacking aliens which are trying to overtake the world. Soldier Legend is a fun survival-based action game for kids and teens.

Skills required: This intense, adventure game requires sharp reflexes as you have these monsters coming at you at fast speeds out of both sides and the sky. Control your nimble character through the game zone at pace. Decision-making skills are also key as you have to decide which monsters need to be eliminated first, as some of them are can cause more damage than others. Collect coins to upgrade your weapon as it gets more tricky the further you get into the game.

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Pizza Maker

Prepare a delicious and nutritious Pizza in this fun, easy-to-play, cooking simulation game! Playable on Android mobile and tablet devices as well as on notebook and desktop PC, Pizza Maker is a straight-forward Italian and Mediterranean cuisine-based activity for kids (little girls and boys) where you follow a simple, step-by-step recipe on how to make a delicious pizza, bake it in the oven and have a lot of fun slicing it! Monitor the easy picture instructions at the top of the play area, and enjoy the satisfaction of creating a scrumptious dish suitable for vegetarians and all fans of iconic Italian food! If that is not enough - try making a Burger or Hot-Dog by choosing a different game option.

This HTML5-based, fun culinary simulation game should work on Android devices, as well as web browsers for PC / Mac. Key control feature: Make sure to click and drag (or tap and swipe) on the exact ingredient indicated. First pick your favorite carnival food from the menu for cooking food. Use different cooking tools to play the street food games. Enjoy your dish prep!

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Fail Run

Fail Run Online definitely falls into the category of truly odd games that, nonetheless, is sure to keep your kids entertained for hours. Fail Run Online is a walking and obstacle simulator where you are in control of the character’s walking. Control each footstep, foot by foot, as you try to get over the finish line to clear each level. The further you go, the harder the obstacles in your way will become. Do you have the patience to complete all the levels?

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Shift Run

Shift Run provides you with a futuristic and sky-bound form of skiing as you travel along floating ski tracks, taking care to avoid all the obstacles along the way and reach the finish line in one piece. Switch between closed feet and wide feet apart positions as you dodge in between track obstacles. Hit just one and you will, unfortunately, have to start from the beginning. Oh, don't worry the game will get harder the further you go.

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Fidget Spinner Mania

Fidget Spinner Mania: Come and relive this absolute classic, addictive game! Your virtual fidget spinner is waiting to be spun and spun! Have you got the ability to reach crazy speeds and gain maximum points and coins? The faster you are able to spin, the more points you get and the more money you earn. Spend these points on upgrading your fidget spinner, allowing you to spin even faster. The question is, how fast can you go?

Spin the fidget spinner as fast as possible for as long as possible. You have 5 spins to accumulate the most amount of spins! This game requires a fast hand on the mouse or on the screen to swipe! Also, your timing will be vital to creating a vicious spin, catch it too soon and you may end up slowing the spin down!

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Moto 3D Racing Challenge

Moto 3D Racing Challenge is a cool 3D bike racing game where you have to race a superbike in strange circumstances... It’s an awesome fast-paced biker adventure that will take you to the extremes of your riding capabilities!  Crank it up and show them who’s Who! 

The aim of the game is to experience the thrill of being a motorbike racer! The highs, and the lows. You need excellent bravery and commitment for this game, with a steady hand on the mouse so you can control movement relatively easily. OK Boss, time to make mince out of these other losers! Let’s fire up that beast!

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Stair Run

Stair Run is a unique running game, in which your character collects blue blocks while needing to avoid red obstacles. The character can build stairs from the blue blocks to go over obstacles — but will need to have collected enough blue blocks first to do this! In each level, you need to make it to the end, and can get special bonus multipliers by being as high up as possible at the end.

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Xtreme Roll Ball Zigzag

Keep a zig-zagging red ball in play for as long as possible on a narrow, ascending obstacle course! Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC, Xtreme Roll Ball Zigzag is a straight-forward yet hard reaction-based survival arcade game where you must constantly change the direction of your fast-moving Ball in order to keep it on the narrow ledge. Collect diamonds along the way to increase your score, but remember that survival is your primary goal here!

This online, HTML5-based, survival action game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Success in this one-level arcade challenge depends of an alert combination of sharp reflexes, good hand-eye coordination, focus and anticipation skills. Be determined to defeat your own top score with each new attempt!

Control Tips: The ball moves forward automatically. Each time you click or tap on the play area, it changes direction 90 degrees, and continuously moves in this crisscross fashion.

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Hop Ball

Hop Ball - Come and play this incredibly fun interactive ball game, where you must hop with the ball as long as possible over the pads. Enjoy the music as you bounce and hop your way to success in the shape of an impressive high score to show off to your friends and family! Think you have the skills required to take on this challenge? Come and find out!

The aim of the game is to bounce on as many pads as possible with the ball. Hop over as many as possible to get a high score. There will be cool music playing as you hop along to give you motivation. This will test your reaction skills and your coordination skills as you must accurately aim the ball to land on the pad. This is made more difficult by the speed at which the ball is moving. Further along as well, the pads start moving making your aiming skills even more important. Do you think you have what it takes?

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Draw Tattoo

Draw Tattoo is an easy to play and addictive tattoo drawing game, perfect for tattoo enthusiasts or people who are interested and enjoy drawing cool shapes! This realistic game will have you playing for hours and will make you consider opening up your own shop! Enjoy!

The aim of this game is to create and produce tattoos to go on the customer's body! This is a big commitment from the customer so the responsibility is on you! Have you got the nerve to complete the task? You will need good creative artistic skills and a very steady hand! Do not be shaking and wobbling otherwise the customer will be unhappy. The game is bright and intuitive and easy to use. It is easy to figure out and difficult to master! Ready up Chief designer! Let's go!

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Make a Roller Coaster

In Make a Roller Coaster you are going to be making a roller coaster and then see how far you can fling yourself off it!

The basic premise for this little game is simply to connect the dots and built a basic slide you can ride and then shoot yourself off of. You’ll be able to speed your character up and then ‘pump’ him up to fling him across the field and onto one of the markers which will give you gold coins. You can really go nuts with the roller coaster, as long as all the points are connected! So get creative and try and built the best coaster you can.

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Run Race 3D

Get ready to run for your life! Run Race 3D is a fun and addicting ‘endless running’ arcade-style game similar in idea to other popular action game titles such as Temple Run, and Canabalt, apart from in this game there is a definitive finishing flag! Keep running until you need to stop to avoid the big obstacles coming at you...Good luck!

The aim of this game is to progress up through the missions by reaching the end finishing flag on each mission. They do get progressively harder so be prepared for that! Use fast fingers, super-sharp reactions and expert timing to travel as far as you can across the cool landscape. On your marks… get set…. RUN RUN RUN!

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UFO Run: The Castle Tower

Guide a rocket-propelled alien character through a 1-level obstacle course – and try to survive for as long as possible on your wacky journey through a dangerous and tricky castle tower! UFO Run: The Castle Tower is a fast-paced, side-scrolling, survival-based distance game playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC. Here, you must constantly propel your alien hero from left to right through the air, avoiding obstacles and using his momentum to collect Gold Stars as you progress. This is a ‘repeat play’ arcade game – so your challenge is to increase your high score with each run!

Skills required: Whether playing on mobile device, tablet, laptop or PC, very fast reactions and slick hand-eye coordination are vitally important here as multiple obstacles and hindrances come at you thick and fast. Good anticipation, focus, concentration, observation skills and determination are needed. Learning (the hard way!) through lots of trial and error is also an essential key part of increasing your top score!

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Ping Pong

Ping Pong game: Defeat the computer by hitting / rebounding the ping pong ball with your paddle to try and get it past your opponent in this fun and addicting ping pong game (that can also help to exercise hand eye coordination and quick reaction skills). Hit the ball, and try to score as many points as you can. Be quick and precise. Happy playing!

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Tropical Tennis

Tropical Tennis is a fun stickman tennis game, in which you take on the computer to prove you’re the real ace! Each game is to three points. Winning the game progresses you to new levels and new opponents. See how far you can get to prove yourself as the real tennis pro.

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Cool Run 3D

Cool Run 3D is a competitive and exciting game where you compete with others to reach the goal. Play against the computer to see who reaches the end goal first. Earn coins to unlock skins and accessories for your character. Be the fastest and win all levels against an increased amount of enemies every time.

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Jump Down

Jump Down: This excited little ball needs your help to jump down as far as possible! Each level has a small gap to fall through and you have control! Spin the pole so the gap lines up as you fall down! Be careful though, hitting the red parts will mean you have failed! Good luck!

Reach as far down as possible! This game requires fast fingers on the keyboard and good reaction times. You must react to turn the pole quickly to avoid landing in the red and failing. Therefore anticipation is key as you look what is to come, and act accordingly to keep your ball falling, or bouncing, safely!

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Join Scroll Run

There are few adjectives or even words in the English language that can adequately describe the pure madness and absurdity that Join Scroll Run delivers. Join Scroll Run is an obstacle game of sorts that requires you to take control of a weird little rolling man and roll into other weird little men in order to create a giant human wheel. You will need to collect as many people as you can in order to roll over all of the obstacles that stand between you and the finish line.

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Combo Slash

Combo Slash is a head-scratching, brain teaser puzzle platform game for kids and teens set in a squared off house that houses monsters, arrows, weapons and other dangerous items and it is your job to safely reunite the two girls! Sounds simple? Come and have a go, you will need your thinking cap on!

The aim of this game is to complete each level and then move on to the next. Reunite the two girls without putting either of them in harms way! Look out for the arrows and the animals, among other must be on guard! This innovative and challenging online activity really tests your analytical thinking and problem-solving skills as you try to figure out a solution that allows the threats to be neutralized and the two girls to be reunited safely. Great patience and determination is needed in order to find the solution. Try not to get your brain in a twist – Time travel can be mind-meltingly tricky at times!

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Nonogram Picture Cross Puzzle

The Nonogram Picture Cross Puzzle Game:  is a challenging and brain teaser puzzle game that will test your math skills and spatial imagination. With three difficulty levels to choose from, you'll have to use your logical reasoning to fill in the blank spaces according to the numerical clues provided. By exercising your mind, you can improve your cognitive abilities and sharpen your problem-solving skills. Are you up for the challenge? Play now and see if you can complete all levels!

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Submarine War

Take to the high and desolate seas and wage war with an endless fleet of submarines in Submarine War! Take command of a lone bombardment ship as you patrol the waters, dropping underwater bombs as the submarines approach. Just make sure to dodge their own missiles when they fire back! See how many ships you can sink and how high a score you can set in this action-packed game!

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Cricket Hero

In Cricket Hero, live out your dreams of becoming a Cricket superstar! Your job is to protect your wicket by hitting away the balls that are bowled towards it. However, balls can be bowled with a bounce, spin or extra speed. You’ll also need to avoid hitting eggs (which will mean that your screen is almost covered in egg for the next ball) or bombs (which will make you lose a life). Three strikes (failing to protect the wicket or hitting a bomb) and you’re out!

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Master Sudoku

Play an online Sudoku puzzle game with three difficulty levels on your phone, tablet, notebook or desktop PC! Master Sudoku is a stimulating online version of the classic number-based brain training game. Playable on Android devices and web browsers, there are three difficulty levels –  Easy, Normal, or Difficult. Both novice and experienced Sudoku players can enjoy the head-scratching action as you play against the clock to complete each puzzle!

Played by brain teaser puzzle fanatics around the world, Sudoku is a logic-based, number-placement game. If you aren't familiar with the concept - your objective is to fill a 9x9 square grid with digits so that each vertical column, horizontal row, and 3x3 sub-grid contains the numbers 1-9 in any order.

This online, HTML5-based, survival mind game should work on Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Skills required include fast reactions (due to time pressure), sharp logical and analytical thinking skills, the ability to focus on the bigger picture, and to use the process of elimination to see which numbers work best in each position on the grid. Happy Sudoku puzzle playing!

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Toys Mahjong Connect

Match pairs of tiles in Toys Mahjong Connect! this is a straight-forward, tile matching game for kids is based on the ancient and highly-popular Chinese tile matching puzzle, Mahjong Solitaire. This fun matching pairs game can be played on iOS, Android, notebook, laptop or desktop PC! Clear the game board of all tiles by connecting matching pairs of tiles where each connection can have no more than 2 turns. Can you conquer all 15 levels?

This online, HTML5-based, matching pairs puzzle game should work on iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Skills required include focus, concentration, sharp observation skills, alert analytical thinking, problem-solving skills.

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Stack Colors

Stack Colors is a straight-forward online color game for young kids who love to work with colors and cute little characters. This will help young children learn about the association of colors and also it is a really fun way to spend your time! Come and have a go!

The aim of this game is to collect as many colored bars as possible before the end zone and then push your pile of bars over to earn yourself a lovely coins bonus! This simple, mouse-clicking activity should be ideal to help develop color knowledge & coordination, and a child's creative imagination. This is a really fun and simple way to begin to learn the colors and also learn how to react to things in a short period of time! Can you keep your hand steady and collect all these colorful bars?

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DodgeBall Battle

Catch the ball with your hands, and throw it back to them. DodgeBall Battle - Can you win this duel? Use your reflexes and stamina to defeat the opponent. Throw the ball at your opponent. Don't get hit!

Play using your mouse or tap with your finger on a screen. You can move your character by tap and drag left/right. Catch incoming ball with hands (not your head) and call will be sent back at your opponent. When Supercharge is full at the bottom of the screen and you catch the ball and it is your turn to throw - wait for Supercharge to be at the peak and then tap to throw the ball. The ball will be send to your opponent at maximum speed. Don't forget to collect coins when it's raining golden coins!

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Soccer Heroes

Gather round and witness the very best of soccer expertise in Soccer Heroes, a gruelling and challenging soccer tournament that will see 16 teams face off against each other to see who can reach the finals and claim victory. Join and represent one of the 16 teams and lead them to victory as you try to beat all stand in your way in fierce 1v1 matches.

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Two Neon Boxes

Are you ready to jump? That is exactly what you will do - a lot - in Two Neon Boxes. In this game, you are in control of two bright, moving neon boxes that are running along duel tracks. When obstacles present themselves, you need to leap up and avoid running into them. If you jump too fast or too late, your turn is over.

How high of a score can you create?

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Blox Shock

Blox Shock: Have endless fun and entertainment on this puzzle and interactive game! Add blocks that are given to you onto the empty squared table and assemble complete lines to progress and gain points! Place your blocks smartly so you can maximise your points!

Fill the table with the blocks that are provided to you! Place them in a strategic manner to quickly form rows and columns and then they will disappear, and you will gain points! This game develops your problem solving skills as you must have a keen eye to figure out where is best to place your weirdly shaped blocks. Don't waste any blocks, see if you can get complete rows and columns in as few attempts as possible! Good luck!

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Sliding Numbers

Sliding Numbers is a fun and challenging numeric puzzle game. Place all the numbers from 1 to 15 in order of magnitude. Strategically move the blocks around to get your numbers in the appropiate spot! Simple right? Come and have a go if you think you are good enough!

Assemble the numbers in order of their magnitude (size) to win. Use your logic skills to complete this puzzling and addicting game. You must first of all decide which numbers are going where, then you have to figure out a way of getting those numbers in the correct place! Have fun problem-solving!

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Sports Match 3 Deluxe

Sports Match 3 Deluxe is a fun and challenging puzzle game that helps develop good observation and quick-reaction skills. It is similar to the famous Bejewelled II game. Align 3 or more identical sports balls (football, basketball, baseball, etc…) horizontally or vertically for them to disappear as quickly as possible. You have a limited time of 5 minutes to complete the task and achieve a high score. Good luck!

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Cheese Hunt

Rat and Cheese: This game for kids is a fun adventure game with cute little rodents and nice animation. Not all rodents should be hated! This is a cute little rat and its your job to look after it and make sure it gets its cheese by the end of the adventure. Climb up multiple levels, escape danger and navigate your way up the twisty corridors. Be careful of the slicer! This will hurt you! Good luck!

The aim of the game is to enable the rat to eat the cheese located at the end of the level. You must climb up and pass the obstacles to get to the cheese. This game requires good strategy, planning and of course execution. Have you got what it takes?

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Rope Bawling

Experience an entirely new way to play bawling in Rope Bawling, an addictive game that mixes the sport of bowling, puzzles, and gravity all into one game! In Rope Bawling, you will need to cut various ropes that are attached to the bowling balls, with the aim being to release the ball so that it can hit/knock all of the pines below. Work your way through 30 complicated levels, each harder than the last, as you try to figure out the best time and angle to cut each rope so that it hits all of its pins without flying off of the edge!

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X Ultimate

X Ultimate: The 7x7 board is jam-packed with colorful tiles and it's up to you to move them around and create lines to make them disappear. But be careful, because how you position them is the key to success! You won't want to waste your powerful boosters, like the undo or move-anywhere options, will you?

As you progress through the game, you'll build up your boosters which you can use when you overfill the board and need help. With every level comes a new challenge, so be sure to master the X-board for maximum fun! Playing this game isn't just entertaining, it also helps improve problem-solving skills. You'll need to pay close attention to the allowed patterns at the start of the game in order to make the blocks disappear as you play. Get ready to put your mind to the test and have a blast doing it!

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