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Play interesting and challenging games for children, teens to play now on mobile, tablet, notebook, laptop or PC at home or during supervised school breaks, as well as for fun-loving grownups. Enjoy free HTML5-based games online; 1 and 2-player games for your Android phone, iPhone or iPad (Note that some games on our site may not play on all iOS mobile phones, tablets or browsers due to the game software not being supported on some devices).

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Sumo Push Push

Play a fun, multi-level brain teaser strategy board-style game online. Sumo Push Push is a tricky, interactive, logic-based, visual strategy game where you must overpower your opponents with clever placement of your Sumo warriors. The Sumo warriors are from different weight classes so make sure your warrior is heavier than your opponent's. In order to win you have to protect your side and damage the opponent's health.

This tough, online, HTML5-based strategy puzzle game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac.

Test and exercise your strategic planning, analytical reasoning and logical thinking skills as you attempt to overpower your opponent. Intense focus and determination is important. 

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Time to Park 2

Play a challenging, hand-eye coordination-based, car parking game against the clock! Time to Park 2 is a tricky driving simulation game where you have to guide your car to a designated yellow parking spot within a set time limit in 10 increasingly-difficult levels. Playable on Android mobile phone, Android tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop.

While you don't have to be a seasoned, real-life driver to be a whizz at this game, you do need to exhibit some key skills that are pertinent in real-life driving situations. These include good hand-eye coordination and keen observation skills. Enjoy the fun parking action!

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Birdy Rush

Birdy Rush is a funny game where you play a bird trying to evade falling boxes!

Having a bad day? Not as bad as this bird! Move around to get out of the way of these random boxes falling from the sky! You can’t jump, but don’t worry, this bird can climb up the side of the boxes quite well. Pick up grains and see how long you can last before a box lands on you and ends the run!

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Dot Tap

Dot Tap is a simple but addictive game in which you need to click or tap as soon as a moving dot reaches a stationary dot. The only rule is that you can only tap when the ball is in contact with the dot (in any part). However, the longer you continue, the faster the ball moves - so before too long you’ll find this game a challenge to your reflexes!

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Road Fury

Create pandemonium on the streets! Play a crazy, reactions-based driving and shooting game and survival challenge all rolled into one! Road Fury is a high-octane, explosion-filled car game where your goal is to survive for as long as possible, and destroy as many other vehicles as you can along the way! Anything goes – you have free reign to destroy any cars, vans or trucks that have the audacity to be in your path of destruction across the 5-laned highway! Collect coins after destroying cars and use these coins to upgrade your car. Collect power-ups to enhance your performance and be careful of the enemy, they try to eliminate you!

Playable on android mobile phone and tablet, notebook, laptop and PC, this crazy driving game requires really smart reactions, good hand-eye coordination skills and high concentration levels. Quickly dodging and weaving around vehicles and barriers that you haven't destroyed is the key to survival.

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Tower Boxer

Let's break down some buildings at rocket speed in Tower Boxer!

Playing as any of the serval possible characters, tower boxer is a quick-punch and quicker-thinking game. As you break the building down, extended porches will be coming down as well, and you have to switch out as quickly as possible before it hits you. The thing is, there isn't much time to think, a timer is ticking down, and you have to keep punching to stop it from hitting zero, slow down and the timer runs out, pick up speed and the timer will slow to a crawl and even fill up again if you're punching fast enough!

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Craft Tower

Journey into a distant land, dominated by a lone tower that stretches so far into the sky that the very clouds gather round to embrace it. Join the brave explorer, who has no fear of heights, as he attempts to reach the very tip of the tower in Craft Tower. Craft Tower is a quick reflex game, where you have to keep jumping over and between ledges to climb higher and higher. Wait too long and the ledges will crumble sending the climber to his death.

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Rope Bawling

Experience an entirely new way to play bawling in Rope Bawling, an addictive game that mixes the sport of bowling, puzzles, and gravity all into one game! In Rope Bawling, you will need to cut various ropes that are attached to the bowling balls, with the aim being to release the ball so that it can hit/knock all of the pines below. Work your way through 30 complicated levels, each harder than the last, as you try to figure out the best time and angle to cut each rope so that it hits all of its pins without flying off of the edge!

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Crossy Bridge

Can you make it through a crazy road that keeps shifting and changing? How good of a driver are you? You will find out playing Crossy Bridge, a fun and bright driving game that shows you how much you need to be a defensive driver.

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Colors Pressing

Get your reflexes back into shape with Colors Pressing, a game that is all about focus, timing, and patience. An endless stream of coloured balls will continue to fall downwards towards the conveyor funnel. It is your job to smash the balls of a particular colour that matches the colour of the smashers. Allow more than a handful to slip past and it’s game over.

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Blocks Up

Blocks Up is a colorful and brilliant match-three game that adds a new wrinkle to an age-old favorite formula. In the game, you are matching three colored boxes but unlike other match-three games, they don't have to be right next to each other. They do not have to be adjacent. That little twist actually changes the game quite a bit.

You will want to play this game again and again after learning the basics in just minutes. It takes very little time to learn and that is part of the appeal.

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Number Maze

Number Maze is a fun and exciting game. You must work your way around the maze joining up the spaces with lines. This line you create must go through the numbered spaces, with the numbers relating to which order they need to be passed through to be successful! Have you got your thoughtful head on? This game may sound easy but it is a lot more advanced as you progress through the levels. Good luck, you might just need it!

The aim of the game is to complete the maze by filling all the empty spaces. Do this by joining the spaces together with a line and this line must pass through the numbered spaces, in the order that the numbers specify. For example start at 0, then go through 1 first, then 2, then 3 and so on. This game will develop your puzzle solving skills as you battle to figure a way to complete the maze in the correct order - it may not be as simple as it first seems! Lets see if you have the skills required!

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City Block

How high up can you get in the tower construction world? Build a tower of blocks as high as possible in this challenging skill game! Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop, or desktop PC, City Block is a very tricky tower construction game for kids, teens & adults where you must tactfully drop boxes and other items on top of one another, and try to build the largest tower that you can before gravity topples your building to the ground. This is a straight-forward yet very tough, repeat-play challenge where your goal is to defeat your high score with each new tower building attempt.

This multi-level, HTML5-based, problem-solving / creative engineering puzzle game should work on Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. Expert timing is the key to your success here. You must very carefully judge when and where to drop each block in order to keep the tower steady and upright. Trial and error is very important as it may take you a few attempts to get comfortable with the timing. Try to drop each block as close to the center as possible for the best scrore!

Controls: A mechanical arm holding a block whizzes horizontally back and forth across the game screen. Simply click your mouse or tap your mobile screen to drop the box or item on your target placement. Your level / attempt is over when one or all of your tower blocks fall beyond the drop zone.

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Push Block

Push Block is a fun and simple game where you have to collect blocks at every level to reach a goal and drop them in the hole at the end of the level. You collect the white blocks by touching them and guide them through the level while avoiding obstacles that will detach your block from each other.

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Goldblade Water Adventure

Guide the courageous Princess Goldblade on a noble quest through side-scrolling platform worlds filled with wacky enemies, ledges, and numerous other hindrances! Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC, Goldblade Water Adventure is a fun yet challenging, platform-based skill game where you must conquer a series of side-scrolling, baddie-filled levels.

Skills required: To succeed in this action adventure game, you must exhibit fast reactions, good hand-eye coordination and anticipation skills, savvy judgment, tactful jumping skills, stamina, and great determination. Each level features a range of challenging obstacles – from steep drops to leaping bad guys and more.

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Catch The Candy

Strategically and tactfully remove blocks in order to deliver a delicious piece of candy to a hungry yellow block! Playable on Android mobile devices, laptop, notebook, and desktop PC, Catch The Candy is a multi-level, interactive physics-based, block removal puzzle game where you must carefully alter the game environment in order to guide a candy swirl into the mouth of a static yellow block hero. Both the candy and the block cannot move on their own, so you need to remove concrete blocks in order to create momentum and get the candy moving using a combination of the effect of gravity and the contours of the level.

This HTML5 physics & gravity-based brain teaser game should work on Android mobile devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Skills required include sharp analytical thinking and problem solving skills, tactful mouse clicking / finger tapping, good anticipation skills, and fast reactions to quickly figure out and create the best route for the candy to reach the hungry block. Trial and error also comes into play, especially in later levels when the obstacles are more complex, and actions must be executed in a specific sequence.

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Stick Freak

Play a 1-level, platform-based, judgment and survival game where you must repeatedly create the perfect length of bridge in order to move an eccentric top hat hero from platform to platform! Stick Freak is a very-challenging, interactive visual puzzle game where you must methodically create mini-bridges that ensure that your hero finishes up safely on the next platform! Your quirky main character only moves when a bridge is laid – but if your construction is too long or too short, he's in for a great big fall!

Skills required: Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC, this fun ‘repeat play’ brain teaser requires your sharpest judgment and problem-solving skills. Creating the ideal bridge each time is quite tricky – especially when the distance between platforms varies from jump to jump. Trial and error is also very important as you become used to the bridge-making action.

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Winter Racing

Winter Racing is an ice-cool car racing game, perfect for anyone looking for some fast-paced winter action, where you have to navigate your way around a super-difficult track at high speeds, competing against your opponent and trying to finish first! This frost-filled high-octane adventure game requires expert tactical driving skills to cope with the grueling demands of these hazardous wintry conditions. Time to get moving. Remember; don’t slip up! Have fun!

The aim of the game is to win the race! You will be racing against an opponent so it is your mission to get to the finish line first! You must battle the odds and get to that finish line first! Be careful not to go too fast though as you may tip over and crash! This will test your skills in terms of driving fast but safe. You must consider if it is worth the risk of constantly accelerating to try and win! The decision is up to you! Ready up, your opponent is waiting.

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Nonogram Picture Cross Puzzle

The Nonogram Picture Cross Puzzle Game:  is a challenging and brain teaser puzzle game that will test your math skills and spatial imagination. With three difficulty levels to choose from, you'll have to use your logical reasoning to fill in the blank spaces according to the numerical clues provided. By exercising your mind, you can improve your cognitive abilities and sharpen your problem-solving skills. Are you up for the challenge? Play now and see if you can complete all levels!

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Brave ancient dungeons and ruins as you face and slay all manner of creatures, monsters, and demons in Archero. Take the role of the brave huntress as she delves deeper and further into ancient forest and desert ruins in search of adventure, loot, and monster slaying. Archero mixes elements of hack-n-slash, dungeons crawler and looter games all into one. Take up the bow and the knife and go kill some monsters!

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Cut the Apple

Cut the Apple: The hungry squirrel needs feeding, and its your job to help! You need to slice the apples off the spinning log the make them fall! You have a number of knives to throw up and you must make sure your aim is on oint to slice the apples! Don't hit your own knife though otherwise it will be game over!

Slice the apples off the log to feed the squirrel. This game tests your timing skills as the log is constantly spinning so you must time your throw to slice the apple! Keep practising and you will become really accurate and efficient with your throws.

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Blocks vs Blocks

Blocks vs Blocks, a mathematical puzzle game that will test not only your mind and how well you can measure quantities. Your goal for each level is to fill the gird boards with as many green blocks as you can. When you place a green block, it will spread out in every direction around it, provided the space is free. The trick is that you need the green blocks to be the dominant block color within the grid board in complete each level. Blocks vs Blocks is a simple and relaxing game that is suitable for all ages.

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Ricocheting ball

Ricocheting Ball is a simple but tricky game that will test your skills of timing and synchronization, and frustrate you into spending hours trying to beat your high scores! This game features a ball that begins in the middle of a circle and heads out to the outside. Your job is to keep the ball in the center of the circle by controlling a revolving segment that can bounce it back towards the middle.

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Breakout Rush

In Breakout Arkanoid, your challenge is to use a pong-style ball and bat to break through obstacles in your way, getting as far as possible along a tunnel filled with square blocks. Use various upgrades on your journey, such as small extra balls that can help destroy things faster, and speed boost that powers your ball through anything in its way. Avoid letting the ball reach the bottom of the screen without being blocked by the bat, which will end your run. This is easier said than done, as the further you get the faster the ball moves!

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Lightbulb Physics

Play a challenging block removal puzzle game on your mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop, or desktop PC that combines analytical thinking skills, Lightbulb Physics is a tricky, physics and gravity-based, problem-solving game for kids, teens and adults where you must carefully and methodically alter the game environment (remove items) until your lightbulb rests on the electricity source. This becomes increasingly more tricky as you reach higher levels! There are 60 progressively challenging levels. Can you conquer them all?

This online, HTML5-based, gravity brain teaser puzzle game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Skills required include a general appreciation of the laws of physics and gravity, alert analytical thinking and anticipation skills.

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Get 10

Get 10 is an addictive maths based puzzle game that will have you struggling for hours trying to get a 10! Match 2 or more boxes with the same number to raise their number by 1. The empty spaces this makes are filled by boxes with numbers randomized from 1 to whatever number is highest on the board. As you get further through the game, you’ll need to be increasingly efficient with space, and plan ahead to be able to get your boxes all the way up to number 10!

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Draw Rider

Draw Rider is quite an innovative and creative addition to the obstacle racing genre. The premise is simple, be the first to reach the finish line at the end of the extremely wacky obstacle course. What makes the game interesting is that you need to design the wheels of your four-wheeler depending on the terrain type. Draw the design in the box provided to create rounded tires for flat terrain and flat paddles for water sections. Pick the design that is the most efficient for each section. Draw Rider will entertain the veterans while also being very beneficial for kids who are learning about shapes and physics, offering them a visual and interactive space to understand concepts such as traction and resistance.

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Tropical Tennis

Tropical Tennis is a fun stickman tennis game, in which you take on the computer to prove you’re the real ace! Each game is to three points. Winning the game progresses you to new levels and new opponents. See how far you can get to prove yourself as the real tennis pro.

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Baseball Hit

Ready to swing? You will need to - a lot - when playing Baseball Hit. This bright and explosive game has you swinging your baseball bat at a bunch of different objects from fruits to balls. But do not swing at the bomb or else your game is over!

This game is expertly made and is a lot of fun. You will want to play again and again. It is pretty much endless as long as you keep swinging and hitting.

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Moto 3D Racing Challenge

Moto 3D Racing Challenge is a cool 3D bike racing game where you have to race a superbike in strange circumstances... It’s an awesome fast-paced biker adventure that will take you to the extremes of your riding capabilities!  Crank it up and show them who’s Who! 

The aim of the game is to experience the thrill of being a motorbike racer! The highs, and the lows. You need excellent bravery and commitment for this game, with a steady hand on the mouse so you can control movement relatively easily. OK Boss, time to make mince out of these other losers! Let’s fire up that beast!

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Go Up Dash

Go Up Dash - Get ready for a fun, hectic and addicting action and skill game where you have to progress through the levels and prove that you are the champion at this game! Take a seat and concentrate for this, it is not as easy as it sounds!

The aim of this game is to reach the end of the level having not been hit by any of the spikes! You can progress onto the next level if you are good enough and you will be glad to hear that the levels get more and more challenging! This all-action adventure requires fast fingerwork and a steady hand, as you need to time your side changes to perfection! One second too late or too early and you will be hit! Good luck!

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Bounce Balls

Bounce Balls is a classic-style quick reaction skill game for all the family. It sounds simple and starts off relatively easy but then quickly escalates into a full-on frenzy of contrasting colors as the games progresses and more balls are introduced. This highly enjoyable game requires super-sharp decision making skills and razor sharp vision! OK, ready for some quick-thinking ball bouncing action? See if you can cope with these crafty colors! Good luck!

The aim of this game is to get a high score by eliminating the big balls that are bouncing down, but without getting squashed by one of them. If this happens it is game over unfortunately. For this, you will need expert skills on the mouse. You must be quick enough and accurate enough to make a real impact on the big balls' health points, whilst being careful enough not to land underneath one of them!

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Blocks Sliding Tetris

Blocks Sliding Tetriz is a lot like the classic arcade game but with a small twist. Instead of falling blocks, you are tasked with moving a set of laid blocks into the right places. Shift them around, find a way to fill every void. As you do, the lines below will disappear and you will earn more points.

The game is actually quite tricky and takes a while to get the hang of and that is a good thing, it makes it more addictive and fun.

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Triangle Energy

Triangle Energy is a puzzle matching game, in which you need to connect groups of three matching tiles from across a grid. Any matching icons covered by the sides of the triangle will also be destroyed! To get the highest scores, keep the icons from raising up to the top of the screen by destroying them. On medium and hard difficulty, you'll also have special squares that you're challenged to destroy. Race against the time limits to match as many icons as possible!

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Tractor Mania

Play as a tractor driver, in Tractor Mania, and your goal is to deliver items from the warehouse to the factory, the more items you bring, the more coins you get. You can use these coins you can buy new tractors and trailers in your garage, as well as improve them. Show everyone who is the best transporter! Balance the need for speed and precision to ensure you do a good job and get the items delivered!

You will get a batch of items, in which you must deliver to the factory! A good idea may be to upgrade your tractor's fuel capacity as soon as possible, you do not want to be running out of fuel! This game will help develop your coordination skills, you need to delicately balance your trailer and then operate the controls to effectively drive and reach the end!

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Two X2

Two X2 is a mathematical puzzle game in which you need to combine bubbles that contain numbers together to make new bubbles with multiples of those numbers. Two twos combined will turn into a four, two fours will make an eight, and so on. Combining these bubbles will free up space for another bubble in the grid and, if you work fast enough, you’ll be able to continue until you reach some impressively high numbers! The game is a race against time, and if you don’t combine enough high numbers for long enough, the game will be over. You’ll be working your mathematical reasoning as well as your reflexes, as it’s a fast paced and exhilarating ride!

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Bouncy Stick

Play as a spring-loaded stick as you bounce yourself off of platforms, ricochet off of walls and try to launch yourself all the way to the finish line in Bouncy Stick. The objective is simple; navigate yourself through the tricky angles of each of the 30 courses to get to the finish line, no timer, no lives, just good old fun.

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Celestial Fall

Celestial Fall puts you in control of a deity named Magda in this beautiful 3D game with compelling gameplay and an amazing art style. Magda needs help as she leaps from step to step avoiding obstacles that may lead her to an early grave such as the red pyramids strategically placed along the steps or the large gaps in between steps.

Shimmy down staircase like levels as you collect special gems that unlock abilities such as shuffling the steps before you. Time your jumps and plan ahead to avoid suffering a “celestial fall” in this highly addictive arcade game.

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