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Cool and challenging games for supervised children, teens and fun-loving grownups to play now on mobile. Play free HTML5 games online for Android phone, iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac desktop, laptop / notebook. (Note that some games on our site may not play on all iOS mobile phones, tablets or browsers due to the game software not being supported on those devices).

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Racing Rocket 2

Get ready for the ultimate racing experience with Rocket Racing 2! The popular mobile game has even more excitement and adrenaline-pumping action than ever before. Use the gold you win from races to upgrade your car and even purchase powerful new vehicles, giving you the edge you need to come out on top. With a variety of customization options, you can tailor your ride to your personal style and preferences.

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Bubble Guriko

Bubble Guriko: Welcome to this fun and classic game! You are out in the water and you must stop the bubbles coming down onto the beach. The way to do this, smash them away by firing the same coloured bubble at them! This has hours of fun in it! Get the satisfaction of smashing a big chain of bubbles away! Have fun!

Clear all the bubbles from the screen before they come down and touch the bottom! You need to match the coloured bubbles together to get them to blow away, so you must have a cool head to analyse where best to fire the ball! Do not just go all guns blazing and choose the first spot you see! Think about it, take your time and you will reap the rewards from this! This game will develop your ability to analyse the situation, weigh up the options and make the right decision!

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Libelle Sudoku

Libelle Sudoku - Original Sudoku game with puzzles ranging from easy to very difficult. It is very simple to learn how to play, requires no calculations, and provides a surprisingly wide variety of situations where logic is needed. Children to the elderly can enjoy Sudoku as a pass-time. Good luck and have fun! You will also have a timer in the cornor to add that extra bit of pressure!

This game requires a good skill of patience as you will figure especially the more difficult the board, your first answer may need to be changed several times. Do not lose hope and get frustrated however this is normal! Keep your cool and you will be on your way to becoming a sudoku master!

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Tower Run Online

Tower Run Jumping is a crazy game, where you must make a tower of people, all standing on each other's shoulders. You do this by timing jumps perfectly whilst running down a path, the aim? Get as many people on your tower by the time the level ends.

The game comes with challenges though, with the tower of people having to jump over walls! Not all the people will make it, how many do is up to how skilled you are! The game gets harder with more people on your tower, it's harder to jump and balance.

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Invace Spaders

Take to the endless skies of deep space in the classic arcade inspired Invace Spaders as you fly further and further into the unknown. Blast through and dodge the nearly endless number of alien ships as they stand in your way. The more you take down the more points you will get to later unlock other types of spaceships; use your blasters and powerups to do the job. But remember, all it takes is three of their shots to bring you down also, so play wisely not recklessly.

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Crazy Balls

Crazy Balls is a fun and simple game where you have to make the chick fly to collect diamonds and coins. Press on the screen to make it fly straight up, and avoid any incoming projectiles like soccer balls. Earn coins to unlock more chicks to play with.

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Gunner Runner

Gunner Runner is an endless gunpower-packed game where your goal is to use the recoil of the gun to shoot and bounce it as far as you can. The further you are able to send the gun, the more money you will earn; however, use your shots wisely as you will only be able to take so many. Use the money you earn to purchase more bullets or other upgrades for your gun. You will also be able to acquire other types of guns the more you play. Gunner Runner is the perfect game to relax with while waiting or when you just want to let your mind wander for a while.

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Paint Blue

Paint Blue is a casual puzzle game where your goal is to paint all the spaces with blue. Move around the map using the walls, as the ball doesn’t stop when you want it, but simply when it hits a wall. Even though it is simple, you might not complete some levels if you get it wrong on your first move.

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City Block

How high up can you get in the tower construction world? Build a tower of blocks as high as possible in this challenging skill game! Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop, or desktop PC, City Block is a very tricky tower construction game for kids, teens & adults where you must tactfully drop boxes and other items on top of one another, and try to build the largest tower that you can before gravity topples your building to the ground. This is a straight-forward yet very tough, repeat-play challenge where your goal is to defeat your high score with each new tower building attempt.

This multi-level, HTML5-based, problem-solving / creative engineering puzzle game should work on Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. Expert timing is the key to your success here. You must very carefully judge when and where to drop each block in order to keep the tower steady and upright. Trial and error is very important as it may take you a few attempts to get comfortable with the timing. Try to drop each block as close to the center as possible for the best scrore!

Controls: A mechanical arm holding a block whizzes horizontally back and forth across the game screen. Simply click your mouse or tap your mobile screen to drop the box or item on your target placement. Your level / attempt is over when one or all of your tower blocks fall beyond the drop zone.

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Rush Race

There is nothing as exhilarating and liberating as taking to the wide-open road, one removed and far away from the chaotic streets of the city. Only in Rush Race, things are so idyllic and it’s all to blame because of you! As you drive along the desert roads of Rush Race your goal is to reach the finished line at the end of each round as quickly as possible to earn more prize money, which you can use to upgrade your car or unlock others. Don’t worry if the first levels are too easy, the further you go, the harder they will get!

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Drag Racing Club

Drag Racing Club: ¿Quieres sentirte como un verdadero corredor de autos o como un "2 Fast 2 Furious"? ¿Cómo una estrella del cine? Este juego de carreras de autos lleno de adrenalina y acción requiere que cambies de marcha en los momentos más adecuados para ganar la máxima velocidad. ¡Disfruta de una conducción divertida y emocionante en este dinámico y vertiginoso juego de coches!

¡Debes presionar el selector de marchas en el momento adecuado cuando se indica para maximizar el rendimiento! De esta manera, con suerte terminarás por delante de tu oponente. Este juego, por encima de todo, pone a prueba tus habilidades de sincronización. La diferencia entre un cambio de marcha mal sincronizado puede ser la diferencia entre ganar y perder, ¡así que asegúrate de prestar atención! Mejora tu auto para tener una ventaja sobre tus oponentes, ¡ahorra algo de dinero para comprar mejores autos que tengan mayores capacidades!

Cómo jugar: Selecciona tu modelo de coche y empieza a jugar. El coche empezará a acelerar y deberás pulsar el botón del ratón para cambiar de marcha. Intenta cambiar de marcha en la zona verde del cuentarrevoluciones.

Este juego está basado en HTML5 el cual, funciona en dispositivos móviles y en navegadores de PC/Mac.

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Pond Race

Pond Race is a funny online game for kids where you have to help the frog finish the course This simple and easy-to-play game provides hours of frog-filled fun and entertainment!  Think you can help our frog friend? Be careful, this feisty frog is very demanding. Good luck and enjoy!

The aim of the game is to reach the finish flag on the course, by hopping from lily pad to lily pad. Keep the frog safe! This game will test your aiming skills as you must land on the correct landing pads, your coordination skills as well as your ability to work when the pressure is really on! Do not buckle under the heat otherwise you and your frog will die and you will have to start again!

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Draw Rider

Draw Rider is quite an innovative and creative addition to the obstacle racing genre. The premise is simple, be the first to reach the finish line at the end of the extremely wacky obstacle course. What makes the game interesting is that you need to design the wheels of your four-wheeler depending on the terrain type. Draw the design in the box provided to create rounded tires for flat terrain and flat paddles for water sections. Pick the design that is the most efficient for each section. Draw Rider will entertain the veterans while also being very beneficial for kids who are learning about shapes and physics, offering them a visual and interactive space to understand concepts such as traction and resistance.

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Just Draw

Just Draw is a simple and educative game where you complete objects by drawing their missing parts while also learning something about them that you might not know before. Learn and entertain yourself while playing.

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Pet Doctor: Animal Care Home

Take good care of all of the cute pets that come to your clinic and require attention. Pet Doctor: Animal Care Home is a fun educational animal care simulation game for kids. Your task is to treat them accordingly depending on what has happened to them. You have to be prepared for anything, they might have cuts, scratches, tooth acne, digestive problems, lice, and so on. Your Ultimate goal is to be able to perform all of the treatments as your expertise grows and progress to bigger clinics and hospitals.

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Dash Rocket

Dash Rocket is a fun running style game, in which you need to successfully navigate your rocket through perilous barriers for as long as possible! Fly your rocket from side to side to avoid danger, which isn’t easy as the barriers are also moving and the gap isn’t big! For every barrier you pass through you’ll score a point. The further you make it, the more barriers you’ll pass through and the higher your score!

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Tower Boxer

Let's break down some buildings at rocket speed in Tower Boxer!

Playing as any of the serval possible characters, tower boxer is a quick-punch and quicker-thinking game. As you break the building down, extended porches will be coming down as well, and you have to switch out as quickly as possible before it hits you. The thing is, there isn't much time to think, a timer is ticking down, and you have to keep punching to stop it from hitting zero, slow down and the timer runs out, pick up speed and the timer will slow to a crawl and even fill up again if you're punching fast enough!

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The Linear Basketball

Can you get every basketball in the hoop? Play Linear Basketball to draw up your high score! But watch out for the bombs!

In this game, you have to draw lines to make sure that the basketballs go into the hoop. You have to take advantage of gravity and use it to your advantage! You can only miss three balls and you only have three lines you can draw, so use them wisely! The balls will shoot up from the bottom of the screen and it’s your job to score when you can. As the level gets higher, more balls and hoops will appear giving you a chance to score even more! But beware that this also means that it’s easier to miss balls and lose the game. Bombs will also appear at higher levels after the basketballs, so make sure you don’t let them in!

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Find The Treasure

Find the Treasure is a fun, retro-styled side scrolling adventure game that feels like a mix between Indiana Jones and Pitfall. In other words, it is a lot of fun.

You will travel through each level and collect all the cold treasure to continue. Leap off of moving platforms, jump off dangerous ledges and keep moving forward.

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Blue Pixel 10 Minigames

Blue Pixel 10 Minigames is a collection of 10 different skill-based addicting games that you will love. All of these games require high levels of concentration and skill as you attempt to reach a new top score. All of these games have one thing in common- they are endless and your aim is to get the best score and beat your friends. These games may be frustrating at times as keep trying to reach a new top score, but if you have the desire and determination to do it- then you will. This HTML5 game is playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop.

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Ice Cream Rain

In Ice Cream Rain Take on the role of the crazy ice cream server who…gets his ice cream from the skies? Grab an empty cone and catch the right 3 ice cream flavours for each client as they fall towards you. Catching the wrong flavours will lose you points if given to the customer, so it’s probably better to throw them in the trash.

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Classic Blocks

Get a taste of one of the classics, play Classic Blocks and relive all the excitement and fun times as you go down this nostalgia trip in this version of the internationally acclaimed hit Tetris. The aim of the game is simple, randomly shaped blocks rain down on the screen and your job is to form a straight line to get points.

When a straight line is formed the line disappears and points are awarded to you. The only opponent in Tetris is the computerized block dropper, outsmart the computer by forming straight lines and gathering as many points as you can without letting the blocks fill the screen.

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Get 10

Get 10 is an addictive maths based puzzle game that will have you struggling for hours trying to get a 10! Match 2 or more boxes with the same number to raise their number by 1. The empty spaces this makes are filled by boxes with numbers randomized from 1 to whatever number is highest on the board. As you get further through the game, you’ll need to be increasingly efficient with space, and plan ahead to be able to get your boxes all the way up to number 10!

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Love Pin 3D

Love Pin 3D features a whole bunch of fun mini-games that are all about love. Find the bridge, throw the cake, make it through the mazes. There are many different games here and they are all exciting, colorful and related to weddings. How fun!

The game has a lot up its sleeve with many choices and a lot of great character and colors. It is a very impressive looking game and will provide hours of entertainment because it feels like there is always something different to play.

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Bike Mania

Bike Mania is an addicting off road, easy to play, bike racing game. Play as a single player on your bike, trying to master the obstacles. Can you finish the challenging obstacle-filled track in the fastest time possible to achieve a high score? Don't crash your motorbike, while riding over various obstructions blocking your path. Balancing your bike is of the utmost importance here. Speed is sometimes not as important as the precision of your moves.

It would be perhaps helpful to watch some BMX or stunt bike videos to get a better understanding of how balancing works, and to see how easy it actually is to overcome some extreme obstacles. You simply have to understand the physics of motion and pay attention when driving. Tip your bike forward and backward to help you climb and descend the obstacles, but not too much as you may flip over, causing you to restart! Do you have the stunt biker skills needed? Have fun trying!

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Enchanted Waters

Enchanted Waters is a thrilling maze runner game where timing is everything. Navigate through the complex labyrinth and time your jumps perfectly to avoid falling into the endless lake. A single misstep could lead to a watery doom, requiring you to maintain high levels of focus and precision throughout the game.

Enchanted Waters aids in developing your reflexes, timing skills, and ability to make quick decisions under pressure. The challenge grows with each passing second, urging you to strategize your movements carefully.

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Run Race 3D

Get ready to run for your life! Run Race 3D is a fun and addicting ‘endless running’ arcade-style game similar in idea to other popular action game titles such as Temple Run, and Canabalt, apart from in this game there is a definitive finishing flag! Keep running until you need to stop to avoid the big obstacles coming at you...Good luck!

The aim of this game is to progress up through the missions by reaching the end finishing flag on each mission. They do get progressively harder so be prepared for that! Use fast fingers, super-sharp reactions and expert timing to travel as far as you can across the cool landscape. On your marks… get set…. RUN RUN RUN!

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Pool 8 Ball

Poll 8 Ball is a classic online version of the pool game billiards. Play your way through progressively tougher levels and master the art of the game. Practice makes pefect. Bring your skills to the table (literally) and show what you are made of! Have fun and good luck!

If you are playing against the clock, pot all the balls to win and don't pot the white ball! If you are playing against a friend, pot all of your own balls (full colour or stripes depending on which you pot first) and the black at the end to win. Standard billiard rules apply! This will test your accuracy with the mouse and the delicacy with the power. Don't overshoot because you will lose control of the white ball, but don't under shoot because the ball won't go in the pocket then! Find the balance! Develop your patience skills and use them to master this game!

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Road Fury

Create pandemonium on the streets! Play a crazy, reactions-based driving and shooting game and survival challenge all rolled into one! Road Fury is a high-octane, explosion-filled car game where your goal is to survive for as long as possible, and destroy as many other vehicles as you can along the way! Anything goes – you have free reign to destroy any cars, vans or trucks that have the audacity to be in your path of destruction across the 5-laned highway! Collect coins after destroying cars and use these coins to upgrade your car. Collect power-ups to enhance your performance and be careful of the enemy, they try to eliminate you!

Playable on android mobile phone and tablet, notebook, laptop and PC, this crazy driving game requires really smart reactions, good hand-eye coordination skills and high concentration levels. Quickly dodging and weaving around vehicles and barriers that you haven't destroyed is the key to survival.

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Brain Out

Brain Out is going to give your mind a workout. Are you ready to be challenged? This game will have you answering a series of very difficult, inventive and fun questions that will get you scratching your head but still wanting a lot more.

Even when this game is hard, you are going to want to continue to play because when you do figure out an answer, you will feel so accomplished and smart. What a feeling!

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Allez Hop

Help this circus gymnast reach as high as possible in Allez Hop. The game will allow you to throw the man into the air while using ropes and cannons to do so. Go as high as you can while avoiding the circus animals, bouncing obstacles and walls.

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Goldblade Water Adventure

Guide the courageous Princess Goldblade on a noble quest through side-scrolling platform worlds filled with wacky enemies, ledges, and numerous other hindrances! Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC, Goldblade Water Adventure is a fun yet challenging, platform-based skill game where you must conquer a series of side-scrolling, baddie-filled levels.

Skills required: To succeed in this action adventure game, you must exhibit fast reactions, good hand-eye coordination and anticipation skills, savvy judgment, tactful jumping skills, stamina, and great determination. Each level features a range of challenging obstacles – from steep drops to leaping bad guys and more.

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Bounce Balance

Bounce Balance is a fun physics based game, in which you bounce a ball along a track of squares as far as you can. Your job is to rotate the track, to make sure that the ball stays safe from falling off! The further you make it, the higher your score, and you’ll also collect coins which can be spent on unlocking fun new skins for your ball such as a basketball or penguin!

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Face Breaker

Get ready for a wild ride in Face Breaker – a brick breaker game with an amusing twist! In this quirky game, everything is made of faces! Use your trusty paddle and face ball to smash through the face blocks in this wacky, skill-based challenge. With 45 exciting levels to conquer, do you have the endurance and precision to master them all and achieve the highest score?

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Soda Can Knockout

Knock down all soda cans with balls and earn all 3 stars if you manage to complete each level perfectly. This fun and addicting game has several levels for you to complete, each one is harder than the previous.

This aiming and accuracy-based skill game is playable on iOS, Android, notebook, and desktop PC, Soda Can Knockout is a physics-based aiming game where you will have to tactfully throw the balls in certain locations that would cause as the most cans to fall off using the least amount of balls. After the first few levels, you will have to take into consideration heavier cans as they require more force to fall off. Using baseballs you have to knock over all the cans that you can see, you only have a limited number of balls so don't waste them!

This HTML5, physics-based shooting game should work on iOS and Android devices, as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac, laptop, notebook. An understanding of basic aiming, angles and ball trajectory is important here in order to knock over all of the cans. 

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Spell School

Play a fun, word & picture-based, spelling quiz game on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, notebook or desktop PC! Spell School is an interactive, multi-level and educational guessing game for young children where you spell out a word based on a picture at the top of the play area. Featuring various categories (Animals, Food, Flags & People), you must carefully select the letters that spell out the correct word corresponding to the picture in a number of levels levels!

If you get stuck, you can ‘light up’ for a helpful hint (which automatically fills out one of the letter spaces). However, you must have enough coins earned so you can't use this Hint Feature continuously.

This online, HTML5-based, word & picture quiz game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. The game could be played as a fun interactive activity and online exercise in the elementary school classroom or at home for improving a child's spelling skills and general knowledge.

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Pinball Football

Unwind a bit with Pinball Football, an exciting game that combines the joy of football with the addictive gameplay of classic pinball. In this game, you will play as part of a three-man team as you try to kick balls past the goalie and score goals, all the while making use of rebounds and angles! Score 4 goals to beat the level and progress onto the next. Test yourself and see if you have the skills to beat all 20 levels!

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Solitaire Legend

Play a classic, wild west-themed solitaire card game on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop or desktop PC: Solitaire Legend is a fun, free-flowing, virtual solitaire game for children and adults where your ultimate goal is to stack all 52 cards in numerical order, divided by each suit, from Ace to King. Also known as "Klondike" in the U.S. & Canada and "Patience" in the UK, this simple version of solitaire features classic gameplay where you must stack alternate color cards downwards, and then onto the ‘Ace pile’ as often as possible!

Skills required: This interactive, strategy-based card game requires focus, determination and stamina. You may not get ‘out’ every single time but a few savvy problem-solving tricks should help your chances! A willingness for trial and error often pays off in solitaire – where you can learn from your mistakes and apply changes in the next round. As with most card games, a generous slice of luck is always welcomed!

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Sheep Sling

Sheep Sling is a fun slingshot game where you guide some animals to climb up the level to collect points and get as far as possible. Unlock new animals to play with and go as high as you can.

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Tap 2 Block

Tap2Block is a high-speed targeting game that will have you bouncing all over. Your job is to knock down all the blocks, especially the blue ones, and not let your ball roll off the court. Careful, the ball moves quickly and your turn could be over before you know it.

The game is quick and that is part of the fun. It also keeps you on your toes with its high-intensity game play. These things together will make it a challenge you come back to often.

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