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Find good games for your mobile phone, Android device, iPhone, iPad / iOS tablet. These simple fun, interesting to challenging online games and thinking puzzles can also be played on notebook, laptop or PC / Mac desktop (Note that some games may not play on some iOS cell phones, tablets or browsers due to the game software not being supported on all devices). These free online 1 and 2-player games are for supervised young children / elementary school age through to high school students & teens searching for more brain-teaser-style games. We will continue to list cool new games to play on your own, or with friends and family at home online.

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Ski King

Ski King is a downhill skiing simulator, in which your aim is to complete the pistes in as little time as possible! However, it’s not as easy as just skiing down, as you’ll need to dodge obstacles and make sure that you pass on the right side of ski flags. Pass on the right of blue flags and left of red ones! Completing levels unlocks more pistes, and some levels also award upgrade points which can be spent to improve your speed, durability, and carving ability. Collect all the upgrade points to max out your skier, then why not go back to levels to see if you can get the minimum times!

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Unstackable is a tension filled puzzle game where one wrong move brings the whole thing down! A stack of crates rests precariously in the air, your aim? To remove all of the crates except for the one at the top, that one you need! If the last crate is on the surface at the end you win, if it falls off, you start again. The game gets tough when you have to decide which crates to remove and in what order. You are battling gravity, if you do it wrong, all of the crates come crashing down and the crate you need goes with it!

This game is tense, and requires perfect concentration. To succeed, you need to be able to think 2 moves ahead, with a good idea of what will happen when you remove a particular crate. This game requires persistence, as you will almost certainly remove the wrong box at least once. The trick is to remember what went wrong, and improve next time. Crates fall very quickly, but with careful planning you can balance them just right!

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Intersection Chaos

A busy intersection with no traffic lights or traffic police in sight can only spell disaster. It is up to you in Intersection chaos, a cute blocky reflex based game that places you in a guardian angel like role over the innocent oblivious road users who were about to be involved in a nasty accident if it were not for your quick thinking and reflexes.

Try as hard as you can to save the motorists from colliding by changing their direction to decongest the intersection and allow for free flow of traffic. Hold on for as long as you can as the drivers snap back prompting you to change your strategy repeatedly which may lead to countless hours of entertainment or frustration or both.

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Toys Mahjong Connect

Match pairs of tiles in Toys Mahjong Connect! this is a straight-forward, tile matching game for kids is based on the ancient and highly-popular Chinese tile matching puzzle, Mahjong Solitaire. This fun matching pairs game can be played on iOS, Android, notebook, laptop or desktop PC! Clear the game board of all tiles by connecting matching pairs of tiles where each connection can have no more than 2 turns. Can you conquer all 15 levels?

This online, HTML5-based, matching pairs puzzle game should work on iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Skills required include focus, concentration, sharp observation skills, alert analytical thinking, problem-solving skills.

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Beat Line

Beat Line is a reaction developing game guaranteeing hours of fun for children and kids. Beat along to the music as you guide the trail along the narrow path, and everytime you click it changes direction to stay on the path. The path follows the beat of the music so you must click at the right time to stay on the path! There is a slight margin of error so if you get it timed perfectly, you can collect gems which are laid out across the central part of some of the trail. The more gems collected the higher your score! This game is optimised for mobile play so get your phones out and have hour after hour of good times!

Stay on the trail for as long as possible by changing direction as the music beats. This game requires perfect timing as you will fall off if you do not time it correctly so you must click at just the right time. Also this goes hand in hand with concentration! Do not lose focus for a single second otherwise this could cost you the game! Good luck!

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Rodeo Riders

Rodeo Riders is an exciting and action-packed game where you help a cowboy collect animals for his zoo. Ride the animals and tame them to unlock new areas and animals for visitors to look at. Every few minutes you can allow people to go into the zoo and pay to watch the animals you have caught. Upgrade and improve your animals to help you with catching others.

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Color Magnets

Color Magnets is a game that will test and delight you. It has simple mechanics but it will become anything but simple. In fact, it will definitely challenge you in some amazing ways.

You will control a number of colorful magnet characters that run upside down from one another along a similar path. They need to work together to jump up and grab stars to gain extra points. If these two little magnet buddies don't work together, you are not destined to go far.

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Fall Ball

Fall Ball is the game to play if you want to get your heart rate up and palms sweaty as you jump between floating platforms at an insane and uncontrollable speed. See for how long you will be able to stay alive, collecting more coins the further you make it, which you can use to purchase different skins for the race platforms. Stay on the platforms to keep alive; falling off one or hitting an object will mean game over. So, come and test your composure and reflexes in this thoroughly enjoyable game.

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Soldier Bridge

Calling all architecture, construction and physics-based puzzle enthusiasts to stand up and get problem solving! Soldier Bridge is a fun and challenging bridge-building game where you have to build a bridge that is long enough to cover the gaps...but not too long otherwise you will fall off the other side! 

The aim of this game is to build the perfect length bridge to carry you across! The further you get without falling down the higher your score! This difficult building activity requires the patience and tenacity of a lion, and the task becomes trickier as you progress and the pressure builds. There is plenty of trial and error required to get your bridge the perfect length; the question is, have you got the essential skills it takes to become a Master Bridge Builder? Your answer could be - we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it!

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Color Pin

Fire color coded pins at a revolving target in this timing-based skill game - playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC! Color Pin is a multi-level, interactive skill-based game where you must shoot specific colored pins from the lower area of the game screen onto a rotating target wheel – simultaneously matching the colors while avoiding contact with pins that are already in place on the wheel.

Skills required: In this aiming and accuracy-based challenge, fast reactions, good focus and concentration, and sharp timing skills are key traits required for success. Tactful mouse clicking or finger tapping is absolutely essential as you attempt to launch the pins onto the rotating wheel at the optimal moment. Patience is also really important – firing the pins wildly is definitely not a good strategy.

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Take yourself on a nostalgia trip with FlappyBird, if you missed out on the hype when it originally came out, never got a chance to play it or just want to relive your glory days when you would breeze through levels like a pro here’s your chance. Flappy is as true to the original as it gets with its insanely addictive yet infuriating gameplay if you were ever in need of a test of patience this is it.

Control a 2D bird through a set of tightly packed pipes with just one click, the game requires god like precision as well as patience as you will frequently find yourself on the wrong side of the pipes prompting you to begin the level afresh.

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Zoo Pinball

Zoo Pinball is a fun animal themed pinball simulator. Take control of the table and launch the pinball around at speed, completing challenges such as collecting all the zoo tickets on the board or lighting up all of a set of lights. You also have animal themed wormholes such as a hippo’s mouth and tiger to aim for!
Keep your ball in play while ticking off objectives to keep scoring points and rack up an impressive high score! If the ball is lost, your progress will be reset towards completing objectives — but you will keep your points score until you have used all three of your available balls. Try to make the most of each one!

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Play a tricky, survival-based jumping game Jump. In this game you need to use all your skills and jump over obstacles. You compete with other players for the title of the winner. This game will allow you to have a lot of fun and improve your reaction by using computer mouse. Bottom left corner icon tapping allows to play in vertical mode on a phone and use full screen.

This tough, online, HTML5-based, 1-button survival / skill game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac eith mouse connected (USB or Bluetooth) or by tapping on the screen. Combine very alert concentration skills with sharp hand-eye coordination and reaction speed (The action here is non-stop, so you need to be always ‘in the zone’!) Challenge yourself by trying to beat your top score with each new go!

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Safe Circle Space

Beaver Bubbles: Shoot your coloured balls up to the top to save the day! You must not let the coloured balls touch the cute little beavers at the bottom! To make sure this doesn't happen, you can protect them by firing the coloured balls at the same coloured balls that are coming down, for example a red hitting a red will get rid of the ball! Good luck, keep those beavers safe!

Stop the balls from coming down onto the beavers below! A top tip for this game is try find a row of the same coloured balls, hit them with that same colour ball and they will all disappear! This game requires a good eye and a sharp attention to detail. Also as time goes on as does the pressure to perform! Do you think you have what it takes?

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Shoot  Bombs

Shoot Bombs is possibly one of the hardest timing games there is, likewise it goes without saying that those who can master it are nothing short of reflex masters. In Shoot Bombs, your goal is to aim and fire a bomb through spinning obstacles that will constantly circle you, making sure to not hit a single one of them. You will gain a point for each bomb you manage to get through, keep climbing to see how many points you can score while managing to keep up with the evolving obstacles around you.

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Cross that Road

Cross that Road: You have to help the little animal cross a busy street, railtracks and a river full of boats. The poor little animal cannot get to the other side without your help and you surely do not wish to get him hurt by a car or a train! 

Cross the road unharmed! Jump onto little floating items to cross the water and watch out for trains and cars coming from the sides! Dont fall into the water otherwise it will be game over!

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Road Crash

Road Crash is a one-of-a-kind racing (and car collecting) game that will have you hooked in no time, filling your garage full of cars. While most racing games discourage crashing, in this game you earn boosts, points, and coins when you crash into other players! Although you start at the back of the pack in each race, crashing and collecting boosts on the floor allows you to push forwards and win as many coins as possible. Spend coins on cars for your garage. When you collect two cars of the same level, you can put them together to make a car a level higher. See how high a level you can collect!

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Basket Puzzle

Welcome to the thrilling world of basketball puzzles! In this exciting Basket Puzzle game, you'll have to use your creativity and physics knowledge to get the basketball into the basket. With elements like fans, trampolines, and conveyors at your disposal, you'll have to strategize and figure out the best way to complete each level.

Simply drag and drop the objects anywhere you like and start the simulation. With a wide range of interesting levels, you'll never run out of challenges to keep you engaged. Put your skills to the test and see how many levels you can complete.

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Sand Ball

Sand Ball is a satisfying puzzle game, where you have to collect balls and help them reach the truck for delivery. Unlock skins for your balls and truck by collecting gems after completing every level. Reach the goal of balls for every level, otherwise, it will be a repeat.

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Cube Endless Jumping

Cube Endless Jumping is fun arcade-type game requiring some skill, some physics knowledge and good old common sense. You will spend hours trying to climb up and bounce high into the clouds and then you can show off your high score to your friends and family, see if they can beat you! Collect the sandwiches, and avoid the birds and balloons!

The aim of this game is to reach as high as possible by jumping between the clouds. This is a fast pace intense game so this will test your concentration skills. Can you keep focused as you rise into the clouds and not get distracted or lose concentration? Also your coordination skills will be put the test as well as you must aim to land on the clouds and you must avoid the birds and the balloons!!

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Titans Tower

Titan's Tower is a running game that'll push your reflexes and planning skills, frustrating you into really working to beat your high scores! In this game, you're a robot that needs to run up the walls of a tower (on either side of your screen). However, obstacles can appear on either side, so you'll need to swap sides to avoid them. On the way, you can collect yellow coins (which boost your score) and blue coins (which allow you to pass through obstacles). The further you make it up the tower, the higher your score!

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Rope Slash 2

Rope Slash 2 is a simple yet challenging puzzle game for anyone who wants to sharpen their skills!

All you have to do is smash all of the cans. Sounds simple, right? Well, there’s a catch! You have to cut a rope to release the ball first! It’s not always so cut-and-dry! The levels get harder as you progress Sometimes there are obstacles in the way or keys that you’ll want to pick up. There are even levels with multiple balls! Don’t worry though, this is a forgiving game. You can always retry a level and continue to try and get more keys for bonus items! How to Play: Click or tap and drag across the rope that you want to slash. Remember that some levels will require you to slash multiple ropes or time them correctly to beat the level

This game is available on both PC or mobile touchscreen devices.

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Mr. Lupato and Eldorado Treasure

Mr.Lupato and Eldorado Treasure is a fun adventure game where you are trying to find the lost treasure. Your aim is to help him, but you have to watch out for various traps set to stop you. You must navigate your way over tricky terrain, defeating gaps where water lies below, jumps and spikes. This game will give you hours of adventurous fun! Have fun!

The objective is to reach the end of the mission, avoiding the various obstacles in your way. Collect keys and gems along your way. Use your adventurous instincts to win at this game. Tackle the game head on and time your jumps correctly. Incorrect timing means you may fall short or overshoot and end up stuck or even worse, dead! Good luck!

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Rotative Pipes Puzzle

Rotative Pipes Puzzle, as the name might hint to, is a logic-based and pattern-based puzzle game that is enjoyable for both adults and children. In this game, your goal is a simple one; all you need to do is connect all of the pipe pieces by rotating them until they are all connected and not one piece is excluded. The further you progress, the trickier the game will become. Puzzle games, unfortunately, get forgotten about, which is a shame considering how beneficial they are for both adult brains and those of developing children.

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Combo Slash

Combo Slash is a head-scratching, brain teaser puzzle platform game for kids and teens set in a squared off house that houses monsters, arrows, weapons and other dangerous items and it is your job to safely reunite the two girls! Sounds simple? Come and have a go, you will need your thinking cap on!

The aim of this game is to complete each level and then move on to the next. Reunite the two girls without putting either of them in harms way! Look out for the arrows and the animals, among other must be on guard! This innovative and challenging online activity really tests your analytical thinking and problem-solving skills as you try to figure out a solution that allows the threats to be neutralized and the two girls to be reunited safely. Great patience and determination is needed in order to find the solution. Try not to get your brain in a twist – Time travel can be mind-meltingly tricky at times!

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Ninja Action

Ninja Action is an action packed running game which, although simple to play, is frustratingly tricky to master! You control a ninja who runs either on the floor or ceiling of an endless tunnel. Switch between the floor and ceiling to avoid flying off the screen or running into walls, all the while collecting coins and power ups to get the highest scores you can.

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Link Line Puzzle

A good game for fans of multi-level visual puzzles! Link Line Puzzle is a challenging, interactive brain exercise. This multi-level puzzle game is for older elementary school through high school age students (and grownups) where you must link all of the blocks using only one line.

Playable on Android mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and PC. This engaging, problem-solving game and addicting brain teaser offers a whopping 800 levels to keep you occupied! Sharp concentration and observation skills are required, as well as good analytical and creative thinking acumen; The ability to see the ‘bigger picture’ is essential. The willingness and determination to use lots of ‘trial and error’ attempts to find a successful solution is key (You won't complete each level in one attempt, and must learn from unsuccessful efforts.) Enjoy!

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Taxi PickUp

Think you can be the most efficient and organized taxi driver in the world? Then Taxi Pickup is the game for you. Create a route for the taxi where you can pick up all passengers and take them to their destinations without overlapping other taxis, customers or routes.

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Slide Puzzle

Slide Puzzle is a logical thinking and puzzle solving game for the whole family. Slide around the blocks to create the complete path for the pipes. You may have to work a while and move lots of blocks around but it will be worth it in the end! Test your brain to the limit as you have hours of fun rearranging the blocks so the path is complete! Have fun!

The aim of this game is to have a complete path and you must do this by rearranging the blocks. This game challenges your logical thinking skills and your problem solving abilities. Some of these puzzles are by no means easy so you will really have to concentrate to figure out what goes where! The time has come, are you up to the challenge? Lets find out!

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Sky Ski

Sky Ski is a fun and fast-paced endless runner that has you skiing down the slopes in a bright, exciting retro style.

You will have to dodge trees and other obstacles if you want to survive. That is easier said than done. Make sure you keep your eyes on the path ahead, it will keep you on your toes.

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Flappy Plane

Play a very addicting and tricky Flappy Bird-inspired, distance survival game where you must keep an airplane in play for as long as possible on an endless, side-scrolling obstacle course! Flappy Plane is a really challenging and stimulating reaction skill-based game where you must float, dodge and weave in order to keep the little airplane out of harm's way by moving it upward and downward through the hindrance-filled play area. Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop or desktop PC, this is a one-level, repeat play challenge where your difficult goal is to increase your distance traveled with each attempt.

This online, HTML5-based, survival / action game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Test and exercise your concentration levels, anticipation skills, hand-eye coordination, reaction speed, timing, determination, and willingness to fail in order to progress further with new attempts.

Control Tip: Use light, quick taps or mouse clicks to move the airplane upwards. the longer you hold after the click the higher it flies. Release the click or your finger to allow the airplane to descend. This momentum-based movement might take a few attempts to get used to.

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Physics Knife

Physics Knife is an online educational game (based on the physics of gravity) that would knock Newton’s socks off! This knife throwing brain-teaser requires an agile mind and super-nimble fingers on your computer mouse! Think you have what it takes? Lets find out!

The aim of the game is to throw the knife, axe or shuriken, at the board. Try get it as fast and as powerful as possible and include flips in the throw as well to maximise the points awarded. This game takes good and clever mouse control as this is what determines the quality and speed of throw. The throw must be fast but also accurate so you must aim well with the cursor.

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Fruit Slice

If you like making juices and have ninja skills when cutting fruits, then Fruit Slice is the game for you. Cut the fruits and make them fall into the blender to complete the level. But don't go crazy when cutting as you have limited cuts you can make on every level, use them wisely. Unlock more fruits to cut with the coins you earn at every level.

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Artic Pong

Arctic Pong: Welcome to this fun and exciting game! Ever played ping pong? Well this is the next evolution of the famous classic! Instead of a ball, you are pinging cute little arctic animals from one side to the other, and make sure you dodge the oncoming animals to survive! One hit from them and it is over!

Your mission is simple! Stay alive for as long as possible by bouncing up and down between the nets. The minute you get hit by an animal, it will be game over. Each time you bounce to the other side you will be awarded a coin which you can save up and purchase a new animal to play with. You will need to have good reaction skills and good timing awareness to click the mouse to click the mouse at the right time to avoid the oncoming threats!

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Stacking Challenge

Play a fun Stacking Challenge is an interesting stack building game. Playing this game is simple as well as challenging. You will see some moving hooks carrying the blocks. These blocks keep moving left to right and right to left. Click or Tap, as soon as you see the blocks on hooks aligned over the stack below. Try to release the blocks off the hook so all block will drop on top of the stack top row. If all the blocks set in the stack, you will get score with bonus points. For example - there are 2 blocks on the top line of the stack and you have 3 blocks on the hooks - release the blocks off the hooks at the moment when 3 blocks are aligned in the way that the blocks will lad at least partially supported by the stack top row. In other words - try building an inverted pyramid of blocks. Each round will last for 3 minutes. Use mouse click or touch to play this game.

This online, HTML5-based, timing skill game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Skills required include sharp reactions and timing, good judgment and hand-eye coordination skills, and tactful mouse clicking / finger tapping (depending on which device you are playing on). Stamina and determination are also important here as you attempt to surpass your best score with each new attempt. Happy sheep stacking!

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Hyper Swiper

Hyper Swiper is an online interactive puzzle game . Merge numbers by dragging them together to increase the magnitude of numbers. Aim for the highest number possible before you run out of moves. Successfully merging numbers will increase your score and trophy count. The more games you play, the better you will get. Improve your formal logic skills with this fun, interactive, brain-teasing challenge!

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A soothing puzzle game with a sharp note, Cerkio is both soothing and cerebral.

In Cerkio you have to get a small glass bauble through a course and into a soft bubbly ball. You do this by firing the bauble onto spinning wheels, waiting for the wheel to align, and then shooting again until you can let it land in that soft bubble. What makes this game so soothing is the vibe. The sharp-edged background, colored in pastels is a reflection of the dual nature. On the one hand, it has this wonderful electronic beat that easily shifts you into a state of zen. But upon hitting a wall, that state shatters with a piercing note as the bauble breaks.

Although the game doesn't punish you for failing the level by making you go back to the beginning, that jarring note is more than motivation to get it right this time.

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Tile Chaos

Tile Chaos is a unique puzzle game about taking out unnecessary pieces to fit oncoming obstacles!

Do you have a quick mind and sharp reflexes? If you do, this game is for you! You start with a four-by-four square, but you have to remove some pieces of it to fit into the obstacle that’s coming your way! Think quickly to get it right or you have to start over! Your square gets bigger and bigger as you complete more levels, so be ready! How far can you make it before falling into the chaos?

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