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Find good games for your mobile phone, Android device, iPhone, iPad / iOS tablet. These simple fun, interesting to challenging online games and thinking puzzles can also be played on notebook, laptop or PC / Mac desktop (Note that some games may not play on some iOS cell phones, tablets or browsers due to the game software not being supported on all devices). These free online 1 and 2-player games are for supervised young children / elementary school age through to high school students & teens searching for more brain-teaser-style games. We will continue to list cool new games to play on your own, or with friends and family at home online.

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Anti-virus: You are a spaceship and you are the last defense! You must kill the incoming viruses before they get past you! Forget antibiotics, rocket ship laser power is the way forward! Some viruses are bigger than others and take much more shooting. You are able to move your ship all around to give yourself the best chance of disposing of this deadly virus. Good luck! Lives are at stake!

The aim of the game is to destroy as many viruses as possible before they overload you! This game requires good concentration and focus as you need to look for viruses approaching from all angles! Do not take your eye off the screen for one second as before you know it you will be overwhelmed! Have fun!

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Titans Tower

Titan's Tower is a running game that'll push your reflexes and planning skills, frustrating you into really working to beat your high scores! In this game, you're a robot that needs to run up the walls of a tower (on either side of your screen). However, obstacles can appear on either side, so you'll need to swap sides to avoid them. On the way, you can collect yellow coins (which boost your score) and blue coins (which allow you to pass through obstacles). The further you make it up the tower, the higher your score!

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Color Magnets

Color Magnets is a game that will test and delight you. It has simple mechanics but it will become anything but simple. In fact, it will definitely challenge you in some amazing ways.

You will control a number of colorful magnet characters that run upside down from one another along a similar path. They need to work together to jump up and grab stars to gain extra points. If these two little magnet buddies don't work together, you are not destined to go far.

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Let Us Pop

Get ready for a hyper casual gaming experience with Let Us Pop! In this addictive game, you control a ball and must pop all the pops along its path within a given time limit. But don't be fooled - this game is anything but easy!

To succeed, you'll need to use your problem-solving skills to figure out the quickest path to cover all the pops before time runs out. With every level, the challenge increases, with more pops to pop and less time to do it in.

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Tennis Is War

In Tennis is War, live out your fantasies of being a pro tennis player! In this top down tennis simulator, you'll challenge opponents to prove who's the best on the courts. Win games to win coins, which can be spent in the game's shop on fun new skins for the ball such as a hamburger or rubber duck!

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Fall Ball

Fall Ball is the game to play if you want to get your heart rate up and palms sweaty as you jump between floating platforms at an insane and uncontrollable speed. See for how long you will be able to stay alive, collecting more coins the further you make it, which you can use to purchase different skins for the race platforms. Stay on the platforms to keep alive; falling off one or hitting an object will mean game over. So, come and test your composure and reflexes in this thoroughly enjoyable game.

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Taxi PickUp

Think you can be the most efficient and organized taxi driver in the world? Then Taxi Pickup is the game for you. Create a route for the taxi where you can pick up all passengers and take them to their destinations without overlapping other taxis, customers or routes.

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Snake Condo 2

Snake Condo 2 is a fun and addicting maze game where you need to guide the hungry snake through a puzzling maze while gobbling up all the food on the game board. This is not as easy as it may seem so be careful and quick. You can get trapped by the snakes’s growing body! Every ball of food you eat makes the snake’s body longer and your game harder. Move logically and strategically! Have fun! 

Stay alive for as long as you can as you grow your snake as you move! Dont hit the edges otherwise you will die and watch out for the terrain as well, do not hit that! This game requires a good eye for the detail and a cool calm collected mindset. As the snake gets longer it will get more difficult to control so make sure you keep your wits about you! Stay in control for as long as you can and get yourself a super snake!

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Mr. Lupato and Eldorado Treasure

Mr.Lupato and Eldorado Treasure is a fun adventure game where you are trying to find the lost treasure. Your aim is to help him, but you have to watch out for various traps set to stop you. You must navigate your way over tricky terrain, defeating gaps where water lies below, jumps and spikes. This game will give you hours of adventurous fun! Have fun!

The objective is to reach the end of the mission, avoiding the various obstacles in your way. Collect keys and gems along your way. Use your adventurous instincts to win at this game. Tackle the game head on and time your jumps correctly. Incorrect timing means you may fall short or overshoot and end up stuck or even worse, dead! Good luck!

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ZZZ Snake

Snake: It isn’t easy being a snake. ZZZ Snake proves that again and again with its fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat action that puts you in the skin of a slithering hero who is just looking to stay out of trouble.

Your snake will slide up the screen, passing by buckets of different colored fruit. Most of the fruit isn’t good for you and should be avoided. But if you see a package that matches the color of your snake, slide right into it for some points. However, that will cause your color to change and now you need to find more baskets matching the new color you’ve become.

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Chester Jetpack

Chester Jetpack is a fun, wacky and addicting "endless running" action game where you must survive for as long as possible using your ultra-cool aerophone jetpack on a long, side-scrolling obstacle course!

Playable on mobile phone, tablet, laptop and desktop, you assume the role of a brave, daredevil bagpipe-playing character, and must propel yourself into the air using the notes from this special Celtic musical instrument. Utilizing a constant mix of ascending and descending momentum, you try to progress as far as possible!

This crazy flying challenge requires a liking for fun action, reserves of stamina and determination, sharp observation skills, good hand-eye coordination and fast reactions as you attempt to dodge and glide around the various wacky obstacles as well as collecting coins. Smart decision making is also essential as you try to predict the most immediate safest route through the air at all times.

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Stack Maze

Stack Maze is a simple but fun casual game where you have to move your character and collect tiles under his feet. The more tiles you collect, the more points you will score. Earn coins by completing levels to unlock more characters to play with.

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Pirate Run

Play a tricky and addicting pirate-themed skill game for mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop or desktop PC! Pirate Run is a fun and challenging, timing-based arcade game for kids, teens and fun-loving adults where you must tactfully leap onto different platforms to collect gems and survive for as long as possible as you will get an increasing number of guards trying to capture you! Collect as many gems as you can and challenge your friends to beat your high score!

Skills required: This fast-paced, action game requires a combination of fast reactions, good hand-eye coordination skills. Bold decision-making skills come into play as you decide whether to distract the guards and move them away from the gems or to try and jump to quickly get them when the guards are right next to them.

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Zig Zag Ball

Zig Zag Ball is a fun and simple ball game, where you need to use effective timing skills to successfully maneuver the ball through the gaps in the wall! This will have you playing for hours as you need a considerable high score to claim you are the best. Come and have a go! Enjoy!

The aim of this game is to last as long as possible getting through the gaps in the approaching wall and get as high a score as possible! This will really test your skills. From timing, reaction time and are going to need them all to succeed here! Think you have what it takes?

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Color Zap

Play a highly challenging, reflex action game for kids, teens and grownups: Tap and hold the correct color box before the ball arrives into the circle. This quick-fire, reaction speed game is for mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop or desktop PC! Color Zap is a hard, reflex-based skill game where you only have a second or so to click/ tap on the correct color from the 4 choices. Get on a roll by selecting the correct color as many times in a row as you can! There's no time to hang around here – you only have approximately 1 second to act before the ball reaches the circle!

Skills required: This fast-paced, visual and reactions-based game naturally requires super quick reflexes and hand-eye coordination skills. A real sense of urgency, focus and concentration skills are really important – You must try to get ‘in the zone’ in order to go on a long roll of correct answers. Although the action is extremely fast, this brain teaser challenge provides a very testing exercise of your alertness and mouse / tapping speed!

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Speed Pool King

Play an enjoyable online game of pool potting balls against the clock while showcasing your serious talent around the table in this fast-paced pool simulation game for mobile phone, tablet, notebook, and desktop PC! Speed Pool King is a straight-forward, fun ball potting skill game for kids, teens and adults where you must clear the table of 9 pool balls before the clock runs out. You earn extra seconds for each ball you pot, and receive a significant time boost each time you finish a rack (clear the table). Keep potting and earning points until the clock runs out – and then repeat the action to try and better your score!

This cool HTML5-based pool game should work on iOS and Android devices, as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. As the name of the game suggests, speed is very important here; you can't spend too long meticulously lining up each shot. Skills required include a sense of urgency (but not panic!) yet with a calm sense of purpose, sharp reactions, good hand-eye coordination skills, and an understanding of angles and power. Logical anticipation skills are also called into play as you try to predict where the cue ball might end up after each shot. Enjoy the potting challenge!

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Wood Tower

Stack a tower that will put the tower of babel to shame in Wood Tower. An exciting stack 'em up game that challenges you to build the tallest most stable tower the world has ever seen. A large crane hovers above the screen carrying large wooden blocks that will act as the building blocks for your insane cloud poking tower.

As the crane hovers above, drop the blocks down to the ground and stack them up as high as they can go to complete your tower. Precision is key to ensure your tower doesn’t come crashing down on you, align your blocks perfectly for improved stability allowing you to make comically tall towers. Ready to give it a shot

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Traffic Car Racing

Traffic Car Racing is a straight-forward, cool car driving game where you must weave in and out of traffic as you speed blast the road at dangerous speeds! With traffic coming against you this gives you even more of a challenge as you have less time to react to avoid crashing! On your journey you must collect coins! Good luck!

Your mission is to avoid crashing for as long as possible and collect as many coins as you can in the mean time! This game requires tremendous reaction skills as you need to accurately weave and dodge between incoming traffic! Also, you need to take risks and have faith in your ability if you want to succeed, it is all about collecting those coinss!

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Space Attack

Space Attack is a high-octane, space rocket-based survival game where you must pilot a retro spacecraft through a dangerous asteroid field, and survive for as long as possible! Armed with a powerful laser, you must to blast your way through the oncoming asteroids to protect planet earth! Be careful not to run out of ammo though!

You must blast the rocks out of space before they hit planet earth. You can control the position of your space rocket and accordingly pick up bonuses and protective shields! This classic 80’s arcade-style game really tests your quick reactions, hand-eye coordination and observation skills to the max. Giant space rocks fly at you from all angles, so you need to be absolutely on your toes in order to pull off some daring survival moves! Hyperspace awaits! Good luck our there!

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Physics Knife

Physics Knife is an online educational game (based on the physics of gravity) that would knock Newton’s socks off! This knife throwing brain-teaser requires an agile mind and super-nimble fingers on your computer mouse! Think you have what it takes? Lets find out!

The aim of the game is to throw the knife, axe or shuriken, at the board. Try get it as fast and as powerful as possible and include flips in the throw as well to maximise the points awarded. This game takes good and clever mouse control as this is what determines the quality and speed of throw. The throw must be fast but also accurate so you must aim well with the cursor.

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Sand Ball

Sand Ball is a satisfying puzzle game, where you have to collect balls and help them reach the truck for delivery. Unlock skins for your balls and truck by collecting gems after completing every level. Reach the goal of balls for every level, otherwise, it will be a repeat.

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Fruit Slice

If you like making juices and have ninja skills when cutting fruits, then Fruit Slice is the game for you. Cut the fruits and make them fall into the blender to complete the level. But don't go crazy when cutting as you have limited cuts you can make on every level, use them wisely. Unlock more fruits to cut with the coins you earn at every level.

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Color Snake

Color Snake is a fun and simple game where you control a snake that can change colors. Depending on the color that the snake has at the moment, you can go through the shapes on every level, if you are not of the same color, you will lose. Move quickly and don’t touch anything that’s not your snake's color.

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Elevator Space

Elevator Space is an extremely tricky, clicking style intuitive skill based game with a difference for kids and teens where you have to piece together an elevator and build it up to the heavens...quite literally! We want you to try get this thing into space! Can you do it?

The aim of this game is to build the elevator all the way into space...this is no easy achievement. This highly interactive, step-by-step brainteasing adventure requires an inquisitive mind, great patience, and a real determination to succeed, as you need to be persistent. Have you got the timing skills required for this too? One badly timed click and you will be offset for the rest of your game! Enjoy!

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Rolling Ball

Rolling Ball is an addictive continuous side-scroller that is sure to push you to the limit and leave you with calmy hands. The premise is quite simple, control a series of pillars, making them slide up and down so as to let a white ball roll down a near never-ending passage unhindered. See for how long you are able to keep the white ball alive, as just one collision with a pillar and its game over. Rolling Ball is a great game that is sure to keep you entertained due to its mix of pleasing minimalistic design and pastel color scheme as well as its seemingly simple yet truly challenging gameplay. Try Rolling Ball for yourself, set a record and then challenge your friends and family to see if they can even match your score!

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Link Line Puzzle

A good game for fans of multi-level visual puzzles! Link Line Puzzle is a challenging, interactive brain exercise. This multi-level puzzle game is for older elementary school through high school age students (and grownups) where you must link all of the blocks using only one line.

Playable on Android mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and PC. This engaging, problem-solving game and addicting brain teaser offers a whopping 800 levels to keep you occupied! Sharp concentration and observation skills are required, as well as good analytical and creative thinking acumen; The ability to see the ‘bigger picture’ is essential. The willingness and determination to use lots of ‘trial and error’ attempts to find a successful solution is key (You won't complete each level in one attempt, and must learn from unsuccessful efforts.) Enjoy!

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Cube Pusher

Cube Pusher is a simple arcade type game where your objective is to apply force to a cube and push it into another cube so that it lands in the highlighted area to score points. Once a cube lands within the highlighted area, it will fall down to the next level, where you will repeat the exercise. Your goal is to see how high a score you are able to set while relaxing with a simple game.

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Cute Kitty Match 3

Cute Kitty Match 3 is a fun and quirky, match 3 or more game for kids. This is an endless game where your goal is to match as many kitties that are of the same color as you can to reach a top score.  Playable on Android mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and PC, this visual matching puzzle requires good concentration levels and observation skills. You must be ‘in the zone’ to figure out the best matches on the grid at any one time. There is a time bar on the side which is constantly decreasing, the only way to get more time is to match more kitties. Enjoy the tabby cat matching action!

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Color Tower

Do you have the patience of a saint and the reflexes of a cat? Either way, try your luck in Color Tower as you try to build the tallest tower possible out of hexagonal crystals! That's right, not just standard boring square blocks, no here you must build with six-sided blocks. Why? It's more challenging and therefore more fun! See how long you can go without dropping a block or making your tower fall over.

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Fuzzy Maze

A game like Fuzzy Maze seems so simple at first, like something you will be able to master in seconds. However, it is a lot trickier than it seems.

You are given a series of puzzles and a piece to move around them. There are prize tokens that you need to slide over with your piece to pass each level. Things get complicated when you pass through a green block, though. Once you pass through those translucent blocks, they become solid so you can not pass through them more than once. This wrinkle changes the difficulty in a major way.

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Tile Chaos

Tile Chaos is a unique puzzle game about taking out unnecessary pieces to fit oncoming obstacles!

Do you have a quick mind and sharp reflexes? If you do, this game is for you! You start with a four-by-four square, but you have to remove some pieces of it to fit into the obstacle that’s coming your way! Think quickly to get it right or you have to start over! Your square gets bigger and bigger as you complete more levels, so be ready! How far can you make it before falling into the chaos?

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Balls Out 3D

Balls Out 3D is a puzzle game that will have you rotating your way to success. Guide a series of balls to the finish line of the course but don't get dizzy from all the twisting and turning you will do.

This is a game that you are familiar with since it is similar to many puzzles you enjoyed as a child. Jumping into it again is an exciting return to a nostalgic classic.

The game is easy to control. All you need to do is turn the puzzle to rotate the balls and get them moving. Try to keep them all together and don't rotate the puzzle too much or else you will get off course. Remember that the puzzle gets a bit complicated, there are many sharp curves and turns ahead and it is easy to get overwhelmed or confused. Take your time and don't rush yourself.

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Candy Super Match 3

Match 3 or more delicious candies vertically or horizontally. Collect points by quickly and strategically removing matching groups of 3 or more candies by clicking and dragging one candy to the group of matching candies. Playable on iOS and Android mobile phone, tablet, laptop, notebook, or desktop PC, Candy Super Match 3 is a straight-forward, multi-level, candy removal challenge and matching-based puzzle game for kids of elementary school age and up. Playing against the clock, you must click and drag a candy to matching candies to eliminate groups of three or more adjacent, same looking candies from the play area. You have 30 seconds at the beginning of the game and for each matched candy you get an extra second. This extra time gives you a buffer needed when you need time to think and find matching pairs.

This HTML5-based, matching block puzzle game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. Skills required include good strategic planning skills where you tactically remove certain groups of candies in order to create new candy groups. Although you should have plenty of time to complete each level, sharp focus, a sense of urgency, and accurate mouse clicking / finger tapping skills are also important, especially in later levels when the block configurations are more complex.

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Junior Chess

Play Junior Chess for free against the computer. This game is a child friendly version of the classic game we all know and love. Play as either the reds or the blues as you try to move your way to victory. This game is great for introducing our young friends to the game of chess. It is the best way to get younger generations to love the game, unless you have a grandpa to hand of course!

You must play a standard game of chess to win at this game. This will really challenge and develop your critical thinking skils. Play smart and play with a high level of intelligence to defeat the computer. You can choose easy, medium or hard depending on your skill level. Test yourself and aim to improve everytime!

To play, just click on the character you want to move and then choose a spot you want to move it to, all with the left click on the mouse. For mobile users, do the same but instead, just click on the screen to interact.

This HTML5 based game works on Mobile, tablets and PC/Mac browsers.

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Pirate Coin Golf

Golf is a game that is played in some of the most breathtaking and awe-inspiring places on Earth. It was even famously played on the moon by NASA astronaut Alan Shepard in 1971! Now, on a pirate's table, it’s time to take this ball game to the next level! Pirate Coin Golf is a fun and innovative physics & skill-based game where you play golf on a pirates table with a coin rather than a conventional ball. While this may sound relatively straightforward, here, you have to take into account the direction of your shot, as well as the power.

The aim of this game is to move the coin from one side of the table to the other side, in a golf shot style. Try to get the coin to its designated spot in as few shots as possible! This fun online golding game requires some understanding of physics and how momentum works as you have to adjust the angle of each golf shot and consider how momentum is going to affect the movement and destiny of your ball. This fun 1-player game requires a lot of patience and a steady hand, and takes a few shots to get the hang of (to get into your swing). It should be a good fit for young fans of games with a science-based angle, or those of you who love virtual sports games with a twist. Can you get to a hole in one?

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Sliding Blocks

Sliding Blocks is a unique and simple puzzle game to test your problem-solving skills!

All you have to do is get the blocks into their designated exit. Sounds easy enough, right? There are a few things you should know, however. Blocks don’t just go exactly where you want them to. You pick a direction and they move until they are stopped! No slowing down or stopping on command for these guys. The levels get harder as you progress too! There are even some that require you to get multiple blocks to their own exit, increasing the difficulty and thought you need to put into this game! Identical colored blocks will bind together once they touch, so keep that in mind before just moving them around each other! Differently colored blocks won’t connect but can block each other and still move around for you to get them to their own color exit. Can you beat all of the twenty-four levels? Try it out and test yourself today!

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Beat Line

Beat Line is a reaction developing game guaranteeing hours of fun for children and kids. Beat along to the music as you guide the trail along the narrow path, and everytime you click it changes direction to stay on the path. The path follows the beat of the music so you must click at the right time to stay on the path! There is a slight margin of error so if you get it timed perfectly, you can collect gems which are laid out across the central part of some of the trail. The more gems collected the higher your score! This game is optimised for mobile play so get your phones out and have hour after hour of good times!

Stay on the trail for as long as possible by changing direction as the music beats. This game requires perfect timing as you will fall off if you do not time it correctly so you must click at just the right time. Also this goes hand in hand with concentration! Do not lose focus for a single second otherwise this could cost you the game! Good luck!

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Protect The Red Indian Man

Protect the Red Indian Man: This red Indian man needs your help! Fire has started raining down and he needs your help to avoid them and to stay safe. Your role is to control the man and dodge the fireballs! Sounds exciting right? The heat will be on! Can you handle the pressure, or are you going to melt under the heat?

Keep our friend the Indian man alive by avoiding the fireballs coming down! This game will test your reaction skills, to dodge mutiple fireballs! Also, your ability to keep calm when the heat is on (pardon the pun) will be tested here as it will get progressviely more difficult!

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Cat Rolling

Cat Rolling: This cat has developed a rare condition! It cannot stop rolling! So, since there is no going back, you are here to help make the most of it. Help this little cat navigate it's way down the screen, through doors and collecting stars and keys on the way. The keys are used to open the door at the end! Good luck, help this little kitty!

Get the little cat down to the bottom and out of the door! This game will improve your multitasking skills as you must control the cat's roll, and then additionally help the cat jump up to catch the stars and the keys! Have you got what it takes?

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Cut the Apple

Cut the Apple: The hungry squirrel needs feeding, and its your job to help! You need to slice the apples off the spinning log the make them fall! You have a number of knives to throw up and you must make sure your aim is on oint to slice the apples! Don't hit your own knife though otherwise it will be game over!

Slice the apples off the log to feed the squirrel. This game tests your timing skills as the log is constantly spinning so you must time your throw to slice the apple! Keep practising and you will become really accurate and efficient with your throws.

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