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This site lists good fun mobile games to play on your own, or with friends and family at home on your mobile phone, Android device, iPhone, iPad / iOS tablet. These simple fun to challenging online games can also be played on notebook, laptop or PC / Mac desktop (Note that some games may not play on some iOS cell phones, tablets or browsers due to the game software not being supported on all devices). The games and online puzzles are for supervised young children / elementary age through to high school students searching for more brain-teaser-style games, interesting 1 and 2-player games to play now online for free.

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Draw One Line

Draw One Line is a simple yet intelligent puzzle game!

Your goal sounds simple enough. All you have to do is make shapes, but there’s a catch! You can’t draw more than one line! Make sure you keep that click held until you finish the whole shape or you will have to start the level over. Figure it out first, then start drawing the line to finish the level! With one hundred and twenty levels available, can you complete them all? Play today to test your wits and try to beat them!

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Rotating Cups

Rotated Cups is a physics puzzle game in which you need to get one (or more!) balls into cups at the bottom of the level. To do this, you rotate cups, which is easier said than done as you often rotate more than one cup at once! Make your way through 36 challenging puzzles, with each one featuring new difficulties such as obstacles, multiple balls and cups, and difficult to judge jumps!

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Sky Battle

Challenge your reaction skills in this exciting, thrilling flight game, Sky Battle. Dodge your way to victory and avoid the rockets for as long as possible! This will give you an experience of being in a dog fight back in the War. Your heart will be racing and you will need to focus intently to ensure your victory.

Last as long as possible by avoiding oncoming fire, by moving left and right! Pick up bonuses to aid your flight and chances of survival, for example a super shield which increases health! Sky Battle requires a really cool head for combat, good keyboard control (flying skills), and good timing skills. Smart decision making skills is also very important, do you gamble to try to pick up the bonuses whilst risk getting fired at? The choice is yours, lets see if you have what it takes to take to the skies!

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Karate Chop Kick

Test your lightning fast skills with Karate Chop Kick, an incredibly fast and colorfully fun game that has you chopping down trees like a master ninja.

The game is quite easy when explained. All you have to do is chop. Chop, chop, chop at the tree in front of you, cutting it down with each hit. But as the tree descends closer to the ground, it will throw a few obstacles your way and can take you out in no time. So you have to chop as fast as you can and keep your eyes on what danger is ahead.

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Kill The Microbes

Get ready for some really wacky chaos in Kill The Microbes, a logic and puzzle focused game with some revolutionary cause and effect style gameplay. In Kill The Microbes, you will need to destroy all of the dangerous microbes within each level by colliding and shooting them into each other. The catch, however, is that you will only be allowed to make 1 (sometimes 2) moves per mission, this means you must plan your move wisely if you hope to clear the whole board.

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Xtreme Roll Ball Zigzag

Keep a zig-zagging red ball in play for as long as possible on a narrow, ascending obstacle course! Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC, Xtreme Roll Ball Zigzag is a straight-forward yet hard reaction-based survival arcade game where you must constantly change the direction of your fast-moving Ball in order to keep it on the narrow ledge. Collect diamonds along the way to increase your score, but remember that survival is your primary goal here!

This online, HTML5-based, survival action game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Success in this one-level arcade challenge depends of an alert combination of sharp reflexes, good hand-eye coordination, focus and anticipation skills. Be determined to defeat your own top score with each new attempt!

Control Tips: The ball moves forward automatically. Each time you click or tap on the play area, it changes direction 90 degrees, and continuously moves in this crisscross fashion.

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Dragon Blast

Dragon Blast is a simple and fun endless shooter where you need to land your shots!

This dragon is on a mission! Take out enemies that are in the way of victory by shooting them with a dragon blast. You have to be careful though… If you miss and hit the mountain behind them, you cause rocks to fall and take you out! It’s game over if this happens, so you’ll just have to try again! Every time you bounce, you’ll have an opportunity to shoot at enemies. You don’t have to hit them all, just make sure that you don’t miss them! You do get a bonus for landing combos, however, so try to land multiple shots! When you get enough points, you move up to a harder level. How high can you go in this cute but skillful game? See how high your score can go!

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2 Colors Box

2 Colors Box is a cool, fun and highly challenging timing and reaction speed game where you must react to the incoming boxes from the top. By the time the box get to the bottom, you must match the color of your box at the bottom to the color of the incoming box from the top.

The aim of this game is to get as high a score as possible by matching the color of the box at the bottom to the color of the incoming box from the top of the screen. This addicting online brain teaser is also an exhibition of controlled concentration and focus. This game could also be used as a good activity for your timing skills, observation skills, fast reactions, and patience. You only have a relatively short time to react to the incoming box's from the top, especially if you manage to survive for a while...since the speed of the incoming boxes increases the longer you last! 

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Neon 2048

Neon 2048 is a maths based puzzle game, which while simple in its moves becomes increasingly complex in its execution! Combine matching numbers to create new squares with double the value. However, when you combine squares in a direction, all the squares that can move that way will, which can cause big problems in your grid!
Neon 2048 presents fun, colorful design for this classic maths puzzle, in a game that will have you puzzling for hours trying to reach 2048 in one square!

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Ruin is a fun addicting yet incredibly simple game which will improve your problem and puzzle solving skills. Come and have a go if you think you are smart enough to take this on! Show off to your friends by solving the puzzle in as few attempts as possible!

The aim of the game is to get the board empty. Make the items disappear by matching the colours together and aligning them in a straight line. More than 2 matching pieces horizontally or vertically will make them disappear and you need to make everything on the board disappear to move on. This will develop your problem solving skills as some of the levels are really thought provoking, and you only have a limited amount of moves. The fewer moves you take the better your score. Try and aim for 3 out of 3 stars on each level!

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Roll This Ball

Roll This Ball: In this fun, children’s puzzle game, move the pipes to create a path for the ball to flow through. Your ball will start at one end and will only move when a clear path is built to its destination. Your pipes will have lots of different directions and may need moving around more than once before they can fit in to their correct position! Have you got the skills to beat the puzzle?

Place the pipes by moving one at a time into the correct position to create a smooth path for the ball to flow through. This thought provoking game requires patience, skill and an eye for detail as you search out the required path. You may not get it first time and you may have to move around blocks more than once so have you got the determination and persistence to beat the puzzle?

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Fail Run

Fail Run Online definitely falls into the category of truly odd games that, nonetheless, is sure to keep your kids entertained for hours. Fail Run Online is a walking and obstacle simulator where you are in control of the character’s walking. Control each footstep, foot by foot, as you try to get over the finish line to clear each level. The further you go, the harder the obstacles in your way will become. Do you have the patience to complete all the levels?

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Brain Wash

Brain Wash is a fun brain-teasing game to test your wits and make you think outside of the box!

What will you have to do in each level? Who knows! Test the waters, prod at objects, and get ready to think differently in this kooky yet intelligent puzzle game! Sometimes the ending is funny, sometimes it’s happy, but we know that you’ll always get a kick out of what happens in this game. Curiosity killed the cat, but don’t let that stop you from trying this hilarious game today!

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Hit The Glow

Hit The Glow is a colourful reflex based game that will have you using all of your senses of timing! Your objective is to destroy coloured rings at the centre of a circle, after first destroying protective rings round its edge. You do this by firing a red ball, which can destroy red rings around the centre. You’ll need to be careful though, as hitting other colours will lose the level.
This game has four exciting modes each with more than 20 levels!

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Bakery Fun

Bakery Fun is a fun and addicting game that tests your creativity and cooking skills. Collect all the ingredients you need for a lovely, delicious, irresistable home baked meal. You have a selection of ingredients to choose from. The question is...what are you going to make?

Pick and choose your ingredients and create a lovely dish. Once chosen, choose the temperature for the oven and away you go! If your chosen ingredients are correct, you have a lovely dish. If they are not correct however, back to cooking school for you! This game will test your knowledge of basic ingredients and give you a real taste of what life in the kitchen would be like. Get creative and create a real masterpiece!

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Cliff Diving

Cliff Diving is a fun skill game where you have to have precise timing to complete a perfect dive. Your aim is to jump into the water head first without hitting any part of the cliff. You also can't land on your feet, back and of course, no belly flops as you must be aware they are very painful. To complete a level you will have to carry out the specified number of dives from different positions of the cliff. Each level becomes harder to complete as the number of dives required increases. Each of your dives are rated and you will get a certain amount of money for each dive which is dependent on your performance. To up your game even more, try doing some flips to earn more coins for each dive!

Skills required: Fast reactions and hand-eye coordination skills, and deep concentration are all vitally important here. Trial and error and patience are also important here as you get used to the required timings of mouse clicks/taps and holds to complete the perfect dives.

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Bubble Shooter Planets

Accurately launch bubbles into a crowded game grid, creating and eliminating matching groups of three or more same-colored bubbles in the process! Bubble Shooter Planets is a multi-level, aiming and accuracy-based bubble-popping game and matching puzzle playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC! Here, you must fire individual bubbles upward into the play area with the intention of making matching groups of bubbles which are subsequently popped and eliminated from the grid.

Skills required: Like many matching-based skill games, accurate mouse clicking / finger tapping skills are vital to success as you attempt to clear multiple bubble groups from the play area. Sharp reflexes, shrewd observation skills, anticipation skills, focus and dogged determination also come into play. Later Planets (levels) take on more of a brain teaser theme, and require sharp analytical thinking and problem-solving skills, and strategic planning as you work to manipulate the grid to your advantage.

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Arkadium Bubble Shooter

Play a fun match 3 game and create touching sets of three or more bubbles to score points and prolong the action! Arkadium Bubble Shooter is a cute and enjoyable, 1-level bubble-shooter-style, matching game for young kids where you must fire colorful balls into the play area, and try to create and eliminate matching groups of three from the game screen! There are certain bubbles which once activated will either explode or pop all the bubbles in that line. Frozen bubbles change to the colour of the bubbles that are in contact with the ones you match.  You have a limited amount of bubbles so don't waste them!

Arkadium Bubble Shooter is a HTML5-based aiming & accuracy, match 3 arcade game, and should work on iOS and Android devices, as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. The game play requires a steady hand, hand-eye coordination skills, patience, strategic planning and determination.

Tip: Use the ‘swap’ option to reload a different bubble into your shooter. This option gives you more chances to create a matching bubble group with every shot. 

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Black Star Pinball

Enjoy a simple, one-level, online pinball game playable on mobile phone, tablet, laptop, notebook and desktop! Black Star Pinball is a fun and addicting, zoo animal-themed, reactions-based skill game where your goal is to prolong the pinball action for as long as possible by keeping a metal ball in play using the two controllable flippers at the bottom of the play area. Score as many points as you can by shooting the speedy pinball off of the many points-scoring obstacles and wacky installations in the center of the pinball machine, just try to avoid letting the ball fall through the bottom of the play area! You have three pinballs to work with; see if you can improve your score with each attempt!

This HTML5-based, pinball / arcade game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Sharp reflexes, good concentration and anticipation skills are the key to success as the pinball often ricochets at high speed around the cluttered play area. Simple patience and a willingness for trial and error also come into play – The ball may spend a good few seconds pinging around the top of the machine before coming down toward your flippers.

Control Features: For laptop / desktop players, use the Left and Right Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to control your flippers – as using your mouse / touchpad is quite tricky (but is an option for harder play). Mobile / tablet players should simply tap / touch on the corresponding left or right half of the screen to operate the flippers. Enjoy the action!

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Escape Out

In Escape Out take the role of a criminal mastermind as you help breakout your prison buddies. The other prisoners are not the smartest bunch, so it’s up to you to help get them out. Help them by digging underground tunnels leading to the getaway car outside of the prison fences. Escape Out is just a fun casual game for when you want to unwind or if you just need some entertainment in between waiting.

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Fighting Planes

Fighting Planes will see you wage war in the skies and dodge enemy fighter planes to how long you can make it without getting shot down yourself! Fighting Planes is an intense endless flying game that will have you watching out for enemy planes, your health, your fuel and the amount of ammo you have left. See if you have what it takes to beat the competition and rule the skies!

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Draw The Rest

Draw the Rest is a fun drawing game where you complete the objects shown in every level by drawing their missing parts. Finish all the levels to have a complete gallery.

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Balloons Pop

Balloons Pop is a colorful strategy game for kids & teens where you have to pop all the balloons using your rocket. You can finally experience the thrill of unleashing a rocket! This lively and unique game requires good planning skills and offers hours of addicting entertainment! Have a blast!

The aim of the game is to pop all the balloons on the game screen using your rocket. You have full control over the power and direction of the rocket, but once you release the rocket, then it is in fate's hands as to where it flies! This will improve your eye for detail as you must try include all the balloons in your aim, so they are all destroyed. On the more difficult levels you may have to get creative in your thinking too, as you must think outside the box to ensure all the balloons are popped!

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Panda Hero Fighter

Panda Hero Fighter is an intense scrolling shooter where you take down enemies and earn stars to acquire new weapons and power-ups!

This game will surely challenge you while providing hours of fun! Earn daily rewards just for playing! Upgrade your base weapons, armor, and health to take more of a beating while doing massive damage! Purchase Super Weapons like bombs, lasers, teslas, and blades to have an ace in the hole for when you need it most! Do you think you have what it takes to beat all of the twenty-five levels? It gets tough, but don’t worry, completing certain levels unlocks a checkpoint that allows you to start there for a fee. Keep upgrading your ship and get back at it! Every level ends with an epic boss battle, so be ready to take them all on!

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LOF Tetriz

LOF Tetris is a classic game of skill and organization!

How far can you get? Make that high score skyrocket and play this classic game that anyone can try! You have to move the blocks and place them so that you can take out a row every time it is completed. There are quite a few shapes included so don’t let yourself get mixed up! Get used to them and place them in areas that won’t block you from completing as many rows as you can. Remember that blocks fall automatically, so don’t waste any time! This game is great for working on quick thinking and analyzing shapes and their combinations. Now with power-up blocks that affect the board as they’re placed! Try it out today!

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Ninja Run

Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC, Ninja Run is a highly-challenging, endless running game for kids and teens where you must protect your fast ninja from evil demon samurai that are trying to stop you, to do this you will have to throw blades at them. You also need to look out for the ditches and high ground where you will have to jump. Try to get as far as you can!

This enjoyable and easy-to-play arcade game requires fast reactions and good observation skills whether you're using a mouse or your finger to control your ninja.

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Lucky Toss 3D

Who said you had to leave home to see the carnival? Experience the frustrating joy of ring toss in the comfort of your home with Lucky Toss 3D, a quirky and challenging ring toss game. Just like in a regular game of ring toss, you need to ring/hoop/hit all of the targets in front of you to win some cash prizes. Use the prize money to upgrade your rings, making them bitter at hitting the targets. The game will throw in more challenges the further you go, so don’t get too full of yourself! Lucky Toss 3D is also an ideal game for the little ones that is sure to keep preoccupied for many an hour.

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Revive the nostalgia and joy you used to get by solving those maze puzzles left at the backs of kiddie menus and books, only digitally. In Mazes, your task is to get the blue ball all the way through the mazes and reach the yellow star to win each level. Sound too easy? Oh, think again as Mazes offers 4 levels of difficulties ranging from beginner to advanced, offering levels and mazes so complex that even veteran players will have to take their time. Pick your difficulty and relax with Mazes and its hundreds of levels.

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Color Snake

Color Snake is a fun and simple game where you control a snake that can change colors. Depending on the color that the snake has at the moment, you can go through the shapes on every level, if you are not of the same color, you will lose. Move quickly and don’t touch anything that’s not your snake's color.

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Wheel Duel

Wheel Duel is a super fun racing game where you can change your wheel size mid-race!

This is not just any racing duel game! These vehicles are super special and have something no one else has. The ability to change wheel size on the fly! Get super fast with small wheels to get you going quicker or change them to monster truck size to get huge jumps and get over any obstacle! Nothing can stand in your way! Earn coins for wins and big finishing jumps to upgrade your car and even buy new styles later on! This is a game that can entertain anyone for hours and hours! Get yourself on the race track and start winning races today!

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E Switch

It's time to flex your cerebral muscles and tone your grey matter as you try to solve all of the logic puzzles in E Switch. Solve each of the 20 puzzles by moving around and rotating circuit lines to create a clear path between all the green power cells. There is no timer, no x number of lives, just patience and concentration if you want to clear all of the puzzles. E Switch will challenge and excite you all the way, so why not come and give it a go!

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Run Race 3D

Get ready to run for your life! Run Race 3D is a fun and addicting ‘endless running’ arcade-style game similar in idea to other popular action game titles such as Temple Run, and Canabalt, apart from in this game there is a definitive finishing flag! Keep running until you need to stop to avoid the big obstacles coming at you...Good luck!

The aim of this game is to progress up through the missions by reaching the end finishing flag on each mission. They do get progressively harder so be prepared for that! Use fast fingers, super-sharp reactions and expert timing to travel as far as you can across the cool landscape. On your marks… get set…. RUN RUN RUN!

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Power Light

How many players does it take to power a light bulb? Power light is an exciting puzzle game where the player is tasked with connecting wires to power up a bulb. Though it sounds simple the player will be put through a variety of challenging levels of increasing difficulty that will unleash your inner electrician. Don’t employ the same tactics at home unless you want a nasty shock.

Wires that lead from one end that has the battery to another end that has the bulb are placed in rotating tiles that need to be arranged to create a circuit. Rotate the tiles till a connection is made between the battery and bulb and finally the bulb will light successfully a wrong combination will not light and you’ll have to keep trying till you get it right, Good luck!

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Kart Rush

Do you want to race and do you want to race fast? Well then, Kart Rush is the game for you. This racing game has you controlling a little go-kart that has big power and big speed. But big danger awaits too!

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Love Pin 3D

Love Pin 3D features a whole bunch of fun mini-games that are all about love. Find the bridge, throw the cake, make it through the mazes. There are many different games here and they are all exciting, colorful and related to weddings. How fun!

The game has a lot up its sleeve with many choices and a lot of great character and colors. It is a very impressive looking game and will provide hours of entertainment because it feels like there is always something different to play.

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Dig it: Trending Hyper Casual Game

Dig it: Trending Hyper Casual Game: This fun and challenging game is all about digging your way down to the hole. Can you get the ball to the bottom in the most efficient way? On your way down you will be faced with a lot of various obstacles, designed to trip you up! Collect bonus items on your way down to boost your performance! Have you got what it takes? Find out if you can get to the bottom of this mystery!

Your mission is to put the ball in the hole, by digging a path for the ball to fall down. You must use your knowledge of science to help the ball to gain momentum to be able to swing up and catch some of the bonus items! Use clever techniques to ensure you get the most out of every level! Good luck, dont forget gravity pulls you down so if you end up below the hole with no is game over!

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Balls vs Boxes

Ball vs Boxes is the game you play when everything else is no longer a challenge for you. Or if you really don’t like yourself. Either way, Ball vs Boxes is truly one of the most challenging yet simple browser games you are likely to come into contact with. Your goal? Jump over blocks and dodge blocks as they come towards you. Sounds simple enough right? Well, yes, but the issue is that only those with the sharpest and quickest reflexes will be able to last more than just a couple of seconds without dying. Come and experience Ball vs Boxes for yourself.

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Miner Jump

Miner Jump is one of the most addicting skill games that you have had the pleasure of playing. Based in an underground mine, you must try jump your way up the the top, but unfortunately you will never get there as it is infinite! See how far up you can get! 

The aim of this game is to reach as high as possible up in the mine. Try jump your way out of this infinite mine! This outrageously fun arcade game for kids is designed to test your decision making; when is the best time to jump and should you perform a single or double jump? Also, your determination is tested here to continually attempt this game with the aim of beating your high score! Come on, have a go!

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