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Play good fun and challenging games online on your Android mobile phone, iPhone, iPad, tablet, notebook, laptop or PC (Note that some games on our site may not play on all iOS mobile phones, tablets or browsers due to the game software not being supported on some devices). Enjoy good fun games for supervised children through high school teens to play now online, free HTML5-based games, 1 and 2-player games for playing on mobiles.

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Maze Tower

Prepare to be enthralled by Maze Tower, an adrenaline-pumping journey as two brave adventurers uncover a legendary treasure map! This mysterious parchment unveils the hidden location of a treasure trove guarded by lethal traps and monstrous creatures. It's up to you to guide our fearless heroes through 16 treacherous labyrinths as they collect precious stones locked away in monster-infested towers.

Choose from the pulse-racing solo campaign or team up with a fellow adventurer in thrilling two-player mode. And for those who crave the ultimate challenge, test your mettle in the two-player racing mode where you'll compete against each other to conquer the deadly mazes!

Unleash your inner explorer and embark on this epic quest to uncover the secrets of the Maze Tower!

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Hit The Glow

Hit The Glow is a colourful reflex based game that will have you using all of your senses of timing! Your objective is to destroy coloured rings at the centre of a circle, after first destroying protective rings round its edge. You do this by firing a red ball, which can destroy red rings around the centre. You’ll need to be careful though, as hitting other colours will lose the level.
This game has four exciting modes each with more than 20 levels!

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Moving Up

Moving Up is a gorgeously designed and addictive game that seems simple at first but is actually quite challenging. The more you play the better you will get so don't be too alarmed if you aren't a master right at the beginning. Keep playing and, most importantly, keep moving.

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Space Pursuit

Out run and out gun. That is the aim of Space Pursuit, a high-speed space shoot-em-up which has you commanding an interstellar ship looking for safety from following enemies who are hot on your trail.

The game is one that you can play for a very long time and never get bored of. It also has a bunch of power-ups that keep things exciting and fresh.

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Sock Flow

Sock Flow is a bright and fun and festive puzzle game that is oddly relaxing at times. The goal is simple, connect two points by moving a connection along a board of blank pieces. But the game gets harder and harder as time goes on. This one will challenge you.

The game is made of many different puzzles. There are two points and you have to connect the two. Drag your finger along a path that touches upon every blank piece and if you get from one point to the other in a single movement, you win.

How the Play: When the game starts, press the play button and you will be presented with your first puzzle. Go from the first point to the second by pressing and sliding your finger along the game board and fly through some levels while you may feel stumped by others.

You can play this game easily on your touch screen device. Just press the play button and choose level one when the game is loaded and you will be thrust into your first match. The game has very calming music so make sure you play it with your headphones on and your volume up.

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Find The Treasure

Find the Treasure is a fun, retro-styled side scrolling adventure game that feels like a mix between Indiana Jones and Pitfall. In other words, it is a lot of fun.

You will travel through each level and collect all the cold treasure to continue. Leap off of moving platforms, jump off dangerous ledges and keep moving forward.

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Running Around

In Running Around, you will follow the intrepid and moustachioed explorer Bob Miner as he wonders round and round the never-ending red planet. However, red stone blocks will appear every now and then, if Bob hits them, he will fall off the planet! It is up to you to help him out by moving the blocks upwards for a short time at just the right moment to get Bob past them. The longer Bob manages to circle the planet the faster he will go, and the more blocks will appear, see how long you can go, pushing your reflexes to the extreme!

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Groovy Ski

Groovy Ski will have you racing down the slopes in no time. Soon enough you will feel like a true pro, racing along and collecting points and coins and beating your high score again and again.

The challenge to the game is to aim yourself correctly. You need to be careful because you only move in zig-zags. That means that sometimes you have to move back and forth multiple times to keep yourself on target.

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React quickly to avoid falling blocks in this highly-challenging game playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC! Avoiders is an endless, fast-paced reflex-based game where your task is to avoid the black blocks hitting your read and blue blocks. You control the red block and the blue one moves in the opposite direction so it gets fairly tricky as you have to be vary of the symmetrical movements. 

Skills required: This skill and brain teaser game requires very sharp analytical thinking and reaction skills so that you move your blocks out of the way of the falling ones quickly and successfully. Accurate mouse or finger skills are very important as you attempt to reach a new high score in every run. The falling blocks increase in speed as you progress, so top concentration levels and swift reflexes are essential to maintain!

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Blocks vs Blocks

Blocks vs Blocks, a mathematical puzzle game that will test not only your mind and how well you can measure quantities. Your goal for each level is to fill the gird boards with as many green blocks as you can. When you place a green block, it will spread out in every direction around it, provided the space is free. The trick is that you need the green blocks to be the dominant block color within the grid board in complete each level. Blocks vs Blocks is a simple and relaxing game that is suitable for all ages.

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Line Color 3D

Line Colour 3D is an exciting game in which you control a series of lovable children’s characters, from Thomas the Tank Engine to Brum the racing car, as you attempt to color in a long line. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity and fun characters, though, as this game isn’t easy! You’ll work on your coordination and timing skills as you try to avoid obstacles that revolve in your path. Crashing into these will send you back to the beginning of the level!

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Popcorn Box

Play this fun popcorn-making game where your goal is to fill the container full up to the line without dropping any. PopCorn Box is a simple, one-action fun game which tests your ability to judge when enough is enough. You have to be very precise with the amount of popcorn you put as you are only allowed to drop 3, otherwise, you will have to restart the level. You will also have to judge the duration of popcorn loading because if you simply just let the popcorn flow, a lot of it will go overboard.

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Two X2

Two X2 is a mathematical puzzle game in which you need to combine bubbles that contain numbers together to make new bubbles with multiples of those numbers. Two twos combined will turn into a four, two fours will make an eight, and so on. Combining these bubbles will free up space for another bubble in the grid and, if you work fast enough, you’ll be able to continue until you reach some impressively high numbers! The game is a race against time, and if you don’t combine enough high numbers for long enough, the game will be over. You’ll be working your mathematical reasoning as well as your reflexes, as it’s a fast paced and exhilarating ride!

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Stack Color

Stack Colour is an addictive tower block stacking game with an intense twist. New blocks that you must add to the existing structure will keep sliding from the left to the right above your starting block. Here is the twist: you have to time the release just right as even if you are slightly off the new block will become smaller, this makes it more likely that you will miss the next release, dropping the block and having to start over. Features like these make Stack Colour a hair-raising but addictive game.

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Blaster Fruit

Set off a carefully-timed blast within a confined game screen – and try to slide matching fruits and eliminate as many roes as you can as you can in the ensuing chain reaction! Playable on Android mobile phone, Android tablet, laptop, notebook, or desktop PC, Blaster Fruit is an interactive, fast paced and addicting, skill game where you must quickly slide the top fruit towards a matching fruit below it in order to clear a row. However, you only have one shot in each level, so observe the moving shapes carefully, and make sure you slide the top fruit to the matching one below as the fruits keep going up squeezing to the top of the game screen. Once it reaches the top - it is game over.

This online, HTML5-based, action game should work on Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. Accurate and tactful mouse clicking / mobile screen tapping skills are very important as you try to pinpoint where to moving the top fruit to match it against the same one below it. See which level you can reach!

This HTML5 game works on PC/Mac and mobile device browsers.

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Ice Cream Rain

In Ice Cream Rain Take on the role of the crazy ice cream server who…gets his ice cream from the skies? Grab an empty cone and catch the right 3 ice cream flavours for each client as they fall towards you. Catching the wrong flavours will lose you points if given to the customer, so it’s probably better to throw them in the trash.

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Tap on same colored bricks to remove them from the screen. Bricks game may seem simple, yet it has a trick upon its sleeve. You can remove only the array of bricks with more than 1 brick. If you get 1 color brick trapped in a corner surrounded by other color bricks - you may miss a chance to win the game.

Make sure you plan your moves ahead and by removing one color bricks - you allow other smaller, different color brick to join into an array. Click or tap on bricks to remove them.

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Breakout Rush

In Breakout Arkanoid, your challenge is to use a pong-style ball and bat to break through obstacles in your way, getting as far as possible along a tunnel filled with square blocks. Use various upgrades on your journey, such as small extra balls that can help destroy things faster, and speed boost that powers your ball through anything in its way. Avoid letting the ball reach the bottom of the screen without being blocked by the bat, which will end your run. This is easier said than done, as the further you get the faster the ball moves!

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Save The Monster

In Save the Monster you have to help a cute little red ball of a monster stay alive as he tries to dodge massive rolling boulders along three levels of hanging bridges. Help the monster jump over the boulders to stay alive, keep jumping to keep him alive and see for how long you can go.

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Filled Glass 3 Portals

Flex your grey matter and wake up those brain cells in Filled Glass 3 Portals, an ingenious, enraging and incredibly addictive logic and gravity game. The point of the game is to make use of whirling portals to transform white plastic balls into colored balls and safely drop them into the cup holder. Fill the cup, without losing too many balls, to complete the level and move on to the next. Put your skills to the test and see if you can complete all 30 levels!

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Hero vs Square

Hero Vs Square is an addictive casual fun game with quite a unique twist, instead of putting you in control of the Hero the game puts you in control of the square. Our hero is faced with a unique challenge that can only be solved by the square and thus it is the players who can aide or hero in reaching his destination.

The hero’s path is littered with pitfalls that could cut our hero’s journey short, use the square to cover up the pitfalls and guide our hero to his destination safely. The squares can be resized to fit different holes but for the hero to successfully get across the square must fit perfectly into the gap. Are you up to the task?

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Box Blast

In Box Blast, take on 40 levels of puzzling fun, blasting a box through a maze to its objective. In this game you need to get your box to another box by jumping accurately through a series of mazes and platforms. This can often be frustrating if you jump too far and knock yourself back to the beginning!

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Prison Escape Master

Use problem-solving skills and good strategy to help Jack escaping in this challenging, online blockade puzzle game! Playable on mobile, tablet, laptop, notebook, and desktop PC, Prison Escape game will keep you busy. Jack is an innocent person, who has been a victim of justice. In the restricted prison, it's tough to find any tools to escape! But smart Jack manages to plan out a perfect jail break in just 14 days. Draw a road map for Jack to be able to escape. Stay away from security guards!!!

Test and exercise your problem-solving determination, logical and analytical thinking skills to figure out where the immediate chance of escape lies! Patience, stamina, and a willingness for trial and error also come into play. Keep trying to go as far as you can with each new attempt! 

How to Play: Use your mouse or finger to draw the road map and tap to GO! carefully time the run for all 3 inmates. Begin to draw from the starting circle and finish the line at the X. Get all 3 inmates to the finish in order to complete the level.

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Have you ever witnessed the relief and satisfaction in your Mum or Dad's or other family member's face on successfully untangling a ball of string, or an old set of Christmas lights, or other tangled-up electrical cables at the back of your TV area? Now, you can experience the joys and challenges of such a tricky task here online in Untangle – a tough, visual brain-teaser puzzle where you must untangle multiple crisscrossed lines in an increasingly difficult levels! 

Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC, you must methodically drag circular ‘nodes’ around the play area in order to separate all of the wires from each other. When all of the lines and nodes are green, you progress to the next level! Untangle is a relaxing and at the same time challenging puzzle game. The goal is to arrange the points so that no line intersects.

This tricky, HTML5-based, interactive problem-solving puzzler should work on iOS and Android devices, as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Skills required include high levels of patience, good hand-eye coordination, sharp analytical thinking skills, and the discipline and determination to focus on the complex web of lines and visualize where best to begin the operation of untangling them. A willingness for trial and error are called into play as you try out different move combinations and strategies. Happy untangling!

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Lightbulb Physics

Play a challenging block removal puzzle game on your mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop, or desktop PC that combines analytical thinking skills, Lightbulb Physics is a tricky, physics and gravity-based, problem-solving game for kids, teens and adults where you must carefully and methodically alter the game environment (remove items) until your lightbulb rests on the electricity source. This becomes increasingly more tricky as you reach higher levels! There are 60 progressively challenging levels. Can you conquer them all?

This online, HTML5-based, gravity brain teaser puzzle game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Skills required include a general appreciation of the laws of physics and gravity, alert analytical thinking and anticipation skills.

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Space Cord

Space Cord is unlike any other game you’ve played in that it employs a unique concept that traces the movement of your cursor and puts you through a stunning but challenging fast paced obstacle course that will put your reflexes and reaction speeds to the ultimate test.

It’s very easy to get addicted to its fun arcade style gameplay as you envision yourself being in control of a hypersonic spacecraft zooming through space avoiding deadly obstacles that are placed to stop you from reaching your goal while exciting electronic music plays in the background.

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Candy Word

Test your thinking speed, visual memory skills against the clock in this fun brainteaser game! Playable on mobile phone, tablet, laptop, notebook and desktop PC, Candy Word is a challenging and enjoyable matching game for kids, teens and grownups where you must quickly find matching images running against the clock.

Match the different delicious candy elements to discover the letters hiding behind. Use these letters to form a word and win points.

Swipe the screen or using the mouse to move the candy elements. Click on the letters to form a word.

This online, HTML5-based, anagram / word puzzle game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. This could be a good exercise for improving your analytical thinking skills, spelling, and general vocabulary as you must methodically and creatively form quick-fire words. While the linguistic and analytical sides of the game are important, a sense of urgency and quick reactions also come into play as you must try to beat the countdown.

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Play a very difficult, shape-folding, brain teaser game playable on mobile phone, tablet, laptop, notebook, or desktop PC! Logicheck is a tricky, logic-based, shape-shifting, interactive puzzle game for kids, teens and adults where you must fold (stretch or reduce in size) green shapes to fit perfectly over blue shapes by dragging circular nodes around the play area. Each of the 37 increasingly-difficult levels has a static blue shape configuration over which you must place the movable green shapes as quickly as possible. The level is only complete when there is no green shading hovering over into the white areas, and the vast majority of the blue shapes are sufficiently covered. The faster you complete the level, the more points you earn!

This interesting, HTML5-based, multi-level, logical thinking puzzle & shape folding skill game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Logicheck provides a stern mental test and exercise of your problem solving and analytical thinking skills, creative engineering abilities, spatial awareness, determination and willingness to use trial and error to your advantage. Patience as always is important – It may take you a while to drag the green shapes into the correct configuration, especially in later levels when the puzzles are more complex.

Controls: Move the green shapes around the play area by mouse clicking or screen tapping on the circular ‘nodes’ that cling to the corners of the green shape areas. Stretch or reduce in size to fold to the required fit (Your transparent green shape must perfectly match the blue shape underneath).  

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Gonna Fly

Keep a flapping penguin out of harm's way in this highly-addicting, endless jumping, sliding and flying arcade game playable on mobile phone, tablet, laptop, notebook and desktop PC! Gonna Fly is a very challenging, reactions speed-based, survival skill game where you must guide a constantly moving, penguin character along various obstacles, confined game environment. Your task is to keep the action going for as long as you can by avoiding hitting any object in front of you

Guide a Penguin, an Ostrich, a Kiwi, a Fish and the Angry Chicken (from 'Angry Chicken: Egg Madness!') cross roads and fly towards their dream to become the next big champion! Their wings may be weaker than usual birds, but you can help them out.

This online, HTML5-based, infinite flying / survival action game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac (This game currently does not work on IE11 but should work for you on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge).

Here you must either "click or tap to flap" and stay safe in flight for as long as possible. Skills required include sharp reflexes and hand-eye coordination, good judgment and timing, and alert anticipation skills - as the contours and hindrances within the game environment change every few seconds. Tap on the screen to make the character fly with quick brief taps and avoid the obstacles. You can press and drag down to make the character slide under the obstacle, in case there is an obstacle that blocks from flying.

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Jump Jump Puzzle

Jump Jump Puzzle is a platform adventure game where you must collect a Golden Key, and then to escape through the Exit Door in each of the 35 progressively-difficult levels, you can also choose to play the game in an endless mode!.

This online, HTML5-based, platform / action game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Good hand-eye coordination and anticipation skills, and very sharp reaction speed are all really important here. Good timing is essential – You must tactfully make your character jump in order to get the key and exit the level without falling off! Problem-solving determination also plays a part as you must sometimes strategically use your analytical thinking skills to figure out the best way to collect all the stars for full points on all the levels.

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Soldier Bridge

Calling all architecture, construction and physics-based puzzle enthusiasts to stand up and get problem solving! Soldier Bridge is a fun and challenging bridge-building game where you have to build a bridge that is long enough to cover the gaps...but not too long otherwise you will fall off the other side! 

The aim of this game is to build the perfect length bridge to carry you across! The further you get without falling down the higher your score! This difficult building activity requires the patience and tenacity of a lion, and the task becomes trickier as you progress and the pressure builds. There is plenty of trial and error required to get your bridge the perfect length; the question is, have you got the essential skills it takes to become a Master Bridge Builder? Your answer could be - we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it!

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Super Candy Jewels

Experience some sugar-induced excitement as you match and blow up an array of candies in Super Candy Jewels! Super Candy Jewels is a sweet take on the classic tile-matching genre where you earn points and blow-up candied tiles by matching three or more of the same kind into a solid line. Blow up as many candies as you can to earn as many points as you can before you run out of moves. Super Candy Jewels is a family-friendly game that will keep you entertained through many a boring weekend.

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Polyshapes: This is a fun and challenging puzzle game for all ages. Create the same figure that can be seen at the top of the game screen using the various shapes in this addicting game. Click all of the required polygons to make the exact figure that is shown.

The Further you progress, the smaller the shapes get, this increases the difficulty of the game substantially, see if you have what it takes! Test your observational skills in this fun game. Are you up for this puzzling challenge? 

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Brick Block

Brick Block – a simple tetris-style game. Complete as many full rows as possible to win at this game and claim a high score! You have control of the blocks that fall from the top of the board, as they come down control their position and their direction so they can fit into your pattern perfectly. Have fun! 

The aim of the game is to complete as many full rows as possible. Once you have completed a full row, that row will disappear leaving room for you to make another. The game ends when you run out of room at the top. So if there is no more room for blocks to fall, it will be game over! The trick to this game is analysing the shape that you need to complete a row. More than likely you will have to twist the shape or flip it, just so it fits into your current line of blocks. Use your excellent observation skills to see what you need, and change the shape of your block accordingly.

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Geometry Tower

Geometry Tower is a fun physics based game, in which you need to build the tallest possible tower by stacking Tetris shapes! In levels mode, you have a series of objectives — heights you need to reach while collecting stars on the way. In endless mode, see how high you can build your tower with no limits!

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Kill The Microbes

Get ready for some really wacky chaos in Kill The Microbes, a logic and puzzle focused game with some revolutionary cause and effect style gameplay. In Kill The Microbes, you will need to destroy all of the dangerous microbes within each level by colliding and shooting them into each other. The catch, however, is that you will only be allowed to make 1 (sometimes 2) moves per mission, this means you must plan your move wisely if you hope to clear the whole board.

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Stick Freak

Stick Freak is a really tricky skill-based game with a simple concept where you score points by walking the stick (like a rope). What is the shortest way between two spots in a straight line? You don't need to bother with descending one rock and climbing back another one. Just find the stick which will help you pass to the other side. Collect the diamonds and unlock new heroes.

Do not bump into rocks while collecting the diamonds and improve your skills at estimating the length of a stick and the walking time.

Controls: Click or tap and hold to extend the stick as much as it is needed to bridge the gap. Not too long and not too short. Release to drop the stick. Tap once while walking on the stick to flip over and walk under it.

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Neon Tile Rush

Neon Tile Rush is a fast-paced strategy game, where you are the golden tile! Think fast as you attempt to reach the finish line. Green slime is coming for you! Be aware, spinning red hammers can destroy you just as quickly as the slime so think fast but take your time. Collect all the coins and stars before reaching the finish line. Play and have fun with this new puzzle game for kids. Improve your problem-solving skills and your cognitive speed with this tricky movement game.

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Lucky Toss 3D

Who said you had to leave home to see the carnival? Experience the frustrating joy of ring toss in the comfort of your home with Lucky Toss 3D, a quirky and challenging ring toss game. Just like in a regular game of ring toss, you need to ring/hoop/hit all of the targets in front of you to win some cash prizes. Use the prize money to upgrade your rings, making them bitter at hitting the targets. The game will throw in more challenges the further you go, so don’t get too full of yourself! Lucky Toss 3D is also an ideal game for the little ones that is sure to keep preoccupied for many an hour.

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Safe Circle Space

Beaver Bubbles: Shoot your coloured balls up to the top to save the day! You must not let the coloured balls touch the cute little beavers at the bottom! To make sure this doesn't happen, you can protect them by firing the coloured balls at the same coloured balls that are coming down, for example a red hitting a red will get rid of the ball! Good luck, keep those beavers safe!

Stop the balls from coming down onto the beavers below! A top tip for this game is try find a row of the same coloured balls, hit them with that same colour ball and they will all disappear! This game requires a good eye and a sharp attention to detail. Also as time goes on as does the pressure to perform! Do you think you have what it takes?

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