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Play free online games for Android mobile phone, Android tablet, iPad, iPhone, laptop, notebook, desktop PC, Mac. Enjoy fun arcade games, cool action games, platform games, sports games, interactive puzzles, tricky brain teasers, strategy games and more for elementary school age children, middle school & high school teens to play now on your own online or with your family and best friends. Note that some of these games may not play on all iOS devices or web browsers due to the software of those games not being supported.

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Spinning Block

Spinning Block is an easy-to-play tower building and thinking strategy game for kids that is very addicting and offers hours of fun for all! This is very easy to play and very satisfying too! Come and see if you are born to be building and designing towers!

The aim of this game is to build a tower as high as possible. The only trick is, the blocks will start off spinning so you must time your drop to perfection so it falls flat. This will test your patience, timing skills and your determination as you battle to create the largest tower ever seen! Wait until the perfect moment to strike to drop the block, if it is skewed theres a chance it could topple off! Enjoy!

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Pirates Treasures

Pirates & Treasure is a fun clicking game to find the buried treasure!

Can you find it? You have to look around for it, but watch out for bombs! You only have a few guesses in each level… Can you find the treasure? The aim is to complete as many levels as you can.

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Cannon Ball

Gun commander, prepare to fire! Launch cannonballs at static enemies in this fun 19th century-themed, aiming & accuracy skill-based game playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC! Cannon Ball is a multi-level, missile-firing action game where you must knock enemy soldiers off of their perches with a limited number of accurate cannonball shots. Featuring 10 increasingly-difficult levels, your task is made trickier as your enemies can shelter behind obstacles and stand in awkward-to-hit positions! Try to get all 3 stars in each level to prove that you've mastered this game.

Skills required: This challenging cannon shooting game requires good judgment of angles, shot power, and trajectory. Focus and concentration skills are also really important. Later levels take on a puzzle / brain teaser-style theme where analytical thinking and problem-solving strategy skills come into play as you attempt to plot the best angle and route for your cannonballs to do optimal damage.

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Nonogram Picture Cross Puzzle

The Nonogram Picture Cross Puzzle Game:  is a challenging and brain teaser puzzle game that will test your math skills and spatial imagination. With three difficulty levels to choose from, you'll have to use your logical reasoning to fill in the blank spaces according to the numerical clues provided. By exercising your mind, you can improve your cognitive abilities and sharpen your problem-solving skills. Are you up for the challenge? Play now and see if you can complete all levels!

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Bouncy Stick

Play as a spring-loaded stick as you bounce yourself off of platforms, ricochet off of walls and try to launch yourself all the way to the finish line in Bouncy Stick. The objective is simple; navigate yourself through the tricky angles of each of the 30 courses to get to the finish line, no timer, no lives, just good old fun.

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Magic Piano Tiles

Magic Piano Tiles is a fresh new sound awareness & instrument learning music game for kids & teens where you have to tap on the piano tile to play the tune. There can be some seriously funky songs so it is worth giving 100% to this! Turn the volume up and get started because remember; music makes the world go round!

The aim of this game is to create a fine tune with the keyboard tiles. Each tile successfully clicked will result in the next few seconds of song being played. Keep this going until the end to listen to the full song! This game requires quick and nifty fingers to keep up with the piano tiles! This will also test your concentration levels as there can be a lot to think about at once...just like playing a real piano.

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Banana Running

Enjoy a cool and wacky endless running game where you guide Mr. Nanners through the tricky obstacles it runs into. Unfortunately, Mrs. Nanners is missing, and your quest is to find her. Slide left, right and under obstacles while collecting Mrs. Nanners dolls. Don't forget to collect banana balls and use them to upgrade your gear!

Banana Running is a fast-paced, one-level, 3D survival game where you must use really quick reactions to dodge and weave around obstacles as you pilot Mr. Nanners through the hectic streets filled with cars and road barriers. Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop, or desktop PC, you must keep your friendly hero out of harm's way by quickly moving him from side to side in order to avoid oncoming hindrances and dangers. Collect as many balls and dolls as you can along your crazy journey, and try to beat your top score with each new effort!

This wacky online, HTML5-based, infinite running / action game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. Key playing skills required here include alertness and high concentration levels, good hand-eye coordination and anticipation skills, sharp reflexes, a sense of fun and adventure, and dogged determination to protect your free-spirited, bear-like buddy. A willingness for trial and error also comes into play as you learn from your mistakes on trickier parts of the course, for better distance gains in subsequent attempts! Enjoy the hilarious hike!

Controls: For PC / laptop / notebook players, use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to control movement. For mobile / tablet players, simply tap or slide your finger on the game screen to control your character.

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Paint: Come and play this interactive, fun and addictive game! Try and claim as much area as possible by painting the squares. Move your character across the canvas and connect your own path to fill the space. Beware however, because you are not alone, other characters will try and cross your path and kill you! You can do this to them too of course, so pick a game plan and claim the most amount of area possible! 

Gain the most area on the canvas by connecting your route up! Beware of other characters as they are able to cut you off and kill you! This game requires clever strategy. Do you play safe and focus on improving your area whilst remaining safe or do you go for the big area gains but leaving yourself exposed! The choice is yours, play smart!

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Lucky Toss 3D

Who said you had to leave home to see the carnival? Experience the frustrating joy of ring toss in the comfort of your home with Lucky Toss 3D, a quirky and challenging ring toss game. Just like in a regular game of ring toss, you need to ring/hoop/hit all of the targets in front of you to win some cash prizes. Use the prize money to upgrade your rings, making them bitter at hitting the targets. The game will throw in more challenges the further you go, so don’t get too full of yourself! Lucky Toss 3D is also an ideal game for the little ones that is sure to keep preoccupied for many an hour.

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Flip Cube

Come and test your reaction and concentration skills in Flip Cube. Dodge the spikes along the rail by flipping over the other side. If you get caught by a spike passing down, it is game over! Get the highest score possible by staying away from those nasty spikes!

Avoid the spikes that are rushing towards your cube and stay alive by flipping over to the other side. You will need excellent reaction skills for this game...slow reactions means you will flip over too late or too soon, which will result in game over! Also, your concentration skills will be put to the test, you must focus intently on the cube and time it correctly to flip it over to the other side!

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Rush Race

There is nothing as exhilarating and liberating as taking to the wide-open road, one removed and far away from the chaotic streets of the city. Only in Rush Race, things are so idyllic and it’s all to blame because of you! As you drive along the desert roads of Rush Race your goal is to reach the finished line at the end of each round as quickly as possible to earn more prize money, which you can use to upgrade your car or unlock others. Don’t worry if the first levels are too easy, the further you go, the harder they will get!

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Perfect Sniper 3D

Perfect Sniper 3D is a super fun shooting game, make sure to eliminate all of your opponents and save your fellow blue people! The game involves sniping opponents with headshots, body shots or even by exploding vats of acid and gas near to them. The opponents will sometimes be after your friends, who you have to save!

The game is tricky, the opponents move around and you have to time your shots just right. With a bit of practice, you will get there though. The shooting also has to be done quite fast, meaning you have to plan a few shots ahead to get them all - and remember to look at how much ammo you have! The game has lots of cool maps, in cities, deserts and way more, making for endless fun.

How to Play: On the computer, use your mouse to use the scope of the sniper to take out opponents. Release the trigger by clicking. On mobile devices, use your thumb to drag the sniper to aim at opponents.

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Space Conflict

Space Conflict is a fun shooting/flying game in which the user must navigate a spacecraft and keep it out of danger from all the astreroids flying about. One hit from one of these asteroids and it is game over! Luckily you do have weapons on your side. Fire your bullets at the asteroids and they will burst open with some coins inside. Do your best to collect as many of these coins as possible! Good luck, and stay safe out there Captain!

Stay alive for as long as possible and collect as many coins as you can to get a high score. This game requires exceptional control as the spacecraft is difficult to control on the PC. One slight error in movement and control and you are as good as dead! So be careful! You will also need good reactions to react to a quick danger coming your way. Make sure you are always on the ball!

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Penguin Avoids

Penguin Avoids is a fun arcade game in which you control a flying penguin, collecting stars while avoiding floating spikes. Move your penguin up and down without reaching the top or the bottom of the screen to keep them safe, powered by their rocket jetpack! The further you make it, the more chance you’ll have to collect stars, and the higher your score.

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Piano Online

Piano Online is a musical reaction game in which you can play your favourite pieces on the piano. As the piece plays, you will see piano tiles come on the screen marked with letters. Press the letters to keep the music playing, but if you press a wrong letter then it’s game over.
You have many tracks to choose from, from Happy Birthday to more complex pieces by Beethoven!

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Spell School

Play a fun, word & picture-based, spelling quiz game on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, notebook or desktop PC! Spell School is an interactive, multi-level and educational guessing game for young children where you spell out a word based on a picture at the top of the play area. Featuring various categories (Animals, Food, Flags & People), you must carefully select the letters that spell out the correct word corresponding to the picture in a number of levels levels!

If you get stuck, you can ‘light up’ for a helpful hint (which automatically fills out one of the letter spaces). However, you must have enough coins earned so you can't use this Hint Feature continuously.

This online, HTML5-based, word & picture quiz game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. The game could be played as a fun interactive activity and online exercise in the elementary school classroom or at home for improving a child's spelling skills and general knowledge.

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Breakout Rush

In Breakout Arkanoid, your challenge is to use a pong-style ball and bat to break through obstacles in your way, getting as far as possible along a tunnel filled with square blocks. Use various upgrades on your journey, such as small extra balls that can help destroy things faster, and speed boost that powers your ball through anything in its way. Avoid letting the ball reach the bottom of the screen without being blocked by the bat, which will end your run. This is easier said than done, as the further you get the faster the ball moves!

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Colors Pressing

Get your reflexes back into shape with Colors Pressing, a game that is all about focus, timing, and patience. An endless stream of coloured balls will continue to fall downwards towards the conveyor funnel. It is your job to smash the balls of a particular colour that matches the colour of the smashers. Allow more than a handful to slip past and it’s game over.

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Drip Drop

If you want a game that presents a real challenge and a steep learning curve but an addictive nature that you can't put down, Drip Drop is right for you.

The game's mechanics and rules are easy. You are in control of a free-floating paddle and a resting smiley face ball that sits on top of it. You are tasked to avoid raindrops and falling debris by moving the paddle and therefore the smiley face ball as well. But be careful, even the slightest move will shift the ball drastically. You can easily move the pad too quickly and - boom - you have lost the level. Be patient, be calm, be accurate.

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Ultimate Boxing

Step into the ring for a highly-challenging boxing simulation game for mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop! Ultimate Boxing is a very tricky, one-on-one boxing fight simulator game for older kids / teens where you take on a crafty computer rival. Your goal is very simple: Knock out (KO) your opponent! Utilize your jab punches, left and right hooks, uppercuts, and good defensive blocking technique to overpower your virtual opponent. Then, when the moment is right – send him sleeping to the canvas!

This high-octane, interactive fighting game requires many of the attributes of successful real-life boxers: Smart reactions and reflexes, good hand-eye coordination, fast hand speed, a hard chin, and endless reserves of stamina and courage! Smart strategy and decision making are also vitally important. Going out all guns blazing and throwing wild punches might look cool, but your virtual opponent is far too streetwise to fall for that. You must ‘box clever’ as they say – picking the right time to pounce and punish your rival if he lets his guard down or looks tired. Ok Champ, the day has come! Seconds out – Round 1!

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Blocks vs Blocks

Blocks vs Blocks, a mathematical puzzle game that will test not only your mind and how well you can measure quantities. Your goal for each level is to fill the gird boards with as many green blocks as you can. When you place a green block, it will spread out in every direction around it, provided the space is free. The trick is that you need the green blocks to be the dominant block color within the grid board in complete each level. Blocks vs Blocks is a simple and relaxing game that is suitable for all ages.

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Hop Ball

Hop Ball - Come and play this incredibly fun interactive ball game, where you must hop with the ball as long as possible over the pads. Enjoy the music as you bounce and hop your way to success in the shape of an impressive high score to show off to your friends and family! Think you have the skills required to take on this challenge? Come and find out!

The aim of the game is to bounce on as many pads as possible with the ball. Hop over as many as possible to get a high score. There will be cool music playing as you hop along to give you motivation. This will test your reaction skills and your coordination skills as you must accurately aim the ball to land on the pad. This is made more difficult by the speed at which the ball is moving. Further along as well, the pads start moving making your aiming skills even more important. Do you think you have what it takes?

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Water Flow

Water Flow is a fun and simple game, perfect for when you need to kill time or just relax. You need to drain containers of weird and different colours of water all the way through long pipes and into the buckets marked with the same colour. Water Flow provides a nice mix between puzzle and physics or gravity gameplay.

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Hoop Star

How many points can you score? How many times can you get the ball through the basket? That is the question that Hoop Star asks. It is a game all about lining up the basket with the ball and scoring again and again.

The game has accurate and quick controls that make it more fun and also more intense. You will be constantly attempting to beat your last high score and play again and again and again.

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Fruit Juices

Welcome toFruit Juices, the ultimate game for fruit lovers! In this fun and addictive game, you'll have the opportunity to prepare different types of fruit juices by using your skills and precision. On the platform in front of you, you'll find several slices of different fruits, and on the walls, you'll see sharpening pins.

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Make a Roller Coaster

In Make a Roller Coaster you are going to be making a roller coaster and then see how far you can fling yourself off it!

The basic premise for this little game is simply to connect the dots and built a basic slide you can ride and then shoot yourself off of. You’ll be able to speed your character up and then ‘pump’ him up to fling him across the field and onto one of the markers which will give you gold coins. You can really go nuts with the roller coaster, as long as all the points are connected! So get creative and try and built the best coaster you can.

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Stud Rider

Stud Rider is a colorful and fun motorcycle game that has you cruising down the street like the coolest stud in town. But even cool studs can take a spill and crash so you have to be extra vigilant when you drive.

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Cricket Hero

In Cricket Hero, live out your dreams of becoming a Cricket superstar! Your job is to protect your wicket by hitting away the balls that are bowled towards it. However, balls can be bowled with a bounce, spin or extra speed. You’ll also need to avoid hitting eggs (which will mean that your screen is almost covered in egg for the next ball) or bombs (which will make you lose a life). Three strikes (failing to protect the wicket or hitting a bomb) and you’re out!

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Boxing Hero: Punch Champions

Boxing Hero: Punch Champions is a lively boxing simulation game for kids, teens and grownups where you fight your opponent in an attempt to win the World Boxing Tournament. This fun punch-em-up game will certainly keep you on your toes! It’s easy to play and you will be playing for hours! You need to be quick with your fists and fast on your feet to win this battle.

The aim of your game is to knock your opponent out and win the boxing match! Raw power will only get you so far in this match - so try and hit tactically, and stay light on your feet. There are three types of punches you can use. Combination strikes do some nice damage! Once you get a good hit in, keep attacking relentlessly as otherwise your opponent will get up and will punch your socks off! 

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Wire Hoop

Wire Hoop is a game similar to Flappy Birds, where you control a ring around a wire. You can’t touch the wire with the ring, so you have to make it jump in order for the ring to keep going ahead. The ring moves on its own, so you only have to click to have to make small jumps to control its height and movements.

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Fruit Samurai

Unleash your inner warrior with Fruit Samurai! This wildly addicting and oddly satisfying game will challenge your brain while providing endless fun. Help your little ninja friend fulfill his mission of slicing and dicing every piece of fruit by carefully planning his attack route.

Don't be fooled – this game requires serious strategy and thought! Stay cool under pressure and remember that persistence is the key to mastering the art of the Fruit Samurai. Experiment with different combinations to see what works best and never lose heart as you tackle each mind-bending puzzle.

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Little girls kitchen time: Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate biscuit baking chefs urgently required! Play a fun, online cooking game on your Android mobile phone, tablet, laptop, notebook or PC – and whip up some yummy-licious chocolate biscuits! Little girls kitchen time: Chocolate Cookies is an interactive, dessert treat-making game for little girls and boys where you follow step-by-step instructions to create a set of truly awesome chocolate-infused cookies! Utilizing delicious fresh ingredients and helpful hints from Chef, you can "Wow" your best friends and family members with your virtual culinary skills!

This educational culinary arts activity requires good observation skills, and the ability and dedication to follow a recipe and detailed instructions. Good hand-eye coordination is also important as you add and mix up the ingredients in the correct order. Let's get busy working in the kitchen just like Mom, Dad, Grandma or even Grandpa!

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Stack Blocks 3D

Stack Blocks 3D is a unique puzzle game for people that want to challenge themselves in a simple but intelligent way!

This goal in this game is quite simple: click and drag each stack of blocks to take up the number of empty spaces on it. For example, if a stack has the number seven on it, there are seven more blocks that have to be moved from that stack in a line towards empty spaces. Sounds simple, right? Well, there’s a catch! Once you swipe to move a stack, it CANNOT be stopped unless something is blocking it or there are no more empty spaces in that direction. While the first few levels might be easy to complete, the harder levels require you to think about which stacks to move first and which spaces to take up. There are usually only a select few solutions to each puzzle, so take your time and figure it out! How many levels can you complete in this brain game?

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Tri Jeweled

Match 3 or more gems: Tri Jeweled is a challenging and addicting, multi-level gemstone matching game where you must make ‘position swap moves’ in order to create and eliminate matching groups of 3 or more same-colored gems. To complete a level you need to clear all of the shaded areas by matching gems that are in them. Playable on mobile phone, tablet device, notebook, laptop and desktop.

This interactive online visual puzzle requires sharp focus and observation skills, and good strategy. There is a time limit, you have to be quick and work well under pressure.

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Ricocheting ball

Ricocheting Ball is a simple but tricky game that will test your skills of timing and synchronization, and frustrate you into spending hours trying to beat your high scores! This game features a ball that begins in the middle of a circle and heads out to the outside. Your job is to keep the ball in the center of the circle by controlling a revolving segment that can bounce it back towards the middle.

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Solitaire Legend

Play a classic, wild west-themed solitaire card game on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop or desktop PC: Solitaire Legend is a fun, free-flowing, virtual solitaire game for children and adults where your ultimate goal is to stack all 52 cards in numerical order, divided by each suit, from Ace to King. Also known as "Klondike" in the U.S. & Canada and "Patience" in the UK, this simple version of solitaire features classic gameplay where you must stack alternate color cards downwards, and then onto the ‘Ace pile’ as often as possible!

Skills required: This interactive, strategy-based card game requires focus, determination and stamina. You may not get ‘out’ every single time but a few savvy problem-solving tricks should help your chances! A willingness for trial and error often pays off in solitaire – where you can learn from your mistakes and apply changes in the next round. As with most card games, a generous slice of luck is always welcomed!

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Pool 8 Ball

Poll 8 Ball is a classic online version of the pool game billiards. Play your way through progressively tougher levels and master the art of the game. Practice makes pefect. Bring your skills to the table (literally) and show what you are made of! Have fun and good luck!

If you are playing against the clock, pot all the balls to win and don't pot the white ball! If you are playing against a friend, pot all of your own balls (full colour or stripes depending on which you pot first) and the black at the end to win. Standard billiard rules apply! This will test your accuracy with the mouse and the delicacy with the power. Don't overshoot because you will lose control of the white ball, but don't under shoot because the ball won't go in the pocket then! Find the balance! Develop your patience skills and use them to master this game!

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MineSweeper is a challenging, intense and engaging, logic-based puzzle activity where you must ‘find and flag’ all of the dangerous mines on a grid. As Chief Minesweeper, you must ensure all ‘clear’ squares are removed by consulting helpful numeric clues about the number of neighboring mines in each area. There are no second chances here - if you make a mistake, and reveal a mine… BOOM!

This stimulating online version is very similar to the legendary PC game ‘Minesweeper’, and is a very good test of your logical problem solving skills and decision-making. Suitable for gamers young and older, you must carefully and methodically remove each square with precision. While you score more points for completing the grid quickly, a ‘gung-ho’ approach is not advised. A steady mouse-clicking hand is also important as you must click on the correct square at all times. One slip of the wrist - and it's curtains! Happy minesweeping!

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