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Play online mobile / HTML5 games for Android phone, iPhone, iPad, tablet, PC, Mac desktop and notebook players. Discover fun arcade games, cool interactive puzzles, challenging brain teaser games, platform action games, sports simulation games and more for young children through high school teens to play now on one site. Note that some of the games may not play on all iOS mobile phones, tablets or web browsers due to the software of those specific games not being supported on those devices. Try lots of games to find favorites to play again on your own or with family and best friends. Enjoy!

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Ice Hockey Challenge

Strap on your pads, guards, and helmets, it’s Ice Hockey time! Hockey Challenge 3D is a fast-paced 1-player ice hockey simulation game where you take control of your very own hockey player and shoot for goal! Perfect for all the family, this game will have you playing for hours!

The aim of this game is to score as many goals as possible with your hockey puck! Ice Hockey is a high-octane, goal-scoring sport where strength, agility, speed, and lots of skill are key to success. Utilize your quick reactions and nifty fingers to get a hold of that puck and shoot for goal. Leave nothing out on the ice – there’s no room for quitters here! Are there any new Hockey Superstars out there, ready to push their team to the next level? We’re about to find out. Good luck!

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Pirate's Hidden Objects

Use sharp sleuthing skills to spot old-style and antique items the pirates are hiding on their ship! Pirate's Hidden Objects is a fun, easy-to-play hidden object game for mobile phone, tablet device, notebook, laptop and desktop. You need to find all of the items listed on the right side of the screen. Complete the level before the time runs out to receive bonus points!.

This interesting, online visual puzzle requires very good concentration levels and observation skills as you try to pick out specific objects in extremely-cluttered spaces. The items are often small and nondescript – so you need to be ‘in the zone’ if you want to be a sleuthing success! Happy hidden object finding!

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Tiny Bump

Tiny Bump may look messy but its premise and concept is simple and clean: avoid the red pieces!

This game is a fast-paced and somewhat chaotic arcade game that has you dodging red blocks as you plow through countless white ones. Your objective is to race up the screen, forging a path that smashes through the hundreds of white pieces while doing your best to avoid the dreaded reds. You have to move quickly, efficiently and accurately. There is little room for error, especially as the levels go on and the pace picks up.

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Parkour Climb

Assume the part of an urban parkour enthusiast in Parkour Climb. Parkour Climb is a simple obstacle avoidance and timing focused game, which while simple in design, is great for some casual gameplay and is perfect for sharping or practicing one’s reaction time. See how high you can climb along buildings of endless heights, all the while making sure not to knock yourself or jump into anything along the way.

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Stickman Bridge Constructor

How good are you at building things? You will find out playing Stickman Bridge Constructor, a game that demands you build bridges and build them accurately.

You will be running across high rise buildings and need a bridge to make it across the gaps. But it is up to you to build the bridge and build it just right. If you make it too short, you will fall. If you make it too long, you will also drop and end your turn.

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Robo Battle

Robo Battle: Come and play this incredibly fun shooting game. You play the character of a mini robot, desperately trying to get to the end of the track. There will be many obstacles in the way. Some of which need shooting and blowing away. Others need to be jumped over or around so make your decision on how to deal with the problems. You will have limited energy and if you shoot, this will reduce your energy so do not waste it! Good luck and have fun.

Get to the end of the mission through the exit door to progress. This will require a mix of good reactions and a good sense on when and how often to fire your weapon. Too much firing will result in no energy and you may find yourself short when you most need it! React quickly and concisely to deal with the enemies!

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Just Draw

Just Draw is a simple and educative game where you complete objects by drawing their missing parts while also learning something about them that you might not know before. Learn and entertain yourself while playing.

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Pet Doctor: Animal Care Home

Take good care of all of the cute pets that come to your clinic and require attention. Pet Doctor: Animal Care Home is a fun educational animal care simulation game for kids. Your task is to treat them accordingly depending on what has happened to them. You have to be prepared for anything, they might have cuts, scratches, tooth acne, digestive problems, lice, and so on. Your Ultimate goal is to be able to perform all of the treatments as your expertise grows and progress to bigger clinics and hospitals.

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Funny Bunny Logic

Free Logic Game - Funny Bunny Logic: Help the bunny to cross to the other side of the tiles by solving the puzzle to eliminate all the hot lava tiles. This game gets very tricky as the number of tiles increases after every completed stage. Try to complete each stage with the least amount of moves and attempt to get as far as possible.

This game tests your logical thinking skills as you attempt to find the solution to the puzzle, some of the later stages could make you scratch your head as it doesn't seem possible to solve, but with great determination, it is achievable, don't give up!

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Ultimate Boxing

Step into the ring for a highly-challenging boxing simulation game for mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop! Ultimate Boxing is a very tricky, one-on-one boxing fight simulator game for older kids / teens where you take on a crafty computer rival. Your goal is very simple: Knock out (KO) your opponent! Utilize your jab punches, left and right hooks, uppercuts, and good defensive blocking technique to overpower your virtual opponent. Then, when the moment is right – send him sleeping to the canvas!

This high-octane, interactive fighting game requires many of the attributes of successful real-life boxers: Smart reactions and reflexes, good hand-eye coordination, fast hand speed, a hard chin, and endless reserves of stamina and courage! Smart strategy and decision making are also vitally important. Going out all guns blazing and throwing wild punches might look cool, but your virtual opponent is far too streetwise to fall for that. You must ‘box clever’ as they say – picking the right time to pounce and punish your rival if he lets his guard down or looks tired. Ok Champ, the day has come! Seconds out – Round 1!

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Rush Race

There is nothing as exhilarating and liberating as taking to the wide-open road, one removed and far away from the chaotic streets of the city. Only in Rush Race, things are so idyllic and it’s all to blame because of you! As you drive along the desert roads of Rush Race your goal is to reach the finished line at the end of each round as quickly as possible to earn more prize money, which you can use to upgrade your car or unlock others. Don’t worry if the first levels are too easy, the further you go, the harder they will get!

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Tris Fashionista Dolly Dress Up

Prove your credentials as a really good makeover artist and talented fashion guru with this fun dress up game for kids playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC. In Tris Fashionista Dolly Dress Up, you play the role of a skilled fashion aficionado, and must choose an awesome new outfit and look for a stunning model. You have free reign in the fashion department to create an exciting ensemble for your stylish client!

Skills required: This easy-to-play dress-up game requires a steady hand as well as a sense of creativity and adventure. Choose from clothes and accessories that go really well together – or create a wacky, all-colorful style to show off your funky fashion skills!

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Crazy Bicycle

Crazy Bicycle is a wacky, fun and fast-paced stunt bicycle game where you have collect coins while riding along the road to score as many points as you can. Take your team on a real mission as you attempt to build and grow into a formidable force! You will spend hours playing this game as it is so addicting and fun to play!

The aim of this game is to build your cycling team up behind you and take yourself and your team on a bike adventure they will never forget! Take on slippery slopes, sharp corners and huge obstacles together. You as the front runner and the leader have control over everyones movements - the team will mimic yours, so keep them safe! You will need reaction times like a rocket to avoid the random objects that fall from all directions with the intention of hurting you! Good reflexes and a intense concentration are also needed here! Think you have what it takes?

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Hero Tower Wars Online

Hero Tower Wars Online is an interactive puzzle game where you can conquer all the towers and be a hero by freeing the beautiful princess. A brave hero decided to attack the towers where her beautiful princess is trapped and needs you to free her from the clutches of different enemies. Move the character in each level of the tower calculates the addition, subtraction or multiplication to raise your level and defeat each enemy. Try to obtain the different objects to increase your level, these will add many coins with which you can unlock different skins. This game will improve your mathematical skills and strategy abilities - improve your skills and re-do levels to get the best score possible!

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Pawn Boss

Pawn Boss: Step into the world of entrepreneurship with our exciting game where you can run your very own shop! With customers lining up to make deals, you'll need to put your bargaining skills to the test and spot hidden gems to buy at the lowest price possible.

But be warned - not all items are as they seem! Keep your wits about you and use your keen eye to spot the fakes before you make a costly mistake. And once you've made your purchases, it's time to polish the items and increase their value before selling them for a profit!

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Moon Defender

Moon Defender: Squeezed into your tiny turret, you have to defend yourself and your planet against a barrage of huge asteroids flying around in this fast-paced shooting game. It is your duty to control the tiny turret in this one-player game and stop the asteroids from smashing into the ground. You have no time to spare. Protect humankind from the asteroids. Destroy them before they cause serious irreversible damage. 

Shoot as many of the asteriods out of the sky as fast as possible, do not let them hit the ground! You will score bonus points for shooting multiple asteriods at once with your explosive weaponery! This will test your fast hand on the mouse and reaction times! The faster your mouse agility and mouse clicking speed, the more success you will have!

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Bowmastery Zombies

Bowmastery Zombie combines some of the favorite game styles you love and remains fun no matter how many times you play. Don't you hate zombies and want to shoot them with arrows? Then this game is right for you!

The game is simple: you have a bow and arrow and zombies waiting to be shot. That is the entire premise. But it is harder than it seems. You will have to aim accurately and sometimes shoot around obstacles and use them to your advantage. Stay aware of your surroundings and get creative - it isn't always an arrow that can kill a zombie.

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Pingu & Friends

Pingu and Friends is a cute arcade game, in which you need to help a penguin and his friends reach new heights by jumping onto levels before they hit him! Blocks fly onto the screen, and you’ll need to time your jump to be not only on top of them but for the new blocks to balance on top of the old ones.
Getting higher will unlock new friends such as an owl, and collect coins and eggs which will help you get the best scores!

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Happy Fishing

Somewhere out there in the great outdoors our friend is desperately trying to catch his dinner. Happy Fishing is a fun 2D arcade game that sets you out on an exciting fishing activity in the deepest part of a huge lake. With your tiny wooden boat and your fish hook, you are determined to fetch yourself a mighty catch and have a feast fit for a king for dinner.

The seafloor is not very welcoming though as you will have to be wary of where you toss your hook. A mistimed toss will fetch you a mighty bomb that will surely sink your sheep and leave you drenched and without a meal for the day. Use your keen eye and quick reflexes to dip in and out of the water safely while ensuring to nab at least a fish or two.

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Dot Run

Dot Run is a fun and addictive reflex based game! In this game, a line of yellow and black dots approaches a yellow dot at the bottom of the screen. You control two black dots which, while initially in the way of the dots, can open up to let yellow dots through. Your task is to prevent black dots from reaching the yellow dot at the bottom, while also making sure that the yellow dots don’t come into contact with the black ones! Survive for as long as possible in this tricky clicking based game.

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Stickman Tennis

Test your skills, reflexes and aim in Stickman Tennis, a simple tennis game with a steep learning curve. Easy to play, hard to master. In Stickman Tennis, you will compete against dozens of skilled players in a tennis tournament. The more wins you achieve, the harder the game will get as you face off against more skilled players. Keep in mind, suffer 5 lost points and it’s not only game over, but you will also have to play from the very first opponent again.

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Cannon Ball

Gun commander, prepare to fire! Launch cannonballs at static enemies in this fun 19th century-themed, aiming & accuracy skill-based game playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC! Cannon Ball is a multi-level, missile-firing action game where you must knock enemy soldiers off of their perches with a limited number of accurate cannonball shots. Featuring 10 increasingly-difficult levels, your task is made trickier as your enemies can shelter behind obstacles and stand in awkward-to-hit positions! Try to get all 3 stars in each level to prove that you've mastered this game.

Skills required: This challenging cannon shooting game requires good judgment of angles, shot power, and trajectory. Focus and concentration skills are also really important. Later levels take on a puzzle / brain teaser-style theme where analytical thinking and problem-solving strategy skills come into play as you attempt to plot the best angle and route for your cannonballs to do optimal damage.

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Brain Wash

Brain Wash is a puzzle game with a twist - that there are no rules and every level is different! Your job is to work out how to win each level, by interacting with the objects on the screen. You might need to locate a missing word, draw a line to save someone from danger, or illuminate hidden shadows!

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Free Chess Game Online against the computer is a great educational game for kids and the whole family. You can play against your friend on the same screen or against the computer. The choice is yours.

Click on a piece to move it and the computer will indicate the surrounding cells to which you can make the move. It will also indicate the piece if the move is not possible. Eliminate your opponent's king in order to win the game. Do your best!

This HTML5 game works on mobile devices and on PC/Mac browsers.

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Neon War

Neon War is a bright, fast-paced shooting game that requires you fire away and protect yourself from raining damage that is relentless and powerful.

You control a small, movable cannon that shoots upwards and moves quickly and accurately. Above, falling blocks will cascade down in an attempt to destroy you. Each block has a number in its center indicating its strength. And you need to hit each block the number of times listed to destroy it. If the block says 2 then you need to hit it twice. The higher the number on the block, the more damage it will take.

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Birdy Rush

Birdy Rush is a funny game where you play a bird trying to evade falling boxes!

Having a bad day? Not as bad as this bird! Move around to get out of the way of these random boxes falling from the sky! You can’t jump, but don’t worry, this bird can climb up the side of the boxes quite well. Pick up grains and see how long you can last before a box lands on you and ends the run!

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Dot Tap

Dot Tap is a simple but addictive game in which you need to click or tap as soon as a moving dot reaches a stationary dot. The only rule is that you can only tap when the ball is in contact with the dot (in any part). However, the longer you continue, the faster the ball moves - so before too long you’ll find this game a challenge to your reflexes!

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Route Digger 2

Dig tunnels for the balls to fall into the correct coloured tubes. This fun game starts off with just one ball but it gets very tricky very fast with the addition of extra balls. Route Digger 2 requires planning the routes for each ball in such a way that it doesn't ruin the path for another ball.

This HTML5-based game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. This game requires good forward-thinking and trajectory anticipation of the balls. Try to complete all 35 levels, Happy digging!

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Asteroids Wave

The Earth needs you to defend it from a galactic threat, only not quite as you might imagine it. In Asteroids Wave, you will take charge of an alien ship that has made it its duty to defend the human homeworld and other plants from waves of incoming asteroids. Use the alien vessel to destroy the asteroids before they have a chance to hit any of the planets, ensuring not to hit other spaceships by accident. Successfully defend Earth to unlock two other plants to protect.

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Stock Boxes

Stock Boxes is a timing and precision focused game where you are tasked with the mission to create the tallest box tower you possible can! A crane claw will keep moving from side to side at the top of the warehouse, waiting for you to give the command to drop the package, which you need to make sure lands safely on the forklift’s platform. But there is more to it, as you will also need to make sure they drop at just the right angle that the boxes won’t start to topple off of each other. Stock Boxes can be played by all ages; you just need the right amount of patience!

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Halloween Bubble Shooter

Play a fun, Halloween-themed bubble shooting game on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, notebook and desktop PC! Halloween Bubble Shooter is a straight-forward, match-3, aiming and accuracy-based skill game for kids where you must fire bubbles into the grid from the bottom of the play area, and try to create and eliminate matching / touching groups of three or more same-colored bubbles as often as possible! This is a fun 1-level challenge where your task is to score as many points as you can before the ever-growing grid reaches the purple dotted ‘end line’ near the bottom of the play area.

This online, HTML5-based, matching / bubble shooter puzzle game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. Enjoy the quirky, Halloween-themed action while exercising your concentration levels, sharp reactions, hand-eye coordination, and analytical thinking skills. Strategy comes into play as you figure out the best position to aim your cannon in order to facilitate the creation of matching groups at speed. Once any bubbles reach past the dotted purple line, it's game over!

Tip: Be Quick! While there is no time limit, the game adds an extra row of bubbles (balls) to the grid at regular intervals. This means that you need to be constantly eliminating groups in order to relieve the pressure! Utilize any swap or bomb opportunities.

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Squad Rifles

Command an army of miniature riflemen in this strategy-based trench warfare game with 12 levels to complete! Playable on Android devices as well as on notebook, laptop and desktop PCs, Tiny Rifles is a challenging strategy game that combines tower defense and problem-solving as you send out waves of mini soldiers onto the battlefield. Your ultimate goal is to defeat the enemy by advancing your troops (by clicking or tapping on each soldier) all the way to the right-hand side of the battlefield in order to score a dominant victory. Carefully choose which weaponry/ soldiers to send into battle – using your resources wisely and tactfully in order to gain the upper hand!

This HTML5-based, strategic war simulation game for older kids and teens should work on Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Skills required include good decision-making, fast reactions, strategic planning under pressure, patience, determination, and the ability of a general at war to see ‘the bigger picture’ and act swiftly and accordingly.

Strategic Tip: Going ‘gung-ho’ and sending multiple waves of the same soldiers into battle won’t have the desired effect. You must use the different types of riflemen creatively – and also figure out the best time to strike with the overhead artillery weapon. Enjoy the challenging action!

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Moto Racer

Moto Racer puts you in control of a high-speed motorcycle that wants to go fast, fast, fast. Speed past your competition and win the checkered flag in this ultra-fast racing game that will have you coming back for more again and again.

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Rugby Down Hero

Rugby Down Hero is what you get when you mix the game of rugby with monsters and action movies. Is it fun you ask? Well of course it is fun! Make your way from one point of the rugby field to the other, avoiding the enemy players just long enough until you collect three battery charges. Once you've done that, the fun begins as you unleash a superpower attack, killing any player in your path. Win games to progress with the story, earning coins while you do to unlock other playable characters each with their own unique super attacks. Go forth and defeat teams from all around the world!

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Vex Challenges

Vex Challenges is a captivating platformer game that puts your dexterity and speed to the test. Unlike the previous installments, the timer in this game counts down, adding an additional layer of thrill to your gaming experience. Your goal is to reach the finish line within the allotted time, while collecting the stars scattered across each level. With 75 custom levels and a hidden Challenge Mode, Vex Challenges delivers the same exhilarating rush as before but with a fresh twist.

This game enhances your hand-eye coordination, reflexes, timing skills, and strategic thinking. You'll have to plan your moves, react quickly to the changing environments, and make split-second decisions to ensure that you beat the timer.

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Fast Menu

Fast Menu: Ever wanted an opportunity to showcase your skills at serving demanding, hungry customers? Now you can in this fast paced fun and addictive game. Serve the customers their meals and you must prepare the ingredients for them. Get it wrong and they won't be happy. You are also against the clock so can you cope under the pressure?

Serve the customers their food before the timer runs out. This quirky and hilarious skill game will test your quick reactions, as the customers don't like waiting and you need to spot which ingredients they need for their meal! You’ll also need to have an eagle-eye and sharp observation skills, as the customers have similar orders but require different ingredients!

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Stick Clash

Lead a band of noble warriors as you strike down enemy invaders, save princesses, and slay demonic generals, all in Stick Clash Online, a turn-based action game that incorporates puzzles and mathematics into its combat system. In Stick Clash Online you can only beat enemy stacks that are smaller than your stack; defeat smaller stacks first to add their numbers to your own and then take on the larger enemy groups. As you progress further, the game will add more and more interesting surprises to keep you playing. Stick Clash Online is a fun and educational game that is suitable for children and adults.

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Ninja Jump Mini

Ninja Jump Mini is an intense, nail-biting platform jumping game that requires precision, timing, and planning. Make sure you look up, you might just jump out of the platform.

This is an exciting platform jumping type game, where you play as a ninja jumping between platforms while collecting coins to increase your score. The ninja will continue running from one side to the other, while you control when he jumps. Very simple on paper, but you need to make sure you are not running in the wrong direction and fall off the platform, some platforms have a single wall on either side. There are some safe platforms where you can stop and plan for what's to come.

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Lock Challenge

Play a highly-addicting and challenging, multi-level, timing-based skill game where you must simply click or tap at the correct moment in order to unlock a virtual padlock! Lock Challenge is a very hard, reactions-based action game based on a simple concept where you must stop a rotating the white marker on a green (not red!) dot in order to break through the defenses of a standard padlock. The catch is that the locks become more complex as you progress – corresponding with the number of the level (For example, on Level 5, you must break through& 5 times in a row in order to fully pop the lock and move to the next level). Another difficulty is that the rotating marker increases in speed as you progress, so this becomes a very testing exercise to unlock!

This online, HTML5-based, timing skill game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Becoming a master locksmith in this game requires strong focus, patience, discipline, tactful mouse clicking / finger tapping, nimble hand-eye coordination skills, sharp reactions, perfect timing, great determination, persistence and stamina. Have you got all of those key skills in your locker?

Absolute precision is required here – as even the slightest miss means you must begin the level again. But take your time! Wait for what you feel is the perfect moment to make your unlocking move each time.

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Draw One Line

Draw One Line is a simple yet intelligent puzzle game!

Your goal sounds simple enough. All you have to do is make shapes, but there’s a catch! You can’t draw more than one line! Make sure you keep that click held until you finish the whole shape or you will have to start the level over. Figure it out first, then start drawing the line to finish the level! With one hundred and twenty levels available, can you complete them all? Play today to test your wits and try to beat them!

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