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Play fun online games for Android mobile phone, iPhone, iPad, tablet, PC, Mac desktop, laptop and notebook. Enjoy cool arcade games, fun interactive puzzles, tough brain teasers and strategy games, tricky platform action games, sports games and more for free. Find games for young children through to high school teens to play now on your own or with family and best friends. Note that some of these online games may not play on all iOS mobile phones, tablets or web browsers due to the software of those specific games not being supported on those devices.

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Get ready to put your reflexes to the test with Numbers! This fast-paced game is all about clicking numbers as they appear within the game screen. With two different game modes - Race and Survive - you'll be challenged to improve your reaction time, finger dexterity, and concentration.

In Race mode, your goal is to click the numbers as quickly as possible until you run out of numbers. The clock is ticking, so you'll need to be lightning-fast to set a new high score. In Survive mode, the game is endless - you'll need to click the numbers as they appear before the timer runs out. You have 5 lives to start with, but be careful - one wrong click and you'll lose a life. With several difficulty levels to choose from, you can tailor the game to your own skill level. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, there's a challenge waiting for you!

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Rope Bawling

Experience an entirely new way to play bawling in Rope Bawling, an addictive game that mixes the sport of bowling, puzzles, and gravity all into one game! In Rope Bawling, you will need to cut various ropes that are attached to the bowling balls, with the aim being to release the ball so that it can hit/knock all of the pines below. Work your way through 30 complicated levels, each harder than the last, as you try to figure out the best time and angle to cut each rope so that it hits all of its pins without flying off of the edge!

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Super Brick Ball

Super Brick Ball is a physics based ball game, in which you need to destroy blocks by hitting enough balls against them. Each block has a number on it, which shows how many hits it can take from balls. Your balls will bounce back and forwards until they bounce back without touching a block, at which point they will stop bouncing from the player’s line. Every turn you take, the blocks will move closer to you in the style of space invaders, so choose your shots carefully to make sure that you destroy the blocks in time before they get to your line and lose you the game!

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Ninja Dragon

Ninja Dragon is fun addicting game involving a highly skilled ninja and you must get as high score as possible by ascending the walls! This is an incredibly fun game, which is intense and fast paced and therefore your eyes will not be able to leave the screen! Best of luck to you!

The aim of the game is to climb as high as possible on the run. Run vertical up along the sides of the walls and dodge enemies and attacks along your way. You can either dodge the dragons or slay them for extra points! This game will test your reaction skills and your ability to time your jump to perfection. Timing your jump is key if you want to slay the dragon as you must meet it exactly as you are both in mid air! This will be very satisfying for you as you take down a monster of an animal!

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Pool Ball Mania

Pool Ball Mania: Welcome to the online version of the classic game we all know and love, Pool! Play against the computer or against your friend whilst sharing the same screen. This is a fun and exciting game that will have your attention for hours as you battle it out to see who is the champion! Realistic graphics and physics add to the games character! Good luck and have fun!

Pot all of your balls before your opponent does to win the game. You succeed at this game you will need to have very accurate skills with the mouse, as this is how you aim. Good perception of distance as well will be developed here as you must judge how much power to use, as well as directional play - how must contact do you need to make with the ball in order for it to go where you want it to go?

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Brain Teaser

Brain Teaser: Welcome to this educational game where you must pick your brain and think outside the box to answer the questions. Take your time as these questions are not as straightforward as they seem, and they will catch you off guard if you are not careful. Good luck!

The aim of this game is to answer the question infront of you. The questions will be worded in a way, or presented in a way designed to confuse you and make you think twice about what the answer could be. You must use your creativity, analytical, reflex, logic and accuracy skills to excel at this game! Have you got what it takes to outsmart the computer? Come and find out!

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Piano Tiles 3

Piano Tiles 3 is a fun but challenging game where you have to play the notes as they appear on the screen. While it sounds easy, it can be quite difficult once it picks up on speed. The game will challenge your speed, if you miss a single note or click where you don’t have to, you lose and have to start over.

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Craft Tower

Journey into a distant land, dominated by a lone tower that stretches so far into the sky that the very clouds gather round to embrace it. Join the brave explorer, who has no fear of heights, as he attempts to reach the very tip of the tower in Craft Tower. Craft Tower is a quick reflex game, where you have to keep jumping over and between ledges to climb higher and higher. Wait too long and the ledges will crumble sending the climber to his death.

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Go Bowling 2

Go Bowling 2: Come and put your ten pin bowling skills to the test in this realistic 3D game. Challenge yourself in a realistic environment and see how many strikes you can get! This is a single player game so perfect to master your skills! Have fun!

Knock down as many pins as possible with your bowl! This game requires good timing so you can get the perfect bowl. Get the timing right and your shot will be powerful and straight, resulting in a much greater chance of getting a strike! Take your time though do not rush, learn to judge when best to press the button to maximize your chances of getting a good bowl!

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Ninja Jump Mini

Ninja Jump Mini is an intense, nail-biting platform jumping game that requires precision, timing, and planning. Make sure you look up, you might just jump out of the platform.

This is an exciting platform jumping type game, where you play as a ninja jumping between platforms while collecting coins to increase your score. The ninja will continue running from one side to the other, while you control when he jumps. Very simple on paper, but you need to make sure you are not running in the wrong direction and fall off the platform, some platforms have a single wall on either side. There are some safe platforms where you can stop and plan for what's to come.

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Fishing Frenzy

Catch fish in order to reach a challenging points target against the clock in this high-octane skill game! Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC, Fishing Frenzy is an online aiming and accuracy-based reactions game and fun virtual fishing simulation activity. Here, you must carefully and methodically click or tap to release a hook into the water in the hope of catching some exotic fish! Each fish you snag earns you points toward a specific target – which must be reached before your timer reaches zero!

Skills required: This tricky, interactive hand-eye coordination exercise and action game requires good observation skills, fast reactions, and tactful finger tapping or mouse clicking if you want to become an expert fish catcher. Patience is a key trait when fishing in real life, but in Fishing Frenzy, you're playing against the clock! So a real sense of urgency is needed, and you'd better get used to speed fishing, fast!

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Goldblade Water Adventure

Guide the courageous Princess Goldblade on a noble quest through side-scrolling platform worlds filled with wacky enemies, ledges, and numerous other hindrances! Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC, Goldblade Water Adventure is a fun yet challenging, platform-based skill game where you must conquer a series of side-scrolling, baddie-filled levels.

Skills required: To succeed in this action adventure game, you must exhibit fast reactions, good hand-eye coordination and anticipation skills, savvy judgment, tactful jumping skills, stamina, and great determination. Each level features a range of challenging obstacles – from steep drops to leaping bad guys and more.

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Golf Blast

Why not play a round of golf in Golf Blast, an enjoyable, if unconventional, obstacle golf game. Just like in regular golf, your goal is to sink the golf ball into the hole in as few shots as possible. Unlike regular golf, Golf Blast uses wonky and bizarrely shaped golf courses that only add to the challenge, creating numerous obstacles you have to watch out for. If that was not hard enough, you will only be able to make a certain number of shots throughout your whole run, run out of shots and you will have to start over from the beginning. But don't worry, you can earn more shots by collecting stars and landing hole-in-ones. Golf Blast is definitely more challenging than other golf browsers games.

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The Linear Basketball

Can you get every basketball in the hoop? Play Linear Basketball to draw up your high score! But watch out for the bombs!

In this game, you have to draw lines to make sure that the basketballs go into the hoop. You have to take advantage of gravity and use it to your advantage! You can only miss three balls and you only have three lines you can draw, so use them wisely! The balls will shoot up from the bottom of the screen and it’s your job to score when you can. As the level gets higher, more balls and hoops will appear giving you a chance to score even more! But beware that this also means that it’s easier to miss balls and lose the game. Bombs will also appear at higher levels after the basketballs, so make sure you don’t let them in!

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Tiny Bump

Tiny Bump may look messy but its premise and concept is simple and clean: avoid the red pieces!

This game is a fast-paced and somewhat chaotic arcade game that has you dodging red blocks as you plow through countless white ones. Your objective is to race up the screen, forging a path that smashes through the hundreds of white pieces while doing your best to avoid the dreaded reds. You have to move quickly, efficiently and accurately. There is little room for error, especially as the levels go on and the pace picks up.

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Sunset Sudoku

Sunset Sudoku - Sudoku, meaning single number, was invented by an American puzzle maker in 1979, and is often referred to in the US as the "Number Place" number placement puzzle. The rules of Sudoku are very simple: Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through 9. There is nothing more to it! Use the Hint button if you get really stuck. click "Use Hint" to fill in a correct digit. This game has potential to give hours of fun intense brain work whilst serving as great maths lessons for beginners!

This game has three difficulty levels, so challenge yourself if you are feeling brave! The idea is to fill the numbers in the grids, only by following the rules. The number will turn green/red depending if it is correct or incorrect! This will challenge your patience and your maths skills! Remember, all rows, columns and 3x3 grids must have 1-9 in them with no repeats! Dont get caught out and always keep your eye on the ball!

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Escape Room Mystery Word

Brain Wash is a puzzle game that is unlike any other. It is filled with various complicated puzzles that will force you to think outside of the box. Do not try to solve these puzzles like you would in a normal game. You are going to have to look at things differently to succeed.

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Squad Rifles

Command an army of miniature riflemen in this strategy-based trench warfare game with 12 levels to complete! Playable on Android devices as well as on notebook, laptop and desktop PCs, Tiny Rifles is a challenging strategy game that combines tower defense and problem-solving as you send out waves of mini soldiers onto the battlefield. Your ultimate goal is to defeat the enemy by advancing your troops (by clicking or tapping on each soldier) all the way to the right-hand side of the battlefield in order to score a dominant victory. Carefully choose which weaponry/ soldiers to send into battle – using your resources wisely and tactfully in order to gain the upper hand!

This HTML5-based, strategic war simulation game for older kids and teens should work on Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Skills required include good decision-making, fast reactions, strategic planning under pressure, patience, determination, and the ability of a general at war to see ‘the bigger picture’ and act swiftly and accordingly.

Strategic Tip: Going ‘gung-ho’ and sending multiple waves of the same soldiers into battle won’t have the desired effect. You must use the different types of riflemen creatively – and also figure out the best time to strike with the overhead artillery weapon. Enjoy the challenging action!

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Crashy Cat

Get ready to join the feline fun with Crashy Cat! In this fast-paced game, you'll need to jump off both moving and stationary platforms to avoid crashing and failing the level. Collect all three stars for maximum points and prove your skills as a true Crashy Cat champion.

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Tropical Tennis

Tropical Tennis is a fun stickman tennis game, in which you take on the computer to prove you’re the real ace! Each game is to three points. Winning the game progresses you to new levels and new opponents. See how far you can get to prove yourself as the real tennis pro.

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Join Scroll Run

There are few adjectives or even words in the English language that can adequately describe the pure madness and absurdity that Join Scroll Run delivers. Join Scroll Run is an obstacle game of sorts that requires you to take control of a weird little rolling man and roll into other weird little men in order to create a giant human wheel. You will need to collect as many people as you can in order to roll over all of the obstacles that stand between you and the finish line.

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Racing Rocket 2

Get ready for the ultimate racing experience with Rocket Racing 2! The popular mobile game has even more excitement and adrenaline-pumping action than ever before. Use the gold you win from races to upgrade your car and even purchase powerful new vehicles, giving you the edge you need to come out on top. With a variety of customization options, you can tailor your ride to your personal style and preferences.

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Right Shot

Play a wacky, physics-based cannon ball shooting game where you must knock down all the targets to complete a level. Right Shot is a fun, multi-level, judgment-based action game where sharp aiming and accuracy skills are key as you fire heavy cannon balls using a huge slingshot in 40 increasingly-challenging levels! Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC.

Skills required: This interactive action game requires accurate finger/ mouse 'drag and release', smooth hand-eye coordination, and good judgment of angles, trajectory, and shot power as you attempt to hit all of the targets. Trial and error is very important; you must carefully adjust your slingshot aim each time you miss your intended target.

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Blue Block

Blue Block is a simple puzzle game where you have to get the blue rectangle to exit the level. Move the red rectangles around to make space for the blue one to clear the level. Find a solution to the puzzles and clear all the levels that you can.

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Stick Clash

Lead a band of noble warriors as you strike down enemy invaders, save princesses, and slay demonic generals, all in Stick Clash Online, a turn-based action game that incorporates puzzles and mathematics into its combat system. In Stick Clash Online you can only beat enemy stacks that are smaller than your stack; defeat smaller stacks first to add their numbers to your own and then take on the larger enemy groups. As you progress further, the game will add more and more interesting surprises to keep you playing. Stick Clash Online is a fun and educational game that is suitable for children and adults.

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Cool Run 3D

Cool Run 3D is a competitive and exciting game where you compete with others to reach the goal. Play against the computer to see who reaches the end goal first. Earn coins to unlock skins and accessories for your character. Be the fastest and win all levels against an increased amount of enemies every time.

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Two Neon Boxes

Are you ready to jump? That is exactly what you will do - a lot - in Two Neon Boxes. In this game, you are in control of two bright, moving neon boxes that are running along duel tracks. When obstacles present themselves, you need to leap up and avoid running into them. If you jump too fast or too late, your turn is over.

How high of a score can you create?

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Make a Roller Coaster

In Make a Roller Coaster you are going to be making a roller coaster and then see how far you can fling yourself off it!

The basic premise for this little game is simply to connect the dots and built a basic slide you can ride and then shoot yourself off of. You’ll be able to speed your character up and then ‘pump’ him up to fling him across the field and onto one of the markers which will give you gold coins. You can really go nuts with the roller coaster, as long as all the points are connected! So get creative and try and built the best coaster you can.

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Neon Dunk

Use fast-tapping and reaction skills to keep a floating basketball in play, and maneuver it through ascending hoops! Playable on iOS and Android mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop, or desktop PC / Mac, Neon Dunk is a very challenging, survival and timing-based skill arcade game for kids, teens & adults where you must keep control of a falling basketball by clicking or tapping on the play area to keep it airborne and consistently dropping through the hoops that are randomly placed along the narrow play area. The rules are simple and strict; the basketball cannot touch the spikes at the top or bottom of the game screen, and it MUST travel through each hoop in order to keep the action going. 

This is a HTML5-based, "one level, repeat play", interactive reactions / skill game where your task is to defeat your own top score with each new attempt (You score one point for each hoop cleared). The game file should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. 

In addition to accurate and tactful screen tapping (or mouse clicking) skills, high levels of focus and concentration are vitally important here. There are no second chances or fancy power-ups – one mistake, and you're done! Great patience and dogged determination are required when you start playing because the controls may take a few attempts to get used to. Enjoy the tricky action!

Controls: Simply click or tap on the play area to ‘jump’ the basketball slightly higher. Click / tap on the left hand side of the play area to jump the ball up and to the left, and click / tap on the right hand side of the game screen to jump the ball up and to the left. You must repeatedly tap the game screen to keep the basketball in play. Don't tap too often however, as the basketball gets punctured by the top spikes if it travels too high. On PC, you can also play using the left and right arrow keys on your computer keyboard.

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Tractor Mania

Play as a tractor driver, in Tractor Mania, and your goal is to deliver items from the warehouse to the factory, the more items you bring, the more coins you get. You can use these coins you can buy new tractors and trailers in your garage, as well as improve them. Show everyone who is the best transporter! Balance the need for speed and precision to ensure you do a good job and get the items delivered!

You will get a batch of items, in which you must deliver to the factory! A good idea may be to upgrade your tractor's fuel capacity as soon as possible, you do not want to be running out of fuel! This game will help develop your coordination skills, you need to delicately balance your trailer and then operate the controls to effectively drive and reach the end!

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Shape Change

Shape Change is a perfect, simple and easy to play game for the whole family where you must fit through various shaped holes, similar to the UK TV show 'Hole in The Wall'. You will need fast fingers on the keyboard and absolute concentration in order to keep up with what's going on! Come and have a go!

The aim of this game is to get as far as you can along the lines, whilst constantly changing lanes to fit through the holes. This game requires intense focus and concentration as everything will be moving very fast, as soon as you successfully pass one barrier the next one will be right upon you before you know it. Are you fast enough to keep up? Rapid reactions are needed here..think you have what it takes?

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Lets Paint Together

Play a puzzle game on mobile phone, tablet, laptop, notebook or desktop PC! In Lets Paint Together, the aim is not to hit the little people running of the opposite colour, you need to time it precisely when you let the little  people run to paint their path fully. Be careful whenever there is a loop, they continue running around until all the little people have finished painting their paths. There may also be more than one little person starting at the same point so be alert!  

There are many levels for you to complete, these get progressively more difficult. Try to complete as many as you can or even compete with your friends on each level by choosing which colour you are each going to be!

This online, HTML5-based, interactive strategy and puzzle game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Skills required include a generous combination of analytical thinking and strategic planning, logic and anticipation skills, great determination, patience, as well as tactful, accurate mouse clicking and finger tapping.

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Road Turn

Road Turn is an entertaining and simple game where you have to guide the cars to turn into the main road. Don’t let any cars crash or you will lose the level. There are several sections to each level so keep playing until you help all cars turn into the road.

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Cube Ninja

Keep a fast-moving ninja in play for as long as possible in this quick-fire, 1-level, online endless running challenge! Cube Ninja is a fun yet intense, side-scrolling action game featuring awesome gravity switching and fast-paced 3D running action! Playable on mobile phone, tablet, laptop and desktop PC, you must constantly alter gravity in order to keep a dashing ninja on a narrow ledge by avoiding obstacles, ravines, and other pesky hindrances! Keep your ninja hero on the straight and narrow (literally) for as long as possible, and keep trying to beat your best score with each subsequent attempt!

This intense, HTML5-based, endless runner action game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Use mouse-clicking or tapping actions to prolong the action and keep your ninja on solid ground. This requires a combination of sharp reactions, good hand-eye coordination skills, and the ability to anticipate upcoming obstacles and changes in the terrain.

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Sheep Sling

Sheep Sling is a fun slingshot game where you guide some animals to climb up the level to collect points and get as far as possible. Unlock new animals to play with and go as high as you can.

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Circus Fun

Circus Fun: You must help the tiger achieve the stardom is so desperately wants! The tiger is destined to jump into the stars soon, but first you must help it jump through rings of fire, and over little firepits! Can you handle the heat of this enthralling, addictive but simple game? Come and find out!

Carry on as long as you can, avoiding the firepits on the ground and jumping through the rings of fire! Collect points along the way! This game will test your reaction times, and your judgement too! You must time your jump so you dont jump too short or too late, either way you will hit the fire and die! Have you got what it takes to be a circus performer?

Press the spacebar to jump, or use the left click on the mouse! On mobile devices, touch the screen to jump!

This HMTL5 based game works on Mobile, tablets and Pc/Mac browsers.

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Glow Hockey HD

Glow Hockey HD is the coolest and brightest way to play table hockey. The board is bright and luminous and the controls are great and fun. Altogether, this is the best way to enjoy a round of table hockey. Just be prepared to get sucked in because it can be addictive.

The look and feel of this game is what makes it so special and fun to play. It feels like something from a sci-fi movie and the sounds are just as good as the sights.

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Bottle Flip Challenge 2

Play a bottle flipping simulation game inspired by the dab-tastic viral phenomenon where you flip a partially-filled water bottle in the air and try to get it to land upright on its base! Playable on Android devices, notebook, laptop and desktop PC, Bottle Flip Challenge 2 is a straight-forward and fun online skill game (for kids, fun loving teens and family) with two separate game modes. In Challenge Mode, you begin by flipping a standard 500ml drinking water bottle, and slowly progress to bigger and more awkward containers. In Random Mode, you spin a giant wheel and must try to flip whichever bottle you randomly land on! 

Background info for unaware parents and guardians! "Bottle flipping" has become a hugely popular activity in schoolyards and sports team dressing rooms around the world! It has undoubtedly been one of the most shared viral video phenomena of the last couple of years! Now, this fun activity has been immortalized in online game format (This HTML5-based, skill game should work on Android mobile devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac) – and players can virtually test their bottle-flipping prowess! 

Skill is definitely required here combined with a bit of luck! Drag and release the bottle with your mouse or touch and release with your finger. Good coordination skills, judgment, determination, persistence and stamina all come in handy for bottle-flipping success. Stand up you bottle!

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